• Published 31st Dec 2013
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Bury My Heart Next to Yours. - Shrapmo

In a seemingly hopeless situation, when all appears to be lost, loyalty and devotion conquer all.

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With all of my might.

“Mac! The storm is getting worse.” Rainbow Dash yelled as she came to a landing a few feet away from a small cave. They had stumbled upon it after several hours of wandering the wilderness. The inside was damp, but it would provide shelter from the elements.

Looking in, she saw her husband diligently working at getting a fire started. Big Mac’s face showed total concentration as he methodically rubbed the tip of a short stick against a piece of dry timber. Rainbow noticed a trickle of blood seeping from his teeth that tightly clenched the branch. She sighed, the poor pony had been at it for hours now.

“No luck with the fire yet?” Rainbow asked with a wry smile.

Hearing his wife’s question, Mac stopped his work, dropping the stick and falling onto his haunches. His jaw was sour and his mind was numb. He had been hoping to have the fire started by the time Rainbow had returned, his male pride taking over completely. Turning his head in shame, he remained silent.

“Do you want any help? I was a Filly Scout after all.” The mare came closer and reached for the stick. Mac quickly picked it up before she could reach it.

“Nope!” Clenching the wood between his teeth tighter, he set to work at a furious pace. Rainbow was taken aback by Big Mac’s response, the stallion was usually ecstatic when she offered to help around the farm. With a tired smile she draped a wing around his withers.

“Mac you’re tired, let me give it a try,” Rainbow urged gently. The stallion said nothing, and continued to work ever harder on the would-be fire. Dash’s brows furrowed at the lack of response.

“What if we trade off when one of us gets tired? Or maybe we could work together at the same time? We might be able to get it done faster.” The mare tried to look into the farmer’s eyes but was shaken when he suddenly stopped his work.

Looking up, Mac gave a firm shake of his head, “Nope.” Shrugging the wing off of his back the stallion stubbornly continued his task, leaving his wife shocked.

Rainbow bristled at being so easily brushed off, she was only trying to help after all! Stamping her hoof she shoved her face into his. “What’s the big idea Mac? You’re tired and I want to help!” Rainbow snorted in frustration and glared hard into his eyes.

“I’ma big stallion, I don’t need a mare doin a job that I was supposed to do!” Big Mac stood his ground out of frustration. The exhaustion and his wounded leg getting to him more than he let on. “You’re gettin in the way, now let me do what Ah gotta do!”

Rainbow’s eyes widened at his dismissive comments and backed up abruptly. “Fine! If that is all you think of me, you can just work on that stupid fire until you drop dead for all I care!” Turning quickly, the pegasus stomped to the far side of the cave and sat down with a huff.

Mac panted as he watched her walk away, he had been speaking without thinking. ‘Why’d Ah say that ta her? Why’d Ah even think such a thing?’ Mac stared at Rainbows back as she slumped down next to the cave wall and curled into a ball on the damp floor. Mac shut his eyes tight, regretting his stubborn Apple nature, regretting his male pride, and most of all regretting his harsh words towards his wife.

“Rainbow, Ah…” Mac started, but was immediately interrupted.

“Shut up! Just go back to making your precious fire and leave me alone!” The mare shouted with tears in her voice. Tears that he had caused. Looking down at his hooves, Mac kicked the stick to the side. He would need to let her settle down before he could apologize.

Meanwhile, the sullen mare stared at the dank cave wall, stewing over her husband’s thoughtless remarks. ‘He can be so stubborn at times! I wish he would just look past his pride for once and let me help when things get the better of him!’ Rainbow huffed and closed her eyes. “That stupid, silly, stubborn stallion.” She mumbled to herself. He was always making sacrifices for everypony, even if he ended up hurting himself in the process. Although, it was for that very reason that she first took notice of him…


It was a beautiful day.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Rainbow Dash was on her way to Sweet Apple Acres. It was a couple days after the whole Flim Flam Brothers debacle and Pinkie had insisted that a party be thrown in honor of the Apple’s victory (despite the celebration that had been held immediately following the incident).

Rainbow was particularly looking forward to this party. Not that she didn’t enjoy Pinkie’s usual parties, but this one was going to have the Apple Family’s special reserve cider, on tap, ALL NIGHT! The pegasus practically squealed with delight.

“Best, Party, Ever!” Rainbow landed next to the barn, which if the noise coming from inside was any indication, was already full of partying ponies.

Opening the large door, the mare’s senses were assaulted by the celebration within. Streamers and balloons were spread along the ceiling, and dancing ponies stomped across the floor.

Taking a deep breath, Rainbow could smell the glorious aromas of fresh baked goods. Applejack and Granny Smith had gone all out it appeared, everything from apple pies to apple fritters, even candied apples littered the tops of every table in the room.

“Pretty good spread, but I’m here for the real prize.” The mare sauntered over to the large kegs on the far side of the barn, where Applejack’s brother Big Macintosh was pouring fresh mugs of cider for all the party guests.

“Hey, big guy! How about you pour a mug for the fastest flying in Equestria?” Rainbow gave the large farmer a firm slap on the back. Said stallion turned and gave a genuine smile.

“Sure thing Miss Rainbow.” Pouring a full mug, he handed it over to the eager pegasus who greedily downed it all in one fell swoop.

“Ahh, now that’s what I call cider.” Spreading her wings and stretching her legs, Rainbow let the sweet, tangy flavor spread through her. There was nothing like Apple Family cider.

Raising her mug, the mare gave it a little shake. “How bout a refill big guy?” Big Mac gave a little smirk and nodded, filling Rainbow’s mug to the brim. Deciding to enjoy this one, she sat down next to Mac (she didn’t suspect she would be leaving this spot for the rest of the party).

“So, you were pretty awesome the other day. I didn’t know you could run that fast.” Rainbow looked over at Mac as she sipped her drink. The farmer’s eyes went wide as he turned his head to conceal the growing red on his cheeks.

“Aww, Ah ain’t nothin special, was just doin what I had to for my family. Besides, you did a lot of the work yerself.” Mac scratched at the back of his neck nervously, not being used to compliments.

“Haha, don’t be shy Mac, that was really impressive!” Rainbow slapped him on the back again, “I bet you could give AJ a run for her money in the Running of the Leaves if you wanted!” The mare took a hardy swig from her mug and gave a satisfied sigh.

The stallion chuckled, gathering the courage to look over at Rainbow. “Nope, Ah ain’t the type to go around competin with nopony. Ah think my sisters are better at that kinda thing anyway.”

Big Mac grabbed his own mug and held it up towards Dash. “To teamwork, and runnin those no good Flim Flam brothers outta town!”

“Yeah! To kicking those stupid, crafty unicorns right in their flanks!” Rainbow cheered as she knocked her mug with his, both ponies downing their drinks in one huge gulp.

Mac filled their mugs as Rainbow looked over the crowded barn. “You know Mac, you and I never really get to talk much. If you ever want to hang out and…”

“There ya are! Ah’ve been lookin all over fer you!” Applejack interrupted. The farm pony promptly walked up and put her leg around Rainbow’s neck. “We’re fixin to have ourselves a little dance competition, and it just ain’t a competition without the fastest flyer in Equestria competin!”

“Wait, dance? I think I’ll pass, I just wanted to drink some…” Rainbow was again interrupted.

“You sayin you’re chicken Dash? Afraid you’ll get beat by little ol me? I can’t blame ya, you wouldn’t stand a chance.” Applejack leveled her with a smug stare.

“What? No WAY you could beat me! Fine I’m in!” Downing the rest of her drink, Rainbow slammed her mug on the nearby table and stomped over to Applejack.

“Alright y’all, everypony clear the dance floor! We got a little friendly competition!” Applejack shouted, causing the music and dancing to stop. All ears were pointed in her direction.

“Here’s the rules, one pony at a time gets the entire dance floor to themselves for one minute! When they’re done dancin, everypony else will judge um by way of stomping. Whoever gets the best response wins!” Applejack took her hat and threw it over her shoulder, where it landed neatly on a nail protruding from the wall.

“Whoever wants to join in, come stand next ta me!” Applejack smiled as several excited mares and a couple shy stallions trotted over to her. All the while Rainbow kept a neutral expression, not sure what to think as of yet.

“Let the games begin!” Applejack cued the music, and one by one each pony tried their best at impressing the crowd. Some did fantastic, others not so much. Yet, with each passing competitor, Rainbow grew more and more nervous.

‘I don’t know the first thing about dancing, I didn’t know the whole barn was going to be watching me either!’ The mare thought as she looked around. ‘What if they all laugh at me? I’ll never be able to live it down! Everypony will call me Two Left Hooves Dash from now on!’

Rainbow began to panic as Applejack’s turn drew to a close and the crowd went wild. “Top that Dashy!” The farmpony smirked and retrieved her hat.

The pegasus slowly inched towards the dance floor, beads of sweat beginning to form on her brow. All eyes were on her as she stepped out and the music began to play once again. Looking around, she began to clumsily move her hooves back and forth, completely out of rhythm.

Rainbow could her whispering in the crowd, followed by laughter. After a while she could her somepony start to chant “choke” with others soon joining, “choke, choke, choke.”

The mares face lit up with a bright blush, and she could feel tears welling up in her eyes. ‘There is no way this is happening! This was supposed to be the best party ever, and now I’m going to be humiliated!’

Just as she was about to fly out of the barn, something amazing happened.

“Hey everypony! Ya wanna see some dancin?” All eyes turned toward the far side of the barn where Big Mac stood, in a very large bunny costume. Rainbow could only stare in shock.

“Ah’ll show ya some dancing!” The large earth pony bounded onto the dance floor and immediately began to buck and kick about. Neighing and rearing up, making sure nopony was looking at Dash.

After the initial shock of seeing the most stoic stallion in all of Ponyville dancing in a bunny costume, a loud roar of laughter erupted from the crowd. Everypony began chatting at once, not believing what was happening before them.

Applejack stared, wide-eyed as her brother made a fool of himself. Her stupor didn’t last long and soon enough she was marching up to bucking bunny. “You outta your mind Big Mac? Ain’t nobody upstages me in my own competition!” The farm pony proceeded to buck about next to her brother, laughing and shouting. “Come on everypony, let’s dance with the bunny!”

The crowd cheered and galloped onto the dance floor, dancing as good or as bad as they wanted.

Big Mac stopped to take a break and walked off towards his spot next to the kegs. Wiping sweat from his brow he removed the hood of his costume and took a long swig of cider. “Last time Ah do somethin that crazy.” Sighing he plopped down onto his haunches.

“Hey.” Mac turned his head to see Rainbow Dash walking up to him, her eyes pointed towards the floor. “Thanks for doing that, you really saved my flank back there.”

“Anytime sugarcube.” Mac again handed her a full mug, which Rainbow gladly accepted. “Ah don’t go inta town often, so Ah ain’t too worried about nopony gossiping about me bein silly.”

Rainbow sat down and scooted closer to Mac. “So, about hanging out later…”


As the memory faded, Rainbow wiped at her wet eyes and looked over her shoulder to see Mac standing only a couple feet away, his head pointed towards his hooves. “I’m sorry,” the large stallion mumbled. Rainbow looked away and pretended to ignore him, it wasn’t that easy to get back on the proud mares good side.

Taking a deep breath Big Mac looked up at his wife’s back. “All those things Ah said, Ah didn’t mean none of it, Ah just get so caught up in things, things that Ah think Ah need ta do.” Rainbow continued to give him the silent treatment, but slightly turned her head so she could see him out the corner of her left eye. Mac took this as a good sign.

Standing up, the farmer inched closer and continued his apology. “You do know Ah’ve never met a mare stronger, faster and more capable than you right?” He kept his pace slow and steady as he closed in on the mare.

“You’re also the fastest, sharpest and most loyal pony Ah’ve ever had the pleasure to know.” Rainbow hid her muzzle behind a wing to prevent her husband from seeing the smile his complements were creating.

Finally, he stood directly behind her, his warmth cutting through the cold and causing the mare to shiver with delight. Placing his muzzle directly by her ear he whispered, “and I’ve never met a mare more beautiful in all of my life.” Rainbow’s cheeks flushed red as she put her wing down and looked into Mac’s warm eyes.

Seeing that he had her complete, undivided attention he seized the moment, capturing her lips with his own in a searing kiss. Rainbow enveloped Mac in her wings as he in turn wrapped her in a comforting embrace, content to stay there until the snow stopped.

As the kiss ended, Mac nuzzled his wife and again brought his mouth close to her ear. “I think I need some help with the fire,” he softly spoke with only a slight hint of embarrassment. Smiling, Rainbow let her wings fall back to their folded position. Looking up at her stallion, seeing the look on his adorable face, she couldn’t help but tease him.

“I think I can use my awesome powers to help my husband complete his duty, just this once though.” Rainbow picked up the discarded stick and tossed it to Mac, who took up his position at the fire pit and waited for the pegasus to direct him.

“Alright, you continue what you were doing before, except this time you’ll have me to fan the flame!” Mac smiled through the branch, and counted himself lucky he had found such a clever mare to be his wife.

With teamwork the couple had started the fire within minutes, and were huddled up next to it, a can of beans slowly simmering in front of them.

After their bellies were full and their fire still blazing, the couple decided it was time to get some rest, with Mac taking to first watch. The last thing he wanted was to get snuck up on while they slumbered.

Rainbow snuggled tightly to Mac’s chest and pressed her head into his large neck. Breathing deeply of his scent, she let the exhaustion of the cold, the trudging through the snow, and their argument evaporate into the night air.

As her eyes slowly closed she mumbled to her husband turned pillow, “We sure make a great team Mac.” Said stallion pulled her in closer as he mumbled his response.


Author's Note:

Thank you for reading.