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How to avoid the 'Rona · 10:50pm February 7th

  • Get fully vaccinated against everything.
  • Get vaccinated and boosted specifically against the 'Rona

Wear proper PPE:

  1. Brace over my both nose and mouth supporting the MaskStack
  2. N-95-Respirator
  3. ClothMask with a pocket with a P.M-2.5-Filter in it.
  4. Surgical Mask
  5. Bracket Compressing the MaskStack down along the edges, thus preventing AirLeak.
  6. Balaklava
  7. Goggles
  8. FaceShield

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¡I encountered 3 Branch CoViDians in 1 week! · 12:11pm January 29th

Maybe, I just pay more attention because I know a wuss who did not get her shots because she is afraid of needles and has fought the 'Rona for 3 weeks —— ¡ told her so¡ —— but I encountered 3 Branch CoViDians this week.

  • I had an appointment with my Doctrix. In her waiting room was a CoViDiot refusing to put on a mask. The staff told him to comply or leave. He complied.
  • I walked in public when a Branch CoViDian screamed at me "¡The Pandemic is over!".*

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A must-read site about antimasking antivaccing QAnonCultists who have died from the 'Rona since July. · 4:18am Oct 11th, 2021

Sorry, AntiVaxxer

To review, starting in May, anyone wanting vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. Everyone could get 1st dose in May and a 2nd dose in June. By July, every adult should be vaccinated. Unfortunately, we have a death cult called QAnon:

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¡No healthcare or deathbenefits for antivaccers, just let them die at home! · 7:44am Sep 12th, 2021

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