• Published 7th Apr 2014
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A Thousand Years and I Still Love You - Smokey Majenta

Celestia has a hard time letting go of her feelings for her banished sister.

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Celestia and Derpy

The two Crystal guards led Celestia and Derpy to a sleigh, or a chariot of some kind, made completely of a bluish-pink glass. As the princess and the mailmare entered it, the two Crystal guards attached themselves to the harnesses in the front and took off. Celestia wondered why she hadn't seen their wings and decided it was because it blended into their glass-like texture.

Looking to her side, Celestia saw that Derpy was more than delighted to be in the chariot. This had to be the highest in the air she'd ever been. Or the first chariot she'd been in. Celestia was a stranger to fillies and mares, set aside from her sister, because all of her royal guard team was made entirely of stallions and the occasional colt. Only her servants and her sister were female, but Luna hadn't been around for thousands of years and she didn't exactly spike up conversations with the ponies that serve her for a living. Derpy was weird.

Derpy was a Pegasus. Derpy was plain. She was a grey pony with an in-explainable cutie-mark. Her mane was a dull yellow, and her eyes were...well...Derpy. It was easy to see why she was bullied most of her life as a filly.

But it didn't matter now. Derpy was next to Celestia, happy and calm and excited all at once. Celestia was going to make a few changes once this was over. For one thing, Derpy wasn't going to be a low-life mailmare.

Celestia didn't even notice when the chariot landed and Derpy jumped out. "Princess?" Derpy derped next to the princess. "Princess Celestia? We're here, Princess!" Finally, the Alicorn looked up, confused and angry that her train of thought was broken. When she saw the smiling Derpy and Cadence at her side.

"Greetings, Princess Cadence. I haven't seen you since the Canterlot wedding," Celestia stated, but Cadence ignored the welcome and jumped to the point.

"CELESTIA! I've got ponies from all over Equestria coming to my observatory and you didn't even know about it!? Even Rainbow Dash and Applejack are-"

"The Element of Loyalty and the Element of Honesty are here!?" Celestia interuppted. "Take me to them at once!"

"This is no time for visits with your favorite elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon could possibly coming back to Equestria to take revenge! Or worse!"

"The way we could beat Nightmare Moon is with the elements! NOW LET ME TALK TO THEM!" Celestia shouted angrily. Cadence looked like she just had a pie thrown in her face, but she nodded and began walking away. Derpy was still next to Celestia, but her ears lay flat on her head ans she seemed a bit frightened.

Celestia automatically felt bad for Derpy. She must've scared her with her Traditional Canterlot Voice, as Luna liked calling it. Pulling with Pegasus under her wing, Celestia whispered, "I'm sorry little one. Please don't fear me." This made Derpy perk up and smile, and Celestia was relieved to see how quickly the Pegasus recovered.

About twenty minutes later, Celestia, Derpy, Cadence, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and ten ponies Celestia wasn't familiar with were sitting around a large Crystal table. Cadence was speaking.

"...Shining Armor is putting up a defense system around Canterlot, Rainbow Dash has agreed to get the Wonderbolts to act as a small militia for the Crystal Empire, and then we have all the other places in Equestria to cover. We weren't prepared for this, and Nightmare Moon could be anywhere."

"Perhaps," spoke up a Unicorn with a white mane and black fur,"we draft ponies from the smaller places, like Appleloosa or Manehattan?"

"That wouldn't work!" Piped up Applejack. "Appleloosa is a small town that was built in less than a year! All the ponies that live there are poor and weak, and they're all somewhat close to a buckin' death sentence!"

"You just want anything associated with apples to be safe from harm," Rainbow Dash chirped with a laugh.

"Or," Celestia added, "We could take everypony from Cloudsdale and put all of them on the front lines!" Yes, the princess knew that Luna had...died...and that's why the symbol on the moon was gone, but she wasn't going to tell everypony that! Better if they thought Nightmare Moon was going to attack than know that Luna was dead.

Cadence began pointing to different regions on a map of Equestria that she had laid on the table as everypony argued.
"Enough! I'm calling the shots on war plans! I used to be a war Alicorn myself. Now, Gun Runner, I want you to take half the army from Trottingham and cover Rainbow Falls and Winsome Falls with it. Tartarus can handle itself, what with all the evil things being kept there. As for Baltimare, Las Pegasus, and Foal Mountain..."

Celestia felt a tugging on her wing and looked to her side. Derpy was gesturing towards the exit with her hoof.

The princess didn't want to hear more war business. She wanted out of that room. "Excuse me," Celestia cut off Cadence from her plans about Tall Tale to say, "I'm going to step outside for a moment. Someone fill me in on what I missed."

"Princess, the topic should be very personal to you. It's Luna we're talking about."

The words hit Celestia like a dagger to the hoof. It was personal, but the Princess had no intentions on letting out the truth. "I said, tell me later," the princess barked, then followed Derpy outside.

As soon as the door swung shut behind behind Celestia, Derpy stared into Celestia's eyes, grabbed her mane, pulled her close, and kissed the princess.

Author's Note:

Woo! Look what I did!