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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.


"The world of Equestria was once filled with peace and friendship as far as the eye could see, but ever since the destruction of Canterlot, this once great country has fallen into anarchy and despair. The princesses are gone, the six are gone, everypony is gone. The only hope lies in a dangerous mission of horrible proportions...

... At least that how I've described the terrible mission, I am Comet Tail, a retired bodyguard forced back into service... Against my will by my ex. He can really be a problem sometimes."


Heavily inspired by the movie's Hitman's Bodyguard. Only I've tossed in a few more characters and change few relationships. These include a homosexual Comet Tail and the first appearance of the OC Stone which belongs to my friend, Rubyfire377. He wanted to get into some of my stories and I thought why not throw him into this, with his permission of course.

Also, how does Comet Tail not have a tag yet? This character has been part of the fandom since season one.

Note this does take in my universe but explores a part of my universe I have been ignoring for so long. So don't worry about reading the other stuff, at least I give some hints the other stories, they aren't required reads.

The cover will be coming soon.

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Please please give me hope that when it's Flash's turn he gets the same speech on how he a true coward and traitor.

Well, I'm glad this version of Flash is getting some hate, a good villain needs to be hated, but as to his reasons that hold the greatest piece in this story. One shouldn't be worrying about his cowardness yet until they know as to why he is the villain of this story.

i greatly enjoyed this thanks for putting Stone in this

Yeah, he's going to play a key role in this. I can't wait to see what you think. Next chapter is being worked on right now and he will be making a proper appearance there.

Of course. Next chapter going to start with a fun scene anyway.

coool i really look forward to it

super cool my guy is in here i look forward to more

Sorry, I couldn't give much a description of his style and look just yet. I'm leaving it a mystery on purpose for later points in the story.

Also, how does Comet Tail not have a tag yet? This character has been part of the fandom since season one.

Really? I thought he only appeared once, in that episode where Twilight and her family went on an airship.


part of the fandom since season one.

Well, he's popping in the background now and again since the very first episode. Heck, you even can find some of that old shipping of Twilight involving him. He was one of the earliest background characters to get a following and one of only three, season one original to never get a line in ever.

Simply put before Flash existed he was the original Brad of the fandom, used as either shipping or punching bag. I'm going to be using him in a similar manner, not to be cruel, but if you are familiar with the movie this tic is inspired by. Comet Tail is sort playing the same role as Ryan Reynolds. The straight clean man who just want everything to go exactly, absolutely, accurately right on the mission, this should play well with the wild card Jack Nox OC that I used in a few previous stories.

Though now that I think about it, you might be referring to Star Tracker as he makes his first appearance in that episode. In which case, no, this is a totally different character. Funny enough, both characters have shipped with Twilight many times. I might use Star Tracker in a different story for this continuity, but unsure for which one yet.

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