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FMF 8: 3 February 2017 · 5:05am Feb 4th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome to another Fandom Music Friday! This week, I've been getting re-focused on school, and as such I've been listening to another of Black Gryph0n's tracks. You might recognize Black Gryph0n from FMF 1 where I plugged his and Michele Creber's song "Here We Are." This time, I'm putting a spotlight on his Rainbow Dash song, "Fighting Back."

Preformed by Black Gryph0n and written by his brother Baasik, this song is equally pony and non-pony due to careful word choice, which seems to be a running theme among Black Gryph0n's works. Of course, this doesn't detract from the music one bit; in fact, I think it enhances it by expanding its potential target audience.

Seriously, go check out more of Black Gryph0n's songs. The dude's great at what he does.

Story Updates:

History Lesson:
          Next chapter goal: 5-6K words
          Next chapter progress: approx. 4K
                    Still a largely unorganized mess of plans that won't work due to a shifting ending and the S6 finale.
          Remaining chapters: 1
          Likely upload time: 2-ish weeks

Don't miss the special announcement after History Lesson's finale!

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