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Short, sweet, slightly silly smut stories.

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Anon and his daughter had finally started to settle into their new life amoungst ponies, with Anon now having a steady source of income and his child excelling in school. With the essentials assured, however, Anon started to search for more. After all, life doesn't have to just be the two of them, and he's always been open minded.

Problem is, ponies don't seem to share this trait, and Anon found himself rejected over and over. While he can get dates, no mare ever wants to stick around once they find out he is a single father, apparently caring more about his daughter than the fact that he's an alien.

Ready to give up, Anon is surprised when his daughter makes a very strange friend, and he himself begins to become intrigued with this sweater-wearing mare. Moondancer, for her part, is just trying not to make a fool of herself in front of this strange stallion while his cute-as-a-button daughter does everything possible to make her fall in love with the pair, intentionally or not.


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