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Are there any fics out there where the Royal Sisters decided to retire but later on(or quickly) at least Luna decides to change her mind and not retire. Or where sometime after they retire, Luna decides to come out of retirement and resumes being the princess of the night and (co)ruler of Equestria?

Well this group only has 8 stories thus far, being honest here, but I'm sure Luna oriented groups might have what yer looking for.

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I have this history where Pricess Luna decides not retire anymore

EI'm Fine, Ok?
Twilight knows very well that she must understand why Celestia and Luna want to retire. So why a part of her is sad that mostly Luna retires?
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And i have a serie where Luna return from her retirement to see Twilight, and later, they get married

I remember reading them. Liked them good
I hope there are more fics on Luna deciding to back out from retiring or returns from retirement.
I just well.. crave more of seeing that(and hopefully fics on the finale that handles the Royal Sisters better) due to I was pretty bitter at what the writers did to Luna like that.

Just asking anyway to see if there are any fics like that that hasn't been added on here yet.
Along maybe it would give others ideas to make a fic like that.

I.. would have posted questions like this in the Luna group too but.. I feel afraid.
Especially due to a couple of people on there having the habit of posting basically lectures to disagree on something.
I really don't want to rant about how it bothers me about Luna retiring but said people I mention just give me a freaking long post on how I shouldn't be upset about that and having to accept that. Just.. argh..

Well I was just mostly making you aware of the current state of this group, but I believe the admin has you covered now.

Wasn't mad at you or anything.
That very last bit was me just expressing frustration at worrying on someone giving me a huge long comment that ends up telling me otherwise(like telling me I shouldn't be bothered about Luna retiring)

Well, I guess that might be why this group's a thing then.

A sort've therapy session away from those perhaps abit TOO accepting of how things went.

Now, I wouldn't say I HATED Season 9 as more like, I just have a big issue with the main arc (And select other points in the season) that I just personally believe it should've been executed better. But I do admit of being extremely passionate about those problems with Season 9.

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