• Published 27th Dec 2013
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Golden Wings - FierceRainbow

Spitfire had never met a Pegasus who was quite like Fluttershy. No, there was something different about her, something special.

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Chapter Three: Party Time

Party Time

On a normal night, Spitfire would be at the front, racing to be the first in the private Wonderbolt apartment, set up for them with decorations by their attendants. But tonight wasn't a normal night, so she let them all overtake her, choosing instead to stay behind with her slower-paced companion. She knew what everything looked like anyway, it wasn't like she was missing at anything. Besides, every now and again Fluttershy would smile at her. No, she definitely wasn't missing anything.

Rather behind all the others, they reached the open door. With an encouraging look, Spitfire took her hoof and led her inside.

The Wonderbolts were chatting happily, somepony closing the door behind them. Misty Fly darted to a white DJ with spiky blue hair, giving her the all clear to place her first disc and began playing. Spitfire was accustomed to the sudden loud blare of sounds that came to life, but Fluttershy was not, yelping and throwing herself to the ground.

She awkwardly stroked her mane, shouting over the music. "Come on, it's okay! Let's go eat!"

She tenderly took her hoof again to pull her up. With a smile, she led her through the room to a long table laden with all sorts of edible treats. Gripping two paper plates in her teeth, she dropped one in front of Fluttershy, and the other in front of herself. She was about to begin piling on food when she realized that the other mare's lips were moving, as if she were trying to speak. With a sigh, she leaned forwards. "I can't hear you!"

Fluttershy tried again, with the same results as her last attempt. She did that a couple more times, before finally realizing it was a failure. Taking a deep breath, she screamed at the top of her voice. "I said, there sure is a lot of food!"

Spitfire flinched at the sheer volume, recovering to see a few heads turning to stare for a few long moments, then turning back to whatever they had been busy with before. With a sheepish grin at the embarrassed Pegasus, she flew swiftly to Vinyl, whispering a few words in her ear. Nodding hesitantly, she turned the volume down to a reasonable level.

"There. Is that better?" She landed neatly on all fours.

Fluttershy nodded bashfully. "Yes, thank you. I'm sorry for shouting."

"No, no, it's fine," Spitfire chuckled. "Quite funny, actually. You don't normally seem to come out of your shell like that."

Fluttershy gave one of those adorable cute giggles that sent blood rushing to the Wonderbolt's cheeks, but she had no time to comment, as Soarin was stomping into the room (apparently he left at some point), balancing a box on his back. He cranked open the lid to reveal an assortment of alcoholic beverages nestled closely together.

He grinned widely. "Who's ready to really start partying?"

His question was immediately responded to with a loud roar of cheering from the few ponies present, who crowded around the box to grab a drink. All except two of them, one backing away and the other frowning after them. "It'll be alright, Fluttershy. I promise I won't get widely drunk, not unless you do."

"I don't know," she said. "I don't really drink."

"Well, what's the harm in just trying a glass?" Spitfire encouraged her. She knew she could never pressure her sweet new friend, but it wasn't like she went all all out every night. No, only at these parties, and she really didn't want to sit it out.

Thankfully, Fluttershy gave a slight nod. "O-okay. One glass."


Stars were supposed to piercing, clear white dots scattered across the dark night sky, but these stars weren't. They blurred together into some sort of pale, stringy mess, occasionally separating before falling back into the pattern. It wasn't their fault, of course, it was her groggy brain's. At least she knew that. She sighed, her head swimming as she tilted it back and closed her eyes. Already very tipsy in the few short hours of alcohol sipping that had led her into the night, she couldn't drink anymore. Spitfire had promised she wouldn't get drunk, and as far as she knew (though she had drunk a fair bit) Fluttershy wasn't drunk.

"Spitty!" a high voice called out, breaking in the middle. She spun around in surprise to see her friend stumbling towards her, a bottle filled with swishing liquid grasped between her teeth. She put the bottle down with a grin. "Hello!"

"Fluttershy?" Spitfire frowned. "Have you been drinking?"

She giggled, covering her mouth. "Hehe, yes. Have some, ish good!"

Spitfire chuckled at the slight slur, picking up the bottle and taking a swig of it. "Ah... you're right, this is the stuff."

"Mm, mm," she purred, rubbing up against her, causing a blush to break out across her cheeks. "Ah bet I could fly right up to the... to the moon."

"Could you really?" She raised an eyebrow skeptically, jiggling the bottle around to watch the liquid splash against the glass sides.

"Yeah, yeah," Fluttershy nodded enthusiastically, springing onto the balcony with some helpful flaps of her wings. "Watch me."

"No, wait!" She grabbed the silky tail, pulling it's owner down with a worried glare. "Don't fly, you're drunk."

"I'm not drunksh!" She protested, a hiccup following her words.

With a sigh, Spitfire drowned another mouthful of wine, enjoying the slightly sour taste as it traveled in a hot, wet trail down her throat. Maybe if she got drunk enough, she wouldn't care anymore, and she could just fly to the moon with Fluttershy. It sounded pretty fun. Wait, that was a bad idea. Was staying sober to care for her the right thing to do.

Looking between her drink and the giggling Fluttershy, her laugh punctuated with hiccups, as she found enjoyment in some funny thing. Nah.


At some point the music had been turned up again, a steady beat thrumming inside the delicate fur of Spitfire's ear, just how she liked it. She swished her hips from side to side, letting out a loud whoop as Fluttershy joined her, dancing as if they had no care in the world, which, at that point, they didn't. It was a nice view anyway, her long mane obscuring her face as she nodded her head wildly to the beat, her beautiful yellow wings splayed out in the air, occasionally lifting her up. Catching Spitfire's stare, she paused to give a suggestive wink.

She needed no more invitation than that, sauntering forwards to grip her shoulders and lock their lips together, wriggling her tongue pass her lips. A series of 'oohs' arose from the crowd, so she kissed her again, this time with a much stronger response. Fluttershy pushed her towards a closet, never breaking the kiss until they were swamped in warm darkness.

Spitfire breathed heavily, licking along the length of Fluttershy's ear as she let out a shudder. She stared into her deep green eyes, a wide grin spreading across her face. The night was only just getting started.

Author's Note:

I think I have a problem. I like writing drunk ponies too much.