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Moonlit Sparkles - Mazzyrazzy

Twilight has been invited to compete in the Aura Bloom, a legendary magic competition.

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Chapter 3

Celestia's sun shone brilliantly over the utopian city of Canterlot. A pair of blue jays chirped as one chased the other across the courtyard of royal palace, landing in a nearby tree. The springtime air brought with it the warmth and sunlight that all the vibrant flowers reveled in. A couple gardener ponies were seen planting new flowers along the walkway. A platoon of royal guards was marching down the walkway, their shift ending. The new shift of guards had already taken their place in their respective positions evenly amongst the courtyard.

Inside, Princess Celestia was busy running her queendom. Several ponies were lined up outside, eager to get inside to talk to the great Mare of the Sun. Most of them brought status reports of the several necessities required to keep a city so large running smoothly.

There was a noticeable difference inside the throne room; The Princess often glanced to her side only to see empty space. Her sister was not by her side like she normally was. Luna had come by earlier and asked if she could spend the day with Twilight. Although their sudden friendship had peaked her interest, she saw no reason why they shouldn't be able to spend time together. After all, she hadn't seen Luna so happy in a long time.

Celestia just hoped that the mare wouldn't be too down-trotted when her new friend had to eventually leave.

Through the back curtain, up eight flights of stairs, and down several hallways, there was a secluded library that Twilight considered home. She had spent many hours in here almost every day when she used to live here with Spike in Canterlot. She found herself in there once again, doing what she did best: study.

Luna sat on a large, comfy pillow set aside right next to a desk. She had all four of her legs folded underneath her, perfectly content to just sit there in the presence of Twilight. She looked on as she saw Twilight use her magic to take a few books off the shelves, and then floating them over to the desk.

It had been two days since they first hung out. Every day, Luna would find a way to spend some part of her day with Twilight, even it was just a few minutes at a time. Yesterday was Sunday, the day her and her sister opened the doors and allowed anyone to come in to the palace, so she had been incredibly busy. She was pleased to be by her friend's side once more.

Luna perked up as Twilight drew closer, eventually sitting down at the table she laid her books. "I think these might be the ones." Twilight said hopefully.

"I hope so. You've been studying so hard the past few days. I know you'll find something." Luna offered.

Twilight still had no clue as to what she was going to do in the Aura Bloom. Every book she studied shed new light on magic, but none was spectacular enough for the competition. Luna could tell her friend was getting more nervous as the Aura Bloom loomed. With only a few days remaining, the clock was ticking.

Luna watched Twilight face as she opened a dusty leather book. Her features showed no frustration, just determination. Her eyes would twinge slightly every time she found something interesting, and she'd narrow her eyes when she was confused, only to have them light up when she finally understood the meaning of the words. Soon Luna knew Twilight's facial movements so well that she could understand exactly what the purple pony was thinking.

Luna shifted positions slightly in her chair, stretching out her two front legs. She inhaled deeply, the stuffy library air not very pleasant. When she sat back down, she glanced over to Twilight and noticed the purple pony reading something with great interest. This wasn't out of the ordinary; what caught her attention was that she was blushing lightly.

Luna craned her neck to try and see what she was looking at. "Hey Twilight, what are you reading?"

Twilight blinked and shook her head, as if snapping out of a trance. She had obviously been in deep contemplation, and it only made her cheeks redden. The sight actually made Luna's face blush. She couldn't help but notice that the magical pony looked very cute when she was embarrassed. "Is it weird to think she's cute?" Luna thought to herself.

Twilight coughed to clear her throat and to steady her voice. "Oh, nothing Luna. Just another magic book." She stated unconvincingly, closing the book hurriedly and stuffing it in her bag. Twilight threw on a cheesy smile and laughed nervously.

It was obvious to Luna that her friend was hiding something, but she didn't press the issue. "Okay then!" She responded cheerily. Luna saw her friend visibly relieved that she hadn't dug further.

Twilight placed some of the books back on the shelves, then walked back over and sat right next to Luna. She enjoyed being so close to Twilight. She wondered if Twilight did as well, or if she was just weird.

Both ponies sat quietly, eyes closed for a few moments enjoying the presence of the other. "I like spending time with you, Twilight." Luna breathed out, breaking the silence.

Twilight glanced over to her, narrowing her eyes and smiling gently. "I like spending time with you too, Luna." She replied, nudging her softly. Luna felt a warm glow in her heart, making her spine tingle. She desired the feeling would stay forever.

She lowered her gaze as a realization hit her like a manticore. She knew right then and there that no other ponies could make her tingle, nor give the warmth in her heart that Twilight gives her. She wondered if this was still just friendship, or something else.

"Want to go for a walk?" Twilight asked, knowing Luna was tired of the stuffy old room.

Luna smiled. "I'd like that." Both ponies stood up on the hooves, and made their way to the door, staying close to one another.



Twilight glared at the page in disbelief. The word was right there; it made perfect sense but she just couldn't believe it. She continued to read the page, and the further she read on, the deeper her brow creased.

The purple pony paced her room to help stimulate her thinking process. She had obtained the book earlier from the library, and was the very one she attempted to hide from Luna. Friendships & Relationships was the title of the thick, leather-covered book. Twilight had been secretly researching books such as these alongside her magic training so she could identify her relationship with Luna. Twilight had always been an analytical type of pony, so studying was always the first step.

Twilight had been reading the book for a while. When she reached chapter 9 "The Art of Courting", it was like a floodgate was opened in her mind and her emotions were spilling out. It explained everything! The butterflies she felt when Luna got too close; the way Luna's scent would linger in her nose hours after they departed from one another; even the daily yearning to be in the presence of the lunar princess.

It was obvious from day one that Luna was different from most her friends. She could tell by the way they would hug, both caressing as if the other could break. She could tell it by the way Luna's eyes wavered when Luna smiled at her. Also, with her other friends it took her a few days before she even referred to them as her friends. The Princess and her became friends the day after they met, the spark being instantaneous.

Twilight closed her eyes and slumped to the ground as a light blush spread across her cheeks. "Am I courting Luna? Or are we just friends?" She asked herself aloud, obviously annoyed that she was forced to ask herself the question.

She knew the answer wouldn't be on any page, in any book, in any library in all of ponydom. No, this answer was her's to find out. Too frustrated to move, she laid on the floor in silent contemplation.

She started by listing all the ways she liked Luna.

"Well she's got a great personality…" Twilight began, gazing up at the ceiling. She meant it too, but she didn't just mean she had a great personality in general, she also meant that Luna's personality fit perfectly with her own.

"She's fun to be around..." Once again, a vast understatement. Twilight knew that anytime she was with Luna, the hours would go by like minutes, and their parting continuously left a bittersweet knot in her stomach. This was counterweighted by the light fluttering she felt in her heart every day when she saw Luna for the first time.

"She's kind and humble…" Definitely a big check. Although Luna was a princess, Twilight felt like she was talking to any normal common pony when she talked to her. Even Rarity behaved more regally and upper-classed than Luna, and Luna was the highest of the upper-class!

"I see a side of her nopony else sees." Everyone else saw a princess, but only Twilight saw a lost and lonely filly that needed companionship. Twilight knew Luna's ups and downs. For instance, she knew that when Luna got excited, she could get as giddy as Pinky Pie (though maybe not as bouncy). Luna kept up a front to everyone else; she gave the masses what everypony wanted – a princess. She gave Twilight so much more.

Twilight sat there for a few minutes imagining what it would be like to enact some of the content she read in the book. Stuff like going on dates, buying each other gifts…


The mere thought of this set her cheeks on fire. She wiped sweat off her forehead as her entire body shook nervously. She stood up and walked over to her washroom sink, and splashed herself with water. It chilled her entire face, leaving her dampened hair limp and dripping. The shock was enough to clear her mind.

She walked back into her room and closed the relationship book, knowing she would gather no more usable information from it. Her inner mind struggled against itself, as if there were two ponies inside her.

"You know you love her." The first half stately bluntly.

"Ya, but Luna's a mare. As in a GIRL. Did you see mention of a mare-mare relationship anywhere in that book we just read?" The second half threw back.

"Is it our fault she's a mare?" The first half snapped back. "Love can come in any form."

"Okay, I'll humor you," The second half replied haughtily, "Let's say everything goes perfectly and we start dating Luna. What next? You know we gotta leave right after the Aura Bloom."

The first half shrunk down a bit. "I... I know that. But-"

"But nothing!" The second side clearly gaining the upper hand. "We'll end up hurting, and so would Luna. Is that what you want for her? To be even sadder after you leave than before we arrived?"

"Of course I wouldn't want that. But we have to try! Isn't it worth the risk if it brings her happiness through love?" The first side argued passionately.

"How much are you willing to risk!?" The second half bellowed. "Forgetting the fact that this would almost certainly end it sadness, did you even ONCE consider the possibility that Luna might not love you back?"

The first half froze, speechless. After several long hopeless seconds, a tiny beaten-down whisper escaped. "No…"

"Exactly!" The second half yelled, tearing up. "You're not just risking our emotions here. You're risking our friendship with Luna! Do you think she'd be friends with us after we put her in this position? No!" The second half was trembling with what looked like anger, but in actuality it was an immense amount of fear, worry, and doubt.

"What do you want?" The first half asked through tears. "To hide our emotions? To look Luna in the face and pretend to be friends with her when you really want more?"

"I can tell you want I don't want: THIS!" The second half rebutted, gesturing to the situation. "I don't want the grief. I don't want the bottomless pit in my stomach that comes with knowing you're about to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life!"

"And what happens when you get that anyway?" The first side stated. "What happens when you pass this opportunity by and you regret it for the rest of your life?"

Silence. The second half didn't enjoy having its words used against it. "If we curse ourselves with this regret, we could at least take comfort in the fact that Luna was spared from all this. At least she has a chance to be happy. After all, how could she be happy with you?"

With that, the argument ended with a venomous sting.

Twilight opened her eyes slowly, blinking away the tears that were stinging her eyes. She noticed she was lying in her bed, and most of the covers around her were wet with tears.

Twilight was always a logical pony, and every single portion of her brain now agreed that anything more than friendship with Luna was a terrible idea.

Luna could never know.

"How could she love me…" She whispered to herself.

The question echoed in her mind until she finally cried herself to sleep.


Luna slowly awoke as her sister's sunrise filtered light into the room and through her eye lids. Her eyes fluttered groggily, her eyes still stinging from the bright light. She waited patiently while her eyes adjusted, then rubbed them gently.

She sat up stretching and gave a loud yawn. It was then she remembered something that woke her up straight away: Twilight and her had made plans to have breakfast together in the palace before Luna had to be with her sister on the throne.

Reinvigorated, Luna bolted out of bed and right over to her mirror. Her long, blue mane was ruffled and wavy from a night of tossing and turning. Using magic, she brushed her mane until it was perfect; she didn't want to look bad for Twilight.

After she was completely satisfied with her appearance, she rushed out of her chamber and towards to royal dining hall. She just hoped Twilight didn't mind her being a few minutes late!

Luna raced down the stairs to make up for lost time, startling a few guards on the way. Finally, the dining hall entrance came into view.

She rushed into the room. "I'm so sorry to keep you waiting Twilight, I woke up a bit late and I-"

She opened her eyes to see an empty room. She glanced from left to right, trying to disprove what she knew at first glance.

"Maybe Twilight's running a little late, like I was." She assured herself. She calmed down at the thought, knowing perfectly well that it was most likely the case. She took a seat at one of the chairs at the royal table. Instantly, a servant pony walked into the room and approached her.

"Good evening, Princess Luna. Could I get you something for breakfast?" The servant colt asked professionally.

Luna shook her head. "Thanks, but I'm waiting for a friend. We'll both be eating once she arrives though."

"Very good, Princess." The servant responded. The colt bowed graciously before exiting the room.

Luna sat at the table, slumped over onto it. She clacked her front hoof on the table in boredom. As she had to wait longer, Luna became more and more aware of the time. Seconds became long minutes. Soon, she had been waiting five minutes. Then ten, then twenty, and after thirty arduous minutes, Luna let out a miserable sigh. Her friend Twilight wasn't going to be showing up here this morning.

The servant colt once again entered the room. "Are you sure there's nothing I can get you, Princess?"

After a few moments of stillness, Luna finally spoke in a quiet undertone. "No thank you. I've lost my appetite."


Twilight felt terrible for standing Luna up like that, but after such a horrid night, she didn't want to face the lunar pony. Twilight believed that she wouldn't be able to hold it together, and she didn't want Luna to see her cry.

The purple mare lay in bed until well past noon, refusing to even sit up. She knew at this very moment, Luna was in the palace alongside her sister. Today would be one of the busiest days of the week. Most of the ponies that came to spectate the Aura Bloom were arriving today. Thousands of ponies would soon crowd the many city streets. Though Canterlot was big, it was about to become very congested.

Twilight was always uncomfortable around crowds. She much preferred the sanctity of her room, or the reclusiveness of a library. She had convinced herself that this was the reason she wanted to stay in her room.

"Luna will understand." She murmured, half-heartedly.

The day passed sluggishly. Twilight tried at one point to read her magic books, but she just wasn't into it. After nearly thirty minutes of study, Twilight closed the book in frustration, no closer to having an act for the Aura Bloom.

She eventually made the decision to leave her room to take a short walk to see if it would help her feel any different. Her destination was the lunar garden; she was positive that the sight of its loveliness was enough to adjust her mood.

As she walked out onto the patio, a sweet fragrance filled her nose. At first, she thought it was Luna, thought after second thought, she remembered the garden smelled very similar to her. She suddenly wish her friend could be there with her.

She trotted down the cobblestone path, taking a step aside every now and again to examine a certain flower. She was right to come here, before long she was feeling much better and mentally reinvigorated. Although the garden was more spectacular at night, there was still no comparison to the garden even in daylight.

She continued on to the fountain, shining brilliantly in the sunlight. She sat on its edge for a minute to rest, dipping one of her hooves in the clear water to gauge its temperature. The water's surface shimmered as she swirled her hoof around. She watched closely as the water rippled all the way to the other side of the fountain, around the sphere in the center. It was then she looked past the fountain.

She noticed a new flower display that hadn't been there a few days ago. It was the patch of grass Luna had been laying on when Twilight first came to the garden and confronted her.

She got off the fountain and wandered curiously over towards the new exhibit. She approached a large patch of pitch black flowers, blowing gently in the breeze. At first, she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about the featured patch. She suddenly caught a glance of a flash of color. Her head quickly spun to the location of the anomaly.

In the wave of black tulips, a single purple rose grew from the very center of the patch, almost completely engulfed by the blackness.

Twilight lifted her hoof and noticed she had been standing on a piece of carved marble. Inscribed on the small tablet was a simple, but powerful message:

For teaching me my heart had more than one color. Thank you.

A soft tear formed in the corner of Twilight's eye as she glanced by up at the solitary rose, knowing instantly of Luna's tribute. It was the single most romantic gesture that Twilight had ever seen. No pony, mare or colt, had ever done anything to make her feel this serene.

She knew she had to talk to Luna.

It was getting later in the afternoon, and Twilight knew Luna would still be in the palace. She galloped out of the garden, feeling as fast as Rainbow Dash or Applejack in their race for the Iron Pony.

Winding through hallways, Twilight finally made it to a door that would lead to one of the many city streets of Canterlot. The street was packed full of tourists, condensing the street and forcing Twilight to slow her pace. It frustrated her, knowing it would take quite a bit longer to reach the palace. Still, she wasn't willing to push her way through the crowd so instead of fighting it, she went with the crowd, and soon found that she could still move at a reasonable speed.

After a short while, the palace entrance was seen on the horizon. As she dashed closer, there were fewer and fewer ponies around her that she had to worry about. She was glad the traffic near the castle was slowing down; it meant that Luna might not be too busy to talk to her.

As the twilight hours loomed, the purple pony raced through the courtyard towards the front door of the palace. She halted as the guards beckoned for her to stop.

"Sorry madam, but only ponies who have business with the Princess may see her today." One of the guards stated.

"It's okay, I'm Twilight Sparkle. The Princess would want to see me." Twilight responded, undeterred.

The guard glanced down at Twilight. "My apologies miss Sparkle, I didn't recognize you in the failing light. You may go in." The guards parted as the palace door opened with a subtle creak.

Twilight walked slowly into the throne room. "Twilight Sparkle." Princess Celestia called out warmly as Twilight approached.

Twilight bowed respectively to her mentor. "Good evening, Princess."

Celestia stood up off her throne and walked down to be next to her pupil, her magnificent mane billowing in the small draft created from the momentum of her steps. "Something troubles you Twilight. What is it?"

The Princess could see right through her as if Twilight was made of glass. She was unnerved about being discovered, but decided from hence forth to be completely honest. "I just need to make something right with Princess Luna. Do you know where I can find her?"

Celestia's eyes clouded for a nearly-unnoticeable instance, before returning to their sharp, yet non-judgmental gaze. "Princess Luna hasn't been herself today. She excused herself a little earlier; I believe she went to her room."

Twilight felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of her finally confronting Luna. She bowed to her mentor in gratitude. "Thank you, Princess. Let's see if I can get the good 'ol Luna back."

Twilight raced off. "Good luck!" Princess Celestia called after her.

Twilight spent little time on the stairs, knowing Princess Luna's bed chamber was at one of the highest points in the spire. Her hooves clacked loudly as she climbed floor after floor, knowing every step was one closer to her friend…

No. Not friend… The pony she loved.

She finally made it to Luna's floor, where Twilight had to take a second to catch her breath. After panting loudly for a few moments, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and traveled down the short hallway. At the end, an elegant black doorway encrusted when dark blue gildings was being protected by two royal guards.

The two guards glared at her, tensing up. "Halt! Explain your business here." One guard stated directly.

Twilight approached cautiously, stopping before the guards. "My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a friend of Princess Luna. Could you tell me if she's in her room?"

The two guards looked at each other, before one of them nodded curtly. "Yes, Miss Sparkle. The princess has gone to bed a bit early. I'm not sure if it'd be wise to intrude-"

"Not to be rude, but Luna wouldn't mind. So can I go in?" Twilight asked, not even sure if the guards would let her in.

The guards once again shared a glance. "Princess Luna instructed us to not let anypony disturb her."

Twilight's ears drooped low as she bowed her head in disappointment. Had she come all this way for nothing? It hurt her to think she'd have to wait until tomorrow. She desperately wanted to see Luna tonight. Just as Twilight was mid-thought, the guard started talking again.

"But… She did mention your name, Miss Sparkle, as an exception to the order." The guard stated slowly.

Twilight lit up as the two guards separated, giving her access to the bedchamber door. It was the moment Twilight had been waiting for. Through those doors, Luna awaited.

She used magic to slowly open the door only enough so she could squeeze through. She pinched herself in then shut the door quietly behind her. The room itself was dark, a curtain had been pulled over the window. Even so, the light outside was getting scarce, and the curtain would not be necessary for very much longer.

Trying to make her way around the room, Twilight looked from right to left trying to make out figures in the dark. She paused for a minute, letting her eyes adjust. Before long, she could see pretty well in the bedchamber.

The room itself was not too different than Twilight's, except it's size. It was at least twice as big as her own, but other than that the furniture was similar.

Her eyes fell on the bed. A gentle rise and fall of the covers let Twilight knew Luna was breathing soundly underneath. She tip-toed over to the bed, and it was at this moment she came to the realization she had no idea what to do. Did she wake the mare? How would she explain her feelings? Was this the right choice?

Luna stirred under the blankets, causing Twilight to freeze in anticipation. Whatever she was going to do, now was her chance. She glanced to Luna's bedside table and noticed a candle. Letting magic flow through her horn, she lit it, sending a dull glow across the room. It wasn't bright by any means, but it was enough to see.

Twilight sat down slowly on the edge of Luna's bed. Luna was facing the opposite direction and was still under the covers, but her head was lying gracefully on a pillow.

"Luna…" Twilight whispered. After no visible reaction, she repeated it slightly louder.

Luna stirred slowly. "Twilight…" She mumbled, obviously still asleep. It made Twilight smile knowing that Luna was thinking about her, even while she slept.

"Luna?" Twilight asked louder.

Luna's eyes flickered open lazily, still not completely aware of Twilight's presence. She saw Luna suddenly freeze and tilt her head questionable. "Wait a minute.." She whispered. She turned around in her bed and finally saw Twilight. She awoke with a start.

"Twilight!" She said, completely shocked to see the purple pony in her room. Luna nearly fell out of her bed, but caught herself before looking like a fool. She quickly regained her composure and rubbed her eyes to awaken quicker. "What are you doing here?" She asked uncertainly.

"Hello Luna," Twilight smiled apologetically, "I so sorry for waking you, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am for not showing up earlier. The truth is I was scared to face you today and… I guess I sorta been avoiding you."

Luna sat up, bringing her closer to Twilight. "Scared? Scared of me? Why?"

This was it. Twilight didn't know how to word it, so she said the first thing that popped into her mind.

"Luna… A-Are you my girlfriend?"

Luna's silver eyes wavered as her mouth gaped open slightly in surprise. Had the lunar pony heard her correctly? Twilight mentally kicked herself for wording it like that. 'Are you my girlfriend'!? That's the best she could come up with!? The tension in the air was tangible as Luna glanced forward into Twilight's eyes.

"Twilight…Why do you ask that?" Luna asked slowly. Twilight still could not manage to detect which way Luna's judgment would go.

Twilight took a deep breath and closed her eyes, the words came easier when she focused. "Luna, you're an amazing mare. Over the past few days I've felt a connection with you that I don't share with anypony from Ponyville, and I think you've felt it too. I came here tonight because I wanted to tell you that I think you're the most incredible pony I've ever met. You're kind, giving, and you're everything that's beautiful in the night. Luna… I love you."

A quiet few seconds filled Twilight with anticipation as she kept her eyes shut, afraid to open them to see Luna's reaction. Would she look angry? Confused?

She felt a hoof slide across her back and hot breath on her neck. Twilight opened her eyes to realize Luna was embracing her, nuzzling her mane. With a tear of joy filling her eye, Twilight returned the hug. They stayed that way for several seconds.

"Oh, Twilight. That was so beautiful! I love you too.. So much." Luna whispered into Twilight's ear.

Both mares were trembling, their bodies nervous as they entered new and strange territory. Luna lifted her head up to look directly into Twilight's sparkling eyes. "I've felt the connection too. I didn't know if you would be with a mare though, so… I was silent."

"What now?" Twilight asked shyly, feeling her cheeks light up more than ever before. Luna had the same reaction, and soon both mares were blushing intensely. After some thought, Luna leaned in and left a soft kiss on Twilight's cheek.

"Stay here tonight." Luna finally answered. Twilight gazed into Luna's stunning silver eyes. Luna was looking back into hers, gauging her reaction. What, did Luna think she was going to pass up an offer like that?

"You're the princess." Twilight responded slyly, chuckling amorously. She leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss on Luna's soft lips.

Both ponies closed their eyes, gripping each other tightly to fight the trembles that electrified their bodies. Their tongues fought and tumbled over one another, desperate to explore the others mouth. Hot gasps escaped in spurts as both ponies went deeper into the kiss. Twilight slowly pushed Luna into a laying position on her bed. They stopped for a moment to stare into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Twilight." Luna whispered breathlessly.

"I love you too, Luna."

Twilight rested her head on Luna's chest, hearing her heart thumping at a mile a second. She felt Luna stroke her mane gently, and Twilight knew that of all the memories she has and will have during her lifetime, this will be one of her favorites.

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