• Published 6th Sep 2013
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Perfect Pitch - Wolfie 03

Vinyl Scratch is going to college, learning new ways to enjoy music and the company of others. Can she get over her past to get along with her new roommate and fellow A Cappella singers?

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“Tavi, are you sure about this? Have you given any thought about what you'll do from this point on? What about all your stuff?” Vinyl nuzzled the gray mare's neck as they stood in the elevator heading back down to the ground, trying to make sure that Octavia would be ok after the disastrous family meeting they just had.

“Of course I'm sure! I've actually given it some thought on the train ride here after you posed similar questions; I'll have to drop a few clubs and get myself a job but I'm sure I'll find something. I'll get a scholarship to cover cost of tuition in case they try to make me come back by not paying or even trying to remove me from the system. I suppose it's a good thing I'm of legal age; they can't do that without my consent now. As for my stuff, most of it was given to me to steer me in the right direction; anything that I truly care for is back in our dorm room and even they wouldn't be so tacky as to try and take back any of my instruments.” Octavia nodded to herself as she made more plans for when they got back.

The two mares remained silent as they exited the tall apartments and traveled to the nearest courthouse to put in that restraining order. Once it was done, Octavia paused at the sign that listed some of the other things a pony could do in a courthouse; her eyes rested on being able to change her name and wondered if she should do so if she was truly 'disinherited'.

“What do you think Vinyl, should I change my last name?” Vinyl had been staring at the ceiling, not really enjoying being in a courthouse when Octavia posed her question.

The unicorn gave it some thought and realized that it would never really matter to her what the light-gray earth pony was called, so long as they were together.

(Wow, I've gotten really sappy in the last few days... Seriously though, name changing... Hmmm, well, it made me feel better to get a chance to change my own name; maybe it would help her too.)

“Well, you could. I would maybe wait until you know for sure if your folks cut you off, but it's up to you. It would probably help you feel like a whole new mare though.” Vinyl watched as Octavia put a hoof to her chin in thought before nodding.

“I think I shall. What should I change it to? Any suggestions?” It was Vinyl's turn to be thoughtful as she tried to think of what would fit the musical mare beside her when it came to her in a sudden understanding.

“Melody. You should be Octavia Melody, since you're the melody of my heart.” Vinyl grew bashful at what caused her to think of such a name, though Octavia thought it was rather sweet and gave the white unicorn a peck on the lips in gratitude.

“That sounds like a good name, thank you. Give me a moment to fill out more paperwork and then we can decide what to do with the rest of our day.” Vinyl smiled in return and settled down on the floor to wait just a little longer for the earth pony to finish all the papers she had to fill-out for both a change of name and a restraining order against Sir Pony Moore, making it so he couldn't come within fifteen feet of the light-gray mare nor interfere with her business.

As the two mares stepped outside once more, they paused to think of how to spend the rest of the day; it would be tiresome to get back onto the train right away for another long ride home. Vinyl searched the skyline for inspiration when she noticed a familiar mane of teal with white highlights; upon closer inspection the white unicorn found that it was indeed Lyra who seemed as downhearted as Octavia was after meeting her parents.

“Hey Tavi, is that Lyra?” Following where Vinyl pointed with a hoof, Octavia saw the mint-green unicorn and nodded.

“Indeed, I wonder what brings her to Manehatten. Let's go and ask.” Octavia led the way to the other unicorn while Vinyl became nervous once more; Pinkie Pie was one thing, but Vinyl wasn't sure if the others were as accepting of her and her eyes.

Vinyl tried to remember what Lyra had been doing the night of the semi-finals, a hard feat to do when most of the night was a blur of rage, embarrassment and fright. Thinking back, the white unicorn vaguely remembered the mint-green mare keeping anypony else from joining the fight, though she couldn't recall how Lyra had reacted when everyone saw her eyes.

“Lyra, how are you today? What brings you to the city?” Octavia greeted the mint-green mare who looked around in surprise before finding the new couple.

“Oh, hello there you two, enjoying the sights? It's nice to see you two out and about, everypony was getting worried about you guys.” Lyra smiled at the two mares who became sheepish at how much trouble they had caused with their fighting. Vinyl raised a brow slightly at how relaxed the other mare was after the disastrous night that was the semi-finals.

“You're not mad? You don't think my... eyes... look odd?” Vinyl lightly pawed at the ground as she watched the other unicorn frown lightly and tilted her head.

“Why would I be mad? I was worried that you two would never make up; you are meant for each other; why would I care about your eyes? They looked pretty neat; though you are wearing your glasses again, don't you like them?” Vinyl could only look back in a pensive frown at how easy going the mint-green unicorn was.

“Vinyl is worried about how others will think of her because of her eyes; I believe that she is shocked by how you and others don't seem to care as much as she had thought at first. We have indeed 'made-up' as it were...” Octavia rubbed the side of Vinyl's face with her own, causing the white unicorn to blush at the public display of affection. At the sight of Lyra's curious look Vinyl glanced down before looking back firmly.

“Yeah, we're dating now.” Lyra smiled at the pair before looking at Octavia then giving the neighborhood around them a swift glance. The mint-green mare looked back the light-gray mare with slight concern in her eyes and a pensive frown.

“I suppose you went to visit family about it, Octavia?” Octavia glanced away for a moment before facing the other unicorn once more with a quick nod.

Lyra gave a soft sigh before asking what was beginning to feel like a rhetorical question.

“They didn't take it well, did they?” Both mares shook their heads no as Vinyl noticed how Octavia seemed more upset than she had let on about the subject. Lyra walked forward a few paces and gave both mares a hug at once as she tried to consul them.

“You tried at least, maybe they'll start to think about what they've done and come around eventually. I haven't given up on mine yet at least, I'm sure things would get better.” Lyra stepped back and left a comforting hoof on the gray mare's shoulder and tried to smile confidently at them; the smile faded a little at the look in Octavia's eye and her mournful smile back.

“They said they would cut me off from the family, Lyra; I don't think they're going to come around anytime soon.” Lyra's whole demeanor changed at this sentence, from optimistic to resigned.

“No, they most likely won't. Manehatten Nobles can be one of the most stubborn ponies ever; mine still haven't changed their minds either. I came out this way to try and convince them; Carrot Top has been suspicious of why I don't tell her about my family. I was hoping that if I convinced my folks, I could bring her here and have them meet each other; no such luck I'm afraid.” Lyra frowned at the ground as both Octavia and Vinyl became the ones to comfort an upset mare.

“Well, they haven't cut you off yet right? You still got a chance.” Vinyl tried to be supportive though she avoided Octavia's eye.

“They have, but I didn't want to give up on them just yet.” Vinyl flinched as she had landed on a bombshell unintentionally; she decided to remain silent until she knew more of what was happening.

Octavia could tell that Vinyl felt bad for having said that and was going to remain silent until she could figure out what would be a better thing to say. The light-gray mare gave the white unicorn a quick nuzzle to show that she appreciated the effort before she gave the mint-green mare a hug.

“You are braver than I; I no longer wish to be a 'Philharmonic' if they insist on never changing their old-fashion ways. Should you decide that being a noble isn't worth all the heartache, changing last names is rather refreshing; and don't forget your friends, ourselves included, will always be there for you.” Octavia whispered to the light-green mare as she continued the hug; Vinyl felt as though she should take part and joined in the hug as well.

“Thanks.” Lyra held the hug a moment longer before shaking free of the somber thoughts and regaining her optimistic and free-spirited mood.

“Sorry for ruining your date you guys. Don't worry about me, Heartstrings are tough ol' ponies. Now, what are you guys planning for your date? Do you know the area?” Lyra stepped out of the hug and smiled at the pair.

“We're both from this area; we'll find our way around. We'll see you later Lyra.” Octavia dipped her head, followed shortly by Vinyl who gave her own farewell before the new couple headed further into the city to try and salvage the rest of their day.

Lyra gave a slight shake of her head before heading on her own way as well; at least Octavia had a pony who knew of her family and didn't care, Lyra was still trying to find out if Carrot Top would care or not. With this latest issue behind the two mares, it seemed as though the new couple was going to last for a long time indeed.

Vinyl was rather nervous as they walked away from the mint-green unicorn about the rest of their stay; she had hoped deep down that there would have been some way for Octavia and her parents to make up but to hear that Manehatten nobles were known for their stubbornness was disheartening.

Octavia tried to keep up a brave front (she knew her parents and expected their reaction) but Vinyl knew how hard it was on anypony who had and actually cared for parents that suddenly losing them was hard; the white mare just wasn't sure how to help.

Since the couple had arrived rather early, neither one had breakfast making it their next stop. Manehatten, being the diverse city that it was, had a wide range of places to eat. The two settled for a decent breakfast at a cafe which wasn't too crowded since it was still early in the day; the face off with Octavia's parents didn't actually take too long.

The couple sat at a table facing the window, allowing them to pony watch as they ate. After coming up empty hoofed for ideas of what to do next the two mares decided that it was a nice morning for a walk; both knew the area and it was nice to share memories with one another. Sure, neither had pleasant memories of the area, between an abusive mother and over-bearing parents, but sharing it with their other half made it easier and less painful.

Vinyl could sense when it was getting to be a bit much to relive memories and suggested watching a movie or two after a half hour of walking around. Octavia hadn't known there where theaters in the area and they found a cheap one that had a double showing; 'Invasion of the Spaceponies' followed by 'The Day Equestria Stood Still'. Action films were just what the doctor ordered, taking both mares' minds off their morning and putting them into a better mood.

Watching movies in a dark theater with the mare of their heart was a challenge; while the last time they had watched movies together there was tension, it was doubly so this time. Action films didn't have all that much quiet time, but the two mares still had to constantly remind themselves to watch the film and not the mare next to them.

By the time the double feature ended, it was a little past 1pm and both felt the beginning pangs of hunger once more. The two mares got a rather nice lunch before heading for the train once more; they had very little else to do in the city and wanted to go back to their dorm room after the events of the day.

As the pair settled down in another private compartment, Vinyl suddenly remembered a question she had meant to ask the gray mare. Vinyl stood back and watched as Octavia settled onto one of the beds, unsure if constant cuddling would be bothersome.

After a moment during which Vinyl made no move to join the light-gray mare, Octavia looked at the unicorn with concern before noticing how nervous she was. At the sight of a soft smile and a pat on the space next to the gray mare, Vinyl relaxed a little and settled down right next to her marefriend.

As Octavia nuzzled the underside of Vinyl's chin, the white mare tried to remain clear headed enough to pose her question.

“Tavi? Now, not that I'm doubting why you like me, but I was wondering... When did you start to like me so much?” Octavia pulled away enough to look the unicorn in the face with a half-smile.

“I'll tell you but you have to take off your glasses and promise to not wear them in our room.” White ears flipped back as a blush spread across Vinyl's muzzle at the sight of emotion filled lavender eyes.

With a small sigh and slumping of shoulders, the unicorn levitated the purple sunglasses off and onto the other bed as she agreed to the new rule. Octavia smiled in triumph before settling back down against the other mare; Octavia didn't even have to think about when her feelings began, she had thought about it a while when she was trying to confess to the young DJ.

“I started to love you when you came to the auditions. I could tell you were nervous and didn't enjoy the idea of A Cappella, but you came anyways. If that wasn't enough, the next day I knew for sure that I was falling in love; remember how you cut yourself off when Claire wouldn't listen the first day? I saw how you were going to try and it felt like it was for me, not the group.” Vinyl's blush grew further as she nuzzled back.

“When did you know...? Oh come on, like you didn't know I would ask in return.” Oct smirked at the unicorn who had buried her face in Octavia's neck at the question. The white mare shifted so that the gray one would be able to hear without leaving her rather comfortable place.

“When you first sang in our room. You were so passionate about singing and everything, and you kept hoping against hope that it would turn out alright. And you were right, joining A Cappella and stopping myself that first day was entirely for you; you felt so strongly for the team that I wanted to help them get far... Though I guess I can't do that anymore...” Vinyl rested her head on Octavia's back as the full implications of having quit dawned on her.

It was the gray mare's turn to wear a blush as she too thought about what would happen next for the team.

“... You could... Try and come back. I know, Claire may put up a fuss; but we need everyone we can and I don't think anyone is willing to stick to the same thing anymore. Please, consider it at least...” Octavia rested her head on Vinyl's fore-hooves that were laid out in front of both of them; the white mare moved her head from the light-gray mare's back to her neck and head.

“Alright, Tav'; I'll think about it but I'm not sure what good it would do...”

After such a deep and blush inducing conversation, the two mares stuck to light conversations and cuddles. Neither one was sure they would ever get enough of cuddling and snuggles as well as light kisses and caresses that were now available to them.

Once the two roommates got back to the campus, the light-gray mare was a blur of activity as she went in search of her college account and possible scholarships as well as possible job locations. Vinyl, on the other hoof, went in to work at '33 & 1/3' where Neon Lights was waiting for her.

“Hey Neon, what's up?” Vinyl went to work as the dark-coated unicorn hovered nearby.

“Have you been advertising the radio station?”

“Huh? No, why?” Vinyl paused in her reach for discs to put away and looked at her boss.

“'Cause we got a heck lot more popular recently; more ponies have been making requests and submitting stuff, though your work remains one of the most requested.” Vinyl tilted her head in thought before shrugging and continuing her work.

“Interesting. At least we got more listeners, that's the main thing.” Neon raised a brow at the nonchalant attitude and crossed his fore-hooves as he leaned on a shelf.

“Alright, what's eating you this time? Have you not made up with that friend of yours yet? 'Cause the longer you wait the worse it will be.” Vinyl jerked up in surprise and stared at the other unicorn.

“What? No! No, I've made up with her... Actually, we're dating now.” At this the white unicorn's face broke into a goofy grin.


“... But she wants me to try and rejoin the A Cappella group to help with finals that they now have the chance to go to.”

“Huh, so that's what you've been doing this past year... Well, why not try and rejoin? It has to do with what happened at the start of the holidays doesn't it?” At Vinyl's embarrassed nod Neon continued.

“Then you may have a chance still. If not, at least you can say you tried.” Neon gave a shrug before going to all fours once more and working on the radio station while the white unicorn pondered the statement as she went back to work as well.

Vinyl would continue to stew on the advice of trying or not all the way up to the first practice of the new semester. Octavia had left and it felt odd not doing the same, so Vinyl spent twenty minutes lying in bed before sitting up with a groan.

(I'll go try and that way Tavi can't say anything about it. Worse that can happen is that I make a bigger fool of myself and get laughed at.... Though I'd understand, especially if they don't like my eyes and the constant fights I get into... Best go now before I really start to think about it and convince myself that I shouldn't bother.)

During this time the white mare had been heading towards where the Equestrian Girls held their practice and soon noticed a loud commotion.

(What's that sound? Fighting? It's coming from... The practice room... Wait. Was that Tavi?!? That's it, no time to waste, something's wrong!)

Vinyl went from a steady trot to dead run at the sound of Octavia yelling. The unicorn burst through the door only to come to a complete stop at the sight before her.

Octavia and Claire were literally standing head to head in confrontation with Windy Day trying to stop them by pulling on Claire with her fore-hooves and pushing at Octavia with her hind-legs; in another corner of the room Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker were having their own face off while Arpeggio and Beautiful Composition added their own two bits into both fights; and poor Lyra and Pinkie Pie were in the middle, unsure of how to get everyone to stop fighting and rather flustered.

Everyone paused when they heard the bang of the door opening and Vinyl's shout of surprise, turning to look at the DJ who had taken a few steps inside as she called out to the rest of the team.

“What the buck is going on?!” As everyone froze at this shout, the white unicorn took a few more steps inside to bring her closer to her marefriend.

At the sound and sight of the white unicorn, Octavia took a few steps back from her fight with Claire while the cream earth pony straightened up only to glare at the DJ.

“This is an Equestrian Girls practice, members only.” Vinyl flinched slightly but continued to walk forward, noticing that the middle of the room had a large puddle of puke.

“I know and that's why I'm here... I didn't think of anyone else when I did what I did at the semi-finals, and I shouldn't have left... I let everyone down and I'm sorry. Claire, if it's alright with you, I would like to come back.” Vinyl stopped a few feet away as Claire merely glared back while the rest of the team looked between the two mares in surprise and hope; something that slowly faded away to shock and annoyance at the continued silence from their leader.

“... I see. Again, I am sorry.” Vinyl apologized once more before turning around and leaving slowly; the white mare tried to not show how much she was upset, having only just realized how much she had hoped to rejoin the team. As Vinyl made her slow way to the door as the very image of a sad pony, she didn't notice the growing anger on Octavia's face nor the sad pleading looks the others gave to Claire.

The white unicorn was almost to the door when she heard the sudden call.

“W-Wait!” Claire took a half-step towards the retreating mare who immediately stopped heading towards the door.

“Thanks; that would have been really embarrassing...” Vinyl's ears flipped back upright as she turned around and stood close to Octavia as she looked at the cream mare who stared back sadly.

“I know I've been hard on you, Vinyl; I know I've been hard on all of you. But my father always said, 'if at first you don't succeed, get the hell out.'” With a depressed air Claire sat on the ground as she tried to hold back tears.

The others weren't sure what to make of this new development and look at one another in shock.

“Huh, I guess that would explain some things. I didn't know... Actually, I don't know a lot about... most of you.” Vinyl realized as she looked to the others who also realized that for a team that were going all the way to finals, they knew very little about each other.

“Well, I have something you may not know.” Cloud Kicker raised a hoof causing the others to look inquiringly at her.

“I have a lot of sex.”

“Yes, we know Cloud.” Blossomforth huffed as she rolled her eyes in aggravation at the persian-blue pegasus.

“Wait, hang on. That's actually a pretty good idea.” Vinyl held up a hoof before they could start fighting again and beckoned for everyone to have a seat away from the massive amount of puke.

“That was a bad example, but a good idea. Why don't we go around and say a little bit about ourselves?” Vinyl raised a questioning brow at Claire who nodded agreement as she joined the growing circle.

“I'll... I'll go first.” Lyra hesitantly held up a hoof as everyone focused on the mint-green mare.

“I like mares, so I've been disinherited from my family who are... a bunch of nobles. I was going to tell my marefriend Carrot Top about this but since I had been hiding this fact, she no longer trusts me and has broken up with me...” Lyra frowned sadly at the ground as the others were rather surprised at this confession aside from Octavia, Beautiful Composition and Vinyl who had guessed while the first two knew before hoof.

The rest of the circle shifted in spot as they looked to one another to see if anyone would go next or if they were going in order of seating. Windy Day raised a hoof from her place next to Lyra as she braced herself for the confession.

“My family is part of an old Cult that enjoyed and worshiped the Spirit of Chaos. I try to rectify that by doing all that I can to prevent his return.” The others shared mystified looks aside from Vinyl who suddenly grew concerned about Discordians and a possible comeback of the Chaos Spirit. Octavia noticed this as the white mare had leaned protectively next to her and made a mental note to ask Vinyl about what the sky-blue pegasus had said.

The next pony to go was Pinkie Pie who was excited to go; until she realized that unless it was a secret that she had Pinkie Promised not to tell, it was more than likely she already told somepony something and that it would therefore not count in the confession standards.

“Oh oh, my turn, my turn! There's aaaa... Hhmmm.... What about....? No no, already told that one..... How about? No, there was that one pony who knows.... OH! I got it! My full name is Pinkamena Diane Pie! How's that? Does that count?” As the others stared in confusion at how the pink mare could be so honest with everyone around her that saying her whole name could be considered a confession, the white unicorn could only smile in amusement.

“Sure Pinkie, that works. Do you want us to call you that instead?” At this question Pinkie rapidly shook her head no.

“Oh no no no no no. I only hear my full name when I'm in trouble, it would be too confusing wousing to be called that huge long name if I'm not in trouble and I sure hope to not be in trouble because then you don't get to have fun when you're grounded... You can still call me Pinkie Pie! Or Pinkie, or PP or Pinks, or Pinkie-winky or...” The hyper mare trailed off at the sight of Vinyl waving to get her attention.

“Yes, I think we get it Pinkie. Thanks for sharing; anypony else?” Vinyl looked at the next mare in line before looking at everyone else; inviting them to go in any order they wanted.

Blossomforth drew in in a deep breath before looking at the ground as she stated her confession clearly.

“I have a crush on Cloud Kicker. That's why we have been fighting recently, I got tired of watching her take somepony else to bed and never giving me a second look.” Blossomforth couldn't look at Cloud Kicker who was seated on her other side while the pale-gray mare had Pinkie on her other.

Cloud Kicker looked at the others before flipping her ears forward as she looked to Vinyl.

“Can I go again?” As Vinyl gave a shrug of indifference the others nodded allowance.

“While I may have a lot of sex... I don't have too many platonic friends. It's why I've never gone after you, Blossomforth; I didn't want to lose my one actual normal friend. I'm sorry that we fought... Can we try again?” Cloud Kicker looked to the pale-gray pegasus who seemed both sad and hopeful as she looked at the ground, though she nodded all the same.

Once Blossomforht agreed to trying to be friends and maybe even more, Cloud Kicker looked much happier and relieved while the resolution of one argument brought smiles to the others in the circle.

“I'll go next I suppose.” Arpeggio brought attention to her as she gave a small wave.

“This is my first and only year of college; until further notice at least. My grandmother has always been fragile and lately she's taken a turn for the worse. At the end of this school year, I'll be moving back to Vanhoover to watch over her until she gets better; I don't have any other relatives, so it's up to me to take care of her like she did for me when I was little.” Arpeggio had a faraway look in her eyes as she stared at the wall in thought; the others expressed their concern and well wishes for the older mare.

As Arpeggio nodded her head in appreciation of the well-wishes of the others, Beautiful Composition cleared her throat.

“I suppose I could go next. My family had been nobles many generations ago but due to an event that is never spoken of, we were disgraced and lost our title. It's something that everyone in my family has to deal with should we try and do anything with the higher class, and something I have to deal with constantly since I aim to be a well-known composer.” Beautiful Composition looked at the others, daring them with her eyes to ask about what her family did before that caused their downfall.

By this time, everyone in the circle looked at the ground, trying to absorb all the new information about their team mates. Vinyl noticed that it was her turn to speak and took a moment to gather her courage.

“I suppose it's my turn.... I grew up in an orphanage and nopony liked me because of my eyes. This would be my first time to ever have friends.” At this confession, everyone looked at the white mare in surprise and concern; most of her actions and problems making a lot more sense to them in light of this new information.

“It's rather nice.” Vinyl gave a tense smile as she tried not to look at anyone pony; Octavia leaned into her for moral support. “So that's me, somepony else go next please.”

Octavia looked at the young DJ and took a deep breath before sitting up straighter.

“Over the holiday break, I had my nodes removed.” The others gasped in shock at this news as Claire grabbed the gray mare's hoof while giving a sympathetic look at such a huge event.

“I thought the season was over, otherwise I would have waited until it was all over. If it weren't for Vinyl and I getting together, I don't think I would be taking the news half as well.” Octavia used her free hoof to grab Vinyl's as they shared a smile.

“Oh, and I guess that's something too; Tavi and I are dating now.” Vinyl said proudly as she grinned at everyone who gave their congratulations to the new couple.

Octavia smiled as well before allowing it to drop slightly as she felt the need to add to her speech; Vinyl noticed and leaned into the gray mare as she guessed at what she may be adding to her confession.

“There is one more thing. Due to family matters, namely being disinherited, I have changed my last name; I am now Octavia Melody, a common musician.” Most didn't understand what she was talking about, but those who knew anything about nobles knew who her family was and what the light-gray mare meant and were glad that she had some kind of resolution.

“Vinyl.” At Claire's soft call, the young DJ snapped her head to face the cream earth pony.

“What do we do?” Vinyl was surprised; Claire was not only asking for her advice but looking to her for direction.

“... We'll re-mix this business. But, ah, not here.” Vinyl waved to the puddle of puke when the others looked confused as to why they had to go somewhere else to change up their practice.

Once she had everyone's nod of agreement, Vinyl led the way out of the building and down to the empty pool where they had the Riff Off. She knew that they needed someplace with good acoustics that wouldn't have too many others around so they could practice in peace. Hopefully they would be able to get the room cleaned soon, but until then they would have to practice outside.

After they were all gathered in the empty pool, Vinyl faced the others and looked at Claire to see how she wanted to take this.

“Claire, would you pick a song please?” Claire nodded excitedly and thought only for a moment before responding.

“Bruno Mars, just the way you are.” Vinyl raised a brow at the selection but reminded herself that the mare did know some pop songs, even if she had venomously ignored it as a choice for their selection.

“Ok, sure. Tav', can you lead?” Vinyl tried to think rapidly of what would work the best with the selected song and tried to go with the strong singers as leaders. Luckily the group had a good foundation for listening to each other and doing some improvising; something they proved during the Riff Off, making Vinyl's task a lot easier.

Octavia squared her shoulders as she nodded firmly; she wasn't going to let her marefriend or any of the others down! Vinyl nodded back as she started to count in her mind and bobbing her head before waving her hoof to the tempo of the song.

The white mare started the sound with simple sounds to show the range and tempo, going at a steady pace as the rest of the team concentrated.

Do, doo do, do, dooo do, do doo do..

Slowly the others caught on and once a decent background was set up, Vinyl pointed to Octavia to start.

her eyees, her eyees
make the stars look they're not shining.
her haair, her haair,
falls so perfectly without her tryin'.
she's so beautifuul,
and I tell her everyyy daaayy...

Octavia was already enjoying the song and planned on performing it at a later time for the white unicorn; it just fit so well. The gray earth pony felt a tingle of thrill run up her spine as she heard Vinyl start to sing in between the light-gray mare's lyrics much like at the semi-finals.

(Uh uh- I was thinking 'bout her, thinkin' 'bout me,)
I know, I know
(Thinkin' 'bout us, what we gon' be)
when I compliment her she won't believe me
(Open my eyes, it was only just a dreaaamm)
it's so, it's so, sad to think that she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look ok,
(It was only just a dreaaammm)
I sayyy...

At this point Vinyl grinned and gave a subtle hoof point to Claire who grinned back, excited at this new style of singing. While Octavia continued to sing the original song, Claire put passion back into her voice as she followed the white mare before leading the way as she got the feel of this new style of A Cappella.

When I see your faaaccceee
(So I traveled back, down that road)
(Will she come back, no one knows)
Not a thing that I would changge
(I realized, it was only just a dreaaammm)
because you're amazing,
just the way you aaare
(it was only just a dreaaammm)

By this time the team couldn't stop moving and grooving to the beat, stomping their hooves in time and bopping in place.

When I see your faaaccee
(So I traveled back, down that road)
(Will she come back, no one knows)
Not a thing I would changge
(I realized, it was only just a dreaaammm)
Because you're amazing,
just the way you are
(it was only just a dreaaammm)

Vinyl gave a sign for the girls to wrap it up and they ended with one last line, in harmony with the last word.

When I see your face


The girls all wore smiles at how well they sang after all the trouble and there was a moment of silence before Claire's grin grew even more as she glanced at the others.

“Hooves in!” As one they all stuck their fore-hooves into a circle, Claire led the count.

“1... 2... 3..”

“Aaaaahhh!” As one the mares sang the note in harmony, though a deeper than usual song rang out as well; they shared happy smiles though at the sound of Octavia's new vocal range they paused in thought.

“That was some pretty low sounds Octavia.” Lyra pointed out as the others all looked to the light-gray mare with raised brows.

“So?” Vinyl raised a challenging brow to the mint-green unicorn who waved a reassuring hoof back, unwilling to try to pick a fight with the defensive marefriend.

“So, she can hit the lower notes and make the arrangement better!” Lyra said as the others started to get excited once more.

Octavia smiled back as Windy Day raised a hoof to grab their attention.

“I know something that may help.” Windy Day smiled to the others who all reared back slightly at the sound of her voice ringing clear.

“Wooah, no need to shout!” Cloud Kicker waved a hoof to the sky-blue pegasus who smiled sheepishly back, causing everyone to laugh.

Vinyl put a hoof around Octavia's shoulder as the two mares followed the normally very quiet pegasus out of the pool as ideas flowed freely and everyone grew excited of what could be done for the finals with this new type of A Cappella. Pinkie Pie was the most excited as she hopped around the group saying ideas the entire time while the group went back to their practice room.

The young DJ couldn't stop smiling; it was as though nothing could go wrong. She had the mare of her dreams, she was back in with the Equestrian Girls, and her DJ work was getting noticed. She was finally putting the past behind her.

Author's Note:

After I did each of the team members' confessions, I really started to like each one who no longer feel like plain old background ponies to me (even the actual background ponies Arpeggio and Beautiful Composition). I may have to make a small compiling of side chapters/story for each... I'll let that stew in my mind... If you are just as interested in what they may do before/during/after college, leave a comment, it would help me see how many would actually be interested in seeing a chapter of each of the team members' life (aside from Pinkie Pie, Vinyl or Octavia, 'cause you know what? They got whole stories for them from me :raritywink:)