• Published 31st Dec 2013
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Bury My Heart Next to Yours. - Shrapmo

In a seemingly hopeless situation, when all appears to be lost, loyalty and devotion conquer all.

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I will hold on.


The inky embrace of nothingness enveloped her like a cold, heavy blanket. Rainbow Dash floated alone in this abyss, and yet she did not feel any fear or loneliness. This black reality almost felt comforting, like being in her mother’s loving hold. She began to feel acceptance for this place, like she truly belonged here.

Off in the distance was a tiny speck of light, and Rainbow calmly turned her head to inspect it. The light seemed to speak to her, as if to beckon her to come closer. The mare spread her wings and lazily glided on the waft of an unfelt breeze, traveling in the direction of this new distraction.

Tiny sparks of electricity seemed to follow alongside her as she drifted in the void, tickling her hooves and making her hairs stand on end. Rainbow felt so at ease that the first pinch of pain came as a shock. She shook her head, her mane flailing wildly with the unpleasant sensation.

Another jolt of pain struck her body and the sparks which surrounded her slowly became angry red streaks. She tried to flap her wings to escape the horrible sensations but the more she moved the more she hurt. Looking towards what once was the tiny speck of light, she now saw a blinding blaze of fury which stung her eyes and skin. This once peaceful haven was now a prison of agony.

Struggling in midair, Rainbow attempted to turn away from her destination yet the light seemed to pull her ever closer against her will. Faster and faster she traveled towards the horrible light, each second bringing more pain than the last. The mare attempted to scream yet no sound escaped her lungs, she only wished that this would end.

As she came upon the light, an ear piercing scream began to ring in her ears. The brightness of the light and the deafening wale increased with each second as her mind seemed to go blank, and she was engulfed in white.



Rainbow Dash jolted upright to be met with nothing but a raging blizzard. Panting heavily she looked around her, but could see nothing past the blinding snow. Squinting her eyes, she tried to regain her bearings, but the confusion of her reality was overwhelming

“Where, wha…” she attempted to stand but immediately collapsed. “Ahhhh, my leg!” Looking down, she realized her right front leg had been broken midway up. Tears stung at her eyes as she looked up again, and in an instant, the memories of her predicament came flooding back.

She had been riding the train… to go on a trip? Yes! She was going on a trip! By herself though? No, that didn’t sound right. The trip was to celebrate something… what though?

Rainbow’s eyes burst open and tears streamed down both of her cheeks.

Her wedding! She had just gotten married and was on her honeymoon! They had boarded the train this morning, the train was headed through the mountains. She remembered being so excited, they were going to stay at a fancy hotel in Manehatten.

They... THEY! Where was her husband?

“Mac!” Rainbow’s raspy voice called out into the cold. Looking around, she searched desperately for a sign of him, hoping to spot his bright red coat in the white. “Big Macintosh!” The mare got up again, cringing against the horrible pain in her limb. “Macintosh Apple, can you hear me?” She called out again into the gloom.

Limping delicately, the pegasus made her way forward towards the wreckage of the train. “Mac!” She peered inside the passenger car that had been torn asunder by the crash. Carefully stepping up onto the splintered wood she began to search each compartment. “Mac!” His name was becoming a chant, but as desperation and fear began to consume her, she continuously called out to her husband.

Looking into a compartment overtaken by snow, she saw him. Trapped under broken wood and twisted metal lay Big Macintosh. Fresh tears fell freely from her eyes as she hobbled over to the fallen stallion. “Big Mac!” Rainbow knelt down and nudged his muzzle with hers.

Groaning, Mac’s head shifted and ever so slowly, his eyes opened. “Rainbow?” Dash let out of choked sob as she nuzzled him repeatedly. Big Mac weakly returned the show of affection as he began to regain full consciousness. “What happened? Did we make it to Manehatten?” He looked at her dazedly, and she shook her head, letting out a sound that was a cross between a laugh and a sob.

“No Mac, the train crashed for some reason.” Rainbow whispered. He looked at her with utter shock, then looked down at his trapped body.

“A train crash,” the stallion mumbled to himself, the severity of the situation had yet to fully set in. Big Mac began to remove the rubble from on top of him as his memory began to put the pieces together.

“A train crash…” he mumbled again, then stopped his work as his head shot in the direction of his wife. “Are ya hurt at all darlin? How bad was the accident? Where are we?” Mac asked questions at a rapid rate, his heart giving way to panic.

Rainbow cringed, “The crash looks pretty bad… we must have flown off the tracks. I don’t see any other cars around except for this one… I’m pretty sure we’re somewhere deep in the mountains.” Mac continued to stare at her, his eyes pleading. “Don’t worry Mac, I’m fine! Just a couple of bumps and bruises.” Big Mac moved his gaze from her face down to her body, his keen eyes scanning his wife for any injuries. Her broken leg stood out like a sore hoof.

“That leg don’t look so good sugarcube, can ya stand on it?” The stallion looked back at his mare’s face, Rainbow shook her head and looked down, she could never lie to those green orbs she loved so much.

“No Mac, I think it’s broken… but that doesn't matter right now! We need to get that junk off of you.” Dash hobbled closer and began pushing off the remainder of Big Mac’s captivity.

The stallion watched, dazed, as Rainbow worked to free him. His eyes scanned her body for any other injuries, noting a couple cuts and bruises, but nothing major. He then looked at her wings, which besides from being very ruffled, appeared right as rain. Mac sighed, all in all it appeared that she was safe at the very least.

A sharp gasp from Rainbow interrupted his analysis, and he turned to see her with a hoof covering her mouth. Craning his neck further he discovered what had caused such a reaction, one very large splinter of wood had impaled his left flank, exiting out the inner part of his thigh. “Oh horse apples,” Mac shut his eyes in dismay, he wouldn't be able to use that leg until the splinter was removed.

The stallion suddenly felt a warmth envelope his neck and face, the ever comforting smell of rain and fresh air invading his nostrils. Breathing deep he allowed the presence of his wife to calm his rattled nerves.

“Don’t worry Mac, I’m going to get you out of this you understand? I’m going to get us both out of this, no matter what!” Rainbow rasped into Big Mac’s ear. Pulling back she gave him a determined look, searching his eyes. Whether it was to convince Mac or herself of her claim, she did not know.

Closing the distance between them she connected their lips in an emotion filled kiss, drawing it out for several minutes, wanting to convey her warmth and devotion to this large earth pony. When she pulled back, she gave him a meaningful look.

Big Mac looked at his leg briefly, then back at her, giving a slight nod. Rainbow nodded in return, knowing what he needed her to do. Picking up a smaller piece of wood she placed it in his mouth, the stallion bit now on the stick as his wife limped towards his injury. Clamping down on the large splinter with her teeth, she gently placed her hooves on his flank.

Once again their eyes connected, and after a few seconds Mac nodded, biting down harder and closing his eyes. Rainbow took a deep breath, and yanked with all her might.


The couple made their way through the forest. Mac trudging through the snow, which reached up to his barrel, while Rainbow hovered alongside him.

After a short search they were able to find the baggage compartment, and with it supplies. Mac was able to splint his wife’s leg and fashion a sling for her out of a torn coat. Likewise, Rainbow was able to patch up his wounded leg. Although, as she looked in his direction, she noticed that blood was once again soaking through his bandage. She would have to convince him that it needed changing later on, he could be such a baby when it came to injuries.

Chuckling softly she landed at his side and leaned into him, resting her head on his thick neck. He had insisted on carrying her, the concern for her broken limb his entire focus. She had insisted that she was a fully capable mare that could still fly and walk on three limbs if need be. Besides, his back leg was causing him more trouble than he let on.

Rainbow felt the stallion release a shaky sigh and looked up at his deceptively calm face. He hadn't said a word since they had left the destroyed train… not since he had found what happened to the remaining passengers…

After they had patched themselves up and put on warm clothes, Mac went off to search the other cabins while Rainbow looked for any food in the dining car. Finding some canned vegetables and bottled water, she went back to join her husband in his search. She found him, staring off into space as if he was trying to see something miles away.

She startled him out of his dazed state by asking him if he had found anypony. He quickly shook his head giving his trademark ‘nope’ and using his massive body to block her view of the cabins. As stubborn as Mac was, he could not deter Rainbow when she was curious and she eventually got past him… wishing wholeheartedly that she had just let it go. The horror she saw behind him could never be unseen, and she thanked Celestia that she was blessed enough not to find Mac in the same state.

Back in the present, Rainbow pressed further into her husband and turned her face into his chest. “I love you, have I told you that recently?” Rainbow mumbled into his coat.

Mac looked down at his wife’s face, which was obscured by her colorful mane. Smiling softly he leaned in closer, “Ya sure have darlin.”

Letting out a heavy breath Rainbow spoke in a raspy voice, “well I love you.”

Halting in his march, Mac enveloped her in his powerful forelegs. “I know ya do, and I love you too, mare than anythin’ in Equestria.” Rubbing circles on her back with his hoof, Mac felt her body tremble and knew she was crying, but refused to let him see.

She never did like to be seen as weak, in any situation.

After several minutes of simply holding one another, Rainbow gently pulled away so she could look Mac in the eyes. The mare focused on his green pools, letting the life that filled them reassure her that he was still very alive, and not one of the ghastly figures she had seen on the train.

“I’m sorry if I was weirding you out at all, I was just remembering the other ponies we found in the wreck… and then I wondered what it would have been like if I found you like that…” Rainbow hiccuped and looked away. “I couldn't take that Mac! I wouldn't know what to do!” She clamped her eyes shut, holding the dam up that desperately wanted to burst.

They abruptly opened when she felt a hoof lift her chin and warm lips envelope her own. Big Mac’s kiss was tender and warm, calming the mare and warming her at the same time. Closing her eyes for the umpteenth time, she encircled her legs around his neck and pulled him closer. In all her life, she would never grow tired of his kisses.

After several minutes, Mac finally broke away from Dash’s warm lips, bringing his next to her ear. “No matter where Ah go, and no matter what Ah do, Ah will always wait for you. That’s a promise.” Rainbow Dash knew what her husband meant, and her limbs tightened around his neck in response, not wanting to think about the deeper meaning of his statement.

Letting go, Dash looked up to see the Sun hanging low in the sky. “We better find some shelter soon. Wouldn't want my new husband to freeze to death right?” Giving Mac a sly grin, Rainbow turned and brushed her tail playfully over his face as she began to walk forward, deciding that her wings could use a good rest.

Grinning himself, Mac caught up with her before responding. “Nope, I recon ya wouldn't.”

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading.