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A Friday to Recover · 11:39pm Mar 27th, 2020

5 steps away, I didn't give the time of day.
4 steps away, I had nothing to say.
3 steps away, I attempted to delay.
4 steps past... I hadn't expected it would move so fast.

Happy Clean Friday~.


A Filthy Friday without a Story, but instead Brings you a Poem · 10:05pm Sep 8th, 2017

~Ooo, all the grass I am sowing, so there can be food growing,
mares and stallions eat their full, and grow larger than a bull.~

~And once their nice and juicy, what will happen, you'll see,
they'll be stuffed down again, all part of the food chain,
And soon it'll smell a lot, like, methaneeee.~


Also we have a poll for thie week.
What kind of Mouse do you like?

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Time Compensation · 10:31pm Apr 3rd, 2020

We keep contact brief
and hope it is leading,
to a sigh of relief,
once no one's left breathing.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.

Wash your hands, 30 seconds.


One pod at a time · 12:55am January 23rd

Three peas in a pod laid resting,
while the morning sun laid cresting,
the pod opened a creak,
from the peas no a peep,
as the first pea tumbled through.

In their slumber, more space felt welcome,
though keeping still neither did seldom,
and so with a bump,
an impromptu jump,
and the second pea tumbled through.

The third pea had all space it'd desire,
fading off in the dream court's choir,
but without a support,
the pod would contort,
so the third pea, tumbled through.

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Digging limits · 12:25am January 30th

I dug three feet into the ground,
three feet and nothing more.
Had I went all four foot down,
There'd be gold and treasure galore.
And while some think, that fact is sad,
truth do be told,
three feet was all I had.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.


Who is the beast · 8:56pm Jan 17th, 2020

A human sees flowers, all in a row, they lean in and smell them, make time as they go.
A beast sees flowers, down their list, they grasp and pick them, leaving dew in mist.
Down the list goes, the judge reads them all, passes the beast a sentence, to lay down the law.
The human keeps walking, away the judge gaze, for crime is the act of beasts, abstained the human's ways.

Happy Filthy Friday~.


Zealots · 11:07pm Jul 24th, 2020

Once devoted, now deceased. And yet devotion outlives the devoted, as it does the cause. There is safety in the sensation, the belief of purpose and belonging, stronger than that of words or motivation.
It forges and tempers effort, though has long since lost the control over its subjects.

Happy Filthy Friday~.


What we ignore · 11:13pm May 8th, 2020

When do trees become a forest? Can we put it to a number? Perhaps it i when they stop being individuals and start to become a pattern. Patterns we intersexual, we interpret, we match and decipher, though we just as easily look past it. When the chaos grows too strong, we ignore it.
Until such a time, we find ourselves lost in a forest, unable to recall the trees we passed on the way in.

Happy clean Filthy Friday~.


Cursed February · 11:52pm Jan 31st, 2020

Thoughts malign affect those close,
expression wry and worries rose.
Infectious is the thought of ill,
inviting by mystery and promise of thrill.
Soon one thought has turned for the worst,
and the subject in question, afflicted and cursed.

Wishing you all a Happy Filthy Friday~.


Taking Stocks · 10:32pm March 5th

Ooo, I want to brew the stock of life, a bullion so fair,
for despite being full of strife, inside the bones of mares
you find marrow, and juices, and tasty treats galore,
if you let it simmer these fuses, have your patrons knocked to the floor~.
Ooo, I want to brew the stock of life, this task's myself I have wrought,
for even a single speck of trite... would spoil the whole broth.

Happy Filthy Friday~.


Bulding Confidence · 10:54pm Aug 28th, 2020

There was a little circuit man,
Welded from the scraps of cards.
They built up themselves as a handy man,
Improving to escape the junkyard.

But all time spent upgrading,
oblivious to his trading,
the times which he could cherish,
for the date to which he'd perish.

Happy Clean Filthy Friday~.


Sunset Story Stuff · 3:02am Jan 15th, 2020


Friday, Lets Celebrate · 10:38pm Mar 13th, 2020

They say the spirits whisper,
on cold days by the fountain,
about a lonesome spirit wisher,
their existence debated, uncertain.

She once held claims of her own,
and many did she berate,
but now in the dump she's thrown,
those who believe it, do relate.

But the whispers aren't lasting,
their memories... are passing.

Happy Filthy Friday~.


Pony Carols: Now With Audio!!! · 8:19pm Nov 29th, 2016

I just spent a couple of hours recording each of the carols from Thorax the Red-Nosed Bughorse, and each song now has a YouTube with audio at the top of the lyrics! :pinkiegasp: You might need to refresh the page if you don't see it.

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( Acient Unicorn ) Azuko Vo Itikia Celestus ( Mages of Itkia's Sun ) · 8:21am Sep 21st, 2015

translated from Acient Unicornian.. a magical poem..

Celestus et vo kikokia ( Sun is of blue skies )
Bogen azuko uni freazinata ( One horned mages gather )
Kikokwen rio-zen ( blue skies cry )
Nitus vo celestus Itikia verrkin ( Night of the sun's Itikaia strength )
Erom azuko uni-harzex ( Under mages one time stand )
Zrim avell koway vo azuko yukariss ( Seal evil far away of mage sang forever )


The Iron Horse updates... later, unfortunately. · 5:03am Feb 26th, 2016

So, uh, yeah... I'm going to have to delay the next chapter by about a week.

"What did you just say?"

Sorry. :fluttercry:

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i'm not sure what i just wrote. · 2:00am Sep 21st, 2016

I don’t know what I’m smelling anymore.
I smell wood. There is no wood. Just air. It makes me sick.
I wish there was wood. Then I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

I smell leaves.
They’re new. Except they’re not. They’re dead. They’ve been dead. They crunch under my feet as I walk.
Crunch crunch. Like chips.
I wish i had chips.

Walking is dumb. Flying is better.
I try and fly. I scrape my knee. It hurts. I watch the blood run down my leg.
I don’t feel it. It’s just there.

I hear voices.

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I Had My MLP Poems Read On YouTube! · 5:31pm Sep 6th, 2016

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I had some of my MLP: FIM poetry taken from this story collection here read on YouTube by a very awesome site member called PonyStemCell. Be sure to check out his FimFiction.Net profile as well as his

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Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight - A Poem · 2:36pm Aug 5th, 2019

Celestia's Talk With Alicorn Twilight

So now you are an Alicorn
Oh happy day! Congrats!
You used to be a unicorn
But now you're so much more than that

Yes, though these new wings, so big and grand
Are clumsy, confusing, and uncoordinated
One day you'll take off, soar, glide, and land
In mind, every flight equation you have formulated

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Maudern Poetry · 2:51pm Mar 17th, 2014

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