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A young man who's dying with less than a year left in good health decides to put his fate in the Tarot Cards and follow a rumor, hoping for it to be true. Cosplaying as Velvet Room Resident Minato he searchers and finds the Mercant and makes a special order.

With access to the Wild Card he will change his fate, seek out the truth and break the chains of rebellion in order to find his true purpose in existence and make sure to enjoy every second of it as the new Messiah of Equestria.

(This is a traditional displaced story)
(I want to give this genre a try and just have fun with it. This story will however not take place in the displaced multiverse, at least I don't plan too. Might change in the future but I want the story to get a proper start first before I do any crossovers.)
(The sex tag is more for descriptions, innuendos and other sexual implications.)

Mlp owned by Hasbro
Persona and Shin Megami Tensei is owned by Atlus

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