• Published 30th Apr 2013
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Early Retirement - CancerousGingerScorpio

Unknown to the unfamiliar terrain, he must find a way to survive in this new environment.

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Rough landings equal rougher recoveries

Woods threw Kravchenko's grenade belt under the ramp, using it as a grenade sump. While he was getting ready for the impact of solid concrete to his head, he felt everything go dark.

"What the h€||?" He said to himself.

He then felt what seemed to be sand underneath him, and he opened his eyes, seeing the incoming horse that rammed into him head on in the gut, breaking a few bones and causing him to lose his breath. The horse suddenly stopped galloping, and only then was Woods able to hear the sound of automatic rifles.

"*gasps*....oh......sh*gasps*" He tried to say. He suddenly was levitated off the ground by some gray aurora that surrounded him.

"Let......go!" He said, still gasping for air. He tried to thrash around, but hitting concrete and getting rammed head on had critically injured him. As soon as he lifted an arm, he immediately felt a sharp pain in his chest.

"Gaaahhh!" He yelled. He tried to look at what was holding him besides the gray aurora, but found that his neck was unable to move. He tried again and again but to no avail. He then remembered that he was in a war zone, after the gray aurora around him faltered and he heard a gasp of pain. He fell to the ground, it didn't hurt though, he was just a couple inches away. He then heard a feminine voice, and thought to himself; "What the f***? I thought that it was just men in the Army?" He was awakened from his questions when a 7.62 caliber round hit the sand next to him. He was no longer gasping for air, and tried to reach for his Colt Python, but found it still painful to move.

That was when he saw a gray figure at the edge of his vision he shifted his eyes to look at the figure, and found that it was a horse, with a sort of bone growth coming out of its head, and a pair of wings on its sides. The horse, much to Woods' surprise, started to talk to him.

"Hey....can I borrow....your Python?" It said speaking perfect English, with a hint of an Arabian accent.

"What the f***!" Woods said, trying to move away from this spawn of Satan. The horse instead ignored the comment and took his revolver anyways. The horse was able to down the horse soldiers after them, leaving the youngest and most vulnerable looking one alive for interrogation.

"Here, have your pistol back." She said, tossing it to the stunned Woods, who still wasn't able to move without feeling pain. He tried standing up, and felt immense pain surge through his legs, but not stopping him from standing upright. He watched as the gray mare walk over to the young stallion who was trying to crawl back to a safe and cozy home. She smashed a hoof into the young stallion's right foreleg, where the bullet wound was. The stallion screamed bloody murder, almost to the point of making himself woozy.

"What...What do you want f-from me!?" The stallion stuttered.
The gray mare looked at him and said, "Where is he?"

Woods was done acting shocked and said, "What the h*** is going here?" The gray mare looked up at him, not letting go of the stallion.
"Well, you obviously aren't from here, hairless ape." She said.

"The name's Woods." He said. If this horse can use a gun, I don't think it would hesitate to shoot me, he said to himself.

The gray mare looked down at the stallion, getting Woods' Python with her magic, and said, "Heads or tails."


The bullet went right through the stallion's skull, that sounded with a nasty crack as the bullet penetrated it. Woods saw the pink brain matter fly out of it's head, along with chunks of its skull.

"Let's go, I still have important business to do." The gray mare said, calmly walking away from the bodies.

"Still haven't told me your name, talking horse." He said to the gray mare.

"First off, I am an alicorn. Second, I am a pony, not a horse," she said, "But my name is Deadshot, Dusk Deadshot."

"So, where the h*** am I?" He asked her.

"Well you're not in Germaney, you're not in Stalliongrad, you're not in Amareica, but you are here in Saddle Arabia."

Woods corrected her, "Last I checked, it was Saudi Arabia, not Saddle Arabia." The gray mare looked at him funny, and just shrugged.

"Well, you're not from here, so then everything would be different," she said, "By the way, your wounds seem rather serious. Let me see if I still have that first aid kit." She dug around in her pocket. That was when Woods noted that he felt rather light-headed, and fell to the ground just barely conscious.

3 hours later

Woods opened his eyes, seeing the ceiling of a traditional Saudi Arabian house. He looked to the side and saw Deadshot leaning against a balcony. He looked around the rest of the room, noticing a small armory and a small cooler with what appeared to be whiskey and booze. He tried to get up silently, but his chest was throbbing with pain, and he couldn't move without feeling pain.

"Ah, you're awake." The gray mare said walking over to him. She levitated what appeared to be a herbal tea with a cup of sugar towards him. Woods took a sip of the tea, immediately feeling the pain go, and being replaced by pleasure.

"What's in this stuff." He asked Deadshot.

"Just some pain reliving herbs I got from a healer." She said. Woods just shrugged, and went back to his tea. When he finished the tea, she got down to business.

"Alright, so I got a few questions for you, Woods." She said.

"Ask away." He replied.

She was surprised that there wasn't any resistance of any kind, but she had questions to ask, and she would ask them.
"So, what is your line of work?" She asked him, observing his BDU and all the other stuff that came with him.

"Search and Observations Group." He said


"Master Sargent."
She smiled a little, knowing that a he wasn't a weak rookie or a general who didn't now what war was like. He was a seasoned veteran. She then realized that Woods' wounds were still there, and suggested he get more sleep.

"Yeah, yeah okay mom." He said sarcastically. She looked at him as if he was insane in the brain. She just shrugged it off and went back to the balcony. Woods just stared up at the ceiling, and soon fell asleep.

Author's Note:

Hey guys, thanks for reading chapter one, and leave a few critiques on this chapter.

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