• Published 30th Apr 2013
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Early Retirement - CancerousGingerScorpio

Unknown to the unfamiliar terrain, he must find a way to survive in this new environment.

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When Bullets Start to fly, You Better Duck

Woods had dreamt for the first time in years. He dreamed about his life back on Earth, and all the political crap that was happening. He stirred a little, hearing a weak crack as he watched the politicians bicker. Wait, a weak crack? He immediately sprung from the bed, dolphin diving to the nearest wall. He then heard the crack again, and looked around the corner, and saw Deadshot standing at the balcony cracking what appeared to be bones.

"Oh thank god it's just you breaking...bones, I assume?" He said, sighing in relief.

"Yea, I just have a habit of breaking rat skulls. Did it ever since my father taught me to use an AK-12. Good times, good times..." She replied starring mindlessly into space, still cracking the skulls. She eventually came back to, whatever this planet was called, and trotted over to her mini armory.

"Well then I should ask you; want invade a military base?"

Woods considered the question. So Deadshot was apparently a terrorist of some sorts, but the alicorn had taken him in, and didn't question where he came from. Yet the ponies at the military base would most likely try to get information from him, maybe even try to run tests on him. He did not like being studied by a bunch of brain-buckets.

"Sure, why not? Just, what should i prepare for, because I've never heard of anything called the 'AK-12'?" He said as an answer.

Deadshot looked at him curiously, wondering if his world had not advanced further into technology the way theirs had.

"Well, it's essentially just a modified Kalashnikov 47 with Picatinny rails for optics."

Woods nodded and looked over to her small armory. There were what appeared to be bullpup SVDs, a PTRS-41 anti tank rifle, a bullpup sniper he didn't recognize, a SPAS-12 shotty, something that looked similar to an AR15 carbine, and a heavy machine gun.

"Wow, looks like you've been stocking up for World War 3!" He said. Deadshot looked at him and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to show you my armory."

She walked towards the mini armory and pulled out the weird looking sniper. "This is my prized sniper," She said, holding it close," My WKW Wilk is loaded with .50 caliber cartridges, meaning i can use as an anti-material or anti-personnel rifle. It leaves a nasty hole."

Woods went to the armory and picked up the carbine. It felt rather smooth, not feeling tough or rigid like his old M16A1 did. He looked over the rifle, now noticing that it had a sort of RD sight, with a reticle that looked a lot like a toxic symbol.

"That's my good ol' M4 carbine. Here, have this to go along with it." Deadshot said, floating him a grenade launcher that Woods had never seen before.

"Whadda you call this?" He said, observing the weapon.

"It's called the XM25 CDTE." She replied. Woods, one to not like to wait al the time, said, " Can we just go now? My trigger finger is getting a bit itchy."

"Of course we will. Just put on this flak jacket and we'll be set." Deadshot replied.

Author's Note:

If you have any critiques for this, go ahead and leave them in the comment section.

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