• Published 13th Jan 2014
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Blossomforth's Determination - Goldenheart

Blossomforth and Daring Do help Manehattan get water to Cloudsdale, but a certain pegasi may jeopardize the mission. Set in Manehattanverse.

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Chapter 1: Phase 1- Explanation

Author's Note:

Now let me be the first to say, this is an updated version of the story to fit the actual canon of this universe. The old version will still be around to view, but this will be the true canon version as the old has been retconed. This will also show how far I've come from almost a year of writing my first story till now. So this will be a good example how far I've come. So enjoy! As usual, like, comment, fave, and share!

RE:Hurricane Blossomforth

Chapter 1

-Manehattan University of Natural Sciences, Weather Center-

Blossomforth is flying back to the university with a bag in her mouth filled with multiple carrot-dogs for her weather team. She's wondering that why she's working on such a beautiful day today. Earlier she was tasked to get lucnh for her team, and this time didn't get distract on the way to the vendor and back. She spots the platform out in the distance and proceeds to land with lunch in hoof.

As she lands she says, "Sorry I'm late!"

The team looks to her with shocked expressions as one speaks out and says, "Actually, you came right on time, for once."

Blossomforth then sighs in relief that she accomplished her task effortlessly.

The weather captain then comes up to her and lays a hoof on her and says, "Hey, since you worked so hard today, why don't you take off for the rest of the day?"

"Really, are you sure you don't need more help?" asks Blossomforth.

"I'm positive. Enjoy this beautiful day we crafted today," he says with a smile.

Blossomforth then salutes her captain and says, "Thank you sir!"
Before taking off, her captian interrupts her , "Wait, before you go!" Blossomforth then looks back, "We're expecting somepony important from Canterlot to show up anytime now. So be on the lookout."

"What do you mean?" asks a confused Blossomforth.

"You'll know when it happens. Now get going," says the captian.

Blossomforth nods as she then takes off and heads back towards town. Wondering what to do for the rest of the day, she's trying to figure how to take advantage of the sunny outdoors. She maybe wants to ask her friends if maybe they can go for a stroll somewhere. Then she looks down and sees Manehattan's famous Central Park. Then an idea strikes in her head.

"Of course! I'll go with my friends to Central Park and relax the day away. Everypony should go to the park on a magnificent day like this," thinks Blossomforth.

Then she figures who to bring. Twilight could be studying at this moment. Sherbet maybe busy with her business. Trixie is who knows where. Octavia may be practicing with her cello. So that could only leave, Daring!

Blossomforth remembers that her friend came back from a recent expedition from Saddle Arabia a month ago, and this could be the perfect chance to ask for her friend to take a break. Blossomforth makes her final decision and makes a bee-line for the museum. Then the thought of what her captain said before she left is lingering in her mind, "Who's coming to Manehattan that's so important?"
My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh…

(My Little Pony)

I used to wonder what friendship could be

(My Little Pony)

Until you all shared its magic with me

Great discoveries!

Tricks galore!

A rich slice of life,

And a heartfelt score.

Budding courage

It's an easy feat

And magic makes it all complete!

You have my little ponies

Do you know you're all my very best friends?
-Manehattan Central Park-

Blossomforth had made it to the museum and managed to convince her friend to go out and relax. Daring then puts on her tee disguise(since it's too hot for a sweater), and leave for the park. While on the way, Blossomforth asks Daring about her trip to Saddle Arabia. She never got the whole story when Darin got back, so this is the perfect time to waste while walking. As Daring explains her adventure about the ruins, her friend Sandy, and the Soluna Stone, they finally reach the park entrance. When they get into the park, they knew they weren't the only ponies to take advantage of the day. They go past several other ponies either playing or enjoying the scenery, which makes the walk even more relaxing.

"This day is just beautiful out. Wouldn't you agree?" asks Daring.

"Oh yes Daring, it simply is. Especially since all the flowers are out in full bloom," happily agrees Blossomforth.

Blossomforth goes to smell the daisies, lilies, and roses in a assorted bunch near the trotting path. Daring takes in another breath of fresh air and plans on laying on the grass. Blossomforth comes back with a lily in her hoof and plants it on her friends mane. Daring smiles at this gesture and goes over to an open patch of grass not occupied by other ponies so she and Blossomforth can lay down in the grass.

"Hey Blossom, want to lay on the grass?" asks Daring.

"No thank you, I'm just fine here smelling the flowers," says Blossomforth as she goes over to a nearby flower patch.

Daring then goes to lay down in the grass and sunbathe. Daring looks over to see young colts and fillies play on a playground, a family enjoying their picnic in the shade, and two mares who look like twins flying kites. Daring knew this day is the right to enjoy and starts to drift off to sleep in the sunlight.

"Ah, what can make this day any better?" says Daring in a relaxed, tired tone.

As she says that, she then hears a sound in the distance. Daring looks around to see where the sound is coming from. She looks near the park, from other ponies, even the sky. She then has a double-take toward the sky and sees some pegasi flying over. She squints her eyes to try and focus on what is flying by. They're pegasi, but these aren't any other pegasi, they're the Wonderbolts!

"The Wonderbolts? What are they doing all the way in Manehattan?" questions Daring.

Blossomforth hears this and goes over to her friend.

"What's going on?" asks Blossomforth.

Daring points to the direction of the approaching pegasi. Blossomforth also sees the Wonderbolts coming close, and the thought of her captains words finally make sense.

"Are these the important ponies that were coming?" thinks Blossomforth.

The Wonderbolts are an elite team of fliers from Canterlot and either perform for large crowds or help in any hazardous situation. Everypony in the park looks up and are giving all the same expression as Daring, confusion. The Wonderbolts aren't speeding overhead, but being slow enough to gently fly overhead. They are in a V-shape formation and flying right over Central Park. They appear to be dropping something to the ground in large clusters, and there is a voice coming from the Wonderbolts. As they come closer, the voice becomes more clear to hear, and the objects they are dropping are pieces of paper. The pegasus in the front is the one shouting toward the ground, and also might be assumed to be the leader.

"Town meeting tonight, all pegasi are to attend at town hall tonight!" shouts the lead Wonderbolt.

Papers come down in the park and all the pegasi go for the papers, some land on pegasi, or land right near them.

"Remember to be there at 7 o'clock tonight. Every pegasi must attend!" shouts the leader as they fly away.

The Wonderbolts then fly away from the park head off toward another part of the city. Daring has a piece of paper land right next to her as she and Blossomforth go over to read it.

Dear fellow pegasus,

I, Mayor Tux, am calling all Pegasi to come to Town Hall for a mandatory meeting regarding Manehattan and Cloudsdale. The Wonderbolts will attend to explain the situation at hoof. If no one has gotten a letter, tell other Pegasi to attend.

Mayor Tux

Daring doesn't know what to make of this, but maybe it may regard the weather. Since it involves all pegasi and the Wonderbolts, she would think so.

She turns to Blossomforth and asks her, "Do you have any idea what this is about?"

"No clue. All I was told was that somepony important from Canterlot was coming here to Manehattan," explains Blossomforth.

Daring then thinks back to what she saw when the Wonderbolts flew by. Only one of them was wearing a uniform. The others didn't have any type of uniform on them.

"Whatever it is, this has to be very important," says a questioning Daring.

Blossomforth is concerned on what is going on in her friend's head.

She then go over to her and asks, "Is something wrong?"

Daring then turns her attention back to Blossomforth and responds back, "Oh sorry, it's nothing really."

They both go back to the letter of summons from the mayor and try to put together what could be happening tonight.

"Listen, I'll meet you there tonight. I've got a call to make with the Mayor", says Daring as she then then flies off.

Blossomforth is getting really lost of what's happening, but maybe all her questions will be answered tonight at Town Hall.
-Town Hall, 7:00 p.m.-

When nighttime hits, all the available pegasi of Manehattan enter town hall. They all try to find a place to sit down at as the room starts to completely fill up. Some pegasi are even taking the option of staying in the air to make space for everypony else. Blossomforth makes it to town hall and starts looking around for Daring. Still confused on what's happening she still looks around the cramped area, but sees no sight of her anywhere in the building. Blossomforth gets worried that her friend isn't showing up. What was her friend so concerned about that she isn't showing up to a summons specifically to all pegasi. The lights then go dim as the entire hall is filled to the brim with Mayor Tux, The Wonderbolts, and every Pegasi in Manehattan bundled together in the hall. A projector is in the front of the room as a light is shone on the wall from the projector.

"Before we begin, please pay attention to the following clip," says Mayor Tux as he points to the screen.

A film then begins playing as a voice then starts talking from the film.

They were given the basic film about how to produce wing power and the transference of water to Cloudsdale makes the rainwater needed for crops and other needs all over Equestria. This was basic information that pegasi learns in flight school up in Cloudsdale. Blossomforth recalls some of her days back in flight camp, but doesn't recall much of flying that much. She'd rather go down to the flower fields and smell the roses and daisies.

After the film ends and the projector stops, one of the Wonderbolts gets in front of the screen as the lights come back on. Blossomforth notices that only one of them is wearing a uniform, and the other are not. Blossomforth is confused at what is going on.

"What's going on here? ", thinks Blossomforth.

The Wonderbolt takes off her hood and goggles and faces the crowd. The Wonderbolt is a mare with a slick-back mane that looks like she has been through tough winds. The mane looks like it's on fire with a bright and dark orange color. She has yellow skin and she has orange eyes.

"Now that the film *ahem*, got interrupted, I'll continue from there. First off, my name is Spitfire, and I'm the leader of the Wonderbolts. Now I'm guessing you all want to know why we're here and only pegasi came for this right?" asks Spitfire.

Everypony in the room is murmuring and whispering in response to this.

"Well, I'll be happy to tell you all. Manehattan has been selected to provide Cloudsdale with water to create rainclouds," says Spitfire in a serious manner.

The crowd is surprised at this fact. Blossomforth is finally going to get an answer for this.
She then puts up some still pictures for everypony to see. Each picture is different in description as Spitfire is about to explain. She then points to one of the images with a stick, first of which showing an explanation of the plan.

"You see, one town every year is selected to participate in providing Cloudsdale with water to make rain clouds. Last year, I attended the participation in Fillydelphia, and broke the top wing power of 910. Next year will be a rural town outside Canterlot. We chose Manehattan this year for its large population of pegasi," says Spitfire.

The next image shows a meter with some pegasi in the image, and showing off something called, 'wing power'.
"With all of you pegasi here, you can all make that 800 wing power in no time flat."

As some pegasi mummer in agreement to this statement, Spitfire points to the last image. A Picture of Manehattan's Horsepower Park.

"We'll be using your town's Horsepower Park to transport all its water to Cloudsdale. That park houses so much water that we'll easily get enought to Cloudsdale. Everypony got that?" asks Spitfire.

The whole room then all chatter and nod in agreement. Blossomforth then finally gets her answer to what this is all about. She'll finally be able to participate in a much larger job then simple drills and deliveries for her weather team. Though a question still remains. She raise her hoof and speaks loud enough for Spitfire to answer.

"Um, excuse me? I've got a question for you," speaks out Blossomforth.

Everypony in the room then turns their attention towards her. Spitfire also has her attention, but actually flies over to Blossomforth.

"And what question would that be Miss...."

"Blossomforth! Blossomforth ma'm!"

Blossomforth then looks over to the pegasi on stage and point to them, "Who are those ponies? Are they also Wonderbolts?"

Spitfire then looks over to the ponies on stage and replies, "These newbies? Not a chance!"

She flies over back towards the stage and goes to the four ponies all standing at attention.

Spitifire then speaks up for everypony to hear, "The ponies standing here now are candidates for this year to enter the Wonderbolt Academy!"

Some ponies gasp, others are in awe, and some are just confused.

"Wonderbolt Academy is for the best of the best to enter and become possible future Wonderbolt recruits. Personally chosen by me and some other team members, I'll be evaluating these light-weights for this job to see if they're truly worthy of being in MY academy."

Spitfire then stands to the side of the small groups and shouts in a military voice, "Alright recruits, roll call!"

All four of them stand forward and each introduce themselves. First is a black pegasus mare with a black mane and yellow streaks. Her cutie mark is of a dark cloud and a lightning bolt.

"Midnight Strike!" speaks out the mare.

Next one is another mare of gold coat, cyan mane, and three Raindrops for a cutie mark.

"Raindrops, reporting for duty!" shouts the mare.

The next one is a stallion with a dark blue coat, a light-blue mane, and his cutie mark showing the constellation Orion.

"Star Hunter ma'm", shouts out the stallion.

The final one is another mare, but this one looks more determine than the rest of them. She has a striped mane of brilliant amber and gold, brilliant gamboge eyes, a light turquoise coat, and her cutie mark of a lightning bolt hitting three stars.

"Lightning Dust!" she shouts with determination.

"At ease!" shouts Spitifire.

The four recruits then ease up and step back.

"These trusting recruits will act a group leaders for training for the next week before our job. I've gotten volunteers from across town to help us prepare for some training exercises for each individual group. That will be explained tomorrow. Also tomorrow, show up at Central Park so we can record everyone of your wing powers. You'll be matched to a team leader accordingly passed on your primary wing power. Again, more to be explained tomorrow," explains Spitifire.

As the whole room explodes with whispering and talking, Blossomforth is still looking around for Daring in the building. With everypony so bunched together, it's still hard to see. So she flies up with the other pegasi in the air to get a better view. Still no luck in finding her. Blossomforth is getting really worried about her friend. As she continues to look, Spitfire continues talking.

"Now then, I'll be needing a leader for you all. The Academy recruits may be here to help and oversee the whole event, but the whole town will need to achieve this accomplishment on its own. Now, which one of you will lead the whole town?" asks Spitfire.

Nopony wants to step up to that responsibility, so everypony stands silent. The doors of the town hall then slam open as somepony speaks out from the back of the crowd.

"I will!" shouts somepony from the entrance.

Everypony looks towards the entrance. The pony is Daring Do, but she's not in disguise!

The whole room is full of gasps as to see a celebrity in front of them. Mayor Tux is not surprised as he knows her secret, but keeps up with the act. Blossomforth sees this and flies down to the small gap between the entrance and Daring to get to her. She then reaches Daring still in a full panic.

"Daring, where were you? What are you doing here not in disguise? Aren't you worried?, whispers Blossomforth.

"Calm down Blossom, I'm fine. I was having a talk with the mayor before everypony showed up. He told me the situation before-hoof. I'd figured if Manehattan needs a leader to support them, I'd come out for once as myself to help invigorate everypony," whispers Daring.

Blossomforth is surprised to hear this from the same mare that wanted to hide her identity from everypony and avoid the attention.

"But you always go out in disguise to be sure your fans don't see you," says a now calm Blossomforth.

Daring is still standing with a confident look on her face, not worried about the situation at hoof.

"After what happened in Saddle Arabia, I'd figure I need to be myself, and not in disguise. I'll be doing this step by step, until it becomes natural. Plus I want ponies to see Daring Do as a regular pony, not an idol," says Daring

"The trip Daring took to Saddle Arabia really changed her," Blossomforth thought.

Then she sees that Daring is completely sure in her decision, so Blossomforth trusts her friend.

"Well, okay. If you're okay with that," whispers Blossomforth with a trusting smile.

Daring gives Blossomforth a hug and proceeds to go up front. As she goes to the stage, she hears whispers from the crowd like, 'Why is she here?', or, 'What's a famous pony doing here?'.

Daring is going to get used to this treatment for a while, but still wanted to take things one step at a time until everything seemed okay to tell everypony the whole truth. So for now she'd say she's in town for the moment and go from there. Daring then makes it onto the stage and goes over to Spitfire.

"I'll be your leader for one of your groups," says Daring.

Spitfire is still in shock, but snaps back to reality.

"Holy Celestia, you're Daring Do!, shouts a surprised Spitfire.

"Yup, figured you might need some extra help," says Daring.

Spitfire then goes over to shake her hoof and says, "What are you doing here of all places in Equestria?"

"Well the letter said all pegasi to attend. Since I'm in town for a bit after one of my expeditions, I'd figure I would attend."

Without hesitation, Spitfire says, "Well, we'd be honored for you to help us."

Spitfire then turns toward the crowd and says, "It's official. With Daring Do to fill in as our fifth group leader, I'd say Operation Rainrise is a go!"

Spitfire then cheers in excitement with the rest of her recruits joining in. The whole room is full of applause for having a great Pegasus helping them. Blossomforth knows her friend will be there to help anypony, and so will she. She then looks to the cheering recruits and sees that Lightning Dust isn't cheering with everypony else. She's not sure why, but Blossomforth has a weird feeling coming from her. Either way, the now proclaimed "Operation Rainrise" has officially begun!