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Harvest Moon · 3:11pm Mar 9th, 2017

If anyone is even still around for my story, i am very sorry for the delay. No one knows but I have been going through some hardships with my life right now, losing a very well paying job, having no money to pay rent, barely surviving, but i am doing my best. I am not asking anyone to donate. This is not something for me to ask for anything, i am just informing you all on why there as been such a huge delay in the next chapter. I am now collecting unemployment for the time being while I look

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A Choice · 3:51pm Aug 31st, 2022

The window lingers.

A simple phrase, with only two answers sitting on it.


[Yes] ◇[No]

The icon flashes, waiting for confirmation.

My eyes unfocus from it, allowing the circling darkness to frame my sight in inky nothingness.

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Easter- Because Having A Normal Holiday With My Family Would Disturb The Balance Of The Universe · 5:11am Apr 13th, 2020

Happy Easter to everybody. I hope you guys are having a better day than I am.

My family is always a shit show. I mean, it's like a guarantee. But I always hope that we can have a normal holiday for once. But, obviously, that doesn't happen much. Today is no exception.

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Lockdown, "the Coof," and a Personal Thanks to You · 12:56am Nov 25th, 2020

Hello my friends, and an early Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a multi-layered letter to you all, one which will begin with pragmatism and close with offering you a personal Thanksgiving message. The first part is something that’s really been on my heart to address in a (hopefully) helpful way: what the lockdown is doing to us, and what things we can do about it.

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Chapter being edited · 12:21pm Jun 26th, 2016

Chapter won't be out today because it is still in the editing process. Hopefully I can have it up soon :)


Chapter 14 is finally out~ My Valentine's Day special and we're getting so close to the end~ · 1:31pm Feb 4th, 2022

Hello, everyone!
I hope everyone is having a magnificent day today! :twilightsmile: This February 4th, I am releasing chapter 14! Otherwise known as my Valentine's Day special~ I won't be around for a while, like ten or thirteen days, but I wanted everyone to have a bit of content while I am gone, so I released my 14th chapter!

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