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¡No healthcare or deathbenefits for antivaccers, just let them die at home! · 7:44am Sep 12th, 2021

Once again, the antivaccers killed someone much more deserving than life than they:

Man Dies After 43 Hospitals Couldn’t Admit Him

In the USA, starting in on the 1st of may, any adult American can get vaccinated for free. All nonvaccinated (logically to unvaccinate would be to suck the vacfcine out of people; so now, unvaccinated people would be previously vaccinated people with the vaccine removed from their bodies) could have gotten their 1st dose in may and their 2nd dose in June. By July 4th, which is Independence Day, when we defeated the spacealiens back in 1996, the USA should have been independent of the Pandemic with all adults vaccinated and focusing, through COVAX, on eliminating the Pandemic worldwide. Unfortunately, the QAnonCultists refuse to vaccinate. I have a simple solution:

Give to them 0 healthcare and deathbenefits.

That way, worthy responsible people who are vaccinated will not dies because the hospitals are full antivaccers and insurance companies will not go broke people of these deathcultists all dying at once.

¿What are your thoughts? Speaking about thoughts, I am all for giving to the antivaccers thoughts and prayers:

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