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Blossomforth's Determination - Goldenheart

Blossomforth and Daring Do help Manehattan get water to Cloudsdale, but a certain pegasi may jeopardize the mission. Set in Manehattanverse.

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Chapter 4: Phase 4- Execution

Hurricane Blossomforth

Chapter 4

-Last Night-

After Blossomforth left for the hotel, she headed for Manehattan's Mercy General Hospital to see all her injured teammates. Figuring she could do something to convince them to help could prove very difficult as she gets a not too welcome response.

"Why don't you want to help us?" says a confused Blossomforth.

"Because we don't want to take orders from Lightning Dust, and her enormous ego," says an annoyed pegasus colt all bandaged up.

"It better for us to stay here than to be out there with her," says a mad pegasus mare as she pukes in the bucket next to her.

"And if you're forgeting one important thing, we're all injured and can't go anywhere for the next few days," mumbles another pegasus through his head bandage.

Blossomforth looks around the room and sees the whole room of her injured groupies all agreeing while groaning in pain and/or puking in a bucket. She couldn't just go back without these pegasi. If she doesn't come back with her team, this would prove ponies like Lightning Dust can just abandon others to only take advantage for themselves. She has to do something. Then she gets an idea so crazy, she may be the one injured in the process.

Blossomforth speaks up and says, "I've got an idea that could give you all a temporary cure for your injuries."

Then everypony in the room turns to her in confusion.

"Whatcha mean?" asks the bandaged colt.

"I grow many herbs and plants at my greenhouse. I know I have some herbs to help all of your conditions from food poisoning to muscle cramps. Just give me the night to give you all the herbs, and you can go back to the operation," explains Blossomforth.

"Why would we go back to the operation where we would just be abandoned again even if you help us?" says the puking mare.

Blossomforth then gets on her knees and bows her head saying, "If you won't trust Lightning Dust, trust me. If not for me, then for everypony else that needs the water in Cloudsdale. Even if I'm the only one to not abandon you, don't give up because of your loss in faith. Help me, help you."

Hearing her speech gets some ponies in the room rethinking their decision.

Then somepony speaks up still questioning Blossomforth, "Even if you can help some of us, there are some that have broken legs."

Blossomforth then gets up and responds with a smile, "Then you will support yourselves. Use the actual teamwork that Lightning Dust doesn't know. When we go inside the tornado, make a team of two and help yourselves in the tornado. Even if it's not your full wing power, we just need enough to create the tornado."

Then everypony starts to be more optimistic and speak with a more happy attitude.

"Now who wants to help everypony!" shouts Blossomforth.

Then the whole room cheers in an uproar. Even after giving a positive speech, Blossomforth knows this will cost her strength.

"So that's what happened to you last night?" asks Daring.

"Yup. I've managed to give my whole group a temporary boost in their health so that they can form the tornado. It may not be much, but enough to get water to Cloudsdale," says a happy Blossomforth.

Daring smiles back at her friend and responds, "You really are something. Being the Element of Loyalty doesn't mean you rely on us, but how others can rely on you. You remained loyal to them even after Lightning Dust swept them away. That's true dedication. Also, just be sure to not push yourself."

Blossomforth blushes at this sign of graditute, but then a pony speaks out.

"So all of you light-weights are much tougher than I thought," says Lightning Dust.

Lightning Dust walks up to her group with a smug look on her face. Her team isn't that enthusiastic to see. Some may want to return the favor, but don't want to exhaust their energy that Blossomforth gave them. Instead they all give her a cold stare. Lightning Dust then stops in front of Blossomforth.

"I thought you were just a sucker to fool, but I guess I was wrong. You really outdid yourself getting these light-weights off their lazy butts," says Lightning Dust.

"No thanks to you," interrupts Daring.

"Just a little accident, no harm done," says an innocent Lightning Dust.

"You abandoned them and only thought of yourself during the training. In the process, you caused all of these ponies so much pain and betrayal. You even tricked me to being your friend so I wouldn't tell Spitfire," explains Blossomforth.

"Even if you did, you have no proof I did it. Even if they're injured, they could havve just injured themselves during training. Plus, she hears the story from two ponies she barely knows. Even if she believes you, the nobles in Canterlot that run the document work can't deny my entry into the academy because of my excellent flight records. The most severe punishment they can give me is being suspended entry into Wonderbolt Academy. With Spitfire also having high hopes for me, she still thinks I can be redeemed. Nopony can lose a great pony like me to join the elites. Either way you look at this, I still win," explains a smug Lightning Dust.

Daring has never been so angry in all of her life. She really wanted to punch the buck out of her face.

"Why you smug, little....," says and angry Daring as she's about to punch her.

"STOP. Don't do it!" shouts another pony.

Daring stops in her tracks as Spitfire then lands in the middle of the group.

"As much as I could grant you that, she's right. I may be the leader of the academy, but the final decision comes from Canterlot, beyond my control," says Spitfire.

"But everything you said about her is wrong, right?" asks Blossomforth.

"No she's right. I have high hopes for Lightning Dust, even if she's an arrogant jerk. Ponies like her don't come that often. So if the mistake of the injured ponies should come from anypony, I'll take full responsibility," says a dissapointed Spitfire.

Everypony in the group feels sorry for the Wonderbolt.

"See, even she is aware of the situation. A risky pony like me is perfect for the Wonderbolts," says an even more smug Lightning Dust.

Spitfire recollects herself and responds to her recruit, "You may be arrogant and smug, but you are still under my command. Until further notice, you are suspended from entry into the Wonderbolt Academy. This will go your record and will be on daily surveillance from our superiors until you are deemed suitable for re-entry," explains a dry toned Spitfire.

"Sheesh, no biggie. I'll still be back before you know it," says a cocky Lightning Dust.

"Until then, group leadership will be transferred to, Blossomforth!" says a now glee Spitfire.

Lightning Dust's expression then changes to shock as everypony around Spitfire then shouts, "WHAT!"
-Manehattan Horsepower Park-

1 hour later....

Every pegasi accounted for has appeared at Manehatten's Horsepower Park, which is located on the outskirts of the city near the Neigh York harbor. Everypony is equipped with a pair of goggles as the wind speed and rising of water being sprayed about doesn't harm the eyes. All of the pegasi are lined up near the lake to get ready for the signal to start the tornado. Twilight and Spike are also preparing for their job. Twilight has a larger anemometer to scale the tornado that was provided by the city, and Spike is manning megaphone to signal the start.

As Blossomforth is looking around the area and seeing everypony all set up, she starts to breath faster, sweating, and she's getting weak hooves. The sudden leadership role is really getting to her. That or she's feeling the fatigue of helping her team all night. Also, with Lightning Dust giving her looks for what appeared from Lightning's point of view, stealing her spotlight of fame, she's not in the best position now. As she starts acting out, Daring puts a hoof on her shoulder and gestures her to relax and that she won't be alone. Daring, Spitfire, Blossomforth, and the rest of the group leaders are to take the front of the pack and begin the tornado. As everything is all set, Daring flies up for everypony to see her.

"Alright everypony, we may have some injured members, but that doesn't mean we should give up. We'll prove that we can go beyond our expectations and show the hard work we put into this. We'll show all of Equestria and Cloudsdale that Manehatten can be the best city in the world. Now who's ready to do this!?" shouts Daring.

As she finishes her speech, everypony cheers with sheer determination. Even the injured ponies utter a weak cheer despite their injuries.

Blossomforth readies her goggles along with everypony else as Daring takes point, with Spitfire on her right and Blossomforth taking her left. Blossomforth's injured group starts to prepare themselves with some assisting others by teaming up. For example, one duo has his back legs on his partners back, while his partner from behind is having his front legs on his partners back. Basically a makeshift flying wheelbarrow. Everypony else is getting ready to fly and being fully prepared. As everypony is ready for takeoff with wings at the ready, Spike presses the siren button on the megaphone to signal take off. Daring takes off with Spitfire, Blossomforth, and the other group leaders on her side, then everypony else follows behind her. As all of the pegasi get close to the lake, Daring then goes at her top speed and starts to spin around the edge of the reservoir. Everypony else starts doing the same thing by spinning around the lake. Blossomforth then notices that she's falling behind her friend and every other pegasi starts passing by her. Blossomforth at her full might finally makes it to the now forming tornado and her way in.

The tornado is now fully formed and every pegasus is now accounted for in the tornado. Blossomforth is feeling like the tornado is more controlling her then she is. Her strength is starting to fail her from her fatigue and is almost about to fall outside the tornado until...Daring comes by and grabs her! Blossomforth is grabbed by her friend and is frilled at her sight.

"You need to take it easy. These ponies depend on you, and you on them! You can do it, we believe in you!" yells Daring from the roar of the tornado.

Blossomforth hears her friend and now knows what she must do.

Blossomforth loosens her grip from and Daring and now tries to fly with the tornado . Thanks to Twilight's reading on flying, she's learning to fly with the wind currents, in this case, a tornado. As she does this, water starts to spout upwards a bit. This shows they're almost there to 800 wing power. Blossomforth tries even harder to go faster, and in turn isn't getting any more tired in the process. Auntie Oranges healthy meals have given her so much energy to not get tired, she needs to thank Auntie afterwards. She sees all of the pegasi flowing with the current, and even going in a rhythm while working off each other. Blossomforth does this by following Octavia's rhythm lesson and goes with a couple of groups to make a smooth rhythm and flowing formation as to not lose anypony.

Blossomforth is then hearing some ponies cheering. Blossomforth looks around her and sees that the ponies cheering are the bandaged and sick ponies from her group.

"You can do it!"
"You're doing great!"
"You're amazing!"
Blossomforth, we believe in you!"

Blossomforth is feeling very confident and humble thanks to the loyalty she receives from her group, and is feeling confidant as to be sure nothing is going wrong. As she's flowing with every pegasi, Lightning Dust is flying above her.

"How do you steal my fame and authority! I thought you were weak! But now it's become personal! You want to be the center of attention, I'll give it to you!" thinks an enraged Lightning Dust.

Lightning Dust then dives full thrust into Blossomforth's direction. Blossomforth then sees her charging right at her, but notices she can't get away in time before impact. As she awaits her demise, somepony else gets in the way and is hit instead.

"Blossom, watch out!" says the pony before impact.

Blossomforth sees the pony who got hit. None other than Daring!

"No, Daring!" yells Blossomforth in shock and fear as her friend and Lightning Dust fall out of the tornado.

They both fall out and hit onto the ground hard. Twilight and Spike see this and rush to both to them in a panicked state with a first aid kit. Daring gets up but slowly, but her wing is injured. Twilight and Spike get there and see the damage.

"Oh my gosh Daring, you sprained your wing!" shouts Spike in shock.

"Don't worry, I've had worse than this," as she dusts herself off, but shows a little pain.

Twilight then starts to patch her up, but forgets about Lightning Dust.

"What about her?" questions Twilight as she gestures to Lightning Dust with her head in the ground.

Lightning Dust gets her head unstuck and shakes out of daze.

"Are you okay?" questions a concerned, but angry Daring.

"Yeah, no biggie. Heheh, it may have not been flower girl, but a famous pony like you is better," says a smug Lightning Dust.

Daring then stomps her hoof on the ground, which leaves an imprint, and leans towards Lightning Dust.

"I would punch you now for that stunt you pulled," says an angry Daring.

"Why, I don't know what you're talking about. I only lost control," says an innocent Lightning Dust.

Daring is getting even more angry at her for playing her 'no evidence' card.

"What do we do now? Without you and Lightning Dust, they can't form the tornado," Spike then looks toward the machine; "It's not going to 800 wing power. What are we going to do?!" says a worried Spike.

Daring and Twilight look towards the tornado and hope everything can work out.

Blossomforth, now without Daring to help with her amazing wing power, the tornado formation is at a standstill. What can she do now?

"I can do only one thing. Hope this doesn't permanently hurt me", she says as she then prays to Celestia for help.

She then flies faster than she ever thought possible while ignoring any other instinct and pain. With the combination of her fatigue and pushing her limits of her flying, she's trying her best not to pass out, but is still pushing forward.

Spitifre also sees this and cheers for her as well, "You can do it kid! You've got guts!

Spitfire, with renewed determination, signals for the other pegasi to push their limits as well. Other pegasi see Blossomforth's incredible feat and Spitfire's signal to push themselves. So everypony, both healthy and injured, start following Blossomforth's example push to the limit.

Back on the ground, Spike sees the anemometer reach 800 wing power at last. Daring and Twilight watch as the tornado then spews water from the top and goes flying into the sky, no doubt going towards Cloudsdale. Lightning Dust sees this and mutters an aggravated groan under her breath. When all of the water is gone from the lake, Spike uses the siren on the megaphone again and all of the pegasi disperse and have a safe landing onto the ground. As the ponies start to the land, the injured group almost collapses from exhaustion, but keep themselves standing. Everypony cheers knowing that this is a big success as everpony worked together. Daring looks and sees Blossomforth in the air about to collapse from lack of air and from exhaustion. Daring goes to try and catch her, but Spitfire grabs her before she falls. Spitfire takes her to the ground where Blossomforth is now unconscious. Her friends are now frantic as their friend is now unconscious.

"Pffft, what a wimp. Couldn't even handle a simple tornado," says and unimpressed Lightning Dust.

Daring then looks behind her and responds with blinding fury, "My friend is unconsious after pushing her limits and working all night to help her teammates. You've done nothing but caused this city misery."

"Yeah, but that wipe out was awes-," but she was interrupted with a back buck to the face.

Lightning Dust is now on the ground with Daring snorting afterwards.

Daring looks to Spitfire and says, "Sorry, I couldn't hold back."

Spitfire responds with, "Don't worry, I'll give you a free pass. I saw her stunt from the top of the tornado. She won't get away from anymore punishment now! I'll see it it'll be years before she's accepted.

Then they turn their attention to the unconscious Blossomforth.
-Manehattan General Hospital-

Blossomforth wakes and tries to take in her surroundings. Still tired and weak, the thought occurs to her that she's not in the tornado anymore. Did she fail, and Cloudsdale did not get the water? Before she thinks, somepony hugs her almost instantly. She now fully wakes and sees Daring, now Honey Do, having her in a death grip.

"Oh thank goodness you're awake, I thought something terrible happened!" cries Honey.

Blossomforth also sees all of her friends around her. Now she remembers after the water was delivered to Cloudsdale, she felt very weak from flying and passed out, no doubt from exhaustion and fatigue. Then she hears cheers all around her. She then realizes it's her flight group back in the hospital beds.

"Where am I?" questions Blossomforth.

"You're in the hospital dearie, and good thing too. You had us all scared half to death!" cries out Sherbet.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie agrees, but is impressed by your overall performance," gleefully says Trixie.

"The blooming blossom waves gracefully against the wind, and shows everyone her true majestic beauty," recites Octavia.

"You saved everypony from failing, and with your additional wing power, helped accomplish the job of delivering the water," says Twilight.

"Ya, you were amazing!" happily says Spike.

"We owe all our thanks to you," says a still teary eyed Honey.

"Thanks girls. I knew that with a little push, there's still somepony there to help out," says Blossmomforth.

"You got that right!"
"We're in your debt!"
"You pushed yourself well out there!'

Many more compliments are being thrown at Blossomforth and her need not to give up. Even without Daring and Lightning's extra wing power, Blossomforth pushed herself to the limit. She realizes that Spitfire and Lightning Dust is not in the room with her.

"Where's Spitfire and Lightning Dust?" questions Blossomforth.

"Spitfire went back to Canterlot, and Lightning Dust is back in Cloudsdale, but Spitfire wanted me to relay a message to you," says Honey.

Blossomforth nods her head as her friend begins the message.

Honey clears her throat and quotes Spitfire, "Blossomforth, you've got guts, and I like that. Before I go, I need to say I'm sorry for putting you through all of this. Lightning Dust is being ordered to attend anger management and team building classes as additional punishment. I've had my doubts about you getting your team back up, even to the point of cancelling the operation and going to another town, but you proved me wrong in the end. I've never seen anypony like you to risk their life on the line like that, even in your fatigued state! I hope to see you again someday. Try to keep in touch. Your new friend, Spitfire," unquote.

Blossomforth is happy to hear that and smiles. She now has another true friend that isn't Lightning Dust.

She looks over to Twilight and asks, "Hey Twilight, wouldn't this make a good letter for the princess?" questions Blossomforth.

"Oh right, Spike take a letter," says Twilight. Spike gets out a scroll and quill and begins to write down Twilight's letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I'm happy to inform you that our job of delivering water to Cloudsdale is a success, but I've also a lesson on friendship. My good friend Blossomforth has learned that somepony so small, can leave a big impact on others. She's worked so hard to prove that nopony should be left behind, and that showing loyalty to others, will show loyalty in return.

Your Fateful Student,
Twilight Sprkle.

Spike rolls up the letter and blows fire on it to send the letter away.

"Now how long to I have to be in this hospital?" questions Blossomforth.

"You only have to stay for a full week to recover from fatigue. Take it easy for while, you've done enough," says Honey.

Blossomforth sighs and relaxes herself for now.

"As long as I don't do any exercising here, I think I'll be okay," happily says Blossomforth.

Her friends begin laughing around her as she then drifts off into sleep.
-2 days later, Canterlot-

Spitfire finally makes it back to Canterlot and plans to relax for a few days after her hard work in Manehattan. She's also having her recruits, save for Lightning Dust, take a few weeks off to heal and recover from a job well done. As she enters her home in town, she takes off her uniform and hangs it up on a hook near the door. She closes the door and goes down her hall toward her bedroom. As she goes to enter her room to get a night's rest, she hears somepony knock on her door. She doesn't need this at this hour.

As she goes back to her door she says, "Whatever you need, can't it wait until tomorrow?" says Spitfire in a tired tone.

She opens the door, and is greeted by a large white pony with wings, horn, and a sun cutie mark.

"I believe you can make time for a few minutes, Captain Spitfire," gracefully says the alicorn.

Spitfire goes wide-eyed and is greeted by the princess!

"Princess, my apologies!" says a sorry Spitfire as she bows.

"No need to bow before me. I just want to know how the job went in Manehattan," says Celestia.

Spitfire gets up and readjusts herself as she clears her throat.

"Our mission was a success. Water got to Cloudsdale, but local pegasi got injured due to lack of safety from one of my recruits," reports Spitfire.

"I know that, and I got a letter from my student on a particular pegasus that helped you," says Celestia.

Spitfire blushes and tries looking away.

"Nothing to be ashamed of. It seems even the hothead captain can make a friend outside of Canterlot," chuckles Celestia.

"Yeah, she's really something. I hope to see her again," says Spitfire with a smile.

Celestia then hands her a letter with the royal insignia on it. Spitfire takes it and opens the letter. She looks inside and then looks to Celestia with a confused look.

"Princess, you know our team goes every year. What difference is there for us not attending?" asks Spitfire.

"Because those are for my student and her friends," says Celestia.

Spitfire is shocked and looks back to the letter.

"All of these?" questions Spitfire.

"You may see her much sooner than you think, but that night will be the time for you, her, and that unbelievably amazing Daring Do to talk and become very good friends," says Celestia with a smile.

Spitfire then thinks of another job they're doing in a few months, and knows she'll see them again. Now she's looking forward more than ever to see Blossomforth again at what could be more than any ordinary night. She can now say it could be her best night ever. She looks back at the envelope and sees six golden tickets.

Author's Note:

Now I finally managed to remake what I considered my worst story. Now finally redoing it all the way through, I can say I'm pleased with this version overall. My next story will be the long awaited, "Ticket Master" episode! As usual, Like, Comment, Fave, Follow.

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No, your story is not the worst, I think is the nice remake.:ajsmug: I would like to see the Ticket Master episode if you wrote one.:twilightsheepish:

Great work on this remake! I really enjoyed reading it!:pinkiehappy:

And I was also happy to see Lightning get a good kick in the head.:yay:

He means he considers the original his personal worst so far. But yeah, this is a great improvement.

Other than mixing up Spitfire and Lighting Dust's name a few times, I'd say this was a much stronger canon remake. I'll start editing my episode to fit and let everypony know when it's done!

3859050 Wait, only Pegasus? Who beats her that they need to. E listed separately?

You could not have made Lightning Dust more unsympathic, malicious, stupid and one-dimensional.
I don´t approve.

Glad to see Blossomforth is gonna be okay:scootangel:!

"No she's right. I have high hopes for Lightning Dust, even if she's an arrogant jerk. Ponies like her don't come that often. So if the mistake of the injured ponies should come from anypony, I'll take full responsibility," says a dissapointed Spitfire.

Considering that the Wonderbolts are not just a group of stunt fliers, but a branch of military, let's look at the facts...
She's rebellious and unruly (disobedient).
She abandoned her team for her own self interests (desertion).
She knowingly caused harm to her team (treason).
She manipulates ponies (bribery/quid pro quo).
She also thinks that she can get away with anything because position is presumably in the bag no matter what she does (believes she's above the law).
I'm pretty sure that list would cause her to be court marshaled if she were in the military. So I'm pretty sure that, at this point, there's an entire city (one of the largest cities in Equestria no less) that would boycott the Wonderbolts, and possibly even ban them if either Spitfire or Canterlot were willing to let her in after this... did this story just predict the political conditions of the U.S. in 2020?

"Why, I don't know what you're talking about. I only lost control," says an innocent Lightning Dust.

Intentional or not, that would also be a strike against her getting into the Wonderbolts. Such a loss of control that could lead to such a catastrophic failure that could've resulted in harming hundreds of ponies? That certainly isn't gonna earn you points. And on purpose, it's even worse. But no matter what, "loss of control" like that demonstrates that proves that the pony who replaced her as team leader, Blossomforth, has more control than her. And thanks to Octavia's involvement, "loss of control" can't even be used as an excuse, because Octavia was specifically teaching control. Then there's Twilight, who would've taught how to keep control in conditions like that. Nerves can't be used as an excuse for loss of control, because Trixie taught them to keep calm under pressure. And low energy would've been dealt with thanks to Auntie Orange.

It seems to me that either it was intentional, which makes her unworthy to be in the Wonderbolts, or it was an accident, which would've demonstrated that she wasn't willing to learn how to better herself, which makes her unworthy to be in the Wonderbolts.

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