• Published 27th Dec 2013
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Golden Wings - FierceRainbow

Spitfire had never met a Pegasus who was quite like Fluttershy. No, there was something different about her, something special.

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Chapter Two: Wonderbolts


A bright light shone onto Spitfire's eyelids, making red patterns dance before her. She cringed and rolled over on the empty bed to try and hold onto those last precious moments of sleep. Wait, empty bed? Begrudgingly, she looked over her shoulder to see she was indeed alone. With a loud groan, she attempted to get up out of the bed and start her day, but instead fell to the floor in a jumbled heap. She thrashed around a bit before finding a gap in which to pull herself free, hot and bothered. Still, it was nothing to cry about, so she set about making the bed, smoothing the blanket back over the mattress and even fluffing the pillow.

"Goodmorning, Spitfire," Fluttershy called out, pushing open the door. "Are you awake?"

Trying not to let her annoyance at the bad start to a day seep through, she answered her. "Yeah, I'm up."

Fluttershy trotted into the room, not seeming to notice anything off. "That's good. I made pancakes if you'd like some."

The thought of such a delicious treat put a grin back on Spitfire's face. "I'd love some!"

She followed by down the stairs, slower than usual as she shook off the last clingy threads of sleep numbing her mind and body. As Fluttershy left to make the promised pancakes, she began to stretch out her weary limbs, pushing forwards and arching her back to a satisfying crack. After shaking and stretching each leg separately, she rolled her head around before focusing on the main part; her wings. Spitfire unfurled them gently, not wanting any aches or damage to them that would hinder her performance. Finally, they reached their full height, at which point she curled the tips and flexed them, enjoying the feel of sleek muscle rippling beneath her golden feather. Suddenly, a strange prickling sensation crawled along her back, as if she was being watched. She glanced towards the doorway to see Fluttershy staring, a pink flush coating her cheeks.

"Uh," she folded her ears awkwardly at being watched doing her daily exercises. "Aren't you making pancakes?"

"O-oh, right!" As if she had forgotten her purpose, she nodded and darted away into the kitchen.

Shaking off her confusion, she trotted in a quick circle and flapped her wings, just to check everything was working. Fluttershy would probably still be cooking, so Spitfire was left with nothing to do. She slumped down on the sofa. At least that annoying Angel was nowhere to been, probably still fast asleep.

When Fluttershy returned, she was carrying two steaming plates of syrupy pancakes, one of which she placed in front of Spitfire, one in front of herself. The sweet, enticing aroma drifted up her nostrils, and she inhaled deeply to draw more of it in. "Looks great, Fluttershy."

With a cute smile, she sat down and began to eat. To a growl from her stomach, she cut up a large corner and shivering into her mouth, chewing up the warm batter hungrily, swallowing hard. "Tastes great, too, you are a good cook."

She blushed at the praise. "Thank you."

Spitfire ate quickly, savoring the delicious taste on her tongue as she finished. Fluttershy was still only half-way through her first, and it would probably take her a while to finish. She leaned back against the sofa, staring up at the ceiling for a bit before she spoke again. "Hey, 'Shy," she said, trying out a nickname. When she glanced her way, she continued. "You wouldn't mind if I took a shower, would you?"

"Oh, um, of course not," Fluttershy pointed towards the stairs. "The bathroom's on the left."

With a quick nod and thanks, she glided up the stairs, landing neatly on all fours outside of a wooden door. Smiling at the organic, natural look that was so different to the white stone bricks of Canterlot, she pushed the door open and slid inside, pushing it shut behind her while she looked around. It wasn't particularly big, fitted with a toilet against the top of the left hand wall with a sink laden with a block of pink soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste next to it. Left to the door was a gently humming radiator sporting a fluffy white yellow, and on the white a bathtub equip with a shower head. Spitfire stepped into the bath.

She checked the temperature, then turned it up a notch to her preference. Happy with the heat, she pushed a circular button, gasping in shock as freezing cold water gushed down onto her mane, pressing it flat against her head. She stumbled out of the spray, blinking droplets out her eyes. Hesitantly, she stuck a wet hoof back into the water to find it was warming up. Relieved, she stepped back to her earlier position, tilting her head back and closing her eyes to enjoy the hot water.

A sudden click broke into her peaceful state of mind, her head snapping round to see the door open with Fluttershy peaking through nervously, a bottle lightly gripped in her mouth. Blushing, she placed it on the towel just in front of the bath, there to soak up water from Spitfire's hooves when she got out. "I-I'm sorry, I forgot there was no shampoo in here. I'll g-go now." She squeaked, closing the door and dashing off.

Spitfire could feel a red flush spreading across her own face that had nothing to do with the hot liquid cascading of her slick mane. It wasn't like she wore clothes or anything normally, apart from the normal Wonderbolts uniform, so she had no real reason to be embarrassed. But still, it was different when a cute, shy met mare she'd just met saw her showering.

Shaking off those thoughts, she leaned down to scoop up the bottle of shampoo, and, using her wings for balance, squeeze a generous amount into hoof and rubbed it into her mane. She placed the bottle down, dropping down on her other foreleg while she finished. With frothy substance remaining on her hoof, she rubbed it into her tail until it matched her mane. Spitfire washed it out carefully, not getting any in her eyes. There was something about Fluttershy she couldn't quite pin down. They'd only just met but she already felt a strong connection to her, a desire to be with her and protect her. It would be nice having her watch her perform at the Wonderbolt's show.

The show! She had no time to go slowly. Spitfire hurriedly scrubbed her coat, rinsed away the suds, turned off the shower, and stumbled out of the tub. She grabbed Fluttershy's yellow towel of the radiator and proceeded to rub down her body until she was dry. Her suit, where was it? The bedroom!

Spitfire hurried out of the bathroom, crossing a small stretch of space to the room where she had discarded the clingy item of clothing before going to bed. She had expected to see it strewn across the floor where she had left it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, she darted around the room, searching everywhere for someplace Fluttershy would have put it. No luck. Gritting her teeth, she thudded out of the room and soared down the stairs, turning sharply into the kitchen to the sound of humming that cut off as she came in.

"Spitfire!" Fluttershy stopped washing dishes, placing the already impeccably clean plate down on the side. "Is something wrong?"

"I can't find my suit!" she blurted out, not waiting. She dropped to the floor, pacing across the room. "I need that for my show, I can't turn up without it!"

"Your suit?" she said. "I ironed it for you while you having a shower. I'm sorry, I didn't think you'd mind..."

"What?" she blinked as the words sunk in, leaving her feelings ridiculous as she spotted the sort article of clothing draped over the edge of an ironing board as Fluttershy picked it up. "Oh, no. I don't mind. Uh, thank you."

Spitfire took the wonderfully silky fabric from her friend, awkwardly leaving the room to get dressed. She slipped her legs into the sleeves, zipping the back up seamlessly and tugging the mask on front of her face, wriggling her ears through the holes and shifting it around so she could see properly. Finally, she snapped the goggles atop her head, ready for her flight. As an afterthought, she shifted them down to cover her eyes, shooting out of the door into the fresh air. After a few spins and flips, she looped around the cottage and trotted back in, pushing her goggles up.

"Oh, Spitfire, there you are," Fluttershy stood in the living room where she had been but a moment ago. "Your hair... it's all blown back again."

"Yeah," she brushed it back some more with a foreleg awkwardly. "So, should we go?"


Even from outside the stadium, Spitfire could hear the loud noise the crowd was making outside, leaning forwards on the seats, hoping to see the Wonderbolts soaring out and beginning their performance. Fluttershy would be there too, in the private box she had bashfully accepted after a lot of persuasion. She grinned.

"So who's the cute filly?"

She jumped at the sudden noise, spinning round to see her Soarin smirking at her. "I saw you giving her a private box. She must be pretty special."

A hot blush spread across her cheeks at the suggestion he was making. "Sh-she's not! She's just my friend, Fluttershy."

"Fluttershy, huh?" Soarin seemed to think for a bit, although she knew he was just winding her up. "So, if you're not interested, can I have a shot at her?"

"What? No!" Spitfire snapped. "You're not allowed to go and flirt with my new friend!"

"Alright, alright, calm down," she scowled at him as he brushed off her angry words. "But you like her, don't you?"

Her cheeks turned red again. "I-it's time to go out. Behind me, Wonderbots!"

Chuckling quietly, Soarin took his place along with the rest behind his captain. Like her? I only just met her! Spitfire thought furiously. Then, a memory of the cutest little giggle rising from her mouth, soft green eyes hidden slightly by the beautiful pink mane rose to her mind. She shook her head to dispel the thought. I can't think about things like that now, it's time for the show.

Galloping forwards strongly, Spitfire spread her wings and flapped them hard, lifting her into the air, gliding smoothly upwards. The crowd broke into a loud roar, cheering with all their might for the performers. A smile spread across her face as she drew her to a brief stop, letting the ponies get a good look at them before twisting into a loop. This was what she lived for, the excited ponies and thrill she felt shooting through her, driving them through the various stunts, drawing out 'ooh's and 'aah's.

Suddenly, a bouncing yellow figure aught her attention, jumping up and down and screaming like there was no tomorrow. Fluttershy. Cheering. For her. Energy filled her like never before, and she found herself pouring more than she ever had into her performance, deftly finishing the routine with a flourish.

Spitfire landed in the room next to the stadium, her breathing pattern slightly irregular. She poured herself a cold cup of water, drinking it quickly as her peers congratulated her. She ignored them. While they were some of her best friend, they weren't who she wanted to see. No, that was the shy mare that had somehow made it to the entrance, scuffing her hooves along the ground while she waited. Spitfire soared over her friends, galloping to Fluttershy and wrapping her in a tight hug.

"Spitfire, you were amazing!" Fluttershy beamed, returning the hug, much to her excitement.

Reluctantly, she unfolded her arms from her. "Hehe, thanks," she glanced over team-mates, who were currently watching with a curiosity that made the other mare shrink away. "Say, do you want to come to the after party? Normally it's Wonderbolts earlier, but I can make an exception."

"Oh no, I wouldn't want to intrude," Fluttershy gasped. "I mean, it's exclusive."

"Do you want to come?" Spitfire demanded, gazing into those gorgeous green eyes. After a few moments of silence, a smile lit up Fluttershy's features.


Author's Note:

Woo, I finally finished the second chapter! I hope you all enjoy, despite how long it took to get up.