• Published 10th Dec 2013
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Discords Discourse - Cromegas_Flare

Discord has a past, and he is going to tell the story in his own way.

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Past Trauma

Past Trauma

Yes I know it has only been a few hours, but I finally found out what I could do to make cotton candy. I tried to just make some appear in front of me, it worked; Only to an extent though, you see, the pink fluff did not taste so good. I then tried turning the trees into chocolate trunks and the leaves into cotton candy. It also worked, but I thought as I turned the wooden trunks into chocolate. ‘Why not turn the clouds into cotton candy, and the trees’; instead, I did both, but the cloud change had been my favorite, even to this day. Oh my daughters would’ve loved that, especially the chocolate tree trunks.

You know that even to this day, I still think of them, my family. My wife had been kind and sweet and could turn my angry heart away. But then she had to get sick, and fall into her grave. Part of me is mad that she let herself die, and that she was selfish enough to do so. The other part of me is glad that she is out of her misery and all is well. Yet my heart will still ache, grieving her loss. Out of all the goats around, she held all the looks. She even made the slickest of pegasi look plain, she just had that look. It was hard though because even the ponies wanted her, not for her, just for her looks. Another reason all ponies should suffer, they only care for their own desires and have little wish to learn about others desires.

My wife she fought well, she was loyal to me and kept me safe from those ponies. She even taught my daughters how to do the same, bringing in the precious balance of kindness. Most of the time though, that was not enough. Ponies wanted us out of their town, saying things like ‘ we have no room here for your kind' and ‘go live in the dump where you belong, then maybe you will be some worth.' I took the insults well, but the second they targeted my family I fought back, lost every time too. No more.

It was not long until my thoughts turned back to the experiment that turned me into what I am now. Some changes had accrued from when I last looked into the mirror sideways, even as I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. They were yellow with a red center! My eyes changed color! Not only that I simply popped them out and put them back to where they belong, and it did not hurt one bit. Why were they yellow? Or more importantly why where my hooves now a Dragons leg, a lion's paw, and an eagle's claw? I started to recollect the events of the experiment and the purpose behind it and how it was to work. To increase ones powers they would immerse themselves into an alpha fluid. Then a field was to cover a select area and the sounding ponies energy would add to the alpha ponies will. I guess that is where it went wrong, yes Doctor Apparatus was much more powerful. There was just one problem with that. Where did all the other ponies go?

It should have only effected the ponies and no one ells, so why was there no sign of life? The template, had been designed to recognize only a pony's physical structure, so why was I changed with it as well? My first guess was because of the static breach in the couplings, but there must have been more to the story than that. The static, charged with magic that was continuously being fed by Doctor Apparatus.

On that thought, it hit me, when the static hit me and surged back to the system. It rewrote the codes to accept more than just a pony's energy. The sudden change being made by the unpredictable laws of magic, over loaded the radius to cover more than just our lab. It also probably rewrote the code to something that could have never written, and should never be written. That code took all the ponies energy, including their body, and shoved it into one body. My question is still how was I effected the way I was? That is still a mystery to me. It did not matter though, because at this point I was out of the old land and out into uncharted territory. It was glorious, I had to say that it was one of the most unpredictable and amazing places I had been to yet. The animals would fight each other and then find food for each other. It made no sense, that is probably the beauty of it all though, just the never-ending streak of being on your dragon toes. Now it's confirmed that any bit of art I make will not include rows of any kind. My past was never understood, and now I never want it to be truly understood. I just want ponies to at least hear my story and see if they can make sense of it.

It was not long into my journey when I came upon the rift, or the abyss; Either could work for what it truly was, for looking into the chasm was far more agonizing than hearing children scream at you when you are nothing but solid stone; The Darkness could eat you and leave your life behind, but for me it was kind; It saw that I had no life, that it was already taken; So it gifted unto me, that dreaded gap in the ground, an understanding; Not that I needed it of course, but even the Spirit of Chaos needed to know things, in order become a deity of unpleasant joy. As I stared into the Dark mists of vaporized licorice, an Idea came up into my head! All the ponies would have been fused into simple Apparatus. Seriously why did that pony think he was so smart, I did put all the work into the machine! But that is not important now, what is, is what exactly happened to the rest of life. If the ponies were in fact fused into one pony due to a pre-set code that malfunctioned into Chaos, then what if all other forms of life fused into me!

You should have seen me as my head popped of my body and shot up into the air like a firework and exploded like a sonic rainboom! Oh it looked so glorious, as my eyes were hanging from a tree like a bat monkey. If all the other non-pony animals were fused into me, that means I might be-able to bring them back! It also explained why I now look like a masterpiece of a multi-puzzle mishap, but whatever I like my new look. I think I do look quite dashing, no all I need is a rainbow mane, and I will be complete!

Now I'm torn though, I could go to Equestria on punish the ponies for their rude existence. I could also go back and see if I can reverse the damage, but I am going to need to talk to my towel. What to do? What to do? I know! How about both, and with a snap of a finger I became two Strong Hoofs! Wait no, I am no longer Strong hoof, I am Discord! I must thank the rift for the name, quite fitting given my state of ‘harmony'.

So one of the Discords went towards Equestria while the other me, or yes me as in I, not you. No myself was not part of this, he comes in latter when I remodel the Moon. So yes, this is going to be rather chaotic! Prepare for a ride my little ponies! And pop some more popcorn, for your lives will be upside up from here on out!

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