• Published 10th Feb 2012
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Ponies through the Portal - Zoom Star

After finding a strange rock in the river, three best friends find themselves in Ponyville.

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Chapter 1

Life as a brony in my family is tough. Watching new episodes on youtube cause you don't want anyone to see you watching it on TV. It's a hard life, but it becomes easier when you have friends who enjoy it just as much as you do. My two bestest friends, both pegasisters would agree. Thats us, the pony crusaders. Most times our adventures don't involve much. But there was one time, that changed everything.

It was a sunny morning, rather average in every way. I was taking a stroll around my farm, looking around at the ground as usual. I had reached the river at the bottom, and noticed a glimmer in the water. I reached forward and grabbed it. When I pulled it out, I saw that in my hand was a gem, but no ruby or diamond. It was a sort of strange black and purple, with cyan spots all over it. I stared at it with wide eyes as I got back into my room.

I placed it carefully onto my chest of drawers, and tapped it to see if it would do anything. Nothing, it just sat there, continuing to look bedazzling, until after I place my reading light onto its surface to get a better look. It burst into purple light that lit up the entire room. As I walked back from being stunned by the light show, the light began to condense, creating a large round circle of pure purple light. It seemed to be drawing me in, as if it would swallow me whole. It was... no, it couldn't be... a portal? I turned the light off, and it immediately disappeared. It combined back into the small rock it had been only a few minutes ago. I stood, mouth agape, staring at the rock.

After I had stopped my stare contest with the rock, I quickly grabbed my phone, sending a message to my two fellow crusaders, asking them to come over as soon as possible. 30 minutes later, and they pulled up in the driveway, both with confused looks on their faces. After I had explained about the rock, showing them the strange artefact as proof, both of them went from confused to excited. We decided that, if we were going to use the portal, we would do it together.

I set the rock down under the sun's ray. The rock once again burst into light, and in moments became a portal again. The three of us looked at each other. "The Pony Crusaders" I said, "shall stick together!" The two beside me nodded, and we jumped through together.

As I soared through a giant wormhole of sorts, the purple light began to change. I could see a sun, and clouds, with strange figures moving them around. Trees began to appear and animals as well. But when I looked down, my hands weren't there. Instead, I saw a set of blue legs, each with yellow hooves. I noticed as I looked around my vision was a little funny, as if my eyes were on the sides of my head. And I saw two blue wings, the bone covered by a yellow metallic bond. My rear end had a bushy black and white tail sprouting from it, the same colour as my sleek mane.

As I finally realised I was now a pony, I came to a thud onto the ground. I looked around, and realised I had landed, in the Everfree Forest. I hesitated, looking around for any sign of my friends. I saw a rustle in the bushes nearby and went over to investigate, when a pony jumped out and pinned me to the ground. "Who are you?" she asked, keeping a firm hold. I recognised her voice, and knew what to do. "Its me, I know its you..." but when I went to say her name, I said something completely different. She looked at me in puzzlement, but I could tell she knew who I was.

"Did you just call me Ginger Snap? What is up with this place, Zoom Star?" she put a hoof to her mouth. "I think," I said, "that our names don't work in this world, so we have to call ourselves our pony names." She thought it through, then nodded in agreement. After she had released me, we stood there watching each other in amazement. She was a deep purple, with a appaloosa styled hide, that was the same reddish-orange as her mane, tail and hooves. Her back left leg had a small black leg bracelet around it, and her nose was coloured in a reddish-orange as well.

After we both realised what was happening, we decided it would be best if we find civilisation. And if we were where we thought we were, that meant we would need to get to Ponyville. It shouldn't be too far, I thought, seeing as we are in the forest that runs along side it. So we began our walk towards the town. It was rather easy, seeing as we already knew the forest rather well. We got to the edge of the forest, and Ponyville, in no time.

The town was already bustling with ponies, and so we decided to blend in. Hopefully, we'd be able to find the third one of our number, but we would need help. As we walked through the streets, we began to recognise some of the buildings. We could see Sugarcube Corner, the smell of baked goods reaching our noses, and the Library, full of books. Familiar faces greeted us, such as Cheerilee and Apple Bloom.

We continued walking, seeing the school house in the distance along with Sweet Apple Acres. Ginger Snap thought she noticed someone walking into Fluttershy's house in the distance, and regarded it as the first glimpse of Fluttershy since arriving here. The marketplace had just started to spring up, the various stalls already selling their goods to the various townspeople.

After a long walk through the town, we finally saw a pink pony bouncing towards us. We thought of running, before she would go off to throw a party. But it was too late, she spotted us, and after she looked at us quizzically, she sprung up, mouth agape, and disappeared into Sugarcube Corner.

We decided that the first person we talk to should be Twilight, seeing as she was the most magic trained, and would eventually help us get back. So we knocked three times on the library door, and waited. When the door opened, we looked down to see that there was a small purple dragon with green spikes. "Yes?" he said, sounding tired. "What is it?" I spoke up first. "Me and my friend here would like to speak to Twilight Sparkle." I said. He nodded, stepping back to allow us in. "Twilight!" he shouted. "You have visitors!" As he finished, Twilight bounded down the stairs, and her eyes sparkled with excitement when she saw us.

She walked over to us, a smile spread across her face. "You must be the new ponies Pinkie told me about." she quickly grabbed my hoof with hers, shaking it wildly. "My name is Twilight Sparkle, and allow me to be the first to say welcome!" She smiled as she stepped back.

"You will find it easy to make friends here, everyone is excited about new arrivals." she said, her smile just as wide. "In fact, another newcomer arrived moments before you, and is currently staying at Fluttershy's place" We looked at each other, then shouted what we heard was "Ginger Bread!" We both covered our mouths, then smiled at each other. Ginger Snap spoke, "Do you think you could take us their? She is an old friend of ours." Twilight nodded, confused as to why they shouted out her name.

The walk was pleasant, and we saw even more of the town then before. As we arrived at Fluttershy's place, we could see various animals drifting about the garden. Twilight, ahead of us already, knocked on the door. The door opened, and standing in the doorway was a cream colored pony, with a pink flowing mane and tail. She was smiling as she listened to Twilight, glancing over at the two of us as she spoke. After a lengthy conversation, Twilight beckoned us to come inside. We immediately felt at home, the nature could be seen everywhere.

Then, we glanced over, and right in front of us, a smile bigger than Twilight's, was Ginger Bread. She was a light violet, her nose and hooves tipped in white. Her mane and tail were a deeper, more velvety red than Ginger Snap's, as was her similar appaloosa styled hide. She also had dark pink streaks through the center of her mane and tail. She walked over to us, her hair covering over one eye. She continued to smile as she said "I can't believe you guys made it here!".

Ginger Snap was first to speak. "Its so awesome here! I can't wait to explore the town!" She practically bounced as she said it. "I have an idea!" said Ginger Bread, smiling from ear to ear. "Why don't we explore together?" Ginger Snap and I nodded in agreement. Fluttershy and Twilight walked over, smiling. "We can go with you, and give you a tour!" said Twilight. Fluttershy simply nodded, quickly saying "If you, don't mind that is". I looked to her sympathetically. "Of course not, we'd love for the grand tour."

We began our tour at Sugarcube Corner, but we weren't aloud in, mostly because Pinkie Pie was preparing our surprise party. We stopped by the Library, and then the Town Hall where we met Mayor Mare. Mayor Mare was delighted that new ponies were coming to Ponyville, and we were warned of the infamous party-throwing pony and that if she has seen us we better be ready for a surprise. We smiled when we realised which pony this was.

Eventually, (after much nagging and begging) we went to Sweet Apple Acres. We had just got through the gate, when a familiar orange filly cam galloping toward us. Applejack stopped just in front of us, her hat slanted a bit to the left. "Well, howdy there partners! You must be the new ones. I'm Applejack!" she said, shaking our hooves, making me shake a bit. "Pleased to meet you Applejack!" said Snap. "I'm Ginger Snap, this is Ginger Bread, and thats Zoom Star."

As we sat down to have lunch at the farm, we tasted the apple pies and apple tarts. I just had plain apples, they were my favourite. After we mingled a bit, Twilight remembered that she had a new dress to pick up from Rarity, so we decided to head there next. Ginger Snap and Ginger Bread discussed whether they would get dresses from Rarity, while I decided to test out my wings, and I quickly got the hang of it as I flew above the others.

I landed with a thump, closing my wings back against my body as the others caught up. Twilight knocked on the door, and a cheery voice from the other side called back. "Come in!" it shouted, as we started to file through the door into the vast space full of mannequins, some with intricate dresses on them, others completely bare. In the corner of the room was a large chest full of sparkling jewels.

Standing in the centre of the room, her mane blowing back a bit from the wind coming from the open door, showing off her shining smile, was Rarity. She walked over and began to speak again. "You must be the new ponies!" she said, looking at each of us. "I'm sure I could find you two very dazzling dresses" she pointed at Ginger Snap and Ginger Bread. "The Grand Galloping Gala is soon after all!" She practically jumped for joy when she said this.

Ginger Bread smiled. "We would love that" she said, smiling from ear to ear. Her wings fluttered in agreement, which was the first time Ginger Snap and I noticed them. Ginger Snap stared at Ginger Bread's wings, then nodded in agreement. They both smiled as hard as they could at the idea of new dresses.

After a lengthy attempt at trying to pry the three of them from the store, we finally began our next visit. Seeing as Ginger Snap had no wings, and Twilight decided to use the same spell she used when they went to cheer for Rainbow Dash in Cloudsdale. Fluttershy, Ginger Bread and I soared up to the cloud palace, with the others in the balloon right behind us. I landed onto the cloud with a soft thud. It was a strange feeling to be walking on cloud. It felt like walking on giant plush marshmallows, only fluffier.

Rainbow Dash was easy to spot, and we eventually found her speeding away at the Cloud Arena. I remembered seeing this place before, the last time all the earth ponies and unicorns were standing on clouds. All the stadium seats were made of the same white clouds. Some were moulded into pillars, others just hovered as seats. Rainbow Dash skidded to halt just in front of us, then when she turned to leave the arena, she caught sight of us.

She practically jumped over to us, her mane and tail flowing through the air. She beamed as she spoke, "Hi! You guys must have seen my awesome moves! I hear your new. If so, you might not know that I'm practicing for the Wonderbolts auditions!" She practically squeed at the last sentence. I smiled, glancing at the others to see them smiling too.

This time around, it was me who was the one talking up a storm. Me and Rainbow Dash would not stop talking about the different flying moves and what she was just practicing. I finally realised how much of a fan of flying I was, and considered trying these moves myself later. Before I knew it, I was the one explaining different moves that I saw when watching a few trick planes flying around for shows, and Rainbow's eyes were quite large at the thought of new techniques.

After a lengthy chat with Dash, we realised that it was getting rather late. Twilight pulled out a small watch, and checked the time. She jumped into the air when she looked at it. "We're going to be late!" she screamed. Before we could ask what, the 5 mares were dragging us back to the balloon, and back to Ponyville.

We finally landed in Ponyville, and we took deep breaths from the extensive running we had to take. I finally managed to puff out my question. "Twilight... what are... we... late for?" I asked, breathing heavily. Twilight simply held up her hoof. She was, somehow, not out of breath, and simply said "No time." We headed off again, heading straight into town.

The lights had now been turned off, and it was so dark that none of the buildings were recognisable. The only dim light in the town was the moonlight. It was after a lot of time that we realised we had been shoved in through a door. The room was pitch black, I couldn't even see my hoof in front of my face. It seemed like an eternity in darkness, until...

"SURPRISE!" shouted the room. The lights blasted on, revealing 20 or more smiling faces, surrounded by streamers and balloons. A large banner was hung up along the rafters, emblazoned with the letters 'Welcome to Ponyville!'. Underneath it was a table full of assorted cupcakes, lollies, and various large mountains of different colored jelly. On various dishes were large cakes with different icing on each layer. Treats-a-plenty were stacked next to the table, and amongst them was a large clump of candy floss.

Wait... that wasn't candy floss. No, it was moving. I reached forward, but before I was able to grab it, a head emerged underneath it. Pinkie Pie. "Surprise!" she shouted, and I fell back. She jumped ontop of me, her giant smile beaming down on me. "I gotcha! Welcome to Ponyville! I'm Pinkie Pie, I'm sure we'll be the best of friends!" she was very energetic for a pony. She managed to say it all in a single breath.

She pulled me up onto my legs, and shook my hoof. We talked for a bit about how Ponyville was so far, and how surprised I was. Eventually Pinkie decided to mingle with the other two, so I decided I would try a few of the cupcakes. Without hesitation, I picked up the closest one and took a bite. It was surprisingly tasty, considering I was a pony and ponies don't normally eat cupcakes, but this was Ponyville.

After eating a few more, I decided to mingle. Various people came to talk to me, including various foals who asked me if I was a good flier. I told them I was decent, which was probably a lie. I spoke to Cheerilee again, and Applebloom kept talking about how she had started a Cutie Mark Crusaders group. After she and I talked lengthily, I realised that GInger Snap, Ginger Bread and I didn't have Cutie Marks. But this thought had quickly dissapeared from my mind quickly.

It wasn't long before I noticed that everyone had surrounded a small area. I approached with caution, expecting to find someone injured, or hear crying. But the only sounds coming from the huddle were immense amount of giggles! I squeezed into a gap between two other ponies, and the sight was unimaginable.

Ginger Snap and Pinkie Pie were standing face-to-face in the middle of the group, both giggling at each other. Neither would stop giggling at all, and a few people on the side were cheering at them. I decided to ask the pony next to me what was going on. "A giggle-off I heard. That new pony challenged Pinkie to a giggle-off, and they have been going at it for five minutes" he smiled. "First big mistake she made since arriving I say. Pinkie is unbeatable!" he reared as he said this. He then began conversing with the pony next to him.

The giggle-off seemed to last forever. Eventually, the two of them stopped giggling, their sides hurting. No one was sure who stopped first, so it was proclaimed a tie, and they said they would have a rematch some other day. After a few more hours of mingling, and meeting everyone in the town (I especially enjoyed my conversation with Derpy Hooves, she could not stick to a single topic for longer than 30 seconds), we finally headed off for the night.

Seeing as we did not have our own places, Fluttershy said that she could fit another pony in her house, so Ginger Bread went home with her. Ginger Snap stayed back with Pinkie Pie to stay with her at Sugarcube Corner, and Twilight offered me a side room at the library that she could set up a spare bed for me. I kindly said thank-you, and followed her back to the library. This was the start of a fun journey in the land of Equestria.