• Published 30th Sep 2013
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Dust in the Wind - dj_neon_lights

Lightning Dust had finally reached her dream. After years of practice, broken bones, and sacrificed, she had finally been accepted into the Wonderbolt's Academy. But, not every dream ends in a happily ever after...

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Chapter: 3 - Damn Guilt!

Dust in the Wind

By Michael A.

Chapter: 3 - Damn Guilt!

Rainbow Dash lay face first on the cloud couch in her living room. She moaned into the cloud pillow. It had been about an hour since she had arrived home from Sugarcube Corner, her activities from then to now had included pigging out on her cinnamon rolls and laying prone on her couch. Normally, she would be taking a nap right about now, but with all that had happened recently, Rainbow’s mind decided to hate her and not drop the topic. The topic of Lightning Dust. With an annoyed groan, Rainbow flipped herself over onto her back and stared at the cloud ceiling.

‘Stupid Lightning Dust, she doesn’t know what the heck she was talking about, It was all her fault that she got kicked out!’

‘Well she was kinda right, you did help get her kicked out…’

‘No! It was all her fault! She was the one who was irresponsible and brash! She started the tornado! She was the one who caused all of the chaos!’

‘Hello pot, meet kettle. For Celestia’s sake, can’t you see it?! You were as responsible as her!’

‘Really? How!’

‘Well, for starters, you could have stepped up and told her to stop, you could have prevented it! But noooo, the great Rainbow Dash didn’t step in until it concerned her and got personal!’

‘Well! You... Stupid brain!’

‘Just trying to show you the truth…’

“Shut up, brain!” Dash yelled into the pillow. She was getting tired of that stupid thing always using logic on her… it was like a mini Twilight in her head! Groaning, Dash pushed herself off of the couch. Rainbow flopped onto the floor, she wasn’t in the mood to use her front hooves, so she just dragged herself over to to her kitchen. Over the years, Dash had developed an annoying habit of eating when she was confused, angry, or anything of that sort. Luckily, her constant exercise routine and high metabolism kept her from getting fat. Dash pushed herself through the door and made her way across the cloud floor to her refrigerator. Dash pushed herself up off of the ground and open the fridge: it was empty.

“Buck me,” she whispered under her breath. “I knew I should have gone shopping…” With not food to indulge herself in, she slammed the refrigerator shut, and sat down with her back against the empty refrigerator. With nothing left to distract her, Dash let her mind wander. She remembered back to the beginning of the Wonderbolt’s Academy, when she and Lightning Dust had been friends. They had got along so well; Dash had finally found somepony who could actually keep up with her. Why did it all have to go down hill? Why had they both have to buck up so badly that one of them got kicked out… Then it hit her, why she felt so bad, why she wanted to drown herself in food, why she was yelling at her brain… she felt guilty. She felt guilty for being responsible for destroying Lightning’s dreams, she felt guilty for getting promoted, she felt guilty for not once going to see Lightning… stupid bucking feels.

Dash laid in her paralyzed position for a few more moments, before she came to her decision. Finding her hooves, she gingerly righted herself back onto all fours before trotting out of her home. Once she was on the porch of the cloud home, Rainbow flared her wings and took off in search of a certain opal coated mare.

Back in the streets of Ponyville, Lightning Dust was trotting through town, she made out like she was window shopping in the bustling market square of the small town, but she kept a close eye on the sky with a determined idea. She was just about to trot over to another stall when she saw a flicker of rainbow high above the ground. A wide smirk came to her face before she snapped her wings open and blasted off into the sky.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was scouring the ground below looking for any signs of Lightning Dust. She had only been searching for a few minutes, but an increasing thought kept amplifying in her mind that the mare might have already left town. This only gave Dash another pang in her chest as her guilt rose, she had to find that mare. Just then, Rainbow spotted a small speck which was rapidly growing larger as it advanced. Focusing her eyes, she noticed the opal and gold flare which appeared around the spec. Dash sighed in relief, but then she realized the spec was making a beeline straight for her. Dash’s eyes widened and she darted around, trying to avoid the oncoming missile of a pegasus. At the last moment, the spec turned, and the pony looped around Dash before stopping just a few feet away from her.

“Well if it isn’t you again,” Lightning said, folding her forehooves.

Dash hovered in slight shock before speaking up. “Lightning Dust?”

“No shit, Sherlock,” Lightning said, rolling her eyes. “Anyway, I’m gonna get right to the point.”

“Which is?”

“I’m here to challenge you to a race!”

Rainbow raised an eyebrow. “A race? That’s it…?”

Lighting chuckled slightly. "No not just a race, loser gets grounded.”

Dash blinked a few times. “Wait so...the loser can’t use their wings?”

“Yeah,” Lightning said plainly, “It’s not rocket science.”

With this new information, Rainbow’s old competitive self came back to her, overriding her previous reason to go searching for Dust in the first place. “You’re on, Lightning,” Rainbow Dash said, flaring her wings.

Lightning smirked. “Good. Meet me at the town’s fountain at three o’clock, bring whoever you like--they’ll only just laugh once you lose.”

With that, Lightning took off once again, leaving Rainbow to her thoughts. She had to go and tell her friends…

As the sun started it’s usual decent as per every evening, two pegasi where stood outside the town’s giant water fountain. Rainbow Dash had brought her five friends along to see the race and support her. Lightning just laughed it off and was currently doing wing press ups on the ground, waiting for the race to start.

“Do you really think Lightning will be able to beat you?” Twilight asked curiously, surprised to hear about Lightning’s earlier stunts. Rainbow held a nervous look at all of her friends still not sure about the race herself, but she couldn’t back down now.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, besides it’s only a lap around Ponyville,” Rainbow said to her friend, reassuring not only Twilight, but herself.

“Come on Rainbow or are you too scared to challenge me now?” Lightning said with a smirk, egging the sky blue mare on. Dash grunted, before trotting over to the opal mare.

“Great! Okay, remember the deal?” Lightning asked as both Pegasi lined up parallel with each other.

Rainbow nodded. “Yeah, of course! You’ll be regretting that decision when I win,” she said confidently flaring her wings.

Lightning didn’t reply and simply counted down, “3… 2… 1… go!”

Within a flash, both Pegasi soared into the air, taking a quick right turn as they started the race. Rainbow was so far keeping pace with her former wing-mate--Lightning clearly putting all she had into this.

Rainbow quickly spotted the next turn, turning her wings in a heartbeat the sky blue Pegasus rounded the corner with Lightning still neck and neck with the mare as they went into the next phase of the race. Rainbow Dash could just see her competitor out of the corner of her eye, she could tell the opal mare was now starting to tire slightly from the endurance, but she still kept pace with Dash as the turned into the second last corner.

Rainbow felt a smile come to her muzzle as she started to edge ahead of the mare. Lightning now slightly struggling to keep pace, but then Rainbow caught a glimpse of her old friend. Lightning trying with all her might to win as if her life depended on it. This started to bring back Rainbow’s concern for Lightning. She began to think all this was her fault, what would happen if Rainbow did win the race...would it just make Lightning more angry?

Suddenly, Rainbow was cut from her thoughts when she saw Lightning turn and soon realized that she’d forgotten about the last turn completely. Groaning, she quickly snapped back around and put all of her speed into the final straight to the finish. Her muscles burned as she poured as much strength as she could muster into her wings. She looked up, the water fountain coming into view. With a few more flaps of her powerful wings, Rainbow found herself neck and neck with Lightning. Dash turned, looking at the opal colored mare besides her. She could see the strain on her face and the the determination in her eyes. Turning her eyes back towards the fast approaching fountain, Dash returned her focus back to flying.

With a flash, Lightning and Rainbow crashed into the ground next to the fountain. All the ponies that had been watching jumped out of the way, several splashing into the fountain in a desperate attempt to avoid being hit. A large cloud of dirt and dust rose from the impact site. As the dust settled, Rainbow and Lightning lay on the ground, panting as their strained lungs gasped for air.

Lightning pushed herself up onto her haunches, stretching her wings. She then asked, “Who won?” aloud, not caring who answered. Everypony began to mumble and talk to each other, trying to figure out if anypony even knew who’d won.

Dash sat up, shooting a questioning glance to her five friends. Pinkie, Twilight, and Applejack shrugged, while Rarity dusted herself off. “C’mon,” Dash moaned, “Somepony had to see.”

“Weeeeeell,” Pinkie began, walking closer to Rainbow. “You did practically dive, bomb us. Teehee, everypony jumped out of the way so they wouldn’t be smushed.

Applejack rolled her eyes as she continued ringed out her hat, being one of the unlucky one of ending up in the fountain.

“Honestly, am I the only one who thinks ahead?” Rarity spoke as she trotted over to Rainbow, her white coat now clean of even a spec of dirt.

Rainbow cocked her head in confusion, not getting what the white mare had implied.

Rarity stopped and with her magic, picked up a small camera that lay perched besides the fountain. “I thought there might be a close call...or a great photo opportunity,” Rarity beamed, clearly pleased with her foresight. Rarity pressed a button, and a picture slowly slipped out of the front of the camera. Rarity’s eyes widened as soon as she saw the picture.

Rainbow quickly grabbed the photo from her friend, before her jaw dropped. Lightning looked over Dash’s shoulder, and soon began jumping up and down.

Dash closed her eyes before muttering, “I…lost…”

Author's Note:

Well...this took much longer then expected. Anywho, tell me what you think of this chapter. I know it was short, but I feel as if the next part will take up more then what I want for a normal chapter length.