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Things have changed since my parents were teenagers. For one thing, technology has improved. Although it has slowed during the past ten years. Pollution is losing the battle, but engineers still haven't made a car that can run on air. Cops are less racist now, but they still point their guns at people. Also, Call of Duty is somehow still popular with the boys. All in all, things have changed. Life has changed, lives are changed, and I changed on the day the world should have ended. Aparently ww3 is thing now, the real deal is here. The reason I said the world should have ended was because..... it should have. Only.... I was in the way.

Author's Note: I have put in a lot time into this. Hopefully it doesn't go to waste. Thanks to every website that has taught every writer tip and every member of FIMFiction that has helped me out, even if it was just a word or two of advice.

Proofread by Washi starting from Chapter 3.

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