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FMF 1: 16 December 2016 · 7:27am Dec 17th, 2016

Music speaks to the soul in a way written or spoken communication just isn't able to. My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic has spawned some particularly memorable pieces of music, both canon and non-canon. It is for this reason that I am starting a blog I'm going to be calling Fandom Music Friday. FMF will feature a piece of music that I've found particularly inspiring or relatable to my life or to one of yours. (Submissions are welcome! PM me!) I hope that through this blog, you all will be similarly inspired by this fandom's music.

Kicking off this blog is "Here We Are" by BlackGryphon and Michele Creber.

Last year in college, I was in a major that really wasn't working out for me. This semester, even after changing my major, I was fighting an uphill battle with my grades, battling a pretty intense existential/identity crisis, and trying to break out of my shell socially. My grades came down to the wire, and my exams were going to determine if my grades were good enough to even stay in school. A week before the exam, I came across this song and its prequel, "Are We There Yet?" All I wanted from then on was to be able to play this song after I finished my semester. I didn't want to have to find a sad song to play as I dropped out of college or find a song about life taking an unexpected turn; I wanted to use this song. This song drove me, carried me through when I had all but lost hope of continuing in my major.

So here I am. "I was starting to believe that I would never get this far." This fandom is so inspirational. This duo, along with BlackGryphon's brother Baasik, have produced a ton of great music, but it was this song that really got to me. Had I started this blog a week earlier, I would have chosen "Are We There Yet?" if only for the line, "Why do you sit there sighing instead of trying one more time?"

Michelle "Apple Bloom" Creber's line "Searching for the light in the dead of the night/ When I could light the way for someone else," rings true both as herself and as Apple Bloom. Here I am a grown 20-year old college student taking inspiration from a yellow earth pony filly on a kid's show because the message of "never give up" hits close to home in the most stressful point of my student career thus far. So thank you, Michelle, whether in or out of character, for being an inspiration to not just me, but so many other viewers both young and old. And thank you as well, BlackGryphon for singing the male parts and uploading the song to your channel.

History Lesson Progress:
Next chapter goal: 5-6K words
Next chapter progress: 2.2K
Remaining chapters: 2
Likely upload time: This weekend or shortly thereafter

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