• Published 27th Dec 2013
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Golden Wings - FierceRainbow

Spitfire had never met a Pegasus who was quite like Fluttershy. No, there was something different about her, something special.

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Chapter One: Hurricane Fluttershy

Hurricane Fluttershy

Spitfire felt a smile tug at her lips as she watched the yellow mare fly around and around in a circle, as if others were alongside her still funneling up the water to Clousdale. Rainbow Dash stopped her flight with a helpful cloud, then proceeding to fold her friend into a hug and come down together. While the other ponies were congratulating them, Spitfire took the time to fly up behind them.

"Nice job, Rainbow Dash," she looked surprised for a moment, before bashfully smiling. "You may not have set a new record, but you showed a lot of guts."

"Thanks," Rainbow Dash said. "But if you wanna talk guts, you got to give it to my number one flyer, Fluttershy!" she waved shyly at Spitfire, who tried to look encouraging. "Let's hear it for Fluttershy!"

The other Pegasus proceeded to pick up Fluttershy and throw her into the air, chanting her name energetically. Spitfire chuckled, flapping away just in front of them, with Rainbow Dash sticking to her side. Every now and again, Rainbow Dash would cast a glance at her, beaming, before her eyes quickly darted elsewhere.

"Well, it was a pleasure to see you all. Ponyville sure has some brave Pegasus," she nodded to Rainbow Dash, then Fluttershy who was on her own hooves again. "I'm afraid I have to leave now, the Wonderbolts have a show tomorrow. Goodbye!"

Spitfire took to the air, careful to keep her flight elegant and in control, very aware of the watching eyes below. Looking over her shoulder after a while, the ponies were fading away into the distance, all moving together. At least, most of them were moving together. A pink-and-yellow shape had split off, heading another way. She contemplated just going back to the luxury Wonderbolt apartment, but Soarin had said he was bringing his friends over for a 'night of fun'. She wouldn't get much sleep there.

Soaring high so as not be spotted, Spitfire doubled back the way she had come after who she expected to be Fluttershy. Once she had past the others, she allowed herself to go lower, putting on a quick blast speed to level out next to her. "Hey there, Fluttershy."

She let out a loud squeak, freezing before rapidly regaining composer. "Sp-spitfire? What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd come see you," she said, as if she did that all the time. "Soarin's throwing a wild party, I won't be able to get a wink of sleep."

"Oh," she was silent for a moment. Once she began to speak again, she had to strain to pick up the words. "Would you like to... um... stay at my place?"

She felt herself beginning to grin at the idea of basically having a sleepover with a nice, normal pony, but forced herself to remain calm and not be a bother. "Well, I wouldn't like to impose..."

"Oh no, it'll be fine," Fluttershy smiled softly, pointing with her hoof to a cottage nestled among trees at the edge of the Everfree Forest. "My house is just up ahead."

Spitfire landed on the dusty trail leading to the cottage, feeling a strange sense of satisfaction at the feel of solid ground beneath her hooves. As Fluttershy went on ahead to open up, she had a quick look around. In her vast garden, she could see many animals moving around, some sleeping, some drinking from a pond near the center

"You can come in now, that is, if you want to." A shy voice said meekly from the doorway. Spitfire trotted inside.

All means of birdhouses and pet homes lay around the room, critters scurrying to and throw, brushing against her legs curiously. With a slight shiver as yet another small body passed her, she beat her wings and hovered above the ground. "You sure keep a lot of animals."

"Yes, it's my special talent to look after them," Fluttershy's smiled slipped from her face. "It's not a bother, is it?"

"Nah," knowing she probably seemed rude, Spitfire lowered herself to the ground, thankfully not stepping on one of the pets. She prodded a fluffy little squirrel, who gave her an irritated look. "They're pretty cute, actually."

"Yes, they are," Fluttershy giggled happily. "Would you like some tea?"

"That'd be nice, thanks." Spitfire took a seat on a couch, admiring the cottage some more. It didn't seem to be very big, but it had a warm, homely feel about it. She sighed and let herself sink into the soft pillows, closing her eyes. It had been a while since she had spent much time with a normal pony, the closet being with Rainbow Dash at the gala, but ponies kept on drawing her away.

After what seemed to be but a few moments, Fluttershy's soft voice broke into her thoughts. "Um, Spitfire? Your tea is ready. You don't mind how it's made, do you?"

Spitfire opened her eyes to see her placing two steaming mugs on the table. "No, I'll drink anything. Thanks."

She unfurled one wing from her side, strong after the constant strain and exercise they received, curling it around her tea and bringing it to her mouth to sip gently at the hot liquid. Fluttershy, however, cradled her tea in her hooves, blowing on it.

"Why don't you use your wings?" the words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them. "Most Pegasus do."

"I sometimes do," she frowned, swirling her drink around. "But sometimes it's quite nice to just hold it. You try."

Hesitantly, she gripped the sides of her mug, folding her wing back against her side. "I... I guess it's alright."

The cutest giggle she had ever heard came from her companion's mouth as she went back to drinking. Spitfire blinked, holding her gaze on her for a little longer, then returning to gulp down a small bit of tea. This is nice, She smiled.

"So, Spitfire," Fluttershy said. "What's being a Wonderbolt like?"

"Hmm," she placed her tea down to think about her answer. "I love performing. The freedom, even if we're sticking to flight patterns, is what I always yearned for, and the cheering of the crowd is music to my ears," she grinned at her, who returned the gesture. "But the rest of it? Not so good. I barely get a moment to myself anymore, the paparazzi are everywhere. If I do one thing slightly wrong, it'll be all over the paper and I'll have to go through Celestia knows what just to clear my name for the public," she heaved a heavy sigh. "My house is big and all, but it's kind of lonely being there all by myself. That part isn't too bad, though, because the Wonderbolts normally stay at a luxury apartment together, in case of early or late shows, you know?"

Fluttershy nodded. "That doesn't sound very nice."

"Nah, it's okay," Spitfire gave her a reassuring nudge. "I mean, should have really seen it coming, being famous and all."

She gave another one of those cute giggles. "Mm, yes. But I don't think I would like a life such as that, I would just prefer to stay here with all my animal friends," she hugged a little rabbit. "Speaking of which, it's about time I gave them their dinner."

Fluttershy swallowed some more of her tea, giving Spitfire a friendly nod and going to collect all the food she would need. As soon as she left the room, something hard hit the side of her head, landing next to her and revealing itself to be a half-eaten carrot, courtesy of the white rabbit from earlier, who was glaring at her and thumping his foot against the wooden floor.

"You jerk, what was that for?" she asked, as if he would actually answer, which he did, but in a strange way. He jabbed a finger aggressively at her, then the direction in which Fluttershy had gone. "Me and Fluttershy? What the hay has Fluttershy done?" the rabbit face-palmed, as is Spitfire was being stupid (which she sure she was not), and pointed again, but only at her this time. "You're angry at me, for something to do with Fluttershy?" he nodded. She smirked leaning down so her face was close to angry pet's. "So you don't like me because I'm actually being nice to her, and not a jerk like you?"

The carrot soared back to its earlier place.

"Hello everyone, I'm back," a sing-song voice called out as she trotted back into the room, laden with all sorts of bags of seeds and nuts and other assortments. Spitfire rubbed her sore snout, casting a final glare at her rabbit. "Here you go, my friends," she laden out all the different kinds of food for the animals, finished by picking a bowl of fresh salad of the table and placing it in front of the rabbit. "A nice, fresh salad for you, as usual, Angel."

Spitfire blinked in fury and shock, that this incorrectly-named menace was receiving such a nice treat instead of the other pet's plain food. She was snapped out her anger by Fluttershy speaking to her. "And I got some cookies for us, Spitfire. You do like them, don't you?"

Spitfire smiled warmly at her. "I haven't had cookies in ages, I'd love some."

Fluttershy placed a plate of the treats on the little table before them. Gulping down the rest of her tea, she took a cookie from the plate, flashing a smile to show thanks as she bit in with a crunch. A look of contentment came over her as she chewed it up, finishing and grinning at her. "That was really nice, I bet you're a great cook."

"Oh, I don't know about that," she shyly hid behind her long, pink mane. "I just like to make things for friends."

Spitfire felt a soft warm in her stomach hearing the sweet voice. She leaned closer. "Are we friends?"

Fluttershy blushed slightly, probably at the their proximity, and they both drew back at the same time. She felt her cheeks heat slightly and she rubbed the back of her mane. "Heh, sorry about that. I just... never mind."

"It's okay." She said quietly.

A silence fell between them, not the content one of when no more things need be said, but the awkward one where nopony knew what it was that needed to be said. Fluttershy ate a cookie. Angel glared at Spitfire. No much else happened. Finally, it grew to much, and she cleared her throat, making her new friend jump slightly.

"Sorry," she apologized quickly. "I was just wondering... well, you know how the Wonderbolts are having their show tomorrow?" she bit her lip as she nodded. "Do you... do you want to come? I could get you an exclusive box, best seat in the entire place."

"I don't know," despite her words, a smile pulled up the corners of her mouth. "I've never seen a Wonderbolts show before, but I hear you're very good. And I wouldn't want to be a bother."

"No, it would be totally fine," she replied eagerly, enthralled by the idea of the normally shy mare cheering for her like she had for Rainbow Dash at the Best Young Fliers competition. "I want you to come. It'll be fun, I promise."

A pink flush spread across her yellow cheeks. "W-well, if you really want me there, of course I'll come."

"Great!" To celebrate her victory, she took another cookie, devouring it in a few bites.

She giggled. "Well, we'll need to be up early to get there in time. Let's get some rest."

Spitfire nodded, not letting herself speak for fear of spraying crumbs everywhere until she was finished. "I'll sleep on the sofa."

Fluttershy's eyes widened in horror. "Oh no, you're my guest, take my bed!"

"What?" she frowned at this. "I'm not taking your bed, I'll be fine down here."

"I can sleep on the sofa, I've done it before," she continued to protest. "I really don't mind, but you can't spend the night on the sofa!"

Spitfire was certainly used to compromises, she was always getting into arguments with ponies who thought differently to her. This, however, was not a good compromise. She sighed and twisted her head round on the plush pillow to see Fluttershy's relaxed, sleeping face. She blushed at the idea of sharing a bed. Fluttershy could be very persuasive. With yet another sigh, softer this time, she rolled over and wrapped her forelegs around her sleeping companion.

"Goodnight, Fluttershy." She whispered, planting a quick kiss on her forehead.

Author's Note:

So I know many of you are waiting for a sequel to A Gentledrake and His Lady, but I started this before requests came in. It's written for a contest anyway, and contests always come first. You'll be pleased to know I have got an idea ready for a sequel once this is over, so stick around. For those who are interested, it's for the Spitfire contest, Romance.