Could be for...

by Fat1thatyoulove

First published

The sequel to the Might Be series, part 52. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

Part 52 in the Maybe series. Violet experiences her first heat, and you aim to make sure nothing happens on your watch. Only problem is can you actually do it?

Chapter 1

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Could Be...

Chapter 1 – How's it going Ponyboy

The bright jagged bolt of green magic rushes from your body leaving your ears ringing and your body in a slight pant. However you don't shift your hard gaze as you impatiently watch with a fast heart to the spell that misses it’s target.

"Bravo! Bravo!" The claw on lion paw clap runs around the room as his voice continues to trial on, "No really, it only took you six point seven seconds to react." He snaps his claw as a tiny hour glass poof to the bird like hand.

You don't pay attention to the small glass item in his claw as you take a bold step forward as you let out your building voice, "How are you alive!"

"Pfff..." He rolls his arm to you as the tiny hour glass poofs away from his hold with a faint laugh, "R-really? That's your problem? Come on, if you're going to ask that question should you ask how many times you've been killed? Physically and mentally." Discord rolls his arms around his head as his child playful like bright eyes hold to you, "Cause I do believe you once had a period in where you couldn't even remember your name."

The comment doesn't hold to your mind as you squint your eyes and begin to feel the warm heat of your magic building under your coat.

A smile comes to Discord as he sprawls his arms out in a mocking fashion, "Shall we take tur-..."

You jerk yourself back as you watch a bright blue bolt of magic slamming into the mismatched being. A loud yell runs from Discord as his body starts to glow like you saw when Sombra used the crystal heart on him. However unlike before the scream doesn't get louder or even linger in your mind afterwards, instead the bolt of magic has just made Discord vanish and you're now left just staring to the empty spot in the room.

"Having trouble sleeping?"

The lispy voice turns your head as you just end up blinking to the dark blue mare with a flowing nightly colored and shimmering mane. "Sleeping?"

Luna turns her head to look around the room as she takes a few hooves forwards, "I would hope you were dreaming, otherwise this world would be very bland."

Her words turn your head as you look around the windowless almost white cardboard bland colored walls around you. However Luna's voice doesn't wait for a response as she trails on, "We have always found it strange why human dreams are so hard to enter but never houses a very vibrant array of patterns."

A faint chuckle rolls from you as you speak up, "Sorry that you can't get into my dreams Luna."

Luna loosens her stance as she smiles, "Do not feel invaded, looking into a pony's dreams and thoughts is just part of the NSA."

You cock your head to the comment as you think it over, "Um..."

The dark mare straightens her head as she looks over your confused stare, "The Nightly Safekeeping Agreement. Our sister has control of the night and I watch over Equestria's inhabitants to ensure no pony suffers in their rest."

"Right..." You hold your smile as you think to yourself, monitoring dreams is for safety...How could I have thought that silently. You push the thought to the back of your mind as Luna's raised hoof takes your attention as her lispy voice comes out, "It is not always work, I do find the young ponies dream's quite interesting."

A slight smile crosses Luna's face as she puts her hoof back to the simple floor, "Why yesterday we were able to help Violet Sparkle with a question about her spell."

Your ear flicks to the name as you speak up, "What spell?"

For a moment there's no answer as the mane flowing mare just stares to you, "...Ah, I see that she has yet to perform the spell." She straightened her posture up a little as the dark mare hikes up her lispy voice, "Then we will not be the pony to ruin it's surprise."

You give a simple nod as you listen to the mare starting to shift the conversation, "Of course our sister has us monitoring the night for signs of the Changelings that have been hiding." Her teal eyes turn back to the area around her as she finishes her comment, "And your dream peaked our interest."

The mare halts her voice as the flowing in her mane starts to die down, "Well, I do wish you a good day."

You bring your voice up but no sound comes from it as you just look to the mare that now starts to become a little blurry.

- - -

Your conscious mind starts to take over as you relize you're just muttering to yourself, you slap your mouth together as the slight string of drool from your most likely snoring mouth closes.

The room around you still is cut from your mind as you just continue to enjoy the warm bed that you reside in. Your eyes don't need to be open to know that the first snow of the winter season was way overboard; heck, even the library took on a pretty prominent chill.

Your drowsy thoughts about the dream you've woken up from are slowly brought to an end as you feel the bed beside you shifting as the lavender mare turns to you. A deep morning sigh comes to your snout as you hear a whisper voice come up from beside you, "Whoa...My mom's tip actually worked on Aerolight."


The closed eyed hum you gave as a response only prompts the mare's voice to continue this time a little louder but still with it's whisper, "No really he's slept about an hour past his usual time."

Another sigh comes from you as you bring up your own whisper, "Ya...We should enjoy the extra sleep."

A yawn escapes from Twilight's mouth, "I just wonder why no book had what she said to do..."

You crack your left eye open as you squint to her, truthfully you think the colt has just taken to his warm crib and that Velvet's tip really didn't do anything...But you still roll your comment out,"That's because you're probably not supposed to put your foal under a spell."

Your comment quickly open's Twilight's soft purple eyes open, and even though you have only one eye open you've been around Twilight long enough to know she's about to go off on a long explanation as to why you're wrong.

"You agreed that we would try it one night, and if anything happened we wouldn't try my mom's tip again."

"Mhmm." You close your eyes as you adjust your head to the pillow.

Your closed eyes don't affect the whispering know it all as she continues to trail on, "...And besides she said she used the same spell on me and Shining."

You nod your head to the comment as you continue to position your head.

The simple nod of the head turns Twilight's sure tone as the mare's voice gets a little lower, "Well...I was just thinking if that tip worked maybe we could try one of the other ones."

To the comment you bring your eyes open as you look over the mare's soft eyed gaze that glimmers a little in the light very early orangey and red sun that has started to run through the room. "What tip?"

Twilight's usually in control attitude shifts to your stare as she speaks up, "Well seeing as how this is the first foal I nurse for I thought we should try my mom's milking tip..." She attempts to shrug but it falls short to the pull of the bed's covers, but her light smile holds as she continues, "...If it works it would make milking a lot easier."

You blink to her comment for a moment as you begin to recall what Velvet said yesterday...Dammit, I should've have dozed out of the conversation. Knowledge aside your voice still comes out as you hold your low whispering tone, "Of course...How come you didn't tell about um...milking being hard?"

A slight giggle comes from the mare as she runs a hoof from the covers, which frees the last bit of cozy air as she just waves your comment off, "It's nothing. Every mare has a slight problem with it." As her comment ends Twilight begins to readjust herself in the bed as she just enjoys the relaxing start of the day.

Not wanting to push an issue so early in the morning you give a simple nod of the head as you just take the unusual moment of relaxation with every breath of early morning air.

You slowly start to close your eyes as you just focus your mind to the sounds in the house. Sure the extra rest is nice but it's not likely that Twilight's going to go to sleep again...Most likely the only reason you and Twilight haven't even left the bed is because neither one of you want to run the risk of waking up the little colt by walking on the wood.

However your ability to stay in bed comes to an abrupt end as you hear a loud tomboyish voice ringing from down stairs, "Hellloooo, anypony up?"

Your eyes much like Twilight's pop open as the voice runs through the house, not because you don't know who it is but because of the low baby like whimper that has started up.

There's a moment of breathless silence as you both slowly start to sit up as you hold your eyes to the crib just hoping that maybe the colt will go back to sleep.

...Your luck doesn't hold out as a louder cry starts to ring from the crib, "WHaaaaa!"

A faint sigh rolls from you and Twilight as you two begin to move from the bed, "I got Aerolight..."

You nod your head to the comment as you turn your drowzy and dragging hoofed trot towards the door...You now kind of regret Luna killing off dream Discord so early, you probably had a good hour or so before that dream would had been over.

With the thought in mind you start to turn into the hallway as you go to greet the cyan mare that most likely just broke into your house.

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Rainbows and Sparkles

Your trot down the stairs has brought you quickly down stairs, but you don't immediately see the pegasus alarm clock.

However the missing mare comes into view on your left in the main library as you notice the pegasus slightly hovering above the ground in front of a few bookshelves. Just as your eyes meet the mare crosses her front legs over her chest as her tomboyish voice rings into the room, "About time one of you got up. It's been twenty minutes since I came in here."

The comment brings a slight bit of annoyance as you trot a little more into the main library, "Well it's not like we expected somepony to break in."

"Break in?" Rainbow rolls her hoof to your comment as she cocks her head, "Why would somepony break into a library?" You don't get to answer as she turns her head back to the bookshelf, "Anyways did you guys get the new Daring Do yet?"

You notice the mare's slightly more energetic eyes to the comment and you quickly take advantage of it as you poke a little fun to the mare that got you out of bed, "Oh a book huh?" Rainbow cocks an eye to you as you trot towards the newly shelved bookshelf with a held up head, "Well now I see why the great Rainbow Dash had a problem with cloud duty yesterday."

"Hey." The cyan mare's wings beat a little faster as she moves towards you, "I'll have you know that I got my section done in under two hours, and heck I had all of Ghastly gorge and Sweet apple acres."

A wide and cocky smile, "And at least i'm not boring yet. I mean look at this, its like eight o'clock and you just rolled out of bed."

You give a faint chuckle as you bring your voice up, however before you can roll out anything the sound of Twilight's hooves has come up as her voice rings down from the stairs, "Oh and what was that Rainbow..." You blink to the lavender mare with the wide eyed colt in her hold as she takes her last step down the stairs and into the main library.

As she rounds the half wall into the room she cocks her head to her friend as she speaks up, "Did I hear you making fun of when we got up? Because I do know somepony who takes naps just about all day under a certain tree or on a certain cloud."

Rainbow blinks to the mare's tone in silence, you on the other hoof can't help but laugh from the mare's burn with such a well spoken tone.

To the cyan mare's silence a faint giggle rolls from Twilight as she turns back into the other room and towards the high chair, "So why are you here so early."

Rainbow slowly brings herself to the ground as she flips her mane out of her face as a slightly lower tone rings from her, "You know I don't really like to pick up any books with a lot of ponies around..."

"Oh ya, the new Daring Do came in." Twilight slowly eases the slightly wiggling colt into the chair as she turns her eyes towards the ceiling in thought.

As Twilight goes silent Rainbow starts her trot to where her friend stands, but her eyes move to the little colt as she speaks up, "You know Aerolight does look a lot like you...But..."

You and Twilight both turn your attentions to the mare as she squints to the little colt that now leans his head a little closer towards the cyan pegasus as her voice comes back up, "Well why does he have pink eyes?"

You blow to the comment as you lighten your stance, "I don't know how can I do magic."

"HA, that's easy." Rainbow snaps her head back to you as she pokes her hoof towards you, "That's because you're an alien."

A proud smile comes to your face as you hold your stance. However your smile quickly brings a response form Rainbow as she takes herself from the ground and turns back towards the colt with her front hooves out and with a now unbeknownst to her higher pitched voice, "But he's much much cuter-..."

The pegasus's hooves stop as her friend's voice comes up, "Sorry Rainbow, no playing until after breakfast."

Rainbow blinks to the comment but she lowers herself back to the ground as she shrugs, "Alright, I don't really have to go anywhere for a bit anyways."

A faint giggle comes up from Twilight as she starts her trot into the kitchen.

You cock your head to the comment as you bring your voice up, "Hmm, Rainbow not having to do anything..." You hold a sly smile to her as you continue, "I thought you always said I needed more friends-..."

"Whoa whoa whoa..." Rainbow's voice spikes back to it's normal tomboyish banter as the mare's wings flare out a little, "Ok first off all Fluttershy's animal friends are in hibernation, Applejack is getting all of her harvesting done, it's the last month before Hearts and Hooves month so pretty much every foal was born around now so Pinkie is helping with the Cakes and Rarity is swamped with dress orders..." Her hoof comes up to you as her voice raises a little, "And I am not going to model for her dress stuff."

"So four other friends right? And it's not like you have a stallion to-..." Your comment is cut off before you can even take another breath as Rainbow speaks up, "Hey, I have NO problem getting a stallion friend..." Her hoof slowly comes down as she shifts a little in her stance, "It's just every stallion in town is boring."

The low tone from the cyan mare doesn't stay long though as she puffs her chest out, "You know, maybe i'll just stop by later." She brings her eyes to a half opened gaze as she pokes her head a little towards you from where she stands, "I wouldn't want to get as dull as you egg heads, so I think i'll just take the book now."

As her comment ends Twilight trots back into the room as she rolls her eyes to her friend's comment and floats two bottle to the table beside the high chair. The little colt's eyes follow the bottles for the moment as he lets out a baby like squeal which bounces around the house.

Twilight holds a smile to the sound but her voice comes up to Rainbow as she stops her trot for the moment, "The book is on the third shelf fourth slot on the right of the first bookshelf on your left."

Rainbow and you both blink to the lavender mare as her horn starts up in a low purple glow, "What?"

Neither one of you question Twilight's abilities as the cyan mare starts to trot back into the room you still stand in. As she trots past you you speak up, "So who let you in again?" You turn your head around the room once more just in case the little purple dragon blended into the wood and colorful books, unlikely but you still felt the need to check so you didn't look dumb.

Your comment doesn't change the mare's attention as she scans the bookshelf for her prize, "Violet let me in."

"Violet?" You turn back around the library as Rainbow pulls her book from the shelf and casually tucks it under her wing, "Ya she went up to the loft."

You nod your head as you look to the smallish stair case that sits off to the side in the library, the loft much like the basement is one of those places you never really think to look. Seeing as how the only books that are kept up there are most likely space things there's really nothing to look at, well except Twilight's telescope, but looking up into the night sky through that thing has always brought an uneasy feeling.

Your trot up the short staircase is brought to a quick end as you turn your gaze around the upper floor of the main library to the small side table that sits in the little nook that sits well out of sight from the bottom of the stairs. And sitting in one of the chairs is the light purple mare with her head resting on the table almost like she's asleep...Or in deep thought with the book she pulled from the shelf.

A faint confused smile comes up as you trot over to the young mare, "Why are you up here?"

Violet's ear flicks to your voice as she picks her head up and begins to rub her head with her hooves. But she doesn't turn around to answer your question as you stop your trot.

"You feeling alright?" You squint your eyes to the light purple mare as you notice her back legs twitching a little from where they rest on the floor.

A quick shake of the head comes from her as she stands from her seat with her head hanging a little low and her eyes half shut as if she didn't sleep all night.

Her response prompts you to take another step forwards as you move your hoof to feel her head, it's not like you're really able to tell if she's got a fever with your hoof but the fast thought has already sent your hoof up to her head as you push her mane out of the way a little. "What's wrong?"

Violet brings her hooves up in quick motion as she moves a little from your hoof's reach.

"Hot?" You a faint chuckle comes up from you as you nod to the closed window in front of Twilight's telescope, "It's snowing outside." Despite your slight chuckle you still direct your thoughts to the mare as you hold your hoof out towards the stairs, "Well lets see what your mom has to say."

The young mare trots past you with her head still hanging low and her tail flicking a little, you follow after her as you call out through the room, "Twilight I think Violet's sick."

It only takes you a moment for you and the young mare to trot down the stairs but as you do the lavender mare has already brought herself to the edge of the main library's entrance as she stares to the young mare, "What? What's wrong Violet?"

Rainbow halts her stop towards the door as she turns her attention to Violet, "Hey you better not be sick, I can't get sick this week."

Violet ignores the comment as she brings her hooves up to Twilight with the same response she gave you.

However Twilight blinks to the comment as she lowers her head a little, "What kind of hot? Do you feel like you have a fever?"

Violet shakes her head as Twilight looks to Rainbow for a second.

As the two mare's eyes meet Rainbow's voice comes up as she nods her head, "Ya I think I smell it to..."

You blink to the two nodding mares as Twilight takes a hoof forward towards Violet, "Come on sweetie, you should just get some rest." Violet doesn't contest the request as she trots after her mother.

However you bring your voice up as you watch them trotting towards the stairs, "Wait what's wrong?"

Your comment squints Rainbow's eyes to you, "Y-you don't smell anything?"

Her comment brings a slight bit of annoyance as you shift your head between the lavender mare who continues to trot up the stairs, "No, what's wrong."

"Awww..." Rainbow trots over to you as she ruffles your mane, "Look Twilight, somepony gots a bad nose-..." Her own words turn her head as she takes her hoof from you, "Wait...Then how did you two mess up twice?"

Twilight stops her trot at the top of the stairs as she holds her voice to Violet, "Just get some rest Sweetie." A smile comes to her face as she watches the young mare trotting down the hall, but her smile doesn't hold for long as she turns herself back to the stairs as she quickly trots down them with an annoyed stare to her friend, "Because Rainbow, we didn't plan for a human turned pony or a failed spell to make it happen."

"Pff..." Rainbow rolls her hoof to the lavender mare as she gives a slight chuckle, "Ya ya ya."

You shift your head between them as you speak up a little louder, "What's wrong?"

"Violet is going through her first estrous cycle." Twilight's comment run to your ears as she turns her trot back towards the colt sitting in the high chair that has just been looking weird eyed around the room.


"Heat, you mule." Rainbow shakes her head to you as she turns to Twilight.

However the comment straightens your posture as you speak up, "What! No, hell no."

Your blunt reaction brings a laughing response from Rainbow as she takes on a mocking tone. However Twilight is the one to speak up as she wiggles her hoof to you, "It's perfectly normal for a mare her age to go through this."

Rainbow nods her head as she rolls her hoof, "Well she is a month early for you to consider it normal...But it's not unnatural." Her magenta eyes look over your body as she cocks a smile, "But you know why would she be normal."

The comment doesn't have an affect on you as you hold to your first reaction, "Don't care." You turn your head to Twilight as you speak up, "Find a spell to stop it."

A little giggle comes up to Twilight as she just turns to the dark cream colt.

"Alright, well i'll see you guys later." Rainbow blows her mane as she puffs her chest out, "I would hate to see what happens when all those young stallions show up at your door." She playfully cocks her head to you as she notices your annoyance, "Violet has to be like the only mare in heat right now...Good luck."

Ok, i've had enough. You hold your hoof to the door as you trot over to it on three legs, "Alright bye Rainbow thanks for stopping bye-..."

She presses her hoof to your chest as she stops you from opening the door, "Wait!..." She turns her head around her as she whispers to you, "You don't want to open the door for too long ~o-ok?" Towards the end of her comment she loses her composure as she breaks out in a loud laugh that rings around the room.

The mare's laugh sparks a loud shrill response from Areolight as the colt wiggles his hoofs playfully, "HAAAH!!"

You open the door as you speak up, "Thank you Rainbow."

The cyan mare holds her laugh as she trots out into the winter chilled world, "Ya ya, C-ya later." However her trot stops as she turns back to you, "Oh ya, and Aerolight has pink eyes because he's the spawn of Cheesy Heart...Just wait."

You blink to the name as she quickly starts up in a slight laugh, "Hey...You know maybe for your birthday we can see if you still got that thing in you." She taps her hoof to her mouth as she continues, "That would be the best prank to pull on this town, you know letting you out."

"Good bye Rainbow." You slowly close the door to the mare as she nods her head and trots away.

As the door closes you turn your head towards the stairs. You know that Violet is not a little filly anymore but today so far has just been another reminder as to how fast ponies really grow up.

Your thoughts are brought to an end as Twilight's voice comes up, "No Aerolight, we don't spit the applesauce out..."

You turn your head as you trot over towards her. The sound of your hooves turn Twilight's stare as she floats the spoon and cup of mashed apples to you, "Here you try."

Without hesitation your own purple magic comes over the two items, but you speak up before you start your attempt, "S-should you go and talk to Violet?"

There's a moment of silence as Twilight gives a sheepish shrug, "She knows what it is...And it's better for a mare to work through it her way. Every pony reacts different."

You reluctantly nod to the comment as you float the spoon into the baby food. Note to self, watch who goes up stairs.

End of chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – What did he say?

The morning has rolled on and it's been about a few hours since Rainbow woke you and Twilight up. You both still have your morning minds which is in contrast to the little colt that you finally got to eat something.

And as the last spoonful of baby mush is taken into the little colts open chewing mouth Twilight speaks up, "Alright...That's everything."

Her words prompt the little colt's hooves as he begins to kick and wiggles his four legs, which starts to shake the high chair a little.

You hold your gaze to the sight from your seat as a faint smile crosses your face.

"Whoa whoa, ok ok..." Twilight's hooves come up to the little colt as she gives a faint giggle, "You want down?"

The words freeze the colt for a moment as his pink button eyes just stare to the hoofs that come to him and begin to free him from his seat. Twilight slowly lowers the diaper wearing colt to his hooves as she continues to speak, "Just don't hide somewhere again hmm?"

As the colt's hooves touch the slightly chilled wood floor. For a moment the colt just stares up to the lavender mare that set him down in confusion, but the stare only last a moment as a wide smile comes to his face as he begins to almost hop gallop away from her side.

You can't help but chuckle a little to the colt's pitter patter tap tap sound as you watch the colt gallop away towards the center of the room. To you it would have been about four pretty easy steps, but to the colt it was no simple feat seeing as how the barely three week old colt took about fifteen small wobbly steps.

However the wobble and speed begins to alter as the colt ends up staring around the room with a new found curiosity.

The moment of foal aimless foal curiosity is brought to an end though as the sound of a hoof knocking to the door turns the small colt's gallop. But the small colt is only able to get a few hooves forward before you scoop him up.

Twilight trots over to the door as she opens it to a short gray stallion with dark black mane. The sight of the stallion brings your voice up as you watch him and a bundled up filly trotting in beside him, "Hello Stony."

"Yes yes hello." Stony waves his hoof to you as he turns to the lavender mare in front of him, "I believe your daughter is in need of my services."

"Ya and I get to watch." The bright smile of the deep orange coated filly and the stallion's word choices brings a confused stare from you as you adjust the colt in your hold, "You're looking for Violet?"

The gray stallion nods his head as he speaks up, "Yes, it seems your daughter has taken an interest in a different kind of magic, and she asked me if I could show her a spell to copy her ingredients." His proud and slightly cocky tone rolls your eyes but the fact of a clear reason for him being here allows you to relax as you place the colt back to his hooves next to you. To your surprise Aerolight doesn't gallop over to the two new ponies, instead he just sits to his diaper as he just listens to the strange ponies voice.

"Now where is the betrunken's mare?" Twilight doesn't pay attention to the stallion's comment as she cocks her head and speaks up, "You said copy ingredients?" She raises her hoof a little as she shakes her head, "No spell can copy magical items, I should know I looked for one."

Stony cocks his an eyebrow to the comment as he speaks up, "Herausforderung angenommen."

The lavender mare's slight know it all voice is completely lost to the strange words as she lowers her hoof back to the floor, "Excuse me?"

"I would not expect you to have knowledge about a spell like this." The stallion's head goes high as he begins to aimlessly trot around the room, "I believe you study Star Swirl correct?"

Twilight nods her head as a slight one ha laugh rolls from Stony, "Well there is your problem, you should have to look through Sagitta's work."

As the name runs past your ears you realize you've just lost all understanding of the conversation, but you still hold your thoughts to the conversation as Twilight speaks up, "But dark magic was-..."

"No.." Stony bobs his head left and right as he continues, "It's not dark magic, it was manipulation magic. Anyways may I see if I can help?"

"Oh..." Twilight's ears flop down a little as she runs though her response, "I'm sorry but Violet isn't feeling to well today."

The comment rolls Stony's eyes as he nods, "I suppose I could come back tomorrow-..."

"It would be better if you came back in a few days." Twilight holds her friendly smile to the stallion as he blinks to her words.

But he doesn't press anymore as he nods his head, "Hm...I will see what I can do." He moves his hoof to his chin as he thinks out loud, "Making me wait means that mare owes me a favor."

Before his comment can reach it's ends you speak up as you roll your eyes, "You're not cutting her mane off."

Stony lets out a slight laugh as he rolls his hoof, "Hush betrunken...I'm thinking." The stallion continues to rub his hoof to his chin for a moment but he stops as he puts it back to the ground, "Oh well...I'll return another day." He turns his head back to the filly beside him as he speaks up, "Come on Gala."

His comment turns the filly's head around the room as she speaks up to him, "Aww no spell?"

Stony shakes his head as he holds the door open, "Not for them." As his words end the little filly starts out of the door with the gray stallion following behind her.

Aerolight holds his spot next to you for the moment as the door hangs open for a moment, but as the door closes the little colt starts to stand to his hoof as he begins to start up his happy playful trot.

You watch him for a moment before you turn your gaze to the lavender mare that now taps her hoof to her mouth, "What?"

Twilight squints her eyes aimlessly towards the ground as she speaks up, "I think I have a book written by Sagitta somewhere."

The comment rolls your eyes as you just turn back to the colt that now trots around the room.

- - -

The world outside has taken on a bright white glow to it from the fresh snow that now blankets the paths, roads and fields of Ponyville as it continues to lightly loft down to the ground.

However the winter wonder land is anything but wonderful to a certain stallion as his voice continues to run between his two friends he's pushed himself between, "Ugh, I hate the first snow...It's all over the road."

A faint sigh comes up from the tan colored pony as he turns an eye to his friend, "Could you at least stop complaining about it?"

"I'm not complaining, i'm just saying next time they should move the clouds to only drop snow off of the roads." The blue unicorn nudges the light orange pegasus beside him as he speaks up, "Sooo hows about you move the clouds that are still above us?"

Sparky doesn't turn his head as he speaks up, "Sorry Bell, no pony can move any clouds." A faint laugh comes up from Sparky as he flexes his wings, “Even moving an Everfree forest cloud could shift the snowfall a bit. And I don’t want too get yelled at for accidentally moving snow somewhere it’s not supposed to be.”

"HA! Who is going to find out you moved it though?"

"I'm not moving a cloud." Sparky's quick response brings a sigh from the scarf wrapped stallion as he lowers his head, "Ugh...Well Violet better be able to teach me that new spell fast, cause it's freezing out here."

The comment brings Futty's voice up as he takes in a long breath of air, "Well suck it up for now Bell, we're still about ten minutes from Violet's."

Another sigh comes from Bell as he speaks up, "Would had already had been there if Sparky didn't live so far away."

The light orange pegasus rolls his eyes as he just focuses on the path in front of them.

End of chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Under the covers

A quiet sigh comes up from the bed as the young mare continues to just lay under the dreadfully warm covers. The suggestion to just go and lay down worked for about ten minutes, but then the warmth of the covers combined with the mare's inability to stop her legs from slightly twitching ended up just turning the soft bed into a torture device. She's too tired to want to do anything and her body is to point up to release her into a much needed rest.

The covers of the bed finally roll from the top of her body as she unclenches her eyes and abandons the idea of forcing sleep. Her hooves push the heavy covers to drop to the floor as she just leaves the light sheet of the bed as she turns to the closed window and sparks her horn up.

Violet sits up from the covers as her unbrushed mane falls to one side, the warm heat that has been teased by the involuntary moves of her lower legs finally has taken it's toll, however the light cooling breeze from the window does bring a very light relief as her slightly panting breaths hold to the empty room.

The light purple mare stays in her upright position for a moment as her light blue eyes move around the room. But the moment of relaxation doesn't last long as the young mare slowly starts to ease herself back to the bed.

Another faint exhale runs from the mare as she begins the tossing and turning in her bed that seems to have been made with hot coals.

Violet slowly rolls to her left side as she stares to the wood wall of her room, the heat building between the mare's hind legs makes her slowly start to tighten her body as she begins to rub her hoof bottom hooves around each other.

The light cooling breeze from the window lofts through the room as it runs in between the spaces in her bed sheets that have form from the subtle movements of her legs have started to create. The slow circular motion of her bottom hooves that stir the cool crashing air slowly loll the mare into a dazed stare as she just focuses on the strange sensation that runs through her body from her tightening her upper thighs. Mixed with the tantalizing refreshing air her leg's movements start to become a little more prominent.

The young mare begins bring her front hooves a little closer to her body as she slowly starts to roll them under the covers, which only entices her little game further on as the cooling air runs in from top to bottom under the light sheet that still lays atop her.

A strange thought begins to creep into the young mares mind as she slowly begins to descend her free right hoof down the slightly sweaty fur of her underbelly. Her hoof and leg drape across her hot lower stomach for a moment as she closes her eyes just trying to invite a simple rest in.

However whether it be intentional or not her hoof slowly creeps further down her warm undercoat as the young mare's bottom leg movements begins to slow to her front right hoof's approach.

The young mare's heart races a little as she slowly eases her hoof in between her clenched up upper thighs to the burning heat that resonates from within her.

Her hoof comes to rest in front of her nether as she slowly just starts to tease at herself with her inexperienced desires.

- - -

The library has come into view from the three stallion's quick trots, "Finally..." Bell moves in front of the group as he sets his eyes on the red wood door of the oak tree library.

It only takes a moment for Bell to reach the bright red wood door as he knocks to it. Sparky and Futty move to the side of the door as they just wait for somepony to come to it.

The sound brings you to the door as you look over the blue unicorn outside.

"Hey Mr.Sparkle, is Violet home?" Really the comment doesn't seem needed but Bell still shells it out as he waits for your response.

You give a friendly smile as you speak up, "Sorry Violet can't come out today."

Bell's voice goes a little high pitched as he speaks up, "What? Why?"

"Sorry, but she's...sick and won't be really able to do anything for a few days." You hold a concealing smile as you wait for a response.

"What's wrong?"

You wave your hoof to the stallion as you speak up, "Oh its just a cold, but she doesn't want to give it to you guys so...Sorry."

A loud sigh comes up from Bell as he turns to trot away, "Alright..."

You nod your head as you close the door and turn back into the house.

As the door closes Bell turns his attention to the light orange pegasus who continues to stare towards the door, "Violet's sick?"

Bell blows to the comment as he speaks up, "Ya play dumb, Let me guess you told her to play sick that way you could count yesterday as the real bet right?"

Sparky blinks to the comment as he speaks up, "Ya, I told Violet to play sick so that I could win the dumb bet."

"Pff whatever-.."

"Hey guys."

The two stallions turn to the earth pony as they look over his stare that's directed up words, "I think Violet has her window open." He looks back to Sparky as he continues, "You should just ask her if she wants to try the spell or not, heck her parents are probably just over reacting."

Sparky turns his head to the last window of the upper floor of the house as he nods his head, "Well I should remind her that she asked for Stony's help for tod-..."

"Hey ya Sparky go and tell her and make sure you say that we're already out here." A faint mocking laugh comes up from the unicorn as he pokes his hoof to his friend's chest unless that window is too high for you." Bell turns his sly smile to the tan earth pony as he continues to direct his comments to the pegasus, "I mean I know you got kicked out of the Wonderbolts academy and everything but that shouldn't be as high as through clouds you were to scared to fly b-..."

His voice is cut off as Sparky pushes his friend's hoof from his chest as his stuffy nosed tone takes on a more annoyed tone "I didn't get kicked out...I got suspended." He lowers his head as he continues, "And you know I already got my new acceptance letter."

Bell shrugs to the comment as he realizes his mocking didn't really have the effect he wanted, "Ya ya, just go and tell your filly friend we're here."

Sparky's ear flicks to the comment as he jabs his hoof to the stallion, "S-she's not my filly friend."

The two stallion turn to each other for a moment as they let out a light laugh as they lean to themselves from the pegasus's comment. Bell tries to talk through his laugh as he looks to the stallion leaning to him, "Y-you believe this guy?"

"I know right?" Futty shakes his head to Sparky as he speaks up, "Seriously Sparky, after what happened in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire you really shouldn't be nervous with just telling Violet how you feel."

"Ew..." Bell pushes from his friend's side as he puffs his chest out, "And you call me the stallion cuddler."

"Oh please Bell, remember yesterday at Sugarcube corner? You kept commenting on every stallion's mane." Futty gives a slight chuckle as he rolls his hoof, "L-like really who does that?"

Sparky slowly starts to spread his wings out, however Bell quickly takes notice of this as he changes the subject from himself, "Alright remember to tell her we're already here...I don’t want today to be a waste."

With a quick nod of the head the young pegasus takes himself into the air as he lazily moves to the mare's window. He holds himself a little away from the window as he calls in with a faint whisper as he leans his head into the room, "Hey Violet are you-..."

The stallion's words spring the young mare from her spot on the bed as she pulls the sheet of her bed over the top of her body as she hides herself under the light covers. The mare's heart pumps hard and she still pants from her activities, but it's the bright red face and wide eyes that takes Sparky by surprise as the young stallion rubs his neck with his hoof, "Oh...Sorry Violet didn't mean to wake you like that." Despite the fact that most of the bed's covers are on the floor Sparky still holds to his previous comment as he sheepishly continues, "Um we just wanted to know if you were going to be able to do anything today. I know you wanted Stony to look over that spell's stuff."

Violet slowly starts to recoup her composure as she swallows hard and shakes her head with a smile.

But as her embarrassment begins to fade and her mind begins to race, half of her mind is screaming to just tell the stallion to get out...But the other half strangely doesn't want her friend to just fly out the window.

However as her thoughts start to dwell on what the stallion said she brings her left hoof up with a few motions. Her right hoof however does leave the covers she still holds over herself.

Sparky blinks to the comment as he slowly starts to bring himself into the room, "Ya I guess I could make sure the cloud gets some fresh air..." He turns to the few jars on the dresser to his left as he speaks up, "You know it's better to do it in the morning, but it doesn't really matter."

As the stallion's hooves comes to set in her room the young mare slowly starts to relax a little from when she was startled as she sits up a little bit more in bed.
- - -

"No...No....Hm..nope..." Twilight's voice continues to run around the room as she continues to float a few books from the shelves.

You stop your trot to the threshold of the room as you speak up, "Don't you think you should be a little bit quieter?"

Your words halt the mare for a moment as she nods her head. The one good thing about Aerolight’s more energetic side is that after he plays for a little he usually ends up wanting to takes a decently lengthened nap. Twilight's voice starts back up a little lower as she looks back to the shelves, "Who was at the door?"

"Violet's friend..." You think over your words for a moment as you realize it was only strangely just Bell at the door, "How was Violet when you put Aerolight down for his nap?"

Twilight taps her hoof to her mouth as she stops her search of the library, "Mhm...Her door was closed so she must have been sleeping."

You move towards the stairs as you nod your head, "I think i'm going to check on her and see if she wants for lunch." Your words flick Twilight's ear as she turns to you and speaks up, "Make sure you knock first...T-that way you don't wake her so fast." A slight laugh comes up from her as you just nod your head to the comment.

It only takes a few seconds for you to get up the stairs as you quietly trot past the dragons lair on your right. The thought brings a faint smile to your face as you think to yourself, maybe I should wake him up with an ice cube....Wait, why would I do that? You shake the thought from your mind as you stop to Violet's room and knock your hoof to it, "Violet?...Are you up?"

You wait a second or two knowing that you won't get a response as you open the door. The room has a slight chill to it but you don't really pay it much mind as you notice that the bed's covers have been pushed from the bed and now carelessly drape from the bed to the floor. Your eyes first meet the ruffled mane of the light purple mare still sitting in the bed, but your gaze only stays to her for a moment as you quickly snap them over to the stallion standing near the open window.

"Oh...Hi Mr.Sparkle."

Your silent for the moment as you shift your eyes between the ruffled maned mare sitting in the messed up bed and the stallion who stands in her room.

End of chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – But the window

Twilight's horn sparks up to one of the books in front of her as a smile comes up to her face, "Ah...There it is." Her pointless expelling of joy is cut shot as the sound of a voice comes up from behind her.

"Ow...Ow..." The commotion behind her turns her around, but she just blinks a little in confusion as she watches you almost drag pulling the light orange stallion behind you with your magic tugging on his mane.

"What's going on?" Twilight's voice pauses you for a moment as you bring your voice up quick, "I found Sparky in Violet's room."

The young pegasus doesn't contest your comment as he just tries not to move to your rushes and inexperienced holding spell, "S-sorry I came in-..."

Your eyes widen to the comment as your mind starts to play a little trick on you from your confusion, "What did you say?"

As your words end your magical hold is broken from the light purple mare that has followed you down the hall. Her horn's glow goes dim for the moment as her simple spell ends.

Sparky doesn't bolt towards the door though like you expected, instead the young stallion just stands at the center of attention as he brings his now slightly nervous stutter voice up, "S-sorry I came through the window."

You still hold your voice down as you plan out how you want to take the stallion into the basement to question him.

However you don't get to start up your plan as Twilight's words ring back into the house, "Ok...Sparky how come you were in Violet's room?"

The pegasus swallows hard as he brings his voice up, "I-I wanted to remind her that Stony was supposed to stop by...And Bell wanted to learn a spell." He shifts his head between you and Twilight as he waits to see your reactions.

You stay silent as you just blink to the response, Twilight nods her head as she turns her attention to the young mare at the top of the staircase, "You're not in trouble Sparky...We just don't really want any stallion around the house right now."

The choice of words in your opinion could have been avoided but you still keep your mouth shut as Sparky just nods his head, "A-alright..."

Twilight gives a little sigh as she speaks up, "Well thank you Sparky you can go."

Sparky again nods his head as he turns to you, "Um...Sorry."

You blink to the comment as you nod your head in return, not wanting to really show defeat...or how dumb you kind of feel.

To your nod the young stallion moves towards the front door as he trots outside.

- - -

Futty and Bell turn their eyes to the pegasus as the unicorn speaks up, "Where's Violet?"

Slowly closing the door behind him as he answers, "Uh...She can't come out."

"Ugh...Whatever." Bell starts to trot away as he shakes his head, "Lets just find something else to do then."

Sparky waves his hoof to the comment as his normal stuffy nosed tone starts to come back out, "Actually I have something I need to do first."

The two stallion shrug to the comment as they continue their trots.

- - -

The door closing to Violet only prompts the young mare to start down the stairs, however she only gets about three steps down before Twilight's voice halts her, "Sorry Violet, you shouldn't go out today."

Twilight's comment sparks a response from the mare as she flicks her left ear.

"Why?..." Twilight blinks to the question as she pauses. Violet doesn't really need an answer and the response was more just because she's tired of sitting in her room and feeling the way she does.

Violet lets out a silent sigh as she just waves her hoof to the comment.

To the mare's wave Twilight's horn sparks back up as she floats the book she pulled from the shelf, "Well if you want something to do you could look over this."

As the book floats towards her Violet's horn sparks up as she takes it from her mother's hold.

"Stony said it would have a spell that might do what you want." The lavender mare's comment slightly surprises you seeing as how Twilight usually looks over any spell she doesn't know.

Violet looks over the book as she slowly starts to trot back up the stairs.

As the light purple mare leaves you and Twilight's sight the mare trots over to you as she speaks up, "Well you over reacted."

You blink to her comment as you blow to it, "You should see her room or her bed." You hold your hoof up to the mare's smile as you continue, "There's no reason for him to have come in through the window."

A slight giggle comes up from Twilight as she trots back towards the main library.

"What's funny?"

"You're acting like Night Light did."

You straighten your posture as you shake your head, "Oh no i'm not."

Your comment falls on deaf ears as Twilight speaks up, "Could you help me find Star Swirl's journal? Stony's comment made me think about it...and I can't remember where I put it."

As your voices start to get a little distorted from the mare's trot she turns into her room, it's at this point she realizes something she didn't see earlier.

The jar that Sparky was supposed to take now lays on the ground with it's cap off from when it must have been dropped from your spell over the orange pegasus.

Violet's horn comes up as she floats the book to her bed and continues her trot towards the empty cloud jar. It's not an impossible thing to get back but that fact that she does have to get it back makes the mare turn back to her closed door as she just glares to it.

But with a silent sigh she floats the useless jar to the dresser as she turns her attention back to the book.

End of chapter 5

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The day has rolled on and it's been now about an hour since Sparky left and Violet's mind has completely forgotten about the lose of the cloud in the jar and she's been able to divert some of her urges. Instead her thought have shifted to the book that sits in front of her from where she lays in the bed.

...Some items have their own magical field, and these items can not be simply duplicated like normal times. Lucky though-...

Violet's silent reading is brought to an end as a voice to her room flicks her head, "Psst..."

The young mare blinks to the light orange pegasus at the window as she slowly moves the book aside.

Sparky cautiously looks around the room for a moment as he holds his voice down, "I know I dropped that jar when your dad came in...So I brought you a different one." As his words end the stallion moves out of sight for a moment as a slightly large bright white cloud comes into view.

A faint wheezing laugh comes up from Violet as she trots over towards the window, Sparky moves the cloud a little as he blinks to her laugh, "What? Is it the wrong kind?" He looks over the cloud as Violet shakes her head and starts her hooves up.

The stallion cracks a slight smile to the comment as he speaks up, "No, I didn't expect you to keep the whole thing. I figured this way you could pick the piece you want." He rubs his neck with his hoof as he shrugs, "I would have just taken you cloud walking if you wanted, but I don't know how sick you are."

Violet doesn't correct his statement as she just nods her head and sparks her horn up, piece of the white fluff gets pulled from the cloud but just begins to float through her magic. Lucky She's able to bring her hoof to it as she catches it.

"Oh, here you go..." Sparky's hoof comes up as he holds out a new jar.

A new found smile comes from Violet as she gives a simple thank you nod while her horn takes the glass into her hold. Her hoof guides the cloud piece into the jar as she quickly caps it.

To the caped jar Sparky moves the lofting cloud with a quick flap of his wings as he starts to move from the window, however before he can get to far Violet extends herself a little out of the window as she embraced him with a one leg hug.

Sparky freezes a little bit both from fear from you walking in and for the fact he doesn't know what kind of cold or what ever the mare has...But he doesn't fight her hold as he just enjoys it.

The awkwardly blocked embrace only last for a few moments as Violet takes herself back into her room. With another quite toned goodbye Sparky moves from the window as he drags the cloud behind him.

Violet moves her attention back to the cloud piece as she trots towards the dresser, she stares to the few jars for a moment before she turns back to the bed where the books lay.

End of chapter 6