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Golden Wings - FierceRainbow

Spitfire had never met a Pegasus who was quite like Fluttershy. No, there was something different about her, something special.

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Chapter Four: Sunrise


The first thing Spitfire was aware of was a pounding, unbearable pain pounding in her head, obliterating any other thoughts. She groaned loudly, pressed her hooves against her forehead, as if that would stop it. The second thing was that another mare was wrapped around her, warm body pressed against her back and soft breath dancing along her ear. The third thing was that the mare was Fluttershy.

The pain from her head grew worse as she remembered the party last night, ending with time in the closet. Still, that wasn't necessarily bad. Fluttershy did have very cute flanks.

Spitfire shook her head rapidly, ignoring the fresh wave agony crashing over her. Look at you. You actually start making a nice new friend, one so sweet and kind as well, and next day you've gotten her drunk and had your way with her. Well, it was more she had her way with me... but that doesn't matter.

She twisted round to look at her sleeping face, long eyelashes gently resting against her flushed cheeks, mane scruffy and in dire need of a hairbrush. Despite herself, heat rose to her cheeks, resulting in a bright red blush. Was she always that cute? Fluttershy mumbled quietly under her breath, eyes drifting open. Spitfire gulped.

"Sp-spitfire," she whispered softly, making her heart do flips inside her chest. "Oh... ow, my head..."

She picture herself leaning forwards and tenderly planting her lips on her forehead. Should I do it?... No, I can't. I don't even know how she feels about me. "Sorry. About your head, I mean," as if reminded that she was supposed to be hungover, the pain returned with a vengeance. "Ugh. And about, y'know... last night."

Fluttershy's cheeks flared brightly with a flash of color. "Oh no, did we? Ah!" She squealed, turning around and burying her head in the floor.

Guilt hit her then, like a stone wall slamming against her. "I'm sorry, 'Shy. I never should've made you drink with me. You didn't want to."

A heavy silence fell over the pair, finally broken by Fluttershy lifting her head from the floor, her eyes watering. "No, it was my fault. I shouldn't of let myself go," with a sigh, she dropped her head, smoothing down her mane with her hooves. "And I know you probably don't like me now, and you don't want to my friend- I don't even know why you're even talking to me, I'm nothing special- but I wanted you to know that I... I..." She whimpered suddenly, massaging her forehead.

Spitfire swallowed hard. Was she about to say what I think she was?. "Come with me. Let's get some fresh air."

She got up unsteadily, gritting her teeth and moving towards the open doors that led to the balcony. A few moments later, she heard Fluttershy's light footsteps. As soon as she stepped outside, she closed her eyes, letting out a relived sigh. The cold morning wind billowed gently across her messy hair, clearing her mind as it dulled the horrible pain.

"This is nice." Fluttershy breathed softly.

Spitfire's keen eyes scanned the sky, quickly locating a fluffy white cloud peacefully across the warm orange-pink of the sky. She unfurled her wings stiffly from where they had previously been pinned to her sides, flexing the feathery appendages, until they were once again supple and ready for flight. She flapped her wings, pausing on the balcony to flash wild smile at Fluttershy. "Are you coming?"

The Pegasus mare needed no more invitation than that, eagerly flapping her wings. Spitfire turned away, bending her legs and shooting upwards into the sky. An immediate ache hit her head, but soon she'd forgotten about it, revealing in the thrilling feeling of wind gently rustling her feathers and blowing against her mane. All too soon she'd reached her target, touching down of the soft surface of the cloud. She curled up, glancing to her left to watch the sun continue it's gradual assent upwards. Celestia sure was taking her sweet time.

Two yellow forelegs draped themselves over her shoulders, sending her into a nervous shiver as she felt their owner's nose nuzzling her neck. "You're being kind of bold, y'know."

"O-oh, I'm sorry," she removed her legs, putting disappointing distance between them. "I just thought... last night... sorry."

Spitfire gave her a sad smile."No, it's fine. I don't mind. It's... nice."

Hesitantly, Fluttershy returned to her former position, bringing with her that pleasure warmth. She blushed, her heart thrumming inside of her chest. For a while they were quiet, content simply with watching the sun until it cleared the horizon, a pale blue wash spreading over their heads. How long they lay there was uncertain, but she loved every minute of it. Still, all good things had to come to an end, especially when something so important was dangling over her heads. Just before she opened her mouth, Fluttershy broke the ice, to her surprise. "Spitfire, I know I'm just a silly little pony, but I... you're so nice to me, and you even invited me to your party," color rushed to both of their cheeks as they reflected back on the last night's acts. "And I know we were drunk, and it wasn't anything special, but... well, it was to me. I think I like you, not as a friend."

Shaking, she forced herself past her nervousness. Come on, if Fluttershy can do it, you can! "I haven't know you very long," she forced a laugh. "Hay, it's only been a couple of days! And yet... I feel something, you know? A type of connection. You're cute, and nice, and fun, and talented, and considerate... I could go on all day. My point is..." she leaned closer, nuzzling her cheek briefly. "Are you doing anything for hearts and hooves and day?"

Fluttershy leaned forwards, pressing their lips together in a short, but sweet, kiss. "I'm spending the day with a very special pony."

Author's Note:

So, it's finally finished! I got this chapter out quite quickly, didn't I? Anyway, tell me what you want think, comments are always appreciated, even if there telling me I did badly, as long as it's in a constructive, helpful way.

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I liked this story, was just sad to see it end so quickly. It was good despite the 'whirlwind romance' aspect. : )

Heh, sorry about that. Glad to see you enjoyed anyway.

fucking hell well im pissed
i keep faving and liking these stories that end way to quickly lol

anyway good story while it lasted even though it went a bit fast with staying over and suddenly becoming friends and such

Sorry :fluttershyouch:
Yeah, it did go bye pretty quickly, but I never planned for it to be very long. Either way, thanks for faving and liking. :twilightsmile:

Well when i first saw this i was like "What Fluttershy and Spitfire? How is that going to work?" Well i guess i know now don't i. :twilightsmile:
Short sweet and good a nice little 8/10 from me. :ajsmug: (Not that my number mean anything, but hay:raritywink:)

Thanks! I personally think that FlutterFire is an awesome ship, but it only has a few stories.

Dawwwwwwwwwww that story was so sweet I think it gave me diabetus. Sequel! The world needs more FlutterFire!

Aww such a cute ship :pinkiesmile:

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