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Kravchenko was pummeling Mason, almost to the point of death. So Woods did what any other soldier would do; he pulled out his S.O.G. knife and stabbed Kravchenko in the upper back. Kravchenko pulled the pins on his grenade belt. Woods dove and tackled him through the bullet proof glass. He tried to pull of the Russian's grenade belt, successfully pulling it off and throwing it behind a wall. He was about to hit the floor when he blacked out from some unknown reason. He woke up, and realized he might be in the afterlife. That is of course, until he gets rammed head on by a berserk horse, charging at full speed.

Chapters (4)
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Go back over it, there are a few spelling errors, but not too many

Saddle Arabian marksman alicorn armed with a DSR-1 which fires a .300 whinchester round at a range of 1100 meters. Interestion. I'm just saying since Dusk Shoot is a Saddle Arabian pony shouldn't she have a Dragunov SVD? Oh we'll, your fic.

Comment posted by CancerousGingerScorpio deleted May 1st, 2013

2509283 well it actually was origonally chambered for the .308 Winchester cartridge, although there is a variant that fires the .300 round. And Dusk Deadshot does use an SVU in this fic.

2511878 ok well I'm just saying the full name is the Dragunov SVU-A and that is he sniper rifle chose for the Spetsnaz forces but at least its a Dragunov variety.

2512201 I looked it up. The SVU-A is the only SVU variet

2512408 there are 2 variants. The semi auto SVU and the fully automatic SVU-A rifle. Look at Wikipedia if you don't believe me.

2513307Around 1991, the Russians developed a slight variant of the OTs-03, the OTs-03A (SVU-A). Whereas the SVU is semi-automatic, the SVU-A (the A stands for automatic) is a fully automatic rifle. In this rifle, the center of gravity was increased by the addition of a forward extended bipod mounted on the receiver. Developing 20 and 30 round magazines increased the capacity of the magazine so that it could be used effectively in full automatic mode; and better optics were incorporated into the SVU-A to replace the previous units, which had been left almost untouched since the SVD.

This is the Wiki description. READ IT AND LEARN!

2512590 ah screw it lets stop arguing if I spelt that correctly ( if I didn't ... I DON'T CAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEEEE) the point is there is an SVU out there.

wow. I cant express how happy i am that people think it has potential! i will try not to dissapoint you all.:raritystarry::pinkiehappy:

aww man, Woods is gonna have some fun with that XM25!

Ponies are advanced as us. The XM25 was just made in 2011.

I can't believe EOD soldiers wouldn't have gas masks, of all things

2575920 Chemical weapons are not frequently used. Therefore you wouldnt expect to need one.

Fun chaper. I might kno who the red mare is. And ............................................................... I cant think. Oh well.

I'll say that this has the potential to be very good, and that I'll follow it to see how things progress. That's all I have to say for now

Comment posted by Marksman deleted Dec 5th, 2013

So why did they destroy an American chopper? Also, you said its Amareican not American. Actually I prefer American't but oh well.

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