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A harem for our favorite little Unicorn? Why not.

Pretty much twilight paired with every female character in the show or another show.
she can be paired one at a time or be paired with all of them at once.

This Group is dedicated to Twilight being paired with only FEMALES!!!

Sorry for being mean, but i started to notice that people, or ponys as some prefer, are steadily adding Twilight being paired with males, so please tell me if you find any hetero pairings, so I can remove them.

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I could of sworn that i was already a part of this group, oh well better late then never.

398561 Twily is one lucky mare here.

RariLight. TwiShy. TwiJack. TwiLuna. TwiLestia. Those are my favorites. What are yours?

man, why no twilight x twilight folder

I ship Twilight with Fluttershy, Applejack with Rainbow Dash and guess who goes with Pinkie? Rarity!
I get all funny when I see somepony shipping anypony else with RD. :twilightoops:

i ship our dear Twililght with Rainbow Dash, AJ with Rarity, and Vinyl with Tavi. ive never done a clop fic, but i do tag one story of mine with Romance or sex tags. And that pic man, SEND ME THERE RIGHT NOW! Id even bet Sombra would be Drooling if he saw that pic. XD.

Twilight's Marem/Harem:
"This Group is dedicated to Twilight being paired with only FEMALES!!!"

"Ah, so I see..."
34s ago

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33s ago

398561 Okay now I can agree with that image. Wowza!

Wow, I am the 1,001 member.

Where is my prize?

is there a group for twilight's harems with males?

Just curious but is there no longer a folder for Twi x Zecora?

If you can find some with you paired with Twilight then will talk.

I like how I'm not even included in the fun.

Thanks for telling me man.

343583 We need a NTR fic what do you think about this? :3 : (is a gif, but is a nice one)

Staff Edit: NSFW link removed

There are a MLP:FIM Crossover fanfics with Guilty Gear?

That would be nice (and if is made in Twilight's Marem, the better)

Just letting you now that I found two stories that aren't Twilight x Mare, dood. Love or Power, Which Will You Choose is Twilight x Flash Sentry and Sibling Secrets is TwiArmor.

Love or Power can be found in both Twi x BG and Twi x Side, and the TwiArmor fic is in the Background folder, dood.

>> Shigiya
Not at the moment, thanks.

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