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Heartbeat Is Done! · 10:23pm Apr 21st, 2019

Once Upon a Heartbeat, my one-shot story, between... Sunset Shimmer & Pinkie Pie!

It's finally complete! I don't know why I ship them, but I do. They're just SO adorable! I've read stories with a romance between them on this site and I had to write my own. The biggest influence was from one of my favorite stories, Paint On The Wall.

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Sunset’s Backstage Pass · 6:16pm Oct 6th, 2019

Man, there was a lot of shipping this weekend. I’m really tempted to hint at some SunPie in MLA now


State of the Human, January 2018 · 1:55pm Jan 26th, 2018

So I'm a bit later on the update blog this month, but there isn't much to say, really.

I'm working on a couple projects, entering at least one contest soon, and working on my contribution to a lovely Pinkie collaboration.

December wasn't my month, you may have noticed. It never is. January is looking up finally, and next month might be even better.

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Changing Seasons Time! · 5:44am Sep 1st, 2017

Hi everyone! So I wrote another thing for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping contest! The story is called Sweet and Sour and to the surprise of nobody it is about shipping Sunset Shimmer because those were the rules and darnit, I can follow at least that much!

I think it's cute. I definitely had fun writing it and now I get to unleash it upon the world! Enjoy, I hope!


Oh, Yeah... I Guess I Could Do a Blog or Something · 6:39pm Aug 18th, 2019

A few days late, but I've been on this site for 4 years. It's been fun, honestly.

Also, I'm still breathing, still depressed, and still sleep deprived, so I guess those are things too.

On the story progress side of things, I'm working on an entry into Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest. There's already a few entries up. Go check them out.

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State of the Human, November 2017 · 1:52pm Nov 7th, 2017

Well, shoot. Time to add another candle to the cake.

Today's my birthday. I had intended to post a story today, but someone helping me with it has pointed out a number of holes in it that need to be patched. So expect it by Friday, I guess.

I've got a couple other things in the works, but none of them have progressed far enough to announce. I will say, though, that one of them includes a particular fashionista that nobody likes (Spoiler: it's Suri).

Viewing 1 - 6 of 6 results
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