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Could be for... - Fat1thatyoulove

The sequel to the Might Be series, part 52. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 1

Could Be...

Chapter 1 – How's it going Ponyboy

The bright jagged bolt of green magic rushes from your body leaving your ears ringing and your body in a slight pant. However you don't shift your hard gaze as you impatiently watch with a fast heart to the spell that misses it’s target.

"Bravo! Bravo!" The claw on lion paw clap runs around the room as his voice continues to trial on, "No really, it only took you six point seven seconds to react." He snaps his claw as a tiny hour glass poof to the bird like hand.

You don't pay attention to the small glass item in his claw as you take a bold step forward as you let out your building voice, "How are you alive!"

"Pfff..." He rolls his arm to you as the tiny hour glass poofs away from his hold with a faint laugh, "R-really? That's your problem? Come on, if you're going to ask that question should you ask how many times you've been killed? Physically and mentally." Discord rolls his arms around his head as his child playful like bright eyes hold to you, "Cause I do believe you once had a period in where you couldn't even remember your name."

The comment doesn't hold to your mind as you squint your eyes and begin to feel the warm heat of your magic building under your coat.

A smile comes to Discord as he sprawls his arms out in a mocking fashion, "Shall we take tur-..."

You jerk yourself back as you watch a bright blue bolt of magic slamming into the mismatched being. A loud yell runs from Discord as his body starts to glow like you saw when Sombra used the crystal heart on him. However unlike before the scream doesn't get louder or even linger in your mind afterwards, instead the bolt of magic has just made Discord vanish and you're now left just staring to the empty spot in the room.

"Having trouble sleeping?"

The lispy voice turns your head as you just end up blinking to the dark blue mare with a flowing nightly colored and shimmering mane. "Sleeping?"

Luna turns her head to look around the room as she takes a few hooves forwards, "I would hope you were dreaming, otherwise this world would be very bland."

Her words turn your head as you look around the windowless almost white cardboard bland colored walls around you. However Luna's voice doesn't wait for a response as she trails on, "We have always found it strange why human dreams are so hard to enter but never houses a very vibrant array of patterns."

A faint chuckle rolls from you as you speak up, "Sorry that you can't get into my dreams Luna."

Luna loosens her stance as she smiles, "Do not feel invaded, looking into a pony's dreams and thoughts is just part of the NSA."

You cock your head to the comment as you think it over, "Um..."

The dark mare straightens her head as she looks over your confused stare, "The Nightly Safekeeping Agreement. Our sister has control of the night and I watch over Equestria's inhabitants to ensure no pony suffers in their rest."

"Right..." You hold your smile as you think to yourself, monitoring dreams is for safety...How could I have thought that silently. You push the thought to the back of your mind as Luna's raised hoof takes your attention as her lispy voice comes out, "It is not always work, I do find the young ponies dream's quite interesting."

A slight smile crosses Luna's face as she puts her hoof back to the simple floor, "Why yesterday we were able to help Violet Sparkle with a question about her spell."

Your ear flicks to the name as you speak up, "What spell?"

For a moment there's no answer as the mane flowing mare just stares to you, "...Ah, I see that she has yet to perform the spell." She straightened her posture up a little as the dark mare hikes up her lispy voice, "Then we will not be the pony to ruin it's surprise."

You give a simple nod as you listen to the mare starting to shift the conversation, "Of course our sister has us monitoring the night for signs of the Changelings that have been hiding." Her teal eyes turn back to the area around her as she finishes her comment, "And your dream peaked our interest."

The mare halts her voice as the flowing in her mane starts to die down, "Well, I do wish you a good day."

You bring your voice up but no sound comes from it as you just look to the mare that now starts to become a little blurry.

- - -

Your conscious mind starts to take over as you relize you're just muttering to yourself, you slap your mouth together as the slight string of drool from your most likely snoring mouth closes.

The room around you still is cut from your mind as you just continue to enjoy the warm bed that you reside in. Your eyes don't need to be open to know that the first snow of the winter season was way overboard; heck, even the library took on a pretty prominent chill.

Your drowsy thoughts about the dream you've woken up from are slowly brought to an end as you feel the bed beside you shifting as the lavender mare turns to you. A deep morning sigh comes to your snout as you hear a whisper voice come up from beside you, "Whoa...My mom's tip actually worked on Aerolight."


The closed eyed hum you gave as a response only prompts the mare's voice to continue this time a little louder but still with it's whisper, "No really he's slept about an hour past his usual time."

Another sigh comes from you as you bring up your own whisper, "Ya...We should enjoy the extra sleep."

A yawn escapes from Twilight's mouth, "I just wonder why no book had what she said to do..."

You crack your left eye open as you squint to her, truthfully you think the colt has just taken to his warm crib and that Velvet's tip really didn't do anything...But you still roll your comment out,"That's because you're probably not supposed to put your foal under a spell."

Your comment quickly open's Twilight's soft purple eyes open, and even though you have only one eye open you've been around Twilight long enough to know she's about to go off on a long explanation as to why you're wrong.

"You agreed that we would try it one night, and if anything happened we wouldn't try my mom's tip again."

"Mhmm." You close your eyes as you adjust your head to the pillow.

Your closed eyes don't affect the whispering know it all as she continues to trail on, "...And besides she said she used the same spell on me and Shining."

You nod your head to the comment as you continue to position your head.

The simple nod of the head turns Twilight's sure tone as the mare's voice gets a little lower, "Well...I was just thinking if that tip worked maybe we could try one of the other ones."

To the comment you bring your eyes open as you look over the mare's soft eyed gaze that glimmers a little in the light very early orangey and red sun that has started to run through the room. "What tip?"

Twilight's usually in control attitude shifts to your stare as she speaks up, "Well seeing as how this is the first foal I nurse for I thought we should try my mom's milking tip..." She attempts to shrug but it falls short to the pull of the bed's covers, but her light smile holds as she continues, "...If it works it would make milking a lot easier."

You blink to her comment for a moment as you begin to recall what Velvet said yesterday...Dammit, I should've have dozed out of the conversation. Knowledge aside your voice still comes out as you hold your low whispering tone, "Of course...How come you didn't tell about um...milking being hard?"

A slight giggle comes from the mare as she runs a hoof from the covers, which frees the last bit of cozy air as she just waves your comment off, "It's nothing. Every mare has a slight problem with it." As her comment ends Twilight begins to readjust herself in the bed as she just enjoys the relaxing start of the day.

Not wanting to push an issue so early in the morning you give a simple nod of the head as you just take the unusual moment of relaxation with every breath of early morning air.

You slowly start to close your eyes as you just focus your mind to the sounds in the house. Sure the extra rest is nice but it's not likely that Twilight's going to go to sleep again...Most likely the only reason you and Twilight haven't even left the bed is because neither one of you want to run the risk of waking up the little colt by walking on the wood.

However your ability to stay in bed comes to an abrupt end as you hear a loud tomboyish voice ringing from down stairs, "Hellloooo, anypony up?"

Your eyes much like Twilight's pop open as the voice runs through the house, not because you don't know who it is but because of the low baby like whimper that has started up.

There's a moment of breathless silence as you both slowly start to sit up as you hold your eyes to the crib just hoping that maybe the colt will go back to sleep.

...Your luck doesn't hold out as a louder cry starts to ring from the crib, "WHaaaaa!"

A faint sigh rolls from you and Twilight as you two begin to move from the bed, "I got Aerolight..."

You nod your head to the comment as you turn your drowzy and dragging hoofed trot towards the door...You now kind of regret Luna killing off dream Discord so early, you probably had a good hour or so before that dream would had been over.

With the thought in mind you start to turn into the hallway as you go to greet the cyan mare that most likely just broke into your house.

End of chapter 1

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