• Published 6th Sep 2013
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Perfect Pitch - Wolfie 03

Vinyl Scratch is going to college, learning new ways to enjoy music and the company of others. Can she get over her past to get along with her new roommate and fellow A Cappella singers?

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Miss Independent

A/N: This chapter has some L33t in it, a translation is underneath if you can't read it (believe me, after typing it all up and writing it out, I was able to 'read' it, the same for my editor. He even corrected a few things while typing in L33t )

A pale yellow unicorn stood on her hind legs as she leaned forward.

“Useless little freak of nature! Go ahead, cry! Little piece of trash!” A leg swung down, narrowly missing its target.

“Please, I'm sorry! Please don't-”

“Little shit, don't even speak to me, you should never have been born! Red-eyed little demon spawn!”

With a jerk Vinyl found herself shivering in bed as she looked around the room in fear. As she found that there was nopony else aside from her and her roommate nearby, the white unicorn ran a hoof through her mane as she tried to slow her breathing.

(It was just a dream; she's not here... Why would I dream of her after such a long time? And why do I feel so sad? Wait! Where are my glasses!?)

Vinyl spent a moment searching her nearby desk and the floor around her bed when memories of the previous night came rushing back. She had alienated all her friends and an entire town that didn't even know her and now never will; and she completely ignored and blocked out her roommate who might very well be watching at this time, laughing at how she forgot her glasses got broken the night before.

The white mare froze in place and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall above the doorway; it was still early and Octavia was wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets once more; she hadn't noticed the DJ's sudden rush of movement.

After spending a minute remembering how to remove the barrier that she hadn't had to use in years, Vinyl quietly snuck out of the room only to find a scroll was waiting for attention held onto their door by magic, allowing only one of the two roommates to remove it. Since it would be worse to stand in the hallway without glasses than in a room with a classical noble who probably wanted nothing to with her anymore, Vinyl stepped back inside as she read the scroll quickly.

By the time she was done she wasn't sure what was worse, having to go out in public without her glasses or facing administrative staff without those glasses. The DJ decided to try and find replacements before going to the meeting that was to take place a few hours later, at 10am, concerning the fight that happened the night before.

(Who knew that not many ponies wore glasses? And the one store I find have nothing that would cover my entire eyes... I'll just have to go without for a few days as I put in the order at that one store in Manehatten. Might as well go to the meeting like this and then hide out in my room. I'll just have to avoid Tav-... Octavia, for a while.)

The meeting went better than the depressed unicorn thought it would. The two staff ponies were a little surprised at her cerise eyes and various bruises and scrapes that only confirmed what they were told but they gave her a moment to defend herself and present what happened the night before all the same, which she took; she explained how Sir Pony Moore was harassing Octavia, and had previously been forceful with the gray mare and how Pony Moore flipped his lid and attacked first. The staff stated how other ponies' reports said similar things (aside from the main report, which had made the entire thing sound vastly different) and let Vinyl off with a warming; if she ever got into another fight they would have to suspend or even expel her.

The white unicorn thanked them and went to the school post office to place her request for new glasses along with the bits needed to pay for it all. It was odd for the unicorn to see the world without a slight purple tint to it and while she made sure that most couldn't see her eye color, some did and often did a double-take to check on the colorization.

Once she got back she found that Octavia was awake and waiting for her.

“Vinyl, we need to -” Vinyl brushed past the gray mare who had reached a hoof towards her and put her light blue headphones on, blasting her heaviest wubstep and laid down facing the wall, away from the light gray mare.

She felt a hoof land onto her shoulder and twitched away in fear, her nightmare from the previous night still rather fresh in her mind. The hoof was taken back quickly and though she could have sworn that she heard a quiet sob, the unicorn didn't turn from her position. Vinyl spent the rest of the day in that spot on her bed and while it did sound like Octavia was trying to talk with her, the DJ just turned the volume up farther to block it out.

Vinyl waited until late that night before moving; shaking awake limbs that had gone numb long ago and taking a quick look about the room. She found another bundle of blanket and pony in the other bed and their journal was placed firmly in the center of the DJ's desk.

(Probably had to resort to writing about how much she dislikes me now and wanted to get me to see and acknowledge it. Well, not going to happen.) With a soft snort Vinyl shoved the book away from her and got to work on homework that piled up because of all the extra practices Claire did.

(One less thing to worry about I guess. Now, how do I avoid Ta-Octavia during the day time...?)

The next two days were hard on both roommates but Vinyl didn't want to head outside without glasses so she buried herself in music as well as switching between her sound proof headphones and putting up the barrier to avoid the light-gray mare's attempts to talk.

One would think that perhaps the unicorn should try and change rooms but she didn't actually want to leave and didn't know if Octavia wanted to or not; she knew the school's policy and didn't think they would be willing to make an exception (though being a Manehatten Noble may help change the rules, but a poor orphan stood no chance).

It was during these two days of self-reflection (more like self-loathing, but who was keeping track?) that Vinyl noticed that she lost her charm in the fight or flight afterwards; yet another regret to add to the growing mental list.

Once her new glasses came in a few days later, it was much easier to avoid others; she simply stayed out of the dorms all day long, working at '33 & 1/3' and returning after the gray mare had gone to bed. Each night the L33t journal would be back on top of Vinyl's desk and each time she would push it, unread, to the side.

Vinyl wasn't sure how much longer she could stand the tension and regret; ignoring the gray mare was slowly killing the unicorn's feelings for anything else and it showed in everything she did. Her homework started getting sloppy, her side of the room slowly became a giant mess and her music lost most of its soul; she couldn't even bring herself to sing anything. It was as though she was out of balance and spiraling out of control, and the white unicorn couldn't think of any way to fix it.

The DJ would still try and give samples of her work to the radio station and soon Neon Lights couldn't stand it anymore. A week after the semi-finals the pale-blue unicorn cornered the younger mare as she was on autopilot putting discs away.

“Alright, spill. What happened that has you so down in the dumps?” Vinyl remained silent while she shrugged and tried to keep putting discs away only to have Neon lightly tap her hooves to get her to stop.

“Come on Scratchie, before your music had deep passion and emotion, now it's robotic and lifeless. Something is up and you look like a wreck.” Vinyl sighed as she hung her head in defeat and exhaustion before giving a basic explanation to her boss (without showing her eyes to demonstrate).

By the time she finished Neon was sitting next to her with a hoof on his chin.

“You want an honest answer?” Vinyl looked at her boss with a brow raised since he wouldn't have seen an eye roll, sarcasm coming across clearly even while silent. Neon shrugged before continuing.

“You overreacted a little and didn't give anyone a chance to say anything. I mean, you are beating yourself up over what they might be saying or thinking, it can't get any worse since you are assuming the worse already.” Neon Lights rushed on to say when he saw the indignation on the younger unicorn's face at the statement of her overreacting.

The rest of the sentence gave her pause however as it sunk in; she wasn't ready to hear from the others but she would think about those words for the next few days. She nodded to the older DJ and returned to work, while Neon continued to watch for a while longer before being satisfied that she was doing marginally better than before.

The real eye opener came when Tutti Fruitti came a day later to check on the two ponies who seemed like they wouldn't get along in the beginning of the year. The light pink earth pony was rather surprised to find both roommates tense and silent while the atmosphere felt heavy and depressed.

Tutti Fruitti pulled Vinyl to the side and asked what happened; the dark-blue maned pony was beginning to wonder if this was a pair that were an exception to the dorm selection process and needed to be split up for their own good.

“Well, we don't want either of your studies to suffer, so considering the circumstances would you want to switch?” The light-pink mare looked at the unicorn in concern as Vinyl blinked back in disbelief, after all this time and considering how much of a fuss she made at the start, the DJ didn't want to change rooms. She had grown rather fond of the gray mare and didn't realize how strongly she felt until given the option to leave.

“No, I, ah, promise to have this all sorted out soon. I don't want to change rooms... well, Octavia might, and I guess that's up to her, but I don't want to.” Vinyl softly replied to which Tutti looked hesitant but nodded all the same.

“All right, but if nothing is changed by the time the new semester starts, in seven days, we are going to have a counseling time between the three of us, got it?” Vinyl nodded sharply before heading back to her room, causing Octavia to look up quickly in fear (thought Vinyl couldn't tell from what).

Tutti Fruitti asked for a moment of Octavia's time and by the time the light-gray mare returned the DJ had her headphones on while on her bed; leaving the classical pony no choice but to lay down on her bed once more.

Vinyl spent the rest of the day trying to think of how to break the tension and silence. By the time she was willing to just get up and hug Octavia it was late at night and the gray mare was another bundle of pony and fabric.

Vinyl heaved a sigh as she got up from her bed and walked over to her desk where the journal sat once more; it was the perfect way to find out what Octavia is thinking if she's taking the time to put it back in the center every day.

The white mare flipped it open and found four new entries since she last looked; she turned to the first and began to read.

{ |>34r \/1|\|yL, t|-|15 15 |-|4r|> t0 \/\/r1t3 \/\/1t|-|0|_|t t|-|1|\||<1|\|G 0F t|-|4t |>4y 50 L0|\|G 4G0 \/\/|-|3n y0|_| t4|_|G|-|t |\/|3 L33t. t|-|3 L3|\|Gt|-|5 y0|_| 4r3 \/\/1LL1|\|G t0G0 t0 4\/01|> |\/|3 4r3 1|\/|Pr3551\/3 4n|> |\/|4|<35 1t 4LL t|-|3 |\/|0r3 P41nF|_|L. 1 |<n0\/\/ y0|_|r 3y35 4r3 4 53n51t1\/3 P01nt 4n|> \/\/|-|4t t|-|4t 1|>10t P0ny 541|> |\/||_|5t |-|4\/3 |-||_|rt 4 L0t b|_|t 1 |>0n't t|-|1n|< t|-|4t \/\/4y 4b0|_|t y0|_| 4t 4LL! Plz, |>0n't 5|-||_|t |\/|3 0|_|t 4n|> L3t |\/|3 |-|3LP y0|_|! }

(“Dear Vinyl, this is hard to write without thinking of that day so long ago when you taught me L33t. The lengths you are willing to go to avoid me are impressive and makes it all the more painful. I know your eyes are a sensitive point and what that idiot pony said must have hurt a lot but I don't think that way about you at all! Please, don't shut me out and let me help you!”)

Vinyl began to rub a hoof on her temple, reading about how Octavia felt at being ignored was harder than she imagined; especially since for the past few months the unicorn's goal was to make sure NOTHING was upsetting the gray mare.

{ y0|_|'r3 5t1LL 4\/01|>1nG |\/|3 4n|> 1t |-||_|rt5 50 |\/||_|<|-|; 1t'5 L1|<3 t|-|3r3'5 4 |-|0L3 1n |\/|y |-|34rt. 1 G|_|355 \/\/1n|>y |>4y \/\/45 r1Gt|-|, \/\/3 |>0 b4L4n<3 34<|-| 0t|-|3r 4n|> 1 n33|> |\/|y y1n. PLz t4L|< \/\/1t|-| |\/|3. }

(“You're still avoiding me and it hurts so much; it's like there's a hole in my heart. I guess Windy Day was right, we do balance each other and I need my yin. Please, talk with me.”)

After reading the second entry, Vinyl took off her glasses to give her eyes a good rub, not that she was teary, of course; though she was surprised that Octavia had started to feel the same way with a hole in her chest since the unicorn started to ignore her.

{ 1'|\/| n0t 5|_|r3 |-|0\/\/ |\/||_|<|-| |\/|0r3 0F t|-|15 1 <4n t4|<3 b|_|t 1 n33|> y0|_| 1n |\/|y L1F3, 1'|\/| n0t G1\/1nG |_|P. 1 \/\/1LL \/\/41t F0r y0|_| t0 5P34|< \/\/1t|-| |\/|3. }

(“I'm not sure how much more of this I can take but I need you in my life, I'm not giving up. I will wait for you to speak with me.”)

Vinyl grew even more remorseful as she thought about how hard she had pushed away and dreaded reading the last entry.

{ 1t F33L5 L1|<3 |\/|y L1F3 15 3|\/|Pty 4n|> 1'|\/| n0t 5|_|r3 1'|\/| \/\/1LL1nG t0 G0 b4<|< t0 j|_|5t b31nG Fr13n|>5 \/\/1t|-| y0|_|. }

(“It feels like my life is empty and I'm not sure I'm willing to go back to just being friends with you.”)

It was at this point that Vinyl closed her eyes, fearing the next few sentences but knew she couldn't stop reading; she had to know exactly what the gray mare thought of her.

{ 1'\/3 b33n try1nG t0 45|< y0|_| 4n 1|\/|P0rt4nt Q|_|35t10n t|-|353 L45t F3\/\/ |\/|0nt|-|5 4n|> 1 |<n0\/\/ 1t |\/||_|5t |-|4\/3 b33n Fr|_|5tr4t1nG F0r y0|_| \/\/|-|1L3 1 G4t|-|3r3|> |\/|y <0|_|r4G3 t0 45|<. b|_|t 1n |\/|y |>3F3n53, 1 \/\/45n't 5|_|r3 |-|0\/\/ y0|_| \/\/3r3 G01nG t0 r34<t 4n|> 1 \/\/45 4Fr41|> 0F L051nG y0|_|. |\|0\/\/ t|-|4t 1'\/3 Pr4<t1<4LLy L05t y0|_|, t|-|053 F34r5 533|\/| P3tty 4n|> 51LLy; 4n|> 1F 1 |>0n't 53y 1t (0r 1n t|-|15 <453, \/\/r1t3 1t), 1 \/\/1LL r3Gr3t 1t |\/|y \/\/|-|0L3 L1F3. }

(“I've been trying to ask you an important question these last few months and I know it must have been frustrating for you while I gathered my courage to ask. But in my defense, I wasn't sure how you were going to react and I was afraid of losing you. Now that I've practically lost you, those fears seem petty and silly; and if I don't say it (or in this case, write it), I will regret it my whole life.”)

{ 1 <3 U. 1 <3 U x 4L0t 4n|> 1 |>0n't \/\/4nt t0 b3 \/\/1t|-|0|_|t y0|_|. PL3453 t4L|< \/\/1t|-| |\/|3, \/\/3 |>0n't |-|4\/3 t0 |>4t3 1F y0|_| |>0n't \/\/4nt t0, 1 j|_|5t <4n't 5t4n|> b31nG \/\/1t|-|0|_|t y0|_|; 3\/3n t|-|0|_|G|-| 1 r34LLy r34LLy \/\/4nt t0 b3 |\/|4r3Fr13n|>5. 1 \/\/1LL \/\/41t |_|nt1L t|-|3 3n|> 0F t|-|3 5<|-|00L y34r; 1 |>0n't t|-|1n|< 1 <4n b3 n34r 4n|> 50 F4r Fr0|\/| y0|_| L0nG3r t|-|3n t|-|4t 1F \/\/3 |-|3\/3 n0t|-|1nG t0 |>0 \/\/1t|-| 0n3 4n0t|-|3r. Plz, |<n0\/\/ t|-|4t 1 <4r3 4n|> 4|\/| |-|3r3 F0r y0|_|.

<3 T4\/1. }

(“I love you. I love you very much and I don't want to be without you. Please talk with me, we don't have to date if you don't want to, I just can't stand being without you; even though I really really want to be marefriends. I will wait until the end of the school year; I don't think I can be near and so far from you longer than that if we have nothing to do with one another. Please, know that I care and am here for you.

“Love, Octavia.”)

After Vinyl read the last entry, she felt as though everything made sense and she was at peace (for the moment at least).

(Tavi loves me, no wonder I couldn't read the signs, I've never had anyone feel that way about me nor I for them. 'Cause I do feel the same, can't believe I didn't realize it before now. I don't want to lose her.)

With this thought in mind and love in her heart, the white unicorn didn't want to wait until morning to clear up the whole problem so she just went over to her roommate and gave the pile a hug.

“I'm so sorry Tavi. I don't want to be without you either.” Vinyl whispered as she gave the mare under her a squeeze and light nuzzle, leaning over from the floor to reach the pile. The white mare stiffened when she felt a sudden sharp movement from the gray mare as Octavia threw off her covers only to find the mare returning the hug.

Vinyl relaxed as she felt the mare return the nuzzles and tight hug, leaning forward even more as Octavia remained on the bed with Vinyl sitting on the floor.

“I was so afraid you wouldn't come back.” Vinyl gave the light-gray mare another squeeze at the whispered confession; her heart jerked at the rough sound of the earth pony's voice and wondered if wrapping herself into the blankets was a way to hide the tears.

“I'm sorry, I really am...”

“Vinyl, I will never leave you. You can always talk to me, whenever and about whatever. Just please, talk before shoving everything and everyone away.” Octavia nuzzled Vinyl's shoulder as she tried to hold back tears at finally talking with the white mare once more.

“I will, I'll tell you why... And about my eyes... But first, did you mean what you wrote?” Vinyl's ears flipped back in nervousness, she wasn't used to this kind of talk. The DJ could feel the heat of Octavia's blush as the classical pony nodded.

“I meant every word. I know I should have told you a long time ago but it was so hard to just get you to trust me as a friend. I'd understand if you don't feel the same or just want to stay friends, but I owed it to the both of us to at least tell you.”

Octavia had pulled back far enough to look at the mare as she cupped both sides of the DJ's face in her hooves while she spoke; once she finished explaining herself she planted a chaste kiss on Vinyl's surprised lips before pulling back to watch the unicorn's reaction.

Vinyl's felt as though she was shown a miraculous light only for it to disappear just as quick; in an attempt to find that sunlight once more Vinyl cupped the other mare's face and returned the kiss, though in no way as short as the one Octavia gave her.

While both never kissed anyone before, it felt natural and right as they pulled closer to each other without breaking contact. Each mare had her eyes closed as they felt as though they would explode from the love they had for the other and the feeling of the kiss.

As Octavia pulled Vinyl onto the bed the white mare felt as though she finally understood why so many wrote and made things about love; it was as though the gray mare's love and touch was the only light in the darkness that had been the DJ's life.

The two ponies couldn't stop their hooves as they combed through the other's mane. When the two did pull away, Vinyl couldn't bring herself to be too far from the light gray mare and rested her head on top of Octavia's who in return nuzzled in to the white mare's chest.

As Vinyl tried to find her voice, breath, thoughts or anything really, Octavia couldn't help but lay light kisses under Vinyl's chin, along her neck and even on her chest as though to make up for the lost time and as an outlet for all the care she felt for the DJ. While this didn't help Vinyl's attempt at collecting herself (each touch leaving a fizzy spot as the gray mare's lip left it) she knew she owed Octavia an explanation.

She pulled the gray earth pony closer while she laid a kiss on the top of Octavia's head, drawing strength from newly shared feelings to help with the painful trip to the past that she was about to make.


“I'm gonna tell you about why my eyes make me nervous but I don't think I can keep going if you say anything while I tell you, so pleased don't interrupt, ok?” Vinyl waited for the nod of agreement before taking a large breath and closing her eyes so that she wouldn't see Octavia's reaction until it was all over.

“My mother left me at the orphanage because of my eyes.” Vinyl paused slightly as she felt the mare in her fore-legs stiffen but remained silent.

“I was young enough to still be naive and optimistic about how things might go in an orphanage without my abusive 'mother' around. She, well, she was an extremely pale-yellow unicorn with blue eyes who would date all sorts of stallions who would typically leave after meeting me and seeing my eyes; which would make her all the more angry and she'd take it out on me while calling me names. Like trash, useless... demon spawn...” Another stiffening from the gray mare as Vinyl felt the hug tighten momentarily. After another large breath the young DJ continued.

“So she takes me away one night and I thought she had gone off the edge and was about to finish me off for good, so I ran away. I ran into a club, being small enough that the bouncer didn't notice, and discovered music. I was so stunned that I stood in the middle at the club and just listened; that's how I earned my cutie mark, I knew I would somehow learn to bring more music into the world to help others forget their pain like it did for me that night.

“Well, my 'mom' found me and dragged me out. I tried to put up a fight but she was stronger both physically and magically; I didn't stand a chance. After a quick but thorough beating, she took me to the nearest orphanage; the Hudson Orphanage under the watch of Hannigan, the meanest mare in the world aside from my dear old 'mom'. Well, while she didn't want extra foals showing up, there wasn't much she could do after reading the note my 'mom' prepared, explaining how she was giving me up and that I wasn't to use my real name anymore since I was 'dead to her now' as she put it.” Another tightening but Vinyl wouldn't give in to the comfort just yet, there was a little more to tell.

“So I spent the next thirteen years in the orphanage where it was almost common knowledge that I was given away and why. 'Demon' was a favorite term used to call me especially since I got to pick my new name for record purposes; the other foals said that it must be my true name since it fit so well... You know, it's been so long that I no longer remember my 'real' name anymore, not like I'd ever want see that abusive pathetic excuse for a mare anyways.”

Vinyl fell silent for the oncoming wave of either questions or comfort then realized that Octavia was waiting for her cue to speak once more.

“I think I'm good Tavi... It does feel a little better talking about it to somepony else about it all.” Pressure of another set of lips touching hers caused Vinyl to snap her eyes open to find that Octavia was reassuring her in a different but equally good way.

The unicorn allowed the touch and emotions behind it to wash away the hurt from the past and relaxed into the kiss. Though the feeling of her glasses being lifted up caused her to tense and pull away.

“Tavi, what -?”

“Shhhhh..... It's ok, promise.” Octavia gave the unicorn a small smile as she continued to remove the glasses and didn't pause for a moment even as she saw that the white mare's eyes were firmly shut.

The earth pony proceeded to lay a kiss on each eye lid before resting her forehead against Vinyl's.

“Your eyes are beautiful just like the rest of you and I would be the luckiest mare in all of Equestria if you would consent to be my marefriend.” Vinyl's eyes shot open at this and Octavia gazed at the cerise orbs that showed all the emotions she could only guess at before; confusion, hope, happiness and a touch of doubt.

Octavia took great pleasure in watching the doubt slowly disappeared from Vinyl's eyes as the unicorn realized that Octavia meant what she said and actually liked her eyes. The DJ smiled back slowly as she felt like the luckiest mare that the earth pony was speaking about and gave the mare before her a soft kiss; though Vinyl kept her eyes open to judge gray mare's reaction and Octavia kept her eyes open to continue to look at the usually hidden cerise sight.

“Yes, I would love to be your marefriend if you'd be mine.” Octavia lightly laughed with a shake of her head at the DJ's attempt at lightening the mood, which set Vinyl to smiling as well.

The two ponies cuddled together in the normally singular bed, making the cuddle all-that much closer not that either mare minded. And while it may seem like one of their normal 'hugging sessions', the emotions behind it made it much different and better for both of them.

Octavia couldn't stop looking into Vinyl's eyes, finally able to see each thought as they bubbled to the surface only to be replaced with another. While she wanted nothing more than to keep staring, she realized that she had to explain some things as well.

Vinyl felt a moment of panic as she saw Octavia's eyes become nervous though before she could start to rethink everything she's done wrong (and she was already coming up with a hefty list) Octavia smiled softly.

“I definitely like seeing your eyes, it makes reading your mind much easier.” Octavia's smile grew wider as Vinyl became bashful at how much her eyes gave away.

“I, well, I have something to tell you as well. The other day, while you were out, I had my nodes removed. I won't be able to sing above a certain pitch ever again unless I got the magic surgery to fix it later, which costs double than the surgery to get them removed. I won't be able to look into that option until at least another six months so that we could know that nothing went wrong and everything healed properly.” Octavia practically whispered to her new marefriend who in turned gave her another hug and nuzzled the side of her face.

“What about the Equestrian Girls? Wouldn't such a surgery mess with your singing abilities for a while?” Vinyl gave a small peck to the gray mare's neck as she asked, worry lining her entire being.

“Oh Vinyl.” Octavia gave a small peck back onto the top of the DJ's head before continuing. “We didn't make it. We came in third, but that doesn't make the cut. It's why I choose this time to get the surgery and why if we didn't speak after the end of the school year, I would have left the school to join the world as an inspiring musician trying to make a living off my music.” Vinyl grew a little concerned at the mention of what would have happened had they not reconciled before she remembered that she did patch things up and Octavia wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

Octavia wore another smile at the ability of watching the DJ's eyes which broadcast her every thought; she may have to make it a rule that the white mare couldn't wear her glasses while in the room if she insisted on wearing them still.

“Tavi, you let me know if you need anything, anything at all, I'd get it for you.” Vinyl gave one last snuggle before she settled down in the bed with both fore-hooves wrapped around the other mare.

“Yes, I will. But you have to promise to talk to me before you assume anything! I mean it this time Vinyl; I don't want to lose you.” Octavia also got in one last nuzzle before settling down as well.

“I promise. No, I Pinkie Promise, cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Both mares shared a smile at the silly yet rather severe promise that their pink coated friend invented before they started to drift off to the land of dreams.

“... Tavi?”

“Yes Vinyl?” Octavia wore a warm smile at hearing the unicorn's voice after such a long time of silence.

“... I lost my yin charm... I think it must have fallen off during the fight or when I, uh, ran away...” Vinyl couldn't stand to look Octavia in the eye as she confessed to having lost a sign of how they were meant to be together. Octavia gave a small sigh with a smirk at how nervous the mare was about it, luckily she had found the charm and kept it safe as a reminder of the white unicorn.

“I found the charm Vinyl; I put it in my desk drawer. I was worried that you had thrown it away on purpose, but I'm starting to think that's not the case.” Vinyl relaxed once more as relief washed through her.

“No, I wouldn't have thrown it away. If nothing else, I'd keep it as a reminder. Can... Can I have it back? What drawer is it in?” Vinyl tilted her head to look at the desk in thought.

“Yes, I don't mind giving it back at all; it's supposed to keep us in balance after all. Top drawer on the right, but you don't have to get up for it right now, can't it wait until morning?” Octavia clutched a little more at the mare beside her, unwilling to end their snuggling time.

Vinyl chuckled lightly as she gave the gray mare a swift kiss and hug at the unwillingness to separate.

“Perks of being a unicorn Tav'. Give me a second to focus and we can get back to lying together in peace.” Octavia smiled rudely as she realized that she did forget about her marefriend being a unicorn, one would think it was easy to remember with the number of barriers Vinyl had put up in an attempt at avoiding others.

The earth pony watched as the unicorn opened the right drawer, pulled out the charm and even put it back on her hoof all with magic. Once it was back in place, and after a quick reveal of the yang charm that never left Octavia's neck, the two mares settled back down for the night.

“Love you Tavi...”

“As I love you Vinyl...”

Author's Note:

Sorry it took a little longer than usual, there had been a mix up with emails as my editor was editing the chapter.

And remember, L33t is always changing and whatnot, had it not been for my editor I would have changed up the lettering every so often in those 'journal' entries. L33t can be done many ways; everyone can now 5P34|< L33t Y35? :pinkiehappy: