• Published 30th Apr 2014
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Never The Final Word (Vol. 1) - horizon

An open anthology of brief continuations of other authors' stories.

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Kencolt's "Another Point Of View" (GhostOfHeraclitus' "Any Other Business?")

Author's Note:


This chapter is written by Kencolt. It is a continuation of GhostOfHeraclitus' "Any Other Business?" (785 words, [Comedy]).

"ANY OTHER BUSINESS?" SPOILERS: Dotted Line fruitlessly attempts to help the Canterlot nobility accept Twilight Sparkle's ascension, then gives up and blackmails them into silence. This continuation references an accusation by one of the Canterlot nobles that Princess Celestia was the one responsible for turning Twilight Sparkle into an alicorn.

"You think Princess Celestia did what,'" the latest Alicorn on the metaphorical block not quite asked. Metaphorical because she didn't live on the same block as Celestia, but rather in a tree in a small town near the bottom of a certain magical mountain, where Celestia herself resided in a palace some two-thirds of the way up.

"Well... that's what the nobles in Canterlot were saying. At least until yesterday. They kind of stopped, but I was wondering... heh?" It was obvious to the reporter that Princess Twilight Sparkle was not exactly amused. It was also — slowly, admittedly, but speeding up — occurring to him that unlike Celestia, who tended to take a fairly hooves-off approach to matters, Twilight Sparkle was considered somewhat pro-active. And apparently, according to one of the ponies on the Magical Affairs Desk, had a remarkable talent for turning living creatures into citrus fruits.

(1) With a definite undertone of groan (2), if one listened carefully. Few did, because, well, the Twilight Growl was not reassuring.
(2) Related to the Twilight Groan, which meant no longer out of sorts, and was rather an expression of near total exasperation with how bucking stupid the latest situation was. Considering the Princess's tendency to attract, well, not very smart ponies at times, this was more common.

"Grnnnnrrrrrgh." That was the patented Twilght Growl, a sort of half snarl, half sigh (1) that indicated that the purple Princess was feeling somewhat out of sorts with the present situation. "Look, I've talked to at least seventeen ponies today already about this. Most were from the government. A few from other papers. And one idiot who wanted a royal grant to put up aluminum siding onto the Royal Castle. Which I don't have the authority to do. I haven't even been crowned yet — that's not until next week!"

"Well, if not her, then who —"

"The will of Harmony. As in, the actual will of the actual principle. I had to temporarily cease existing as a physical being to do it too. Something about a tree — I'm still uncertain about that part. It was all very out-of-body experiencey, which made sense because for a moment I didn't have a body — while, I guess, Harmony was busy making me a new one."


"I think I was also a star for a little while. That's what my friends say, anyhow."


"I know. I should just print a pamphlet about it. Spike, don't we have a book somewhere on pamphlet writing ..."

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