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Discords Discourse - Cromegas_Flare

Discord has a past, and he is going to tell the story in his own way.

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Days? Had it really been days since the travesty? So many to remember, yet too many to count. Let me tell you something right here and now because there is nothing worth hiding any more. It was all my fault; I could have stopped it, but didn’t. My life had been good, and was good. I kept myself blind to the danger and now have paid the price. Everypony is gone, at least the ones I care about. The ones that are left are crooks and not even worth calling a pony. Snakes have a better position in my list of trust than those beasts. Now all I can hope for is to make it to the land of Equestria, for it had been rumored that the land and ponies there had not been touched by my plague.

It started about three weeks ago, when I was in my lab with Doctor Apparatus. He had found the very code that could fix all our problems. It had taken some time to come up with the formula, but life had been too boring to really concentrate on the project. I worked a great many of hours into the work, but I also kept some time to myself and family. They were what mattered at the time, but now, nothing really matters. People need to know the pain I went through, but just to say that puts chills down my spine. I shall start with my family and move on from there; yes, that does sound like a good plan.

I had two daughters, and one son. It would be a lie if I were to say that they had it easy, because even they could not escape the social trauma. Something that you must know is that I am a goat, and so is my family. Yes I am smart, but that did not stop ponies from trying to stop us from achieving our goals. My son was young, my daughters were not so young, but still young none the less. They, like me, could not find any friends. Except for my son who happened to find a friend called Harmony. Harmony of course was only imaginary, and I knew that my poor boy would soon conclude that Harmony was only as real as an Homosapien. I will never have a chance to help him through that development now.

My wife had left a long time ago, not because she hated me or loved another, but simply because she was sick and no longer could stay. That is another story that shall be shared another time. Now I am going to tell you about Dr. Apparatus’s experiment. His goal was to make a source, or a field that could give anypony the powers of an Alicorn. At first I was skeptical, but then I warmed up to the Idea; that was my first mistake. I had never desired power of that level, nor do I want it. Now it is too late to fix that. He was a Unicorn, so he could whisk in a good amount of raw magic to power the machine. When we finally got it running, we decided to give a test run. According to our calculations and previous tests, the effects on a pony should have been temporary and would have worn off in time. There was however only one flaw with the arithmetic involved, and that was me.

We started up the machine, and prepared for the operation, if you could call it that. The target booth was being filled with energy that allowed the elements to fuse into the willpower of the brain. I know it sound a little odd, but that is the simplest way I could explain the process to you. Like I said before, all was going well until the static starting emitting from the couplers. I did not take too much notice at first, but then bolts of static became more intense. The process was meant to increase the powers of pony kind, but when the static charges hit me, it sent a feed back into the mainframe. Before I knew what was going on, the magic involved expanded and exploded across not just the whole city, but the whole Kingdom as well. I did not know it at the time, but that was the moment where my life would change forever, and my destiny was waxed with a spiders silk.

It took some time for me and Doctor Apparatus to wake up. I looked fine at the time, and so did he. I guess that ponies are boring like that, just staying to the same style. That was when he started yelling at me that it was all my fault and that a silly goat like me should never been near something so precious to pony kind. Least to say with his remarks I was shocked. Apparatus had never yelled at me before, and he was the closest thing to a friend I ever had, next to my wife of course, but that is different. After a few more words of disgust of not just my presence, but my very existence. His horn flared up and a blast shot out and hit me in the chest. I was sent flying, not just a few feet but out of the window and a crossed the city and into my home.

I don’t know how long it took me to realize that something was wrong, but it had to of been at least an hour. When I did come to my senses I realized what was wrong, my kids should have been home. After hours of searching I came a crossed no sign of them being around, so I went outside to try to find them. It was only a few minutes when I realized what had happened, despite everyponies believe on who I was and my intelligence, I was a rather intuitive goat. I had come to the conclusion that the blast had gotten rid of all the inhabitants of not only the city but the whole land. It was then that rage filled my emotions. The only thing that I could remember was suddenly being in front of Doctor Apparatus and turning him into a Bath towel. He deserved a more pleasurable punishment than death, and having him as my bath rag seemed right for the occasion.

Again, I don’t know how much time passed before the other thought passed my mind of how I was able to beat Apparatus so easily. He had much more power, and all I did was snap my fingers and ‘poof’ he was a towel. Something I would have to look into, but there is one thing I know for sure. Ponies are only good for lying and cheating and stealing and hurting one another. That is there natural state. It was that moment when I took the first shower where I knew my mission. To help Everypony to become the barbarians they really are. I now had the power to do so as well, why not have some fun with it too.

Two days ago, at least that is what I think it was, I woke up with a misshapen horn, I really don’t know how to describe it but when I used my new abilities to conjure up a mirror, all I could see was the back of my head. That was enough though because as I held the mirror backwards I could still see the new horn, it was how I should say, blue and jagged, and other than that I have to say I liked it. It felt right. I also lost a cloven hoof and was replaced by a manticore claw. I have to admit, if surprises like this keep happening, I am going to love every minute of it.

Today I found myself floating towards the land of Equestria, it was time to give the ponies there a slip of reality, and I should start with turning their fancy roads into soap. Yes that will be excellent, and entertaining to watch as I whiteness their own world get turned upside down! Oh, that is a great idea as well, I will have to remember that. As for right now, it is raining, and I am thirsty. I also have a sudden urge to have some chocolate milk.

What do you know? I snapped my new claws and now it is raining chocolate! I grab a glass cup and drink some milk into the cup. That action alone put me into the mood of having some cotton candy, I guess I will have to figure out what to do about that later, right now I have ponies to punish.

Author's Note:

If you find something that needs to be fixed, let me know.
Mr. Flare

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