• Published 20th Oct 2013
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The Tale of One Shadow - RadBunny

Sombra was a much more complicated pony than history lent him credit. The Crystal Heart having freed him from the clutches of his own creation, Sombra now tries to find his place in the world. But can he escape the shadow of the past?

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Introduction: Lighting up the Darkness

Snowflakes landed with an ice angel's kiss on the stallion's nose, melting as he drew breath.

Cold. Why am I cold?

Clad in dulled metal armor, and with a red cape adorning his back, the large-statured crystal pony let out a groan- the only sound other than the howling winds.

For a time, he just focused on moving a few limbs.

Yes. Good I can still feel my hooves. That crystal heart nearly incapacitated my regeneration spell. Wait-

Eyes leaking soft purple wisps of smoke, King Sombra's gaze darted around the snowdrifts.

Where is he? His presence-I cannot feel it!

His fanged mouth parted in a grin as hoof by hoof, he managed to stand.

Perhaps the spell finally separated his consciousness. Interesting. But no matter. This will take time, with those new ponies ruling, I need to disappear for a time, gather my resources. Perhaps the northern area, find a cave, recover; It will take years. Hmmmmm.

The deposed king's thoughts were interrupted by the crunch of snow, the sharp sound drawing his wrathful gaze.

A pony? This far in the snow fields? Even at my limited strength, I will be able to-


A sinister red glow pierced the blowing snowdrifts. Two bright red eyes accompanied it, narrowed and wrathful. The sight was enough to send pinpricks of uneasiness through King Sombra's heart.


A shape materialized as the pony hobbled closer. It was clear that injuries had taken their tole- perhaps even a broken bone or two, but come closer this pony did.

An injured pony? This far from civilization?

“Stay back!” The king's voice was infused with confidence, no matter how fake.

The other pony stopped, eyes never having left the king. The vague shape now resolved itself into the defined image of a red crystal sword, glowing as the other unicorn slowly drew it up.

“You dare speak to me?” The other pony rumbled, his voice easily heard over the howling winds. It was a deep voice that seemed able to shake solid stone, easily rattled the King to his soul.

The voice was another piece of the puzzle- but King Sombra had to know.

“Who are you?!” The once proud ruler gasped. Fear was an alien emotion to the king, yet at this moment, he knew nothing else. That voice, and those eyes; had one thousands years truly dulled his memory that much? He knew those eyes.

A guttural scream left the mysterious stallion's throat, sending the sword arcing across King Sombra's form, the flat of the blade easily breaking bone and sending him tumbling to the snow.

From his prone position, King Sombra finally got a clear look at his attacker. He stood just as tall, red eyes shining in the dim light. A mane, black as night, ran down his head, a short cropped tail and sideburns the more notable features. His fur was a light charcoal, his rose eyes a bright contrast.

The stallion walked closer, limbs shaking with both rage and pain.

“My name is Sombra, you vile creature.”

- -

The king cried out in agony as the sword fell, the flattened edge beating the stallion down as he tried to rise.

“You took everything from me. You took my life, my home, you took her!” Sombra bellowed, sending the sword down once again, denting the king's armor enough to break ribs.

King Sombra had no words, simply staring at the stallion, fangs slightly bared.

“I will finish what I started!" The dark furred stallion said, panting slightly. King Sombra now saw that multiple burns adorned the stallion's flank.

Perhaps, if I can strike him- The king mused as he formulated his attack strategy.

Any thoughts of retaliation faded as the attacker hefted the crystal sword with his magic, the blade positioned above King Sombra's neck.

"Finish what I started...Even if it takes me more than a thousand years.”

Even as the sword slowly raised, King Sombra refused to go quietly.

“You insignificant creature! You dare attack me! I will return, I will never stop! This is MY world! MY empire! Who do you think you are to take it from me?! My name will be revered across all these lands!” The King spat.

A cruel smile then formed on the injured ruler's features.

“You forget your place, pony. I am the darkest features of your soul. You cannot kill that which will always be in your heart! My name is-”

“That name is not yours to take, demon.”

The sword then fell, biting through metal and flesh.

“You dare to disgrace my name.”

The sword then shattered to dust, the severed head of the once-formidable king gazing with sightless eyes across the landscape. A beam of red magic picked up the severed part, laying it in the red coat. A brief infusion of magic swept across the horn- light blue in color.

The horn then faded, becoming as grey as the demon-creature's fur, which had already begun to fade into nothingness. The body slowly dissolved into shadow, which was blown away by the snowstorm.

Sombra stared at the head for a time, a weariness setting in that he had never known. He had not felt anything for over a thousand years, not physically at least, only emotionally.

Finally, after all this time, it is over. I finally sent that creature back, and yet...

I failed. I cost my home so much. My thirst for knowledge failed me.

I failed her.

He lay his head down on his hooves, red crystals thrusting themselves up from the ground to form a makeshift shelter over his head. The world spun as the spell overtaxed the wounded stallion's body, causing him to slump to the snow.

If I die now, then so be it. It would be more than I deserve.

A tear traced itself down the stricken pony's cheek, the snowstorm becoming fiercer. The stallion only had the severed head of a demon to keep himself company as he slipped into unconsciousness.

Author's Note:

First chapter of The Tale of One Shadow!
This is inspired by the animation done by http://stasysolitude.deviantart.com/
Found here as well:
Idea and such used with permission!

any and ALL feedback is appreciated. Ideas, corrections, I'd love them all.
(I'm also looking for another proofreader for grammar/spelling)
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