• Published 7th Apr 2014
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A Thousand Years and I Still Love You - Smokey Majenta

Celestia has a hard time letting go of her feelings for her banished sister.

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Pinkie did what!?

Everything felt oddly different as Celestia found her way to Sugarcube corner. For one thing, ponies weren't bustling in and out of the cake shop like the normally did. For another, a bloody, broken sign hung in the window. It read 'We're closed forever."

Taking a gulp of air, Celestia opened the door with her horn and ventured inside. "Hello? Show yourself, mare, and make this easy for me!" After an eternity of silence, the princess wandered farther in before hearing a squeaky, threatening voice.

"Get lost. No cupcakes-cakes-ca-ca cakes for Y-O-U here...HEHEHEHE!"

The princess actually became frightened for a moment, then regained her composure. "Pinkie Pie, if that's you, I need to talk to you. And i'm not here for cupcakes."

Then a knife flew from behind the counter to the west, and nicked Celestia in the wing. Cringing in pain, the Princess galloped forward and levitated the pink party pony by her tail. Speaking in her traditional Canterlot voice, Celestia said, "Rumor has it that you are a killer. The fact that you just tried to kill me sells the rumor as true. Now explain yourself!"

But Pinkie merely giggled in response. "Don't go in my baaasseemeeentt...you fucker bitch CUNT WHORE PONY PRINCESS WANNA BE HEHEHE!"

Angrily, Celestia dropped the party pony, and then bucked her as hard as she could. Blood spurt from the pink pony's mouth, and brains gushed from her ears. Calming down, Celestia walked around the messy cake shop in search of the basement. Cake batter and frosting and sprinkles covered the once pink floor. Said floor was now dyed a mushy red and rusty brown that the princess had no will to know the source of.

Upon finding the door the Celestia assumed led to the basement, she hesitated. Did she really need to do this? Even if she got all the other elements back together, the efforts would be for not, as she had just bucked the Element of Laughter to death.

But with the glow of her horn, Celestia siezed the knob and opened the door.

She almost gagged at the sight of piles and piles of dead, bloody, ripped apart bodies. Some were missing horns and wings, ripped and cut off of them and leaving only bone in their place.

It was too much for even the wise old ruler herself to handle. Not bothering to find Rainbow Dash, who had disappeared in SugarCube Corner, Celestia ran out, only stopping to look at the pony she had just killed.

Author's Note:

So yeah! This has been going great for me!
The feedback was sudden but wonderful, and i'm glad so many ponies out there like reading this!

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