• Published 15th Jun 2014
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Would you call it choices or fate??? - Flutterbutt

Rainbow dash becomes jealous of Apple jack. She goes looking for the lost wonder bolt Soarin that has appeared in her nightmares. She soon discovers that hes a waste of her time And decides to forget what happened in the forest. But can she really?

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Author's Note:

This is my first story so dont blame me, i hope to get good and bad feed back to improve my writing so plz plz plz leave a comment;)

It has been three days since she stopped having those dreams and three days from meeting with Zecora and venturing in the Everforest. I didn't know that the Everforest could be so scary I mean if some pony didn't know these woods I wouldn't have gone.

Okay this was not what I wanted to do: save a lost wonder bolt. It was the first/last thing on my list.


I think I just let them know I'm here so-

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" I whispered or screamed I couldn't tell. wait why did I whisper when I just screamed??!!

"Ssssilence creature the king awaitsss."

"Wait what king?"

the "king" didn't seem nice I mean if they were that mean the king would be scary! They tied my wings to my body, how was supposed to get out of here with out wings. I guess thats how they trapped a wonder bolt.

"so why are you taking us?"I slowly said.

"dont asssk such questionsss you dont know the anssswer to!" The supposed leader said well i think he was the leader-I'm not the smartest pony.


well this wasn't so cool any more. Ponies are going to go missing, there's a king controlling the shadows and I'm there next victim, and Im supposed to save the crush of my dreams -seriously.I don't know how I'm going to save him but its going to be hard. I mean how hard can it be to save some pony with out wings- earth ponies can do it so can I!!

okay so this hole save Soarin thing is going pretty well I got away on accidently on purpose so and I found him! which is good I think- they accept him in a tree which is extremly weird and the only thing that can get in here are shadows kinda like how only pegasi can stand on clouds. Also I don't know how I'm going to get the locks off him which brings us back to present.

"uh Soarin how do you get the locks off??!?" I said quickly.

Normally there's keys but at what I'm seeing, there are no key holes!

"Umm try smashing them with a rock." he replied with worry in his voice. man he was cute-focus Dash! Focus.

Okay, okay I'm going to do this-"


"stay with me Soarin." I managed to say. also there were scary looking shadows chasing us with wooden weapons with poison shooting out of them. I'm glad I'm very fast to out run these though we would be fast with a wonder bolt!! But of course I had to cut his wings and needs time to heal!

We were at the edge of the canopy when the shadows turned back. I guess that the edge of the forest was there boundries the only problem is how can I get to Clouds Dale???

Guess I can take him to...shoot cant go to Zecora's maybe flutter shy I mean she took care of discord. okay here goes nothing.

"What, what happened here why am I in a house, in ponyville!" Soarin screamed with a funny expression on his face i mean it was fucking funny! But other than that he was flipping scared he was even scared and a bit memory lost added to it. I was scared he wouldn't remember what happened, part of me wanted him to remember part of me didn't. But this is not a time to get emotional! I had to talk to somepony about this. Apple jack would be a good pony to talk to, though I think she would still be mad at me for not helping her and trying to ruin her already over date.

'Umm you are in Fluttershy's home, she took care of all your wounds and mine." I said all jumbled with a worried look on my face I HOPED he wouldn't notice. I think he noticed, shit!! I don't want him to know that I like him and I feel like I want to protect him. Also how did the shadows take him when they don't come out of the forest? maybe they were ordered not to kill us by "the almighty shadow King."

Its funny how it took three days to get there but like 10 minutes to get out.

"Wait so your telling me that I was saved by her!" he looked hurt. I'm guessing he was counting on his girlfriend to save him instead of this pony standing next to him with cuts bruises and a little bit of poison on her pelt form saving his ass and covering when they attacked. I felt like shit and he made me feel like it even more, I wanted to slap him so fucking bad- but I couldn't, I just cant.

"Okay. so yah tell'in me that shadows took a WONDER BOLT and hid him in a tree, I don't know about this you come up with crazy stuff." Apple jack replied after I explained every thing to her.

"I'm telling you its real you have to believe me." I responded- I really wanted to let her know whats happening in there, and I told Fluttershy while she was cleaning me up. I just didn't want to have any more pegasi/ponies being taken.