• Published 6th Sep 2013
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Perfect Pitch - Wolfie 03

Vinyl Scratch is going to college, learning new ways to enjoy music and the company of others. Can she get over her past to get along with her new roommate and fellow A Cappella singers?

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Gone Gone Gone

Vinyl woke suddenly to a tight hug and the sound of light crying; terrified, the unicorn raised her head slightly and searched the other side of the room, worried that the previous night's confession had been a dream and Octavia was crying because they hadn't made up yet.

At the sight of an empty bed across the room, Vinyl started to get up with a frown growing on her face but stopped when she felt a pair of hooves around her center pulling her close. As the DJ looked down she found the gray mare in her hooves with her head buried into Vinyl's chest.

As Vinyl slowly settled down into the bed once more, she began to rub Octavia's back to comfort the mare.

“Octavia? Tavi? What's wrong; why, why are crying?” Vinyl gave the mare's head a nuzzle which Octavia returned with one of her own.

“I thought it was all a dream, and when I realized it wasn't one I couldn't help but get a... A little teary about it. It's a dream come true.” Octavia softly told her marefriend who relaxed completely with a smirk at the reason.

“Yeah, it's a dream come true; and it will never end, not by me. Promise.” Vinyl tightened her hug while continuing to rub the mare under her.

The two mares stayed in the bed for a while longer when the door burst open with a bang.

“Heeellloooo Octavia! Ooooh and Vinyl! In bed! Woo, you go filly!” Pinkie bounced into the room and watched with a smile as Vinyl flared and fell out of the bed trying to reach her glasses.

Octavia tried to not be annoyed at the sudden intrusion and watched with Pinkie Pie as Vinyl found and put her glasses back on; though the sight of the dreaded glasses brought a frown on the light-gray mare's face. She could tell that it was too soon to try and convince Vinyl that nopony really cared about her eye color, even though she really wanted to see the cerise orbs.

“Gosh you silly DJ, why do you need the glasses inside?” Pinkie leaned towards the white mare who looked back with a slight frown.

“Because no one likes my eyes; not even me.”

“I love them, just like I love you.” Octavia called from the bed to whom Vinyl sent a light smirk before facing the pink mare once more.

“I like them too! They're pretty!” Pinkie leaned closer as she fluttered her eyelashes to the white mare.

This move caused Vinyl some confusion as to what exactly the hyper mare was trying to say.

“Uhm... Yeeaahhh... I'm with Octavia now; and while I guess I'm glad you like how my eyes look, I'm not going to just start not wearing the glasses.” Vinyl leaned away from the hyper mare as Octavia tried to stifle her giggles at the response and Pinkie Pie's extreme eye roll at the first part of the statement.

“Well DUH! Everypony from here to the moon could see that you two were going to be together! It was only a matter of time, silly filly.” Pinkie giggled at the stunned look on Vinyl's face at the news that these feelings that she's only just came to terms with were rather obvious to everyone else.

Octavia got up from the bed and gave the white mare a half hug and a light kiss, bringing her out of her stupor. Once she saw that the DJ was among them once more, the light-gray mare turned to the baker in curiosity.

“Was there something you wanted Pinkie Pie?”

“Nopey dopey! I was just checking on you to see how things were going, and boy am I glad that you two made up! Now the world is in harmony once more!” The pink mare gave a large smile at the newly dating ponies as Vinyl thought about the first part of the sentence.

“You were checking on us? Why at this time? One of your weird 'sense' thingies?” Vinyl tilted her head as she leaned into the mare next to her, regretful that a checkup was needed in the first place.

Pinkie tilted her head in the opposite direction as her smile fell slightly when she noticed that Vinyl hadn't noticed previous checkups; meanwhile Octavia sighed and could tell that it was something she was going to have to explain.

“Vinyl, Pinkie Pie has come by every morning to see if anything has changed or if nothing else, to try and cheer me up...” At this Vinyl's almost good mood rapidly went downhill; something both of the other ponies picked up on and rushed to reassure the white mare.

“Vinyl, please, it's all in the past. Don't get all worked up about it.” Octavia wrapped both hooves around the white mare as Vinyl gave them a sad smirk.

“Yeah, it's ok Vee! At least it's all better now!” Pinkie Pie also gave the white mare a hug while Vinyl felt the need to return both as best she could.

After the shared hug, the three friends pulled apart and sat in the middle of the room; the two roommates looked at the pink baker as Pinkie just sat with a grin.

“Uhm, Pinkie, was there anything else you wanted? Uh, what have you been up to lately anyways?” Vinyl asked as she realized that she spent a week without knowing what was happening to the other mares on the team.

“Actually, what's everyone been up to?” Vinyl glanced at Octavia as she posed this new question.

“Well, I was staying in the room in case I ever got the chance to speak with you again, so I don't know what the others are doing. Do you Pinkie?” Octavia looked at the pink mare who started to nod rapidly and take a large breath before answering.

At the sight of the hyper mare getting ready for a large answer, both roommates could tell they would have to focus on what was about to be said and braced themselves.

“Of course I know what the others are doing! Windy Day has been hanging out with these ponies who sit around the fire and do beat-boxing, I guess that's where she learned how to do all those cool moves and sounds, Arpeggio has been singing a lot of jazz and the blues which I don't see how somepony can sing a color unless they are blue but maybe it's a different kind of blue? Beautiful Composition has been sitting in between trees and buildings and things trying to write new music but seems to be having a hard time, I wonder why, I mean she was doing so well before, Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth have gotten into a fight and aren't speaking to each other, something about what she does at night and how Cloud Kicker will never like her? But they were friends, so I guess they mean the other kind of liking, like how you two like like each other, Lyra has been going on more dates with her marefriend Carrot Top and they seem really happy though Carrot Top seems to be suspicious of something, Claire has been throwing herself into everything else she has to do and doesn't want to hang out at all, you two have been fighting for the last week but now you've made up and are sure to go on some really nice dates if the author ever gets the nerve to write about it and I've been checking on everyone every day to make sure everypony is having lots and lots of fun but they aren't so I was going to have a 'cheer-up-it's-the-holidays' party!”

At the last word Pinkie waved her hooves in the air in excitement of making such a party that would hopefully lift all her friends' spirits.

The two mares were rather glad they had braced for the sudden rush of words; it helped them understand most of what had been said, though there were some parts here and there that they didn't quite get. Once it all processed, the two mares felt a little bad that they had ignored their other friends and were actually looking forward to a cheering up party.

“The party sounds like a good idea Pinkie Pie; it might be just what we need. I'm sure you have a lot of planning to do, please let us know when it is to happen.” Octavia smiled at the baker who nodded rapidly, paused then grew even more excited.

“Ooooh! What if you guys helped me!? That would be so cool and then we could hang out and talk with everyone else and-” Vinyl could tell that it was time to cut the pink mare off before she went on another rant about parties.

“That sounds nice Pinkie, but I was kind of hoping to spend the day with Octavia, now that we're talking and dating and all.” Vinyl gave the party mare a bashful smile as she wrapped a hoof around the light-gray mare next to her who nodded slightly in agreement of how to spend their day.

“Ooooh~ You don't want to party, you want to paarrttaay. I get it!” After rolling her light blue eyes, Pinkie gave the pair a large wink before hopping up and bouncing towards the door.

As the two dating mares grew embarrassed and tried to correct whatever the pink mare may have thought they were going to do, Pinkie merely laughed and waved farewell.

“Bye you guys! Enjoy your nice, large, soundproof room! Let me know if you need to borrow any of my board games, it doesn't seem like you have a lot of games to choose from. Remember, I have pin the tail on the pony, snakes and ladders, sorry!, go fish, battle clouds and loads more!”

As the two roommates stared on in shock, no longer sure of what the pink mare thought they were going to do, they watched as Pinkie opened the door and paused mid-bounce as she found somepony at the door.

“Oh hello! I never seen you before! I'm Pinkie Pie and I'm trying to learn about everypony who goes to this school, are you new?”

“Oh, no, I'm not new; I live in a smaller dorm and I'm usually pretty busy with work or school. I'm Derpy and I work for the school postal service; I have a scroll for both you and an Octavia, is she in right now? Here's yours in any case.” A bluish-gray pegasus hoofed over a scroll to the baker who looked excited at getting a letter.

“Ooooh! I can't wait to read it! Thanks and Octavia is in; see, there she is!” Pinkie turned around slightly and pointed out the gray mare to the pegasus along with a wave for good measure. Octavia thought it was a little odd but sweet and waved back to the pink mare who, after getting a return wave, hopped away with a loud “bye!” to all three ponies.

“Octavia?” Derpy asked as she hovered in the doorway.

“Yes, I'm Octavia.”

“This is for you, express delivery. Have a nice day!” With a tip of the brown postal hat that she wore, the pegasus left the two roommates alone after closing the door behind her.

“Wonder who's it from; does it say on top?” Vinyl peered at the scroll in curiosity; she never got letters from anypony and seeing Octavia get one was just as exciting as getting one herself.

“It's from Claire! Why would she send something express? It must be something really important, give me a moment, ok?” Octavia asked of the white mare who rested her head onto a light-gray shoulder and read the scroll rapidly.

Vinyl couldn't remain silent as she saw a frown grow on her marefriend's face and tried to read some of the letter as well.

“It's about the competition.” Octavia stated once she finished reading the scroll as she looked at the mare next to her.

“What about it, Equestrian Girls didn't make it right?” Vinyl tried to keep in mind that she quit the night of the semi-finals, she didn't have a right to lay any claim of the group.

“Well, yes, but it seems that the team that got second place 'cheated' as it were.” Vinyl's brow rose as she pondered this statement while she sat up, though she didn't leave her place beside the earth pony.

“Huh? How do you cheat in a singing competition? Did they bribe the judges? What does this have to with the Equestrian Girls?” Octavia rolled her eyes at the interruptions though she couldn't help but smile all the same; even if Vinyl did 'quit' she was still interested in what happened. Maybe she could convince the white unicorn to try and rejoin, eventually.

“Allow me a moment and I'll explain.” Vinyl's ears flipped back momentarily as she lightly stiffened.


“It's alright, just give me a moment to explain, ok?” Octavia kissed Vinyl's check, cheering the unicorn up who then was more than willing to hold her questions until the end.

“As you know, the teams are from the different colleges in the country. Well, to be on these teams you have to be in college or at least be college age to compete. It seems that the Footnotes, the ones who got second place?, had a few colts and fillies that are not of age to be competing; they have been disqualified from the competition once the truth was found. Thus, the Equestrian Girls are 'back in' as some may put it.

“The reason I am frowning is the cause of HOW the Footnotes found these talented fillies and colts for their group; it seems that Pony Moore helped to fund talent agents in locating these ponies and brought them to the Footnotes, making it so the Equestrian Girls wouldn't have a chance to continue. I suppose he may have thought that if I wasn't in the team anymore I wouldn't converse with 'ponies of lower class'... He would have been proven wrong of course, but it's still annoying to think he went that far just to stop us from performing.” Octavia put the scroll down as she leaned into Vinyl for support while Vinyl now wore the frown.

“Pony Mooorreee....” The unicorn growled her annoyance at the pony who just wouldn't leave her mare alone.

Octavia heard this threatening note and could feel the unicorn stiffen out of anger; the gray mare stiffened as well at the thought of another fight and what it may mean for the unicorn.

“Vinyl, don't fight him again, please. They would almost certainly expel you if you got into another fight.” Octavia laced a fore-hoof around Vinyl's shoulders as she buried her face into a white shoulder, while Vinyl in turn rested her head on top of gray mane.

“I won't, I already had that talk with the administrative staff; I don't want to go through that again. But we have to do something, this pony just won't get that you don't want to be with him.”

“... You know, everyone who helped that night had to visit the staff to account for what happened. Did it help any? Are you in some kind of trouble right now?”

“I had a feeling that you guys did; they gave me a warning but let me off the hook this time around. I just can't get into another fight.... But that doesn't answer my question, what are you going to do about Potty Mouth?” Octavia raised a brow at the re-naming of Pony Moore, though she agreed with each new name Vinyl came up for the annoying noble.

“How do you feel about traveling to Manehatten?” Vinyl pulled away to look at the mare beside her who looked up into sunglasses with a slight frown; while the DJ was worried about what the frown was for, as Octavia moved to take the offending object off of the white mare's face Vinyl smirked and removed them on her own instead.

At the sight of Vinyl's uncovered eyes the gray mare smiled once more as she went on to explain; it was much easier to judge the young DJ's reaction without her glasses on.

“I'll go and speak with my parents; try and convince them one last time that I don't want to marry Pony Moore. If that doesn't work, I'll put in a restraining order while I'm in town; that should stop him for a while at least.” Vinyl thought for a moment before nodding slowly.

“Sounds like a solid plan, but what does that have to do with me traveling to Manehatten?” Vinyl noticed how Octavia grew a little hesitant, setting her on edge as well at what the light-gray mare may have been talking about.

Octavia noticed how her one moment of uncertainty was causing the unicorn to also become very uncertain and gave a mental sigh before nuzzling a white side as she explained her idea fully.

“I was wondering if perhaps you would like to meet my parents since I was already going; I know that having you along would help my courage as well. I would have to leave right away, Claire wants to start practice as soon as the semester starts so that we can get back to work once everyone is back from break; I would only have four days to get to Manehatten and back before the new semester starts on March 10th...”

“Oh. Uh, yeah, sure. Though are you sure about me coming with? I'm just some poor orphan, I don't know anything about meeting with nobles.” Vinyl fidgeted in place as she looked to the floor, worried that she would embarrass herself and Octavia somehow while meeting her parents.

“Tell me, do you have any trouble talking or meeting with me?”

“Well no, but that's differ-”

“It is not different! Tell me, have I once made a comment or made it seem like I judge you because of where you lived for most of your life?”

“No, but your parents might not-”

“I do not care what my parents think at times; if you haven't noticed, my parents think I have made a horrible mistake in choosing a college to go to as well as thinking that I should marry Pony Moore. Has this stopped me or changed my mind on these issues?”

Vinyl was starting to see where this was going, but decided to continue answering anyways.


“Then it shouldn't matter to you either. I want you to meet them so that they can meet the mare I have fallen in love with and so I can stand even firmer when I tell them about all this. Manehatten is about... A day to get there and another to get back, so I'd only have a day or so to speak with my parents. Can you get ready to leave shortly?” Octavia got up from her seat next to the unicorn as she headed for her bed to pack some essentials; she glanced over to see that Vinyl was starting to pack up as well and was much faster than the gray mare.

“Sure thing. Is there anything you want me to do once that's all done?” Vinyl put her filled duffel bag onto her bed, being poor and having little material items meant that it was fast and easy for her to be ready for a trip.

Octavia looked up from her own bag and noticed how quickly Vinyl had finished.

“Hmm, yes actually; if you could go and book our tickets for the train ride as I send a letter to my parents so they can expect us; that would be much appreciated.”

Vinyl gave a short nod before heading towards the door only to be stopped by a soft call.

“Vinyl, don't you need bits for it? It's going to cost quite a lot, I'll pay. Here, take this.” With the short command Octavia handed over a small brown bit bag that was loaded down with a large sum of funds for their trip.

Vinyl raised a brow at how heavy the bag was as she looked at her marefriend who made shooing motions to the unicorn, prompting no back talk about using the light-gray mare's bits.

Once both mares were finished with their preparations, Octavia having sent her letter by express pegasus and Vinyl getting the tickets for the train, they met at the train station with one duffel bag each and small smiles.

Within moments the train that would take them to Manehatten was ready to go and the two ponies settled down into a private compartment that had two bunks to be used for the long trip (though it was unlikely that both would be needed for the new couple). Once they put away their duffel bags and the two mares settled into a peaceful cuddle session on one of the beds.

As the train began the long trip north, Vinyl couldn't help but let her mind wander over what might happen when she meets Octavia's parents.

(I know that Tavi likes me for me, but these ponies are important to her as well and I don't know if I can impress them like I did Tavi. How did I get this beautiful and wonderful mare to fall for me? Gotta remember to ask that...

But what if I can't impress them? Would they want us to break up? They probably would. Tavi said she didn't care though, does that mean she'd be willing to be even further 'on the outs' with her parents? That's got to be hard on a pony who actually cares for her family... What if they cut her out completely for not doing as they say? Would they cut her finances? Does Tavi have a way to pay for stuff? I don't think I've seen her do anything outside of school and clubs...

Wait, how did she pay for her surgery? How would she get the other magical surgery? What would singing do to her after she just got surgery!? Oh horsefeathers, she didn't say anything about that at all! I gotta ask now while we're alone, I have to know how much is riding on me presenting a good image to her folks!)

“Tavi?” Vinyl looked at the mare in her hooves who had almost been lulled to sleep once more due to the early hour, the rhythmic sound of the train and the warmth and love of the pony next to her.

“Hhhhmm?” Octavia cracked open an eye to look at her marefriend, giving a mild frown at the sight of the glasses that have been on since they were out in public.

“Tavi, would you be able to sing for the Equestrian Girls without hurting yourself?” At this question, loaded with concern as it was, made the light-gray mare smile lovingly at the unicorn as she shook her head no.

“No, the surgery made it so it DOESN'T hurt. My singing range is different, but that's not going to stop me; we've got a chance at finals, nothing is going to stop me now.”

“Oh, ok, good... How did you pay for the surgery?” Octavia raised a brow at this, starting to have an inkling of where this was going and not sure if she was pleased or not that Vinyl would think about it.

“... My parents paid for it.”

“I see. What about college?”

“Sigh, my parents.”

“Right... what about, if you wanted to get that surgery that would help get your voice back to normal?” Octavia had both eyes open at this time, concern about the topic at hoof showing in her eyes.

“Vinyl, what does that have to do with anything?”

“Octavia, please.”

“Sigh, it's too early to even be thinking about it. I think my parents have assumed that they would pay for it, but what does have to do with anything Vinyl...? Sigh, you're thinking about 'what if's aren't you?” Octavia paused only slightly as Vinyl nodded her head slowly, secretly glad that she was wearing her sunglasses since it made it harder for Octavia to see into her mind.

“Oh Vinyl, it if comes down to my parents disinheriting me, I'll just get a job and I'm sure there are some scholarships that I can apply for to finish my college degree. I can still sing, so I don't need to worry about that extra surgery just yet. Please don't worry about it.” Octavia brushed her hoof along Vinyl's brow, moving her mane out of her face and leaving the way clear for a quick peck on the check for the unicorn's concern.

“But, I don't want to be the reason why you aren't a family anymore; families are important and I'd rather not be a home-wrecker...” Vinyl leaned into the hoof that rested on her face for comfort and to stress her point.

Octavia shook her head once more at how much the unicorn was willing to blame herself for; it meant that she had to take extra care that misunderstandings or problems didn't become larger than they really were.

“Families are supposed to help one another and be happy when someone of the family is; if they aren't happy that I'm happy with the choices I've made, then they aren't a very good family. If nothing else, this has been a long time coming; my parents have never really listened to what I've had to say, even after I've proven myself. If I had to choose between parents who don't listen and don't care about how I feel or think and a special somepony who not only cares but who goes to extreme measures to make me happy, I'm going with the special somepony.” With this declaration made, the light-gray mare pulled the white one close to her once more and sealed the deal with a tender kiss on the lips; one the unicorn was more than willing to reciprocate.

As the two ponies settled down for a long train ride, the white unicorn made herself a promise.

(I won't leave Tavi hanging, ever. If her parents won't take proper care of her, I most certainly will, just like I would have anyways. Don't worry Tav', there is no way in Tartarus that I'm ever leaving you or letting you down again. Now, ways to try and impress her parents.)

The trip to the big city was filled with cuddles, snuggles and light music (Vinyl couldn't leave her laptop behind). Nopony came and bothered them, and they had their meals on the train in the dining car that was well stocked for long trips like the one they were on.

Vinyl made sure to keep the conversation light and friendly as she made mental plans for any kind of reaction that the gray mare's parents may have. She knew what it was like to not have much in the way of bits, having to not eat as much or finding the best prices for things; Octavia probably wasn't prepared, so Vinyl made sure to over-prepare on her behalf.

It was early the next day when the couple arrived at Manehatten; the sun barely up far enough to cut through the light fog that shrouded the city. The sound of ponies beginning their day could be mutely heard as the two mares grabbed their duffel bags and looked for a taxi carriage.

Vinyl looked at the tall hodge-podge of buildings with a slight frown; she hadn't expected to be in the bustling city so soon after leaving it. It was the same as when she left it; ponies rushing around even in the early morning, streets filling with taxis trying to be faster than the others for customers, vendors crying out about their wares varying from foodstuff to electronics.

Once they finally got a taxi carriage, the light brown earth pony was slightly surprised to hear that the two mares wanted to go to the higher end of Manehatten but began to trot off none the less. Vinyl watched in curiosity as the buildings changed from either work places and businesses to high-end apartment complexes that held only a few ponies at a time, the majority of the space owned by upper class ponies.

The various ponies that walked in this part of the neighborhood were very much upper class, wearing the latest fashions and a slight tilt of their nose in the air to show how much better they were than everypony else. Vinyl was feeling out of place when the carriage stopped in front of the largest of buildings that was owned by a single family, the Philharmonics; at this point Vinyl was almost tempted to just give up the entire venture before she embarrassed herself and Octavia.

Before she could give in to this new temptation, Octavia stepped off the taxi and paid the fare, leaving Vinyl no choice but to follow along. They met no resistance at the door, the doorpony recognizing Octavia and allowing them entry as he pointed out that her family was expecting her at the breakfast table.

After taking the elevator to the twelfth floor of the fifteen storied building, they came into a large room with an equally large table that could hold space for twenty easily. Placed near the walls were solid high-grade wood furniture much like the table and chairs were made of, on the walls were paintings from various periods. Vinyl felt as though she would never see as much money as half of what was on this floor alone.

At the head of the table sat two ponies, a light-gray with blue mane earth pony and a pale-cream with dark-gray mane unicorn both of whom looked up at the two mares' entrance.

“Mother, Father, it is nice to see you again.” Octavia walked over and gave each a peck on the check as she called to them.

“Octavia, what is so important that you had to come immediately to speak with us?” Octavia's mother, the light-gray earth pony, signaled to a waiting servant to set more places for the two mares.

“Indeed, we have a charity we have to make an appearance for this morning.” Octavia's father, the unicorn, mentioned as he began to eat.

“I apologize; I can see that you are both going to be busy, so I shall be quick. But please, forgive me, I haven't introduced you to my companion. Vinyl, this is my mother and father, Sonata and Vito Philharmonic; Mother, Father, this is my marefriend, Vinyl Scratch.” Octavia paused only for a moment as Vinyl raised a brow at the abrupt introduction while her parents lightly choked on the food they had taken a bite of while their daughter spoke.

“I'm here to demand that you stop this absurd marriage business with Pony Moore, and that you and Pony Moore are to stop harassing me about my choices of college and love-life.” After the simple declaration, Octavia remained next to Vinyl facing her parents as neither one felt as though they would be invited to sit and eat with the nobles.

“What is this non-sense!? Who is this 'Vinyl Scratch'?” Sonata stood from her seat as she glared at the white unicorn who started to shrink back only to be encouraged by the mare of her heart to stand firm.

“I am Vinyl Scratch, and I love your daughter very much. But Pony Moore has been harassing and bothering her non-stop, and we would like it if you could request for him to stop or we will have to take measures of our own.” Vinyl stood straight as she re-described what they hoped to accomplish, noticing how both older ponies seemed to give her the once over and sneered.

“Our daughter is a Manehatten Noble, she is to marry one of her own kind; not some no named unicorn who can't even dress properly to be in the company of nobles.” Vito set his utensils down as he glared at the white unicorn.

Since this was pretty much how Vinyl had expected Octavia's parents to react, she wasn't as nervous as before; though all her thought out arguments seemed to have flown from her mind and she could only stand there trying to appear nonchalant about the whole thing.

Octavia, on the other hoof, was more than prepared for this reaction no matter what she had told Vinyl.

“While maybe she might not be known right now, Vinyl is going to be greatest DJ Equestria has ever seen; and she might not be used to being in the company of nobles such as yourself; but she has all the grace and manners anypony would ever need or want. If you do not accept these facts, then I suppose it shall be even longer before we can agree on anything.” Octavia looked at her parents sternly as she pressed herself against Vinyl who had started another spiral of depression at how different the two mares were from each other.

“Preposterous! This, this... mare... has clouded your mind. Come, we are taking you out of that school and you shall go to a college befitting a mare of your status.” Sonata stepped away from the table and stood in front of the light-gray mare who was now glaring back.

“No, mother. I will not leave E.U.C.C. nor shall I ever leave Vinyl; and there is nothing you can do about it.” Octavia stood firm as both her parents were in shock at the behavior.

“DJ... DJ... Is this the DJ the same DJ that assaulted Sir Pony Moore? Why would you risk disgrace by staying with such a violent mare?” Sonata glared at Vinyl who only frowned back, she wouldn't leave Octavia's side of her own free will, no matter who disapproved.

“I have had enough of Pony Moore! If either one of you won't stop him, then I shall! Come on Vinyl, we tried.” Octavia turned around and headed back to the door when her father's voice called out.

“Stop right this instant; if you do not accept your place in noble society, you shall be barred from it! If you do not renounce this uncouth mare right this moment, we shall no longer indulge your willfulness and you shall be cut off from this family.” Vito left the table to stand by his wife to face their daughter, who could only shake her head in amazement at how far they were willing to take the whole issue.

“I have not nor will I ever renounce Vinyl. If it comes down to it, a mare that is happy that I am happy is better than a family who do not seem to care for what I want or think at all. I suppose this shall be the last time we see each other for a while; take care, mother, father.” Octavia bowed her head slightly before turning to leave once and for all.

The last image Octavia would ever have is that of both her parents standing where she left them in shock and disgust.

Author's Note:

And now the team is back in the competition! Will Pony Moore ever learn his lesson?

For those who might find this interesting, I've drawn the team members of the Equestrian Girls (aside from the main ponies, because with my current skill levels and technology I can't draw better than what's already out there). Link is here and I'll be adding Lime Light if anyone wanted to see him (for whatever reason).