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"To become who you are meant to be. You must first accept your flaws, then make them into your strengths; only then, can you fully be who you are meant to be"


Years back, far to many to count Discord was not always... Discord. No, he was a regular goat with a family and a love for pranks. He rants out his story for all to hear, just hoping to be understood, and maybe, just maybe he will have more friends.

Chapters (3)
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likes and faves all around! Well done!:pinkiecrazy:

Hmmm... Interesting premise, plus I'm always a sucker for a good origin story. :duck:

I found a couple mistakes, but nothing that majorly took away from the read. It was well done, if a bit rushed.

All right. You asked for it.
There should be a semicolon after "all his fault" instead of a comma.
"For" after "land of Equestria,"
A period after "on from there" and a comma after "yes"
"They, like me, could..."
Semicolon after "the Idea" and "mistake" would probably work better there than "flaw"
"a crossed" should be across
And I think that you should be a little more descriptive about the machine, apparatus, whatever it is.
Otherwise it's interesting! I never thought of Discord as previously being a goat before.
Where are you planning on going with this?

Rushed for a reason as of now, but since it had a successful pilot turn out, I will write more slow and detailed to what is going on.

Thanks, the changes have been made.

Where I plan to go with this? Well when It was first written I had now Idea.... I was tired and just wanted to write, then it turned into this.... Kinda like what I did with Indigo's Secret which in the middle of a rewrite. I already have half the second chapter, written and will work on it a bit every night up to the 4th chapter. There I will continue on other stories I am working on. I do need a pre-reader/ editor. If you are willing, could you help out with that?:twilightsheepish:

I would love to! I'm not able to get on every day, though. Well, not a PC anyway. I can use my dad's old Droid, but it's really hard to type on it. My comment was actually typed from the Droid and would have been more detailed if I didn't get sick of doing it. But I know that I can get on a PC at least once-and often twice-a week, so if that works, then sure! :pinkiehappy:
By the way, the title was one of the biggest reasons that I read this. I mean, really, it sounds great! But try to say it ten times fast!

Well I will be sure to contact you when Chapter two is done. It is about 45% there, from what I have planed.

Sombodys disliked discord.... That's disappointing :rainbowlaugh:

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