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Hey. um. · 3:42am Dec 4th, 2015

First blog post yo

So, I would like to say hi. And apologize for not updating my story (like its popular anyway pssh). I dont write often, this story is more of a side project, but i AM working on a new chapter!!11!!!!11! Dont worry, nonexistent fans!!11!!!1!!!

I wanted to tell the peeps about myself, and what better way than in a blog? No really, is there a better way? Am i doing this wrong? Help???

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So, I finally watched the first season of True Detective. · 7:26pm Sep 11th, 2019

As I wrote in the title, I finally watched the first season of True Detective after I heard so much good things about it, and holy shit, why haven't I watched it sooner? It was so good. The dialogue, the plot, the acting, the characters (I love Rust and his quotes about how he perceives life), the relationship between Rust and Marty was great, The reveal of the true killer was so suprising, because I would never except for him to be the lawnmower from episode 3

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First blog · 11:54pm May 30th, 2017

Hello there, VSauce Tedious_Blizzard here!

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Tracking stories · 3:41am Jan 5th, 2017

Ok so when I go to my library it says i have an unread chapter of a story, but when I click it there isn't a new chapter of any story. So what's the cause of this?

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im here · 2:02am Nov 3rd, 2019

im here

ive been here but absent, i forgot, but im back.

hi, my state right now isnt the best, ive been looking for something to get my mind off things and express myself.
i suddenly remember this website, and i remember all the good times i had when i was younger here, i hope to maybe meet someone.

i just want to see another living thing

its so lonely here

anyways, i may do a character sheet for my OC, Vincent. idk if you want that.
im talking to no-one

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My first blog · 10:10pm Sep 14th, 2016

I did it! I did it!
I finally took the huge amount of free time I currently have and tried writing a fanfic, which is currently waiting for approval. Nothing major, only a short slice-of-life story, but I think a nice start.
This is also my first blog post...
and I have nothing to say except, that I plan on finally using the blog post. Still don't know for what, though (opinion on episodes? top tens? random things, that come into my mind? Maybe all of this?)
Well, only the future knows.

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Trotcon 2017! or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fandom. · 4:05am Jul 18th, 2017

Hello Everypony!

(Wait, I sec, I am actually blogging! :derpytongue2:)

So, two years in the fandom. Two wonderful years as a brony. I got to say it has been a fun time and has completely change who I am. But no sense on beating around the bush. Let me talk about my second time going to Trotcon!

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First time sharing my thoughts, cheers · 6:07am Dec 12th, 2018

So, I've been on the site for awhile now, and never had a reason to write anything.
I'm a musician, not an author. I've always had the utmost respect for those who could paint with words as opposed to strings/air.

Today, someone wrote me a PM asking me advice about getting into real estate, based on a comment I made to The Abyss. I just wanted to post it here in case anyone with a hat and a whip was able to glean any information from my poorly chiseled crap.

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Heya! (First post!) · 1:44am Oct 22nd, 2016

Hello, FimFiction! I'm new..... Yay..!
I think this blogging idea is genius, and I haven't seen any other fanfiction site do this sort of stuff before. Well, then. I will be posting maybe next month, (Since school is getting really hard, to be honest.) And, are there any requests? I'll take any ideas at all! Ugh, i've been going through this massive writer's block, and am just getting back into MLP.

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Heyo Everypony! · 3:56pm May 15th, 2020

Hey dudes! What's up? If your wondering for me, watching some Kubz Scouts (good youtuber), wrote down some ideas for some other fanfictions and next generation (that don't contain MLP) and whatever.

Hopefully your having a good day and God bless!


If am bein honest · 7:45am Jun 22nd, 2019

I've been with this community since 2014 and just made an account a little while ago and just made a blog now that just shows how absolutely god dam lazy I am. Buut I like talking about fallout equestria so if y'all wanna talk about it I'm down

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