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FMF 8: 3 February 2017 · 5:05am Feb 4th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome to another Fandom Music Friday! This week, I've been getting re-focused on school, and as such I've been listening to another of Black Gryph0n's tracks. You might recognize Black Gryph0n from FMF 1 where I plugged his and Michele Creber's song "Here We Are." This time, I'm putting a spotlight on his Rainbow Dash song, "Fighting Back."

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FMF 32: 26 January 2018 (And Updates) · 4:47am Jan 29th, 2018

Thirty-three percent.
That's what percent of a calendar year I've been silent.
Well, not anymore.

I don't give up, because that's not who I am. And if it is, then it's not who I want to be, who I'm going to be. And the song I've selected (by Black Gryph0n and Baasik) for this FMF reflects that, starting with the title.

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FMF 24: 30 June 2017 · 6:05am Jul 1st, 2017

Hey guys, and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday--on a Friday this time! It's even on the Friday directly following my most recent FMF! It's like I'm actually on top of my writing projects for once. That's hopefully going to be a thing that keeps happening for a while.

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FMF 1: 16 December 2016 · 7:27am Dec 17th, 2016

Music speaks to the soul in a way written or spoken communication just isn't able to. My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic has spawned some particularly memorable pieces of music, both canon and non-canon. It is for this reason that I am starting a blog I'm going to be calling Fandom Music Friday. FMF will feature a piece of music that I've found particularly inspiring or relatable to my life or to one of yours. (Submissions are welcome! PM me!) I hope that through this blog, you all will be

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Faster Than You Know (Fimfiction version) · 10:21pm Apr 3rd, 2017

Over nine thousand stories
Have filled my head
As I look for the comments
In all the Web
Secretly waiting for this site to change
And with this seventh season, something's strange

Now my blog
Is bigger than I know
I'm losing all control
I never thought I'd make it
[End Pre-Chorus]

Now I know
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)
This tale spins faster than you know
(Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh)

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Songfic on the way · 3:06pm May 26th, 2016

So, I wrote a chapter of How Love Works, which features a few things, namely: a swordfight (floating building and lightsa-I mean, phaseblade included) and one of my favorite pony songs.

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