• Published 28th Apr 2014
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(You) are lonely. - Saint-Mercy

(You) are a very lonely human, lost, alone, and an alien among ponies. Follow yourself on your own lonely tale across equestria.

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So here you are, lost, hungry, alone. That's pretty much it. Moral of the story is, you are lonely.

Right now you stand in a dark and rather creepy forest. As you navigate your way through the forest you can hear the local wildlife. The primal roars, the unharmonizing chirps of birds, even the air seems to carry voices telling you to leave.

You shiver slightly as the wind blows, sending chills up your spine effectively causing you to loose some body heat. As you look around for any sign of the forest trees thinning, you manage to spot a small cottage. You wonder why would someone live so close to such a horrible place.

As you push past the tree line of the forest you head for the cottage. You know whoever lived within might not trust you considering your covered in mud, twigs, and some grass. Hell, you probably looked like you belonged in that forest. As you approach the door to the cottage, you notice how short the heigh of the door frame is. You think it looks like the door frame is meant for four feet height people.

You raise your hand to knock on the door, but before you knock you cam hear small whispers, being the nosey fuck you are you lean in and press you ear against the door to listen in.

"Alright dear Angel Bunny, you have to eat up or you won't grow to be big and strong." You hear a small calming voice speaking to someone.

You pull your head away from the door and lightly tap your knuckles against the wood. You barely manage to hear an audile 'eep' sound, followed by 'I'm coming.'

You smile, whoever was at the door had a voice of milk and honey. Which probably meant they were nice incredibly caring. Whoever it was, surely they would understand your predicament..right?

You hear a soft clopping sound approach the door. 'Clopping?' You think as the door slowly opens.

Right in front of you is a soft yellow coated pony. You two stare at each other for a while. This allows you to fully grasp just what is standing in front of you. A yellow pony. First you think. 'Last time I checked ponies weren't that kind of yellow.'

Your eyes wander toward her hai-mane. The light shade of pink, how silky smooth it looked. As if it was always cared for. Maybe the owner of this pony just really liked...dying her pets?

Your last thought was immediately shot down as your eyes wander towards the pony's wings. Your mouth drops. This pony wasn't a pony. It. Is. A. Pegasus!

Your vocal cords are failing you. Unfortunately for you the yellow pegasus's vocal cords were working just fine as it started screaming. Not a horse kind of scream either. No, this was a blood chilling scream you hear girls make as they are about to die from the chainsaw wielding psychopath that just broke into their home.

You covered your ears and turned, breaking off into a full sprint away from the cottage. You ran. Ran. And continued running. You ran until your legs started to burn and feel as heavy as lead. You finally see a small village, you let out a sigh of relief. As you head closer you mange to see many pastel colored dots populating the streets of the town.

As you draw nearer these dots take shape. Pony shape. The entire town is full of multi colored ponies. Once again being the nosey fuck you are, you hide behind a bush and spy on the ponies.

You notice there were three different types. Pegasus, normal ponies, and Unicorns, and oddly each of the ponies had so,e sort of mark on their flank. Now normally you would try to wake up from the dream that you are currently in, but after experiencing the last pegasus screaming at you. You knew this was no dream.

If only it was a dream for you though. You can tell these ponies are intelligent, as you can see unicorns using....magic? Yeah, magic to trade gold coins for items. Which meant these ponies had a currency. You think about going down there to beg for help.

Your mind quickly turns gears. You can't just simply go down into the town and introduce yourself now can you? Not after the reaction that yellow pegasus gave you...but than again..you can't just go back to that damned forest. You have to make up your mind. Go back into the forest, *grumble*, and starve..or take your chances with these ponies.

You take a deep breath and jump out of your hiding bush and head down towards the little village. As you take your first footstep onto the cobblestone floor, the ponies all stare at you. All waiting, all staring, and all...glaring? Were they seriously glaring at you?

"U-umm...hi?" You stutter out. As you speak all of the ponies take a gasp.

You can hear their judging whispers to one another. Each words passing through the others ear and through their mouths. Like a bad game of telephone.

Their whispers grew louder. Angry? The ponies started to become unsettled, their hooves slightly fidgeting. Your blood turns to ice as one of the ponies take a step near you. It was a stallion. Slim and kind of lanky. You saw that he wore glasses and had acne. He opened his mouth.

"G-get out of here!" You hear him say. Your heart skips a beat as you see three other ponies step next to him and nod their heads. You notice one of these ponies had a brown stetson hat.

Why where they being so mean to you? Just because you looked different? Then again, if you saw an alien come into your home you would be cautious to.

"Can I at least-" You were cut off as a rock was sent hurling towards you. You quickly raise your arms and block the rock with the sides of your arm. You let out a small yelp of pain. You put your arms down to inspect the damage. Blood trickled down from your arm and dripped off of your fingers. The rock must have been surprisingly sharp to do that much damage.

You look up at the ponies, each pony had a rock held in their hooves, others had rocks floating around them. You quickly turn away and run for your life. A rock manages to slam into the back of your head as your run, without a doubt in your mind the blow left a knot on your head.

You barely manage to escape by taking a quick turn into an ally way. The ponies dumbly ran past the ally way you were hiding in. As they past you could only think of escaping this village. You risk a quick peek from the ally way. You see a clear path for the forest.

As you think, the knot in your head throbs, your legs wobble, and the gash in your arm still lets out blood. You take a deep breath getting ready for another sprint. As you lift you leg to run you feel a strong grasp pull you back into the ally way.

You look over towards your captor. Another pony, but this one was different. It had a horn and wings. It's lavender eyes were soft, rather than rough like the others. Her purple coat stood on edge but she still managed to keep her breathing calm and steady.

"Shhh..." She said to you. The invisible grasp that enveloped your body slowly loosened. "I'm going to let you go now okay?" She says to you. You slowly nod your head.

The grasp lets go of you, and you quickly turn and run, trying to escape the ally way and escape the purple mare. The invisible grasp once again takes you back into the ally way. As it pulls you closer towards the mare you realize this was the end. Your eyes begin to water as you get dragged closer to the mare.

You are turned face to face with the purple mare. Tears slowly leak from your eyes as you shut your eyelids. "J-just end me!" You weakly cry out.

"What?" The mare said to you. Her voice sounded genuinely confused. Was she seriously trying to help you? Was this not some cruel and sick trick to get your hopes up.

"Just kill me, all the others want me dead!" You cry out. You open your eyes to see the concerned look that was laid upon the mares face.

"Their just afraid...and so are you." She said to you.

"I was almost killed just now." You say.

The mare shook her head. "I couldn't let that happen, come on lets get you fixed up." You cock your head slightly. Why was she being so nice to you?

The mare's horn lit up in a pure white light, your eyes were blinded for a split second, you feel yourself on the ground, your stomach twisting and turning, the world around you spun for a few brief second. As you manage to regain control of your body you take in your surrounding. It looked as if you were in a library.

"Sorry, still a but difficult to teleport two ponies."

Teleport? You know what..forget questioning the logic in this world, nothing made sense to you anyways. Talking pastel colored ponies? Heck, Pegasi? Unicorns? Magic? You give up on trying to question logic.

You look at the purple mare that hovered over you. Her horn was glowing, you could feel the throbbing pain in your arms slowly dull, the gash slowly closing. Honestly, to you it felt utterly disgusting, having your skin reform so quickly, each nerve regrow without pain.it felt wrong. Next the dirt mud that stained your skin were being wiped away, the mud and twigs that were snagged in your hair quickly vanished as well.

The mare's horn finally stopped glowing, you felt refreshed, the throbbing in your head was gone, and your legs no longer felt weak, you were clean. Perfect, now you can leave this horrid place.

You look around and spot a door, you look back at the mare and give her a small smile. "Thanks, but I gotta get out of this town." You say to her. Her horn lights up once again, a small flash of white and she was in front of the door.

"Sorry, I can't let you leave just yet." She says to you. Your heart drops to your stomach as you fear for the worst.

"Why not!" You say, trying your best to sound angry.

"I need to learn about you." She simply says.

"W-what?" You say.

"I need to...document stuff about you." She said. Was she some sort of scientist? You remember how your in a library. You re take your surroundings in once again. Now that your paying attention you notice the ladder that leads up to a small ledge, two beds decorate the top of said ledge....so did this mare like live here?

Was she the towns librarian? So now it makes sense that she would want to document what you are. You let out a small breath you didn't know you were holding in.

"Okay, but after that I need to find somewhere to go okay?" You say to the purple mare. Her eyes light up and she nods feverishly.

"Okay first let me introduce myself, I am Twilight Sparkle." Twilight's horn glows, parchment, ink and a quill levitate towards her. "Now the documentation begins, what is your name?"

"Oh, my name?" You half ask back, Twilight nods to you, the quill slightly shakes with anticipation. "My name is-"

Author's Note:

To be continued. Hope you all enjoy my story! Oh and if I ever turn the 'you' part into 'I' tell me, it happened several times when. I was typing this, I'm not used to using you instead of I or he/she...it's kinda hard.

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