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A must-read site about antimasking antivaccing QAnonCultists who have died from the 'Rona since July. · 4:18am Oct 11th, 2021

Sorry, AntiVaxxer

To review, starting in May, anyone wanting vaccination against SARS-CoV-2. Everyone could get 1st dose in May and a 2nd dose in June. By July, every adult should be vaccinated. Unfortunately, we have a death cult called QAnon:

QAnon is a death cult believing that Democrats are childsacrificing, babyeating, blood drinking pædophiles, but Trump is sent from God to save us. They are best known from a failed coupe attempt on 2021-01-06 when they attempted to assassinate Vice President Pence, overthrow the Government, and install President Donald Trump as absolute Leader for life.

They are totally against masks and vaccination because when the Pandemic of CoViD-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 started it threatened to derail the economy President Trump definitely gave to us and certainly did not inherit from President Obama. President Trump decided to downplay the Pandemic, so it became part of the QAnonCult to resist masking and vaccinating, thus making them into the QAnonDeathCult.

Since July, we should have 100% of adults fully vaccinated. Because QAnonDeathCultists making up ⅓ of the population, only ⅔ of all adults were vaccinated. Since July, we have had an 100 thousand preventable deaths from CoViD-19.

Sorry, AntVaxxer lists deaths of people who have died since July from the 'Rona who are publicly both anti mask and anti vaccination. Sorry AntiVaxxer does not have a requirement that the people it lists are QAnonDeathCultists, but over 90% of people lister are —— ¡what a surprise! —— ¡not!

I would like to highlight 2 entries:

Ben Garrison

the 1st is Ben Garrison, QAnonDeathCultCartoonist. Most of these asshats are all against masks and needles in the skin for vaccination, but the moment they get sick, the insist on going to the hospital and getting an OxygenMask and needles in their skin for I.V.s, thus eating up resources, thus leading to the deaths of responsible people needing those resources. Ben Garrison insists of staying at home, without medical assistance. I must commend him for this:

If one is an antimasking antivaccinating QAnonDeathCultists, please do not use scarce medical resources.

Marlon Hampton

The other is for Marlon Hampton. The thing is that this is more about Patrick Hampton:

Patrick Hampton is a QAnonDeathCultist. He bullied his brother Marlon Hampton into not wearing masks and not vaccinating. Marlon Hampton came down with the 'Rona and ended up in the Hospital. Patrick Hampton _"*RESCUED*"_ his brother Marlon Hampton from the Hospital and gave to Marlon Hampton Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the drugs Trump says to use, at home. His Brother Marlon Hampton died.

I am all for family, but sometimes, one must tell crazy family members to shove it, break off all communication, and disown them. If Marlon Hampton would have worn a mask and been fully vaccinated by July, the chances are greater than 99% that he would still be alive today.

Although a few people encourage others to mask and and get vaccinated , most keep their QAnonDeathCultaith to the end.

By the way, it seems that the low oxygen from lungdamage causes braindammage. I know of 1 case where someone got the 'Rona lost an election by 7 million votes, but believes that he won. That poor man got the whole 2020-Triple-Whammy:

He got the 'Rona, lost his job, and got evicted.

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