• Published 7th May 2014
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Nameless Changeling - Cutrose1985

Entering into a world full of magic, tolerance, and ponies is the fantasy of every Brony. A chance to become the next hero, explore a new world, and of course make friends would be guaranteed. But what happens when that dream becomes reality?

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Getting the basics down

The winds swept through the Badlands, tossing dust and dirt aside as it traveled along its journey. Like so many of it’s nights nothing disturbed it gently song. That was till a solitary figure decided to break the monotony of it all.

"Graahhh, I can't take this anymore!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, flopping to the hard packed dirt.

My griffin form slammed down onto the spot below me, as a shot of pain raced up from my lower spine. The newly acquired tail was last on my list of concerns, till I put the full force of the morphed body on top of it. Yelling a line of a few choice words didn’t help the pain, but did make me feel emotionally better.

Falling to my injured side, I reflexively curled up to a fetal position. Holding myself tight, praying that the multiple degrees of suffering that wracked my body would be eased. The world passed by, as I laid there whimpering for close to an hour. Waiting till most of the pain finally eased to more tolerable levels. Once they did, I pushed myself up to a comfortable position before trying collect my thoughts.

"Okay, what do I know for certain?" I mumbled to myself, creating a mental list as I continued my solitary rant. "I'm hungry, in pain, without supplies, no idea where civilization is or even how far it could be, and to make matters worse. I'm on the top ten list of the most feared creature in the pony universe that is known to suck the love out those they are near." Mulling over the present issues, I came to the most reasonable answer I could muster. "Welp, I'm screwed", bursting into a maddening laugh.

Calming down from my little episode, I returned my focus on the task at hand. The forest was still a good few hours walk away silently waiting. While the moon was reaching its peak in the star filled sky.

Looking up towards the night sky I become entranced. Such a beautiful sight. I wish home was like this. The low light pollution of the small rural area I was use to, was non existent here. Leaving the stars to shine their full glory, over the black tapestry hanging just above the world. The moon gave off a majestic glow like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It was purely breath taking.

Taking in the view, I automatically began looking around for any constellations I could easily recognize. Though there were only about three that I knew by heart, and two of them involved the big and little dipper. Finding nothing, I resigned defeat. Struggling back to my feet, the day’s walk kicked back in protest. My back leg muscles burned from overexertion. My padded paws felt on fire; bleeding in patches from the cuts that the surrounding environment tore open, which I swore was sandpaper covered acid in disguise.

I desperately needed to find shelter for the rest of the night before continuing forward. Looking quickly around my surroundings, I noticed distant mountains, the forest near the horizon, and more cracked plains.

"Ah fuck it...." Were the last words to come out, before collapsing forward on the ground, passing out.

***5 years ago***

Explosions erupted around as the sirens went off around the base.

I rolled instinctively out of my cot, landing on my gear, pulling my M16 to a ready position tight into my shoulder.

"Get the hell up! You can sleep when you’re dead!" A booming voice echoed around the building we was using for a forward operating base.

"Corpsman up!" Came another voice from outside the room.

Donning on my flack gear, I grabbed the nearby medical bag. Slinging it across one of my shoulders, half way securing it before racing towards the entrance. Looking out into the night air, fires were erupting around the nearby buildings, as tracer rounds flickered over in the distance. The whole village was under siege, and under a collapsed building across the street, my friend Smith was applying pressure against what looked to be Revera's chest from behind a hastily made cover.

Running on pure adrenalin, I made my way across the open, keep low as a few shots zipped past me. Skidding next to Smith I motioned that I was in control of situation. Instinctively assessing the injury.

"I got you Revera, give them hell Smith!"

Quickly unzipping the bag the full spread of the field kit laid bare. Grabbing each side of Revera's uniform, I ripped the center apart before cutting the undershirt in a single fluid motion, exposing his chest wound in all its glory. Noticing the small entrance wound, I placed a hand over top, slowing the blood down while simultaneously grabbing the necessary dressings. Revera's skin was still warm, and his heart beat could be felt where my hand lay.

Revera was looking at me with concerned eyes. "Don't worry man you’re going to be okay. Just talk to me, and we will patch you up in no time, hell you'll even get a medal for this." I grinned wiping the blood clear around the penny size hole, Placing a plastic dressing over top of it preventing the air from entering his chest cavity while he breathed. "So how you feeling man?"

"Like... I just... been shot Doc." He managed a smile while giving shallow short breaths. Taking that into account, I knew his lung was collapsing from air that must have gotten in before I got there, and I still needed to check for the exit wound.

"Well you're not to far off from the truth." I chuckled, ducking from a small barrage of fire over my head. "I'm going to roll you over to check for an exit wound, hope your in a hugging mood."

"Ah Doc I didn't know you cared." He chuckled.

“I really don’t, but your wife would kill me if you died. Especially, if she didn’t get a chance to beat the hell out of you first.” smirking as he rolled his eyes.

Getting into a laying position, I heard a very familiar wheezing noise erupt through the air getting louder. "Shit get down!" Smith screamed tucking into a ball, as I laid over Revera to guard him from the blast.

Suddenly a loud dominating female voice came from everywhere "ENOUGH fear not thine nightmare."

I looked around as time seem suddenly stop around me, "The hell?" I muttered completely dazed by the situation. Moving into a sitting position I glanced around, searching for the source of the voice.

A strange silhouette walked out of the building in front of me, quickly reacting, I raised my weapon ready to defend myself from the shadowed target. "Stop or I will open fire!" I yelled out in a demanding voice ready to open fire.

"WHO DOES THOU THINK THEY ARE TO DEMAND US TO STOP!" She barked loud enough to leave my ears ringing. Shaking my head, I tried to clear out the infernal noise. Then something dawned on me.

"Luna?" Came the only word I could muster as I lowered my weapon with a raised eyebrow.

Remembering this particular nightmare as it often haunted me throughout the years, and the fact I was no longer overseas, I just started to laugh like a lunatic. "Oh this is rich. Years of replaying a unwanted memory and it gets interrupted by the princess of the night herself. Well I guess it could be worse." I wiped the tears out of my eyes with a blood covered hand.

"DOST THOU THINK THIS FUNNy....what are you?" she trailed off coming into full view. The surrounding light from the near by fires lingered unmoving, bathing us in a orange hue.

"Who me? I'm your standard PTSD riddled human." Grinning as sincerely as possible. Slightly nervous and hoping that I didn't just piss off my favorite pony ruler by pointing a gun at her. Though I doubt she would know what it was.

"Also, sorry for the whole pointing a weapon at you deal. I kind of got caught up in the moment." Damn it brain don't tell her what it is...fuck. I shook my head slowly while pulling myself off the ground. Letting the M16 hang on my side, I knocked the dust off, smearing the blood onto my pant legs.

She reluctantly took a step back realizing how much larger it got when it stood up on two legs, though it only towered over her by a few inches. "Humans are a myth...a mere legend to frighten foals into behaving. Why dost thou try to deceive us with thine lies?" Flaring her wings while stomping a hoof into the ground, emphasizing her frustration.

"Well trust me on this 'Humans’-” I quote with my fingers, "-do exist, but if it makes you feel better, I thought you were just kids entertainment show less then a day ago. So I guess that makes us even." stating as sarcastically as possible while lowering my hands around my weapon out of habit.

This must have gave her the wrong impression as she quickly lowered her glowing horn in my direction. My eyes grew in realization, as I witnessed a blast of dark blue magic slam into my chest throwing me over the bullet ridden cover. After performing my forced back flip, I scurried closer to the defensive barrier putting it between me and a pissed off Luna.

"Damn that hurt." I whispered in pain holding my chest. Thank god for sappy plates. "Guess we can forget diplomacy at this point." I yelled over from my hiding spot.

"FACE US COWARD." Came the Canterlot royal voice before another blast hit the barrier.

I stuck my rifle out the side of the barrier, and fired a few blind shots. Pulling it back in time to feel several more small explosions barraging the dwindling cover. "Okay, this is a dream, I am not waking up yet. So I can't force her out of my head, but I can try to control my environment." I whispered to myself.

Concentrating hard, I recalled the old paintball park I use to play at, as the very air shimmered to form the old memory. Everything disappeared as empty cable rolls, barriers, plastic tunnels, and small wooden buildings took their designated places on the now rubber cushioned floor surrounded by netting on all sides.

"Sweet" I chirped. Thinking again, I changed the M16 into a pro paintball rifle loaded with a extra capacity hopper. Not wanting to hurt her as much as she wanted to possibly hurt me, she was still a princess in this world after all. And possibly going to be hunting me down after I wake up, so may as well try to have fun while I can.

"Huh...how...what magic is this! How did you change your own nightmare?" I heard a very confused princess from the other side of the barrel.

"Rule 1, when fighting a gamer, we are known to change the situation of our dream. Oh and before I forget rule 2, we like to have FUN!" I yelled leaning to my left firing a few rounds at the startled Luna.

As the shots flew through the air, she turned her head, clenching her eyes closed. She was barely able to raise a shield in time, stopping several of the shots, as they hit against the magical wall. But she wasn’t quick enough the first one as if flew unhindered, giving a pleasant sounding splat of pink paint on her exposed collarbone.

"Ha one point for me!" I screamed running into one of the hollowed out buildings.

Hissing at the stinging pain, she lifted a hoof to the radiating spot right below her neck. Rubbing the tender area, she looked at her hoof, expecting the worst, yet only to see pink? "WHAT HAS THEE DONE TO ME!" Striking at the barrel with a blast of light. It tumbled over with nothing behind it. "WHERE ART THOU HIDING?" She continued stomping in place, while making small circles, scanning in every direction for her prey.

Suddenly, she yelped and doing a forward hop, as a new stinging sensation struck on her right flank. "AH HA THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED!" I yelled out, before ducking back behind the cut out window heading out the back door. The next blast took out the section of wall I was hiding behind just moments ago.

"QUIT THIS FOOLISHNESS AND FACE ME DEMON!" Lighting stuck out in the background of the netted room.

A crackling came over the local intercom, raising the mic to my face I spoke clearly hoping the words would sink in. "Lets get a few things straight. I'm not your enemy, nor do you want me to be. I didn't willingly come here to Equestria to cause havoc or disruption to your way of life. I am not your subject, so drop the Canterlot royal voice already cause nothing personal, but its grating on the ears. I am willing to call a truce and speak plainly, if you quit trying to blast me into next week." Dropping the mic to the ground, I got into a crouching position. Quickly moving away from the intercom box and prepared for my next ambush.

Laying in a plastic tunnel near by, I could almost see the gears turning, as the new information rattled around in Luna's head. Hopefully I wouldn't have to get my point across any more this night, even though I was having fun. Smirking to myself, I waited as the silence lengthened.

Luna continued to look around for this creature that called itself a 'human'. She begun going through the entire encounter from the horrible fight, to the violent, yet somewhat entertaining game it seemed to be playing. She realized that a few of its words were too much to be considered a coincidence, and wished to have answered before it would wake. Yet at the same time, she felt the burning want for revenge against her attacker.

Curiosity got the better of her in the end, and she finally spoke at almost a whisper. "Truce"

"See was that so hard?" I asked, coming out from the tunnel. Slightly shocking her on how close I really was to where she stood.

"Thou...you are rather sneaky, I shall give you that." Luna almost hissed the words out. Looking the bipedal creature over in the strange clothes and helmet.

"Please, no need for aggressive behavior when you call a truce." I smiled holding the rifle in the air in away from myself, trying hard to show no hostile intent. "I'm going to put this down slowly so don't get jumpy and do a repeat session of blowing me across the room."

Slowly lowering the paint ball gun to the rubber filled floor, Luna's eyes dart back and forth between the weapon and my face. I set it gently down before standing back up straight. With my hands halfway up in a surrendering posture, I had to ask. "So how are you?"

Luna stood confused by the simple question for just a moment, before shaking her head, dismissing it just as quick. "I have many questions 'human'." she rolled the last word off her tongue as if she bit into something offensive. "What form of nightmare did you conjure? What is PTSD? How did you come about the phrase 'The fun has been doubled'? What is a gamer? Why did you hit me in a paint substance? How did you get here---"

"Whoa... whoa... whoa slow down, how about this we exchange information a question for a question?" I suggested, quickly cutting her off at the barrage of questions.

Taking a moment she shook her head in agreement, knowing that she had to get as much information as quickly as possible to relay to her sister on this creature. "Very well. I shall go first. Why are you here?"

"Cutting to the chase I see. Well for starters, I think I died. Then next thing I know, instead of being put on a meat wagon and served up as a orderve on the roadkill cafe-"

"-What is a meat wagon and this roadkill cafe? Both sound rather unpleasant." tilting her head to the side in puzzling manner.

God, why must she be so cute when confused. "Sorry. I forget where I am at times, even though I'm talking to my favorite princess." I blurted out, before catching the mistake.

With speed that would impress Rainbow Dash, an excited Luna hops towards me, almost touching my face, a wide grin stretching across her own. "Dost thou really think we are the best princess, and not our sister or Princess Cadence?" She beamed happily.

Slightly shocked that she could even move that quick, much less change her attitude, I took a hesitant step back. "Um nothing too personal, but your in my private space." I gave a uncomfortable chuckle. Don't get me wrong, she maybe my favorite, but having someone or somepony that close that quick; it took every ounce of strength I had to not put her in a blood choke out of reaction.

Sensing my discomfort, she lowered her head in an apologetic manner, and took a few steps back. "Sorry we..I mean I didn't---"

Cutting her off again with a held up hand, I waved it dismissively, continuing on with the conversation. "Its ok, Luna."

"Its Princess Luna." she retorted.

"If I was addressing you in Canterlot, I would use your title, but you invaded my nightmare and shot me first so you kind of lost that respect. Now do you want to argue about titles or would you like to have a few of your questions answered?" I snapped, while glaring directly at her.

For a brief moment, I thought she would have sent me back a few yards with the stare she was returning. But after a few awkward minutes, she finally nodded her head grudgingly while mumbling "continue." She was not happy.

This is going to be harder than it should be. Sighing, I sat down on the tube behind me, rubbing my temples before restarting this train wreck of a conversation. "Okay, 'Luna,' like I said, I died or pretty sure I did. Burning alive was the last memory I had before I ended up in your world, and no I will not tell you where I am, in case you were wanting to know."

Before she could say anything, I raised my hand once more. More annoyed than anything, she finally plopped down on the ground almost pouting. "A meat wagon is in short a carriage that you load your dead on. Roadkill cafe is term used for dead animals on the road that are cooked and served, though its meant as a joke. Why I am here well that's something I have no real answer for in all honesty, but I will say this. I do not wish to cause any disruptions to you or your subjects nor take over the world." Hopefully that’ll make make her happy, cause I really don't know how better answer that question.

"That is most disturbing on hearing of how you passed on from your world." She said with a cringing look on her face, as if trying to imagine it. "You are obviously not a phantasm for they do not dream, but why will you not tell me of your whereabouts?"

"Sorry, my turn to have you answer a question, and technically I gave you three, so its only fair I get one." I grinned mischievously. Luna on the other hand crossed her front legs, slumping a little bit in disapproval for being caught in the questioning game. "Now I realize that your job is to end nightmares to ponies, while giving words of inspiration to stop them altogether. But I am not exactly one of your subjects, much less a pony, so why are you in my dream?"

Luna thought a few moments, rubbing her chin with a hoof before answering. "That is simple 'human', I reach out to the minds of all those close to the castle and expand outward helping all those in need. Be it griffin, pony, cow, or any other sentient creature in distress. Though..." she trailed off a moment, contemplating how to word this without offending me. " I can't seem to know how to give true guidance to one such as yourself. For you see for your mind is...'blank'. Though I mean it not as an insult." she quickly slid the last part, grimacing at her choice of wording.

I just gave her a deadpan stare. Blinking a few times, I busted out into a fit of laughter. After several moments of clutching my chest, I finally got my breathing under control, while wiping away any tears that formed. "Well, you’re not the first woman to ever say that. Though you are the first mare to, so you get that brownie point." I chuckled. " But don't worry I won't take it as a hurtful statement, so you’re covered on that one. Now I believe its your turn."

"I would ask your name, be fear that it would take away my question, so I shall ask another instead. How did you know about my nightly charge if you just came to our world?" Luna asked glaring at me.

"You’re right, it would have taken your turn." I chuckled. "As for the statement, like I mentioned before you launched me like a rag doll. In my world, you are thought to be nothing but a kids’ show. But despite that, you have a lot of fans that wish you and this world was real. If only they could see this now..." I trailed off recalling everything I left unfinished and family that must be in mourning.

The princess noticed the slight change in my mood. Lifting herself up, she gracefully came to my side, wrapping a gentle wing around me. Hoping to comforting this strange creature she quietly spoke, "Do you miss your home?" Stating it as a questionable fact."If you wish we could talk about it."

"Nah. I'm good. I just need some time to deal with it is all. But anyways." Leaving the feathery embrace, I walked a short distance from her. Not turning around, I asked, already knowing the answer. "After this dream, you and Celestia plan to look for me. Don't you?"

"Afraid so....please understand. If you were in our position, with a new creature appearing to claim itself as a human from the legends, would you not do the same?" Luna asked, taking a few steps closer. "If what you claim is true about your intentions, then you have nothing to fear. Just tell me where you are. I’m sure my sister and I can help you."

I shook my head without turning to her, "I can't do that...at least not yet, maybe in time. Right now I have to figure out who I am in this world, before I can make any decisions on where I need to be. Though I have a good idea where to start." I spoke aloud, more to myself then to the princess behind me.

An air horn rang throughout the arena making Luna grimace, while I practically jumped out of my skin. "What was that?" She asked.

Quickly recovering from the sudden noise I replied. "It was a air horn. Guess its time for us to part ways." I turned around with a smile plastered on my face. "If you find me again, it means I’m still alive. But if not, then it was a pleasure meeting you." Giving a moderate bow of respect.

A wind started in a slow gust, picking up with ferocity. It tore the outskirts of the paint ball pit apart piece by piece. Luna stared at me with disappointed eyes. "Please do not speak as if you’re dying. It would be a true tragedy for one to suffer death a second time so quickly." she spoke, lowering her head. Her mane slightly faltering under its unseen breeze.

Closing the remaining distance between us. I placed a hand gently upon her withers, making her glance up re-actively. I found myself lost in her seafoam green eyes, smiling the whole time. "I don't plan on dying just yet. I still have things I need to do before Death can have his say in things." I reassured her. Removing my hand from her soft dark coat, I took a step back giving us both breathing room.

Luna stood there puzzled, showing a confused, if not cute look on her facial features. "If not coming to us for help or to cause distress, then what is it you plan?"

"Me? Oh that's simple. I plan to meet the all the ponies that I possibly can, including the elements. Don't worry no harm will come to them or anyone else as long as I’m not threatened or attacked. I only wish to meet them, talk a bit, and depart. Nothing more, nothing less."

Her eyes went from confusion to a glare instantaneously. I swore she was trying to burn a hole right through me, with as much focus she put into that look. After a moment she recalled my warning and regained her regal posture.

The winds whipped wildly, closely around the two, threatening to engulf them at any moment. "At least tell us your name before we depart." she spoke above the raging tempest.

I had to chuckle at this, thinking it would have been obvious, due to the uniform I wore. Looking down where the velcro tags were suppose to be. I was mildly surprised to see both of them blank. Return my focus to her, I developed a slight smirk, "Seems in a new world, I require a new name. So you may call me Nameless." As the last syllable escaped my lips, the storm slammed together, bringing me out of my dream state.


Waking up from the dream, I instinctively tried to stretch, realizing my movements were once again restricted. Instead of thrashing about, I took a moment to get my bearings. Reaching out, I touched a almost plastic like substance that surrounded me on all sides. Poking at a spot a few times with my talon I could feel it give a little. Whatever it is, it wasn’t meant to contain me. With a bit more pressure I pushed the sharp razors past its thin layer. Once a large enough hole was created. I reach both claws in, pulling apart the elastic material, much against it’s protest.

"SHIT, DAMN IT, SOMEONE KILL THE LIGHT." Yanking the flaps back in place. Blinded, I blinked a few times, removing the dots that littered my vision.

This time, I slowly peeled the edges apart, letting my eyes adjust to sun. It was rising just beyond the distant mountains, shining directly into the freshly torn gap. Even in this world the sun hates me.

Climbing out less than enthused, I squinted around, making sure nothing was laying in wait, ready maul me to death. Satisfied, I looked back turning back to what kept me confined. "The hell?" I muttered, prodding what seemed to look like a cocoon. "That's just weird." Shaking my head of it’s sleepiness. "Nameless? What type of lame crap is that?" I chuckled, sitting down.

Doing a quick once over, I started with my wounds. The abrasions on my paws were gone, as well as the hole in my side, leaving a only faint scar as a reminder. Seems the cocoon was useful after all. Getting up, I did a full stretch reaching into the boundless sky. Relief washed over me, as my joints sporadically popped and the muscles cried out in pleasure. That's when I noticed a new and unknown set of muscles joined in the ritual. The wings almost took a life of their own during the process. Only going back to their resting place as I relaxed.

Oh right, I forget about those. Well, I got some time, may as well figure them out for a bit. It’s not like I gave my location to her majesty. After several stretches, I was finally able to narrow down which muscles controlled them, and begun to move them accordingly. After playing with them for an hour, I felt pretty confident on using the new appendages. Standing up straight, I gave them a gentle flap, growing accustomed to the airflow underneath them. With a newly memorized effort, I gave them a healthy thrust. Which had a completely different reaction, that I neither intended or expected.

First lesson I learned about wings. When standing up straight and unbraced. Doing a forward thrust will have an effect of throwing you backwards. After a moment, the dust started to finally settle. *Cough* Well lets not try that one again for a bit." *Cough* Wheezing out, before getting back up. "Lets try something a bit different."

Second lesson; when standing on all fours, a same preformed thrust will barely give you any altitude, but will succeed in making a miniature dust bubble. "Damn it, *cough* what the *cough* hell am I doing wrong *cough*. Securing dirt free air after my second dust bath. I took a few moments to ponder why it wasn’t working. Then it dawned on me, years of owning a conure, I remembered he always did a slight jump, before taking to the air, leaving me to chase after him.

Third lesson; always learn from your mistakes and weaknesses. Bending my newly acquired knees a few times, I got into a small crouch. Not wanting to chance anything, I tensed the required leg muscles. Jumping straight up, I flapped my wings one time, very hard. The effect was immediate. Being airborne about 35 feet up, I suddenly recalled how I much I was afraid of heights. My wings magically clenched tight against my sides, and gravity took this as it’s queue to enter on stage.

Dropping like a lead weight, I frantically flailed my limbs around like a mad man, cursing the whole way down. “Shit. Shit. Oh fu-”, luckily for me, the ground broke my fall. I laid sprawled out in the dirt there for good while, aching everywhere. At least the sun was kind enough to beat down on me from above with its hot glow.

Fourth lesson; learn to properly prioritize, walk before flying, it’s 'safer'. Picking up any dignity I had left, I did a check for injuries. Strangely enough, all that seemed to be wrong was a few sore spots under the fur and feathers. Much like one would feel from tripping on the ice, before super manning across the air, landing hard on the unforgiving surface.

Flexing my claws a few times, testing my range of motion, I was satisfied with the results of nothing being broken. Okay, let’s just try walking. I placed right claw out in front of me, followed up by the right leg, and then the left front claw leaving me very unbalanced. "Shit!" *Thump*....

A few attempts later, I found walking on all fours was very similar to crawling, just without the normal knee pain. Practicing for a few minutes, my confidence exploded as I worked up to a jogging pace. Going around in circles practically giggling to myself. Realizing what I was doing I came to an abrupt stop. "Oh god, I’m becoming Twilight!" My eyes darted around nervously, searching for any signs of life. Satisfied knowing that my secret was safe, I decided to try out some new forms.

Closing my eyes, I pictured a random unicorn in my head. The magic took hold, as green flames sprouted in a circle surrounding me, before dying in the air. Quickly glancing at myself, I took note of a minor, but important detail. The dirt from the Badlands still clung to the gray body, intertwining with the white tail and mane. The wind flowed gently blew through the hairs, keeping them slightly aloft with each gust. The cutie mark of a brightly lit candle was printed on either side of my flank. Shrugging, I took a hesitant step forward, keeping balancing on the four circular hooves. After some trial and errors, I felt I semi mastered walking and jogging with them.

"Now time...for the magics...." Doing my best Photo Finish posture. Looking near by, my eyes landed over small stone laying on the ground. "Perfect." I said grinning like a fool at the helpless stone. Settling down in front of it, knocking on my horn a few times, I felt the new nerves kick back in annoyance. Focusing on the tapped spot, I strained on lifting the rock into the air....nothing. “What the deuce?”

I continued this for a good while, moving around every so often. Even approaching it at different angles, coming up with no fresh results. Rubbing my chin with my hoof, I tried remembering a few ideas based on Fanfics. I tried several different ideas that ranged from mentally overpowering the rock, to screaming at the top of my lungs, nothing seemed to be work. Frustrated, I closed my eyes, rubbing the brim of my nose with a hoof. Why is picking up this damn stone so freakin difficult?

Hearing an odd hum, I opened my eyes. Surprised that there in front of me, was the floating rock, covered by a yellow glow. Rubbing my eyeballs to ensure I wasn’t hallucination, I forgetting about holding the rock. The hum and glow suddenly stopped as the stone plummeted to the ground. Confused on what just happened, I sat there dumbfounded. Thinking about picking up the rock again, it miraculously returned to the air floating weightlessly. "Well I'll be damned” A mischievous smile crept over my face, before something odd clicked in my head at the sight in front of me.

”Wait, isn’t changeling magic suppose to be green?" I stared at the stone expecting an answer. After a while, I decided in the end it was best not to question the color coding rules of magic, especially since levitation was still new to me at this point.

A few more experiments later, I learned that picking up small objects was easy and took no real effort. Lifting larger stones took more focus of thought. After several attempts and many headaches later, I safely deducted that 20 pounds was my max. "Guess that's why Twilight is considered a bad ass in the form of magic." I uttered. "Now lets go try to blow something up." Rubbing my hooves together.

Surprisingly, striking the stone with magic was easier than picking it up. Taking into account what I learned with yesterday’s incident, I aimed my horn down at makeshift quarry. The yellow blast erupted from my horn, slamming into the target. It flew a several feet away, leaving a blackened ash where it originally sat, and on it’s hardened surface. A few magic missiles later, the end result was the same. Severely underpowered when compared to the originally attack, the experiment itself left me sweating, and short of breath.

Moving onto the rest of the self taught lessons in forms. I was successfully able to transform into a variety of different species that were similar in size. Though things like adolescent dragons and minotaurs failed miserably forcing me back to my original form. The changeling attribute of strength was evident in them all, for the aptitude of pushing a large rock barely changed from the unicorn to an earth pony. Yet, as a pegsus or griffin I could see farther than normal, but was nearly blind as diamond dog.

I desperately needed to either beat the information out of another changeling, or find a book, and pray it didn’t raise any suspicions. What I did learn was that the injuries sustained in one form isn't neglected in another form, this goes for hygiene as well. As for gender changing, its possible, but maintaining it is the problem, for it requires constant thought. So for now being a 'normal' man again may take awhile.

Satisfied with my waste of time, I headed off towards the forest. I should get there well before night fall, and still have ample time to find something to eat. Taking the previous form of a unicorn, I levitated a couple of stones along the way, circling them around counter clockwise. Today is going better than expected.As I trotted forward, smiling to nothing in particular. Then I started a new struggle: learning how to whistling with pony lips.

***The Same Morning at Canterlot’s Palace***

Celestia stood on the balcony of her room, moving the sun into place, dawning the new day. Upon finishing, she left her room, passing by the solar guards that stood their silent watch. Down the spiral staircase her hoof steps clicked a harmonic echo along the marble flooring. A smile beamed across her face, as she made a musical game out of the descent, only ending when she reached the bottom of the stairs.

The lower floor opened into long series of hallways, each branching off into a endless maze. A system built as a defense, if ever the outer walls were breached. As Celestia passed the various passageways, guards and maids alike paused, giving her a mixture of bows and salutes only to carry on with their tasks, after her passing. Being early in the morning, court was still hours away, leaving her ample time to enjoy the extravagant breakfast that awaited in the dining hall.

Passing one of the many kitchens, a delicious smell wavered in the air, barely hindered by the closed doors. As she made her way closer to the delightful source, the hint of cheese cake radiated fresh out of the oven, enticing her senses. Putting on her best smile, she pushed past the doors.

"Princess Celestia", the head chef bowed, followed by the rest of the kitchen staff upon noticing the alicorn. Celestia smile radiated, as her warm motherly words stretched out. “Rise my little ponies, I hope all is well this beautiful morning.”

“Yes your highness, as with all your mornings. I would ask what we owe the honor for such a visit, but I sense I already know." The mare waved a hoof to the awaiting desserts as they laid out cooling on racks.

"Am I really that predictable now of days, Honey Sweets?" Celestia giggled.

"Only when it comes to good taste, dear Princess. Though I am afraid I have to ask you to wait for them to cool, for they are not as good when fresh out of the oven. The process should only take a hour or so. But fear not, we shall bring you a slice with your morning tea, if that is acceptable?" Honey smiled.

"I understand, though the smell is alluring enough to make most ponies go mad in waiting, but I shall be patient." Celestia sweetly stated winking to the mare. Turning around, she left the kitchen, smiling as a warmed piece of the delectable cake glided up to her on a plate. She giggled, knowing the chef would find out soon enough.

"Celestia!" Luna cantered up the long hall, her hooves sending echoes bouncing off of the stone walls. "There is an urgent matter that needs addressing."

"Gah!" Celestia started, nearly dropping her precious pastry. She frowned at the distraught mare before her. "-Lulu. You know not to sneak up on me like that."

Luna rolled her teal eyes at her sister. Her obsession with sweets would be her downfall. "Celestia, this is important. Last night, while I traversed the dream scape, I met with-" She gulped, fearing the word. "-with a strange creature. He claimed to be a human. A human Tia!"

The taller mare threw her head back, laughing heartily. "My, my Lulu. You have quite the imagination. You know as well as I that humans are a myth concocted by Star Swirl to scare foals. Truly you cannot believe such nonsense."

"I would not, if it were not true." Luna stamped her dark hooves against the stones. Why won't she listen! "Tia, last night I met with this creature in its dream. I have never seen his like. His appearance was just as the legends state." She cringed on remembrance of last night's meeting. "He claimed to mean us no harm, though I do not believe he was truthful. He was quite…violent."

Celestia chuckled, ruffling her sister's mane affectionately. "Surly you jest."

"I do not sister." Luna's eyes flashed with concern. "He spoke of meeting with the Elements. Sister, I fear the consequences if such an encounter were to occur."

The playful expression stretching over Celestia's face vanished in an instant, a deathly serious one replacing it. "The Elements?" She frowned, looking down at the now quivering mare. I have done it again! I am such a fool. "Forgive me sister, I did not mean to tease. I refused to listen to you once before, I shall not let history repeat itself." With a swish of her tail, she turned towards the antechamber. "Come. We have much to discuss. And, if I'm not mistaken, preparations must be made immediately."

Needless to say, the Canterlot court would be late.

***Meanwhile at The Hive***

Queen Chrysalis laid on her throne, absentmindedly listening to the report of the recent raid on the nearby diamond dog den. The most important details were earlier in the briefing, so nothing else really attracted her attention. But, being that she was bored, she let the drone continue on. Things seemed relatively normal in the hive overall, till a frantic changeling flew into the throne room.

"My queen, there is a problem in the hatchery!" It hissed, quickly bowing apologetically for interrupting.

"Whats seems to be the issue? Are the new born nipping your ankles again." She chuckled, looking into her subjects mind. Within a moment, her eyes snapped fully open, "Guards prepare for combat.The larva are slaughtering everything near them!"

Getting to her hooves, she took flight, heading through the complicated cave system. As she passed other drones she sent out a message for them to take flight around her. After a few minutes, she finally came into sight of the hatchery entrance. With over fifty of her children in tow, ready to defend their queen to the last breath. The sight she witnessed was more than just a minor skirmish of a few dead changelings. It was a total blood bath. Green blood painted the walls and ceiling. While the floor was littered in broken, an shredded bodies, both from the new larva warriors, and those sent to care for them.

Cautiously, Chrysalis took a few steps into the mouth of the cavern, looking for any signs of movement. Scanning from left to right, she noticed something in the far corner, barely moving but what she heard was another matter. *Crunch* *Crunch* *Slurp* Raising her eyebrow she questioned to herself, What would be eating in my hive? Much less, a place now filled with the dead? As she got closer to the creature a *snap* rang out. Looking down, she removed her hoof away from the piece of a hardened cocoon. Brushing it away, she returned her gaze to the form ahead of her.

As expected, it turned its head back to the sound coming from behind it. The gaze of its bright blue eyes fell onto the Queen’s face, standing no more than a few yards away. Seeing fresh prey, it tossed the corpse of a hatchery guard to the side like a discarded toy, before launching at the Queen.

Chrysalis launched a barrage of magic into the oncoming assailant, glancing it as it weaved in and out of the attacks. The hits barely register, before it slammed into her. The two tumbled away, breaking half opened sacs as they exchanged blows. Seeing the queen under attack the drones swarmed into the hatchery ready to kill the perpetrator.

Sliding to a halt, Crysalis pinning the new changeling below her. It continued to growl and snap at air in between them, desperate to taste the sweet nectar of blood pouring through the queen’s body. Crysalis was having none of that, as she applied pressure to each of her front hooves, snapping a few of the creature’s limbs.

"Seems this batch is too violent, having no thoughts other than the lust for blood. If we were trying to kill all the ponies, this would be useful...but, they are mindless spawn. Kill them all as you find them, leave none to live." She lowered her horn towards the changeling’s maw as it snapped open, before receiving a full blast into it mouth, transforming its head into a smoking smear on the floor.

The body twitched momentarily, before finally falling limp. "Make sure all of them are accounted for. And get some slaves in here to clean up this mess." She coldly spoke, stepping off the corpse. Heading to the entrance of the hatchery, she spoke to all those around, "By the way, send for the two I sent out to the Badlands yesterday. I wish to speak with them." As she took flight, heading back to center of the hive.

Author's Note:

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