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Could be for... - Fat1thatyoulove

The sequel to the Might Be series, part 52. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Under the covers

A quiet sigh comes up from the bed as the young mare continues to just lay under the dreadfully warm covers. The suggestion to just go and lay down worked for about ten minutes, but then the warmth of the covers combined with the mare's inability to stop her legs from slightly twitching ended up just turning the soft bed into a torture device. She's too tired to want to do anything and her body is to point up to release her into a much needed rest.

The covers of the bed finally roll from the top of her body as she unclenches her eyes and abandons the idea of forcing sleep. Her hooves push the heavy covers to drop to the floor as she just leaves the light sheet of the bed as she turns to the closed window and sparks her horn up.

Violet sits up from the covers as her unbrushed mane falls to one side, the warm heat that has been teased by the involuntary moves of her lower legs finally has taken it's toll, however the light cooling breeze from the window does bring a very light relief as her slightly panting breaths hold to the empty room.

The light purple mare stays in her upright position for a moment as her light blue eyes move around the room. But the moment of relaxation doesn't last long as the young mare slowly starts to ease herself back to the bed.

Another faint exhale runs from the mare as she begins the tossing and turning in her bed that seems to have been made with hot coals.

Violet slowly rolls to her left side as she stares to the wood wall of her room, the heat building between the mare's hind legs makes her slowly start to tighten her body as she begins to rub her hoof bottom hooves around each other.

The light cooling breeze from the window lofts through the room as it runs in between the spaces in her bed sheets that have form from the subtle movements of her legs have started to create. The slow circular motion of her bottom hooves that stir the cool crashing air slowly loll the mare into a dazed stare as she just focuses on the strange sensation that runs through her body from her tightening her upper thighs. Mixed with the tantalizing refreshing air her leg's movements start to become a little more prominent.

The young mare begins bring her front hooves a little closer to her body as she slowly starts to roll them under the covers, which only entices her little game further on as the cooling air runs in from top to bottom under the light sheet that still lays atop her.

A strange thought begins to creep into the young mares mind as she slowly begins to descend her free right hoof down the slightly sweaty fur of her underbelly. Her hoof and leg drape across her hot lower stomach for a moment as she closes her eyes just trying to invite a simple rest in.

However whether it be intentional or not her hoof slowly creeps further down her warm undercoat as the young mare's bottom leg movements begins to slow to her front right hoof's approach.

The young mare's heart races a little as she slowly eases her hoof in between her clenched up upper thighs to the burning heat that resonates from within her.

Her hoof comes to rest in front of her nether as she slowly just starts to tease at herself with her inexperienced desires.

- - -

The library has come into view from the three stallion's quick trots, "Finally..." Bell moves in front of the group as he sets his eyes on the red wood door of the oak tree library.

It only takes a moment for Bell to reach the bright red wood door as he knocks to it. Sparky and Futty move to the side of the door as they just wait for somepony to come to it.

The sound brings you to the door as you look over the blue unicorn outside.

"Hey Mr.Sparkle, is Violet home?" Really the comment doesn't seem needed but Bell still shells it out as he waits for your response.

You give a friendly smile as you speak up, "Sorry Violet can't come out today."

Bell's voice goes a little high pitched as he speaks up, "What? Why?"

"Sorry, but she's...sick and won't be really able to do anything for a few days." You hold a concealing smile as you wait for a response.

"What's wrong?"

You wave your hoof to the stallion as you speak up, "Oh its just a cold, but she doesn't want to give it to you guys so...Sorry."

A loud sigh comes up from Bell as he turns to trot away, "Alright..."

You nod your head as you close the door and turn back into the house.

As the door closes Bell turns his attention to the light orange pegasus who continues to stare towards the door, "Violet's sick?"

Bell blows to the comment as he speaks up, "Ya play dumb, Let me guess you told her to play sick that way you could count yesterday as the real bet right?"

Sparky blinks to the comment as he speaks up, "Ya, I told Violet to play sick so that I could win the dumb bet."

"Pff whatever-.."

"Hey guys."

The two stallions turn to the earth pony as they look over his stare that's directed up words, "I think Violet has her window open." He looks back to Sparky as he continues, "You should just ask her if she wants to try the spell or not, heck her parents are probably just over reacting."

Sparky turns his head to the last window of the upper floor of the house as he nods his head, "Well I should remind her that she asked for Stony's help for tod-..."

"Hey ya Sparky go and tell her and make sure you say that we're already out here." A faint mocking laugh comes up from the unicorn as he pokes his hoof to his friend's chest unless that window is too high for you." Bell turns his sly smile to the tan earth pony as he continues to direct his comments to the pegasus, "I mean I know you got kicked out of the Wonderbolts academy and everything but that shouldn't be as high as through clouds you were to scared to fly b-..."

His voice is cut off as Sparky pushes his friend's hoof from his chest as his stuffy nosed tone takes on a more annoyed tone "I didn't get kicked out...I got suspended." He lowers his head as he continues, "And you know I already got my new acceptance letter."

Bell shrugs to the comment as he realizes his mocking didn't really have the effect he wanted, "Ya ya, just go and tell your filly friend we're here."

Sparky's ear flicks to the comment as he jabs his hoof to the stallion, "S-she's not my filly friend."

The two stallion turn to each other for a moment as they let out a light laugh as they lean to themselves from the pegasus's comment. Bell tries to talk through his laugh as he looks to the stallion leaning to him, "Y-you believe this guy?"

"I know right?" Futty shakes his head to Sparky as he speaks up, "Seriously Sparky, after what happened in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire you really shouldn't be nervous with just telling Violet how you feel."

"Ew..." Bell pushes from his friend's side as he puffs his chest out, "And you call me the stallion cuddler."

"Oh please Bell, remember yesterday at Sugarcube corner? You kept commenting on every stallion's mane." Futty gives a slight chuckle as he rolls his hoof, "L-like really who does that?"

Sparky slowly starts to spread his wings out, however Bell quickly takes notice of this as he changes the subject from himself, "Alright remember to tell her we're already here...I don’t want today to be a waste."

With a quick nod of the head the young pegasus takes himself into the air as he lazily moves to the mare's window. He holds himself a little away from the window as he calls in with a faint whisper as he leans his head into the room, "Hey Violet are you-..."

The stallion's words spring the young mare from her spot on the bed as she pulls the sheet of her bed over the top of her body as she hides herself under the light covers. The mare's heart pumps hard and she still pants from her activities, but it's the bright red face and wide eyes that takes Sparky by surprise as the young stallion rubs his neck with his hoof, "Oh...Sorry Violet didn't mean to wake you like that." Despite the fact that most of the bed's covers are on the floor Sparky still holds to his previous comment as he sheepishly continues, "Um we just wanted to know if you were going to be able to do anything today. I know you wanted Stony to look over that spell's stuff."

Violet slowly starts to recoup her composure as she swallows hard and shakes her head with a smile.

But as her embarrassment begins to fade and her mind begins to race, half of her mind is screaming to just tell the stallion to get out...But the other half strangely doesn't want her friend to just fly out the window.

However as her thoughts start to dwell on what the stallion said she brings her left hoof up with a few motions. Her right hoof however does leave the covers she still holds over herself.

Sparky blinks to the comment as he slowly starts to bring himself into the room, "Ya I guess I could make sure the cloud gets some fresh air..." He turns to the few jars on the dresser to his left as he speaks up, "You know it's better to do it in the morning, but it doesn't really matter."

As the stallion's hooves comes to set in her room the young mare slowly starts to relax a little from when she was startled as she sits up a little bit more in bed.
- - -

"No...No....Hm..nope..." Twilight's voice continues to run around the room as she continues to float a few books from the shelves.

You stop your trot to the threshold of the room as you speak up, "Don't you think you should be a little bit quieter?"

Your words halt the mare for a moment as she nods her head. The one good thing about Aerolight’s more energetic side is that after he plays for a little he usually ends up wanting to takes a decently lengthened nap. Twilight's voice starts back up a little lower as she looks back to the shelves, "Who was at the door?"

"Violet's friend..." You think over your words for a moment as you realize it was only strangely just Bell at the door, "How was Violet when you put Aerolight down for his nap?"

Twilight taps her hoof to her mouth as she stops her search of the library, "Mhm...Her door was closed so she must have been sleeping."

You move towards the stairs as you nod your head, "I think i'm going to check on her and see if she wants for lunch." Your words flick Twilight's ear as she turns to you and speaks up, "Make sure you knock first...T-that way you don't wake her so fast." A slight laugh comes up from her as you just nod your head to the comment.

It only takes a few seconds for you to get up the stairs as you quietly trot past the dragons lair on your right. The thought brings a faint smile to your face as you think to yourself, maybe I should wake him up with an ice cube....Wait, why would I do that? You shake the thought from your mind as you stop to Violet's room and knock your hoof to it, "Violet?...Are you up?"

You wait a second or two knowing that you won't get a response as you open the door. The room has a slight chill to it but you don't really pay it much mind as you notice that the bed's covers have been pushed from the bed and now carelessly drape from the bed to the floor. Your eyes first meet the ruffled mane of the light purple mare still sitting in the bed, but your gaze only stays to her for a moment as you quickly snap them over to the stallion standing near the open window.

"Oh...Hi Mr.Sparkle."

Your silent for the moment as you shift your eyes between the ruffled maned mare sitting in the messed up bed and the stallion who stands in her room.

End of chapter 4

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