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So, you're a manager of an advertising firm in the Gammaverse, when Princess Celestia hires your company to encourage interest in the different options available. She doesn't really CARE which options each individual chooses, she just wants you to make those options more attractive than sitting and waiting.

How would you promote a brand of potion?

For example...

Diamond Dogs: we get to eat bacon!

Dragons: We have wings and can freaking breath fire.

Become a Gryphon. You won't care how much everyone else hates fighting you, so long as you always win!

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Gryphons: Flying, fighting, and tough as hell.

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A man appears on screen, a neat goatee surrounds his soft-pink lips. His light blue eyes strike out from the screen and pierces you as he speaks.

"If you think you have what it takes to be a gryphon..."

A flash of light blinds you before fading, the man is a gryphon, sky-blue feathers and the same blue-colored eyes staring out.

"Maybe you do."

"Would you like to explore strange new lands? Soar the skies? Maybe live on your own terms in a vast frontier. Equestria is expanding, and it wants and needs people like you to propel it into a golden age. Pony, Gryphon, Dragon, Buffalo, Diamond Dog, Zebra. Mankind has options, and people everywhere are taking them."

A six-foot tall African man with a bright smile looks over his shoulder as he walks up a flight of stairs.

"I'm converting, are you? he asks in a friendly baritone.

Did you know that dragons have lifespans over a thousand years? Did you know that Earth Ponies can make plants grow faster, just by standing next to them? Did you know that gryphons are all ambidextrous? Did you know that a diamond dog troll can survive an impact with an Equestrian steam engine? Find out what else you were missing out, on

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I don't always drink potion, but when I do; I prefer the golden variety. Stay warriors my friends.

I'm gonna get smacked for this, but...

Indecisive? Not a problem! Go changeling!

Approval! :P

"Want to stay close to your loved ones? Well... Now it's an even better idea!"

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Should probably get smacked for this, but...

Become a buffalo! We run around and bully others until we get something tasty!

Delve into the depths of a new world. Unravel the mysteries of the Multiverse. Help make a new future today. - Charon Media Services, subsidiary of Charon Technical Group


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Zebra, because stripes are in!

Go with the traditional route, go pony!

Do I want amazing strength? Or flight? Why not both? Go dragon today.

There are some things ponies can't tame, for everything else, there's gryphons.

And for changelings...

They told you you could become anything, now you can become everything.

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There are some things ponies can't tame, for everything else, there's gryphons.



>.> <.<

o/ I am a Diamond Dog and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole, I'm digging a hole! o/

On a more serious note...

There's a new frontier out there, with new places to be found, new treasures to be claimed, and new opportunities to be seized. The Cartographer Guild is looking for converts who want to leave their name on the maps!

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