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I used to be a social worker and a counselor. I recommend staying away from both professions.

I am happier as a mechanic in training.

I wonder why this has so many dislikes. Human services is awful. :ajsleepy:


Well I'm StormLuna, Gen X so I grew up on G1, a fan of football and hockey mostly although I do like baseball and basketball. Obviously I'm also a fan of MLP: FiM and have a soft spot for Starlight Glimmer. I love meat, hate fruit and am scared of stinging insects.

I'm a sugarbeet farmer, and I do some research on the side. Started watching MLP in 2011, and I finished Season One in time for Season Two.

I like shooting sports, BBQ, and beer. The three must never be joined together and are best enjoyed separately.

Hi, I'm Anon and I was invited to this group. Not sure why, lol.

Started watching in 2011, enjoy making music and writing fanfiction.


Hi, I'm DmitriTheWriter. I was invited to this group by Pone_Heap just two comments up. I don't know why, I don't center my stories entirely on OC's or ordinary things and I don't really plan to.

I started watching MLP in 2018 (I know, I'm late), best pony is Twilight Sparkle, and I love playing grand strategy games by Paradox Interactive way too much.


Glad to have you aboard.

The dislikes are probably from people that interpreted your post to mean that people with mental health concerns should avoid going to therapy.

Which for the record is very bad advice.

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It would be among the worst advice I can think of.

That sure is stupid but I guess that makes sense. Especially when I said it was something I did it is stupid. It is a miserable profession at times.

I hated it because those in charge pretty much neutered us of the ability to help. They were more concerned with quotas and appearances and political correctness than helping.

You want to frustrate someone? Kill their power to do their job.

I'm Gabriel Smedley,

I love animals of all shapes and sizes, I wasn't really a fan of mlp until I saw a review on Equestria Girls, then began watching fan videos and now here I am, and now I'm trying to write a fanfic called "The Rainbow and the Tiger" which let's just say so far, has been kind of crazy. But so are some other things in my life.

Hi, I'm ArthurPaige or Derrick. Either one, I am a pretty depressing guy, then again, I like to be.

I've joined the fandom about three years ago, out of curiosity, of course. Since then, I've never left. In that time span, I've completed only one story. Good luck trying to find it.

I am a vicious procrastinator, who struggles to keep up with his ideas, who isn't, right? My favorite types of stories are the ones that take you out of reality, make you feel what the character feels, the ones that keep you turning the page to find out what happens next. Oh, I love those.

Anyways, I better keep this short. I'm always looking for new people to talk to. So, if you are up to it, shoot me a PM.

Thank you for reading this. I'll see you later.

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I'm PrinceOfDarkness, but you can call me Mike, Mikey or Michael. I believe I'm Gen Z as I was born in '06'. I'm an aspiring writer and author. Working on my newest book called Archangel.

I'm sixteen and also a dad to my baby girl Laura who was born a few months ago in February.

I like to work with other writers to make stories or help write them. I mainly assist with grammar.

I honestly have no memory of how I came across this site. But I know that I joined a few years ago and have been here ever since.

I'm inspired by characters of the show such as Twilight, Celestia, Luna and Sunset, all of whom are my personal favorite characters.

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