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I have a series of stories(two for now but more coming soon) dealing with a world in which the main six has vanished. To everypony their fates are unknown and due to this the remaining ponies either live in hope they will return, fight on in their stead or sink into darker sorrow.

This series of stories aren't built around the idea of finding the truth so I'm leaving their fates unknown as the whole point of this series is to stretch my skills with background characters that I haven't considered using before. Like, for example, Comet Tail and Noteworthy in my story Friendship Needs a Bodyguard or Bon Bon and Lyra in the FIB: Friendship Isn't Banned.

7150029 My story could be a prequel for your series. In the story, it is explained why the mane 6 never returned.

TPrincess of Friendship
After Twilight’s stream of successes, she’s confident that nothing can go wrong. Is she due for a lesson?
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Hmm, while I do enjoy your story, it has already been established in one of my stories that Twilight's own vanishment was a separate event from the others. In fact, spoiler heavy hints in one of my stories the current ruler of the world knew when Twilight was going to vanish and made his moves in anticipation of her unknown fate.

It's simply stated by all accounts they vanished, but some do soon come to know or at least have an assumption on what happened and simply either will never be the lead in the stories or after finding out the truth becoming opposition to the current heroes of each of the stories. For example Flash,currently he's a major villain for two of the stories currently out, but I've already planned for him to have his own story taking place before he found out the truth.

either live in hope they will return, fight on in their stead or sink into darker sorrow.

I meaning this quite literally in some cases. Bon Bon fighting in their stead Friendship Isn't Banned, Noteworthy living in hope for their return Friendship Needs a Bodyguard, or Flash sinking into darker sorrows just because they're gone. Other stories will be exploring a different aspect of their vanishment on the world and either the ponies in these stories will learn from them to be better or far deep into the clutches of evil without them.

Also to give a bit more flavor I'm drawing experience from my favorite movies and TV for each of these stories. Friendship Needs A Bodyguard is inspired by Hitman's Bodyguard and Friendship Isn't Banned takes a lot of cues from 007 and the Witcher series.

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