• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Would you call it choices or fate??? - Flutterbutt

Rainbow dash becomes jealous of Apple jack. She goes looking for the lost wonder bolt Soarin that has appeared in her nightmares. She soon discovers that hes a waste of her time And decides to forget what happened in the forest. But can she really?

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"Say uh dash what do you think about this one?" Apple jack said with anxiety in her voice. SHE was getting ready for her first DATE with one of the WONDER BOLTS, and of course I was jealous so I stalled her to make her look bad.

"its to, flowery." Rainbow Dash said plainly.

"What! What duh you mean its to flowery!" You could definitly tell she was worried and the anxiety in her voice was rising.

"Well, if you don't want to cooperate maybe I should go find some pony else to help me!"She pouted.

"Wait, I want to help you but..." She did not want to let aj think that I was jealous of HER.

"I understand why your jealous, I think you should try find'in some pony for you to be happy with." Aj commented with a sad twang to her voice.

" HAHA-Well I'm leaving- and I'm not jealous, I just noticed how unfair it is that's all!!" Dash commented.

The mare slammed the door to her room and left. And though she did feel a bit sorry for apple jack mainly because she left her like that panicking- But just ignored that feeling. Now that She noticed it, she has been a pain about starting to date a wonder bolt, I mean really she didn't need to to act like that!

"Dash please, Im sorry about how I treated you!"

"Good you should be- now I should be going home now!" The mare replied hastily. The truth was She wasn't going home: Dash was going to Zecoras to mess up there date. Rainbow Dash was really tired of her rubbing in that she had a date with one of the wonder bolts. I mean come on she is an EARTH pony. UGGHH!!!

Normally she woudn't need to visit anyponie but today I'd need more than herself today. She has beginning to feel jealous and it gave the mare a headache. So Dash went to Zecoras to a: see if she could somehow mess up the date and b: see if she could cure the jealousy disease.

Trotting along the grassy path leading through the everforest was kind of scary not to add the creepy shadows. It was like they had a body of their own- thankfully they weren't. But it was enough to give the mare goose bumps and made her fly and go faster, though she new it was not safe to fly near trees- no matter the situation.

Thankfully she made it to Zecora's before she decided to turn back. Instead of going inside zecora was collecting herbs around the house.

"hehem, um hey uh do you have a cure for uh, jealousy?"The scared blue mare said.

" you silly mare there is no such thing!" Zecora replied.

"oh, um then do you have something to mess up a date?" Dash said immediatly. Though there was no such thing to mess up a date!

" No, but I do have something that will let you know what will happen."

"No i want to make something go wrong not watch it!!" The mare was so up set she finely ran for it. She really didnt like to here she couldn't do anything about it, and she hated the fact that she just had to stand here and do nothing.

Dash was almost there when she ran into AJ. She did NOT want her to no that she was jealous, come to think of it she might just be following her. I wonder if she over herd our conversation, she might think im jealous, or even worse she might know that i wanted to ruin here date. where were they going to have their date, come to think of it she cant even go up there-HAHA

"Oh hey i was looking for you!" i said. Surely enough she ran here to ruin our date ah ha."Well i was just about to go to zecoras when i ran into to you- say what were you doing here huh."she grinned she new her plan!

"well- I came here to mess up your date some how and found out i couldn't!"She responded with a sheepish grin. Like it was not a big deal, but to mahself it was a huge deal!!! You don't just go around messin up peoples date-thats just rude!! Plus if she wanted to find somepony to be with she has to nock off that attiude.

"and no it wasn't right but life aint fair and i want to make that right-plus you have everything i don't!! so it only makes sense i get one thing you don't!!"Dash replied. I couldnt beleive it she really wanted to mess up my life- it started with the letters then the apples now the dates it made me mad and i was about to take into my own hooves.

Before aj could do anything i ran strait off the path hoping to lose her. Sure enough i did as sooon as i looked back.

Suddenly i saw the shadows move- it stund me and the weird thing was i saw soarin with them. it was weird so i went home. Maybe i was imaging things- i do it alot like me winning and me joining the wonder bolts, but i learned those were dreams, and i wasnt going to forget them-they were awesome what pony wouldn't!

as soon as i got to my bed i fell asleep. There was dreams about soarin being taken away being dragged by his hind hooves and he was screaming my name...

Day after day i had these dreams. it was scary but not scary enough for me to not handle! I finally got the courage to talk to some pony abut him and if apple jack was the pony well that would be a lot of courage because of the fight and all.im afraid she would not help me and that was the case well i would go look for him!

" What yah lookin for sugarcube?" i said.

"Well i want to talk to you about the dreams iv been having, first soarin was being taken by shadow s in a forest then another was he was chained in some kind of trunk but he wasnt ieing dwn witch is weird then he was screaming for help like "HELP SOMEPONY HELP!" ... RD went on and on and on.

"Wait so what your telling mah yah think your pony of your dreams is missin and you want to SAVE him when he is being chained, what if they catch you what if yah wrong and your just dreamin?!?" I replied. then i thought maybe she wouldnt have the dreams for no reason she has to save him!"Well hone if hes in a forest then only one near here is the ever forest-Go save him!!"It was fine to send her friends on wild goose chases!!